Trouvez des vols pas chers Coolangatta - Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle


Trouvez des vols pas chers Coolangatta - Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle

Coolangatta (OOL)
Paris Charles-de-Gaulle
ven. 23/10
ven. 30/10
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décembre Période la plus populaire pour voyager, avec une hausse moyenne des prix de 41%.

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927 € (prix moyen sur les 2 dernières semaines)

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Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle : y a-t-il des restrictions de voyage liées au coronavirus ?

Quel est le temps de vol entre Coolangatta et Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle ?

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Comment la Prédiction des prix KAYAK peut-elle m’aider à savoir quand réserver mon billet d’avion Coolangatta-Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle ?

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À quoi correspond l’option « dates flexibles » de KAYAK, et comment peut-elle m’aider à trouver un vol Coolangatta-Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle ?

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Singapore Airlines
Note générale basée sur 3 882 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Points positifs : "La possibilité d’avoir pu payer un supplément laisse à notre convenance pour avoir un surclassement"
Points négatifs : "Le prix du billet a été débité 2 fois à l’aller ( remboursé ensuite quand je l’ai signalé) . Le prix du supplément de surclassement a fait que le retour a été débité de notre compte 2 fois aussi. Il faut qu’on le signale encore."

Points positifs : "Crew was super nice and the food was good (for plane food)! Really appreciated that they had snacks and chocolate on hand for hungry passengers throughout the flight. A 17 hour plane ride is never the best, but Singapore Air made it as pleasant as possible. Also, we booked on Kayak and was routed through a third party vendor JustFly, which I was a little worried about - but our booking went off without a hitch."

Points positifs : "Plane was super clean and comfortable. A long flight but we'll cared for by host."

Points positifs : "Food, service"
Points négatifs : "The space"

Points positifs : "Flat bed is wide and comfortable. Cabin crew was excellent."

Points positifs : "Crew was amazing"

Points positifs : "Amazing crew, great seating area and tasty menu."

Points négatifs : "Nothing comment."

Points positifs : "Pas grand chose, il faisait chaud dans l’avion , les repas sont tellement mauvais"
Points négatifs : "Amélioration des repas , mets air climatisé dans l’avion"

Points positifs : "Tellement mieux que les compagnies européennes"

Points négatifs : "Great Airline. Great staff and service. Good food and drink."

Points positifs : "The crews on board were amazing!"
Points négatifs : "The service from the ground staffs are not as good a the crews onboard."

Points positifs : "Food was good"
Points négatifs : "Boarding was just ok, but departure delayed by half hour. Seats were really poor. Zero comfort.. felt like sitting on a cramped park bench. Entertainment system is ancient. Can't see and can't listen properly. Didn't expect this type of horrible aircraft from Singapore Airlines!"

Points positifs : "Crew was very helpful and courteous Entertainment system was pretty good Food was good. They could have given water bottles instead of asking for water."
Points négatifs : "Seat comfort in Economy was just ok. Since this was a long haul flight, seats could have been better."

Points positifs : "Extra leg room, great service and good food."
Points négatifs : "The entertainment system feels dated (no touch screen) manual rewinding of movies, selection of movies"

Points négatifs : "Luggages weren’t transferred to Bali together with my flight. Gate check in stroller was sent to baggage claim without notification. I was waiting the whole time after exiting plane."

Points négatifs : "None"

Points positifs : "The seats were comfortable and the staff was very attendant!"
Points négatifs : "No complaints"

Points négatifs : "Excellent flight service no"

Points positifs : "Crew was very friendly and responsive to my needs. They met it with a smile."

Points positifs : "Entertainment ok but not newest, boarding smooth, food ok"
Points négatifs : "Long waiting time for baggage, food not exceptional"

Points négatifs : "Hostesses not so pleasant"

Points négatifs : "Some staff not courteous which surprised me"

Points négatifs : "Expected to have more indian movie choices."

Points positifs : "friendly and attentive crew. connecting flight was a breeze. well worth the price."

Points positifs : "SQ did a great job again. I plan to fly them in the future."
Points négatifs : "My only criticism is that the flight attendants didn’t pass through the cabin with water during the 9 hour flight."

Points positifs : "Everything"
Points négatifs : "Lost our luggage that full with our winter clothing for the trip singapore airlines delivered to our hotel the next day and compensate us ¥jpn 12000"

Points positifs : "Friendliness"

Points positifs : "To be honest I had a pretty bad flight because my allergies exploded during the entire flight - constant sneezing, runny nose, you name it. However, the attentiveness of the crew really made up for it. The cabin was decorated with tiny wreathes (so cute!), and the pillow/blanket was very comfortable/warm for an Economy seat. Although I did not use it as much, the entertainment seemed top-notch. And the crew-- they noticed that I was not feeling well, and offered me peppermint tea and snacks that did sooth things a bit (you can request for snack/beverage refills anytime!). I loved that they gave out black socks to the passengers too (I prefer taking my shoes off during the flight, so the socks added warmth & prevented my own socks from getting dirty). All in all, it was one of the best-serviced long flights I had, not to mention probably the most affordable price I paid for my annual trip to Korea (from LA)."

Points positifs : "friendly staff top Service top Inflight"
Points négatifs : "old aircraft, no usb or power point charging. choice of 5 movies"

Points positifs : "Excellent service & comfort"

Points négatifs : "I purchased this ticket without realizing that the law stipulated 6-month validity remaining on one's US passport to enter singapore. The Singapore Airways website does not state this anywhere, and it was not until I arrived at the airport that I was informed that I wouldn't be able to check in, but nor could I refund or transfer the ticket. The booker should be obliged, when one enters the passport information upon purchasing the ticket, to make note if the passport expiration time is not valid for the flight. Spent $600+ on the flight, and the customer service person I spoke to from the airport was very abrasive and not interested in helping me figure out an alternative."

Points positifs : "I like the personal TV, my foot rest and water holder frequent water serve,"
Points négatifs : "For me coffee is too strong, and I like the food on the way to Tokyo better than on the way back to LA"

Points négatifs : "In flight crew manager in greenish dress was rude! Seemed like there weren’t enough restrooms on flight."

Points positifs : "Crews are truly nice and patient"
Points négatifs : "Crews are very nice, food are not really good"

Points positifs : "New plane- Airbus A350 with latest in seats, entertainment system, and cabin fittings. Decent wine. Highly courteous, attractive and attentive crew."

Points positifs : "I paid for an economy class ticket but got first class service."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"

Points positifs : "Excellent service, Confortabilité et assistance pendant tout le trajet!"

Points positifs : "Loved the crew. Really helpful."
Points négatifs : "1) while boarding you should keep families with kids (at least till 6yrs of age or with disabilities) prior to other people... 2) food was ok ok"

Points négatifs : "Food"

Points positifs : "I got in some exercise during the delays and gate changes"
Points négatifs : "Delay after delay, gate changes, lack of care from employees, missed a day of vacation in Germany, missed out on photos and memories"

Points positifs : "Nothing specific"
Points négatifs : "No real dramas"

Points positifs : "they even addressed me by name"

Points négatifs : "Headphones were not functioning properly"

Points positifs : "We did not die in a hellacious ball of flame Aviation incident!"
Points négatifs : "Bulkhead seating (required for bassinet) Row 41, my seat was practically in the aisle. No where to put my feet without getting trodden on by everyone! Broken entertainment screen, would not stay upright, due to several hundred thousand past passengers bashing into it after having first trodden on the unfortunate passengers feet! Crew unresponsive with drink and food requests, I had to ask for services multiple times on several occasions. Pressing my 'attendant button' my light was lit for 10 minutes before a crew member noticed. My first trip on Singapore, my expectations were not met. Shame"

Points positifs : "Punctuality"
Points négatifs : "Food wise can be improved. But for flight meat from ecomnomy class; it's considered good enough."

Points positifs : "Excellent experience as usual by SIA."
Points négatifs : "The plane is a bit aged in SIA standard. No USB charging. IFE screen is not bright enough."

Points positifs : "nothing"
Points négatifs : "Singapore Airlines always boast themselves as first class service. That is just bs. At night when I was hungry, I asked the flight attendant for some snack, both a male and a female served at my cabin said, "we don't have that." I expected SQ staff to serve one step further, instead of stopping at a no. Can't you recommend something? Throughout the entire trip, whenever I asked something, the way they answered always made me feel that I was a trouble to them. Is it because I was in an economy class and that's how you treat me? SQ, you may want to change what you are proud of. It's no longer a first class service, at least not to us poor economy class passengers."

Points positifs : "Seating space was very good. Meals terrific"

Points positifs : "Crew members were very helpful and pleasant. The food was excellent and nicely served."
Points négatifs : "The lie flat seats were narrow and not very comfortable."

Points positifs : "Absolutely nothing."
Points négatifs : "They should learn from Emirates or Qatar Airways on how an airline service should be.... never again, sorry Etihad..."

Points positifs : "Good seating space, good service"

Points négatifs : "The vegetarian meal selected came in as vegan meal. This happened for both onward and return journey. The regular meal provided to passengers were better than the vegetarian meal selected"

Points positifs : "Time"
Points négatifs : "There should be more space between the seat because not all passengers can fit . And every passenger should have a chance to lower there seat without disturbing the passenger behind them ."

Points positifs : "The service was good"
Points négatifs : "At abudhabi there was no sitting available, while waiting for connecting flight, and saw people spitting in the airport lounge, it was unsanitary. Why ethihad donot enforce cleanliness in the lounge."

Points positifs : "Flotte très moderne"
Points négatifs : "Surbooking à l'embarquement, aucune info, un scandale. Seulement un petit déjeuner (très moyen) servi pour la totalité d’un vol de plus de 6h, quand les autres compagnies servent un vrai repas et une collation Aucune trousse en classe économie, ni un masque, ni une brosse à dents"

Points positifs : "Some of the crew members were unfriendly, the economy seats were not very comfortable, there were no snacks on a 14 hour flight only water was freely available"
Points négatifs : "As above"

Points négatifs : "Too many boarding delays"

Points négatifs : "We did order food vegetarian Jain but they didn’t provide that."

Points positifs : "Crew was fine."
Points négatifs : "The food quality was really bad with no alternatives. All passengers with vegetarian food option were complaining."

Points négatifs : "Le racket de cette compagnie commence dès l'enregistrement. Nous étions en famille avec deux enfants. Premier bonheur de devoir payer 63 euros de plus pour éviter d'être disséminés aux 4 coins de l'avion, le système par défaut ayant fait cela !!! Deuxième bonheur l'avion est en fait quasi vide.."

Points positifs : "Les films et le casque confortable . Équipage agréable et avion confortable"
Points négatifs : "Nourriture moyenne mais correcte."

Points positifs : "Vol de nuit . Aucun soucis. Transfert des bagages impeccable. Équipage efficace."
Points négatifs : "Les couvertures ne sont pas donnes automatiquent ce qui est regrettable pour un vol de nuit où la climatisation est toujours trop froide."

Points positifs : "Surclassement Buisness Class, arrivée à Paris avec 20 minutes d’avance, livraison bagage rapide"
Points négatifs : "Rien"

Points positifs : "I was impressed they gave us a full meal for only a 3.5 hr fought"
Points négatifs : "Crew was a little rude"

Points positifs : "All of the above"
Points négatifs : "None"

Points positifs : "Everything is fine and good"

Points négatifs : "One food option.. VEGETARIAN.. when asked the crew member as to why vegetarian only.. she said not sure, but may be because most of the passengers were vegetarians.. REALLY????? Also no ice with drinks.. because they didn’t have ice!!!! But apart from this, it was another quality Etihad flight. Just didn’t expect the above inconveniences from Etihad! This is the first time I experience this with them."

Points positifs : "Amabilité du personnel et qualité de la nourriture"
Points négatifs : "Ma femme voyageant en économique n’avait pas le droit de venir me voir en Business"

Points négatifs : "Not happy with Etihad Checkin counter desk at Ho Chi Minh Airport. The person at the baggage drop off desk wasn't helphul at all. Being ignored for 30 minutes. I believe that this person needs to be trained in order to know who needs to be helped first as he worked at that particular counter for people who already Checkin online."

Points positifs : "Flight was very comfortable from boarding to landing."
Points négatifs : "Food was just very normal and lack variety. Should provide more options."

Points positifs : "Very good vegetarian option, the crew dealt with a difficult patron quite well."
Points négatifs : "Since we boarded so early and the process was long, I was lulled into a false happiness that I had a row to myself that ended up being filled at the last second before the doors closed."

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Crew was very rude, ground or air. Our layoff was 11.hours nobody provide us food or hotel, we stayat terminal 3 for 11 hours. Seats were assigned to us was in the end of craft though we're 1st in check in. Food was rotten like dogybag with no class. Head phone were broken."

Points positifs : "Confort de l'avion excellent surtout pour les grandes personnes"

Points positifs : "Confort correct. hôtesse à l'écoute"
Points négatifs : "Emplacement des jambes un peu juste pour les grandes personnes"

Points positifs : "Le confort , le calme"

Points positifs : "The entertainment was the only thing I could rely on that I liked"
Points négatifs : "I didn’t like how undercooked the food generally was, very bland or how the cabin crew was uncommunicative and impatient."

Points négatifs : "The staff at the Abu Dhabi airport."

Points positifs : "Good service. Excellent food"
Points négatifs : "No complain"

Points positifs : "Food was good."

Points positifs : "Cabin, boarding"
Points négatifs : "Transit through Abu Dhabi is a pain"

Points positifs : "I liked the wider seats and slightly more leg-room on the Abu Dhabi/London leg of the flight, the food was good and the staff pleasant."
Points négatifs : "I was randomly picked for an "extra security check" at the Heathrow check-in in Abu Dhabi, which seemed ridiculous after going through the Johannesburg security and x-ray check as well as the Abu Dhabi one, and then having to switch on all of my electronic equipment and be swabbed for what I assume was drugs felt a bit over-the-top."

Points positifs : "Good airline and I like the fact that kids and seniors are boarded first regardless of seating."
Points négatifs : "Food was horrible and most of the time there wasnt an option between veg and non veg even when the flight was mostly empty. Taste was really bad."

Points positifs : "Seat space"
Points négatifs : "Food"

Points négatifs : "they have a uncomfortable seats in a long flights and comfortable seats in short flights like Abo Dhabi - Bahrain"

Points positifs : "Après une heure dans l'avion sans climatisation malgré un personnel de bord irréprochable (distribution de boissons) on nous annonce le débarquement, diriger et abandonne dans un terminal malgré un repas offert, pas d'information après renseignement auprès d'un accompagnant de tour operator j'apprend qu'il faut se rendre à la même porte où nous embarqueront avec 4 heures de retard. Un grand merci au personnel de cabine mais le responsable au sol .... Mais en plus de 10 vol Ave Etihad c'est ma seul mauvaise expérience et de plus j'ai payer 200fr pour changer de vol et arriver 4 h 30 plus tôt résultat gagné 30 minutes oups"
Points négatifs : "Le personnel de cabine souriant et avenant"

Points positifs : "Crew , seats and crew"
Points négatifs : "Boarding was very slow although we did it online as they were serving all client without differanciating the online checked already."

Points positifs : "Not much"
Points négatifs : "Crew was rude, very offstandish. We asked for vegetarian meals online. Crew acted like it was our fault for being vegetarians. My wife asked one of the stewardesses for water and she never brought. When we asked for it again she brought it and said "here" like she was bothered to have to bring water."

Points négatifs : "Le vol était complet et nous nous sommes vu proposés éventuellement un vol AF direct en remplacement. Après notre acceptation, en dernière minute, nous avons finalement embarqué sur ETIHAD. Là fut notre erreur car lors de la correspondance à Abu dhabi nous étions de nouveau surbooké à 23h00 ! malgré nos borading pass. Au bout de 2h de négociation nous avons obtenu une chambre d'hotel de 1h du matin à 6h.... pour reprendre le vol suivant à 8h30.... Aucune indemnisation, ni surclassement, as même un code wifi .... COMPAGNIE A EVITER A TOUT PRIS, c'est du LOW COST et le SAV est CATASTROPHIQUE. Devrait même être interdite de vol depuis PARIS."

Points négatifs : "Boarding process"

Points négatifs : "Etihad food used to be very good. Say no more. Now their menu is just like any other airline."

Points positifs : "good"
Points négatifs : "long walk at abu dhabi airport."

Points positifs : "Etihad is the best airline on the planet. Certainly the best of the ME3."

Points positifs : "Comfortable flight."

Points positifs : "Food"
Points négatifs : "entertainment system is old"

Points positifs : "Punctuality, space, tv monitors in each seat and nice service"

Points positifs : "The food was pretty good for airline meals. We really made good use of the entertainment system which had many great movies and a kids interactive touchscreen. This entertainment system made the flight! Boarding was quick and easy and the ammenty packagfes (eye covers headphones socks ear plugs etc.) and a kids activity book was also great."

Points négatifs : "We did not get our bags (total of 6 bags) - It was extremely difficult with an infant and a toddler to manage without clothes and meds. Staff was extremely arrogant during the flight, not helpful at all. Boarding process was a huge disaster - no planning, no zone boarding and unnesessary panic. Lastly food, worst frozen food. The portions were too small and very limited service. We won't use ETIHAD again."

Points positifs : "First time on Etihad. Would definitely fly them again if possible"

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