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Trouvez des vols pas chers Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle - Hefei

Paris (CDG)
Hefei Xinqiao Intl
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Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK

Korean Air
Note générale basée sur 4 932 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Points positifs : "The crew were good and very pleasant."
Points négatifs : "The food was pretty gross. I don't know how you can pass that for food."

Points positifs : "Well organized loading, courteous staff, great vegetarian food provided, liked the real metal silverware and glass wine glass on the SEA>ICN route."
Points négatifs : "My usb charger connection was too loose to charge"

Points positifs : "There were movies."
Points négatifs : "too late giving out ear phones, and too many interruptions on the loud speaker....way too long explaining things everyone knows, like how to buckle your seat belt....give me a break."

Points positifs : "Crew are great. Plane is cool, A380."
Points négatifs : "Connecting flight is in a hurry, time is tight."

Points négatifs : "A330 business class seats ate almost lay flat. Seats are older and don’t fully flatten out anymore"

Points positifs : "Clean facilities and polite staff. Very short flight"

Points positifs : "From Atlanta to Manila we were served 2 meals. The time gap between the two servings is just too long. For a 14 hour trip the first meal was just after take off and the second about 2-3 hours before landing. The snack was too small of which we were made to choose : a banana, a bread and a brownie."
Points négatifs : "Adding more to the food. And also if crew can check on passengers who lie down in economy as if they are in business class taking space of the other passengers making it uncomfortable."

Points positifs : "Efficient, no worries."
Points négatifs : "Movies out dated"

Points négatifs : "The food is usually good on korean air but wasn’t great this time"

Points positifs : "All crew was super polite, friendly and professional, the food was amazing, and seat was comfy."
Points négatifs : "The entertainment was poor, bad movies selection, small selection of movies, old movies."

Points positifs : "The crew, as always, was super professional, friendly, helpful, and efficient. The plane was neat and clean, I was pleasantly surprised with personal items like tooth paste, tooth brush, and slippers. And I was thrilled that you served wine with food as well. That goes a long way!"
Points négatifs : "I didn’t rate comfort and food as “excellent” as I did other items not because they were not great, but flying on an economy class for 14.5 hours, I can’t force myself to speak too highly about these two items, which doesn’t necessarily reflect my flight experience or Korean Air quality!"

Points positifs : "Clean, kind cabin crew & nice meals"
Points négatifs : "entertainment"

Points positifs : "Onboarding on time and kind"

Points positifs : "Nice cabin crews"
Points négatifs : "Should serve more water because it's a long flight"

Points positifs : "ㅇ"
Points négatifs : "ㅇ"

Points positifs : "The entertainment"
Points négatifs : "More food selection like vegetarian"

Points positifs : "Yes, crews were excellent"
Points négatifs : "Boarding of passengers should be clear"

Points positifs : "Great customer service on the plane and in person."
Points négatifs : "Very long trip."

Points positifs : "Very clean aircraft."

Points positifs : "Your flight always delay. Suck!!"

Points positifs : "Avion neuf CS300 de Bombardier bien aménagé."

Points négatifs : "No wifi"

Points positifs : "The amount of times i was fed"
Points négatifs : "My seat. I wanted to upgrade and they said no, but it wasn't full"

Points positifs : "I have flown a great many long haul flights and this airline is right up there in the top ranks. Excellent flight crew and comfortable seats."

Points positifs : "Seats reasonably comfortable, service decent"
Points négatifs : "3 of my 4 flight legs were considerably delayed, my luggage not making the connection for one of them. A friend also flying Korean also had delays making me think they are unreliable and extremely disorganized. I don't know what they'll do when they're really busy for the Olympics. Entertainment OK but ANA has much more."

Points négatifs : "Incheon airport transfer has been always bad. Min 1.5h transfer time might be needed unless you are ready to run."

Points positifs : "비행기안 승무원들은항상 웃고 친절해서 편안한 여행을 할수있다"

Points positifs : "쾌적하고 승무원 서비스는 좋음"
Points négatifs : "식사가 맛과질이 떨어진다 정성이없이.."

Points positifs : "The leg room was pretty generous compared to other airlines."
Points négatifs : "The entertainment system worked alright but a bit old-fashioned. The airplane safety video seemed like it was made in the 90s. The food on the return flight was really bad"

Points positifs : "Food and assistance"
Points négatifs : "nONE"

Points positifs : "Great entertainment options and all complimentary supplies not"

Points positifs : "Air conditioning low and uncomfortable"

Points positifs : "The in-flight experience is just fine."
Points négatifs : "It was painful and required multiple phone calls to get a seat assigned. I kept being fobbed off until later... "you can pick your seat when you check in 48 hours before". "You can't check in now because it's a US flight, so it's only 24 hours". "You can't check in now because of visa documents something you have to check in at the airport". None of this was written down, or even satisfactorily explained when I tried to understand what was going on. Next time I'll fly Asiana on the hope they have a better online seat selection system that doesn't involve bizarre US checkin policy."

Points positifs : "Lovely people and service. Everything run very smoothly and on time. Appreciated the meal, even though it was a shorter flight. Felt very welcome traveling so far from home. Thanks!"

Points négatifs : "Food"

Points négatifs : "food bad, poor selection"

Points positifs : "Food, service"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"

Points positifs : "Good time management"

Points positifs : "Good service and on time"
Points négatifs : "N/a"

Points positifs : "Getting preferred seating because we were sky team elite plus members"
Points négatifs : "Exiting the plane in the cold Seattle weather."

Points positifs : "The cabin attendants were very attentive. Food and beverages were appreciated. Hot cloths to refresh ourselves were also appreciated. Needless to say, the skill of the personnel in the cockpit is also acknowledged. The blankets, pillow, and water were also a nice touch."
Points négatifs : "The seats were comfortable, but I wish they had more cushioning for this long flight."

Points négatifs : "une heure de retard parce que la porte choisie n 'etait pas disponible"

Points positifs : "We had a short connection after a Korean Air Flight from Hanoi to Seoul before catching KE 085 to JFK. The time pressure was heightened because the first flight take off was delayed. There was an attendant waiting as we deplaned in Seoul who escorted us to the gate and assured us that the plane would wait for us. And miraculously, our baggage tagged for short connection, did make it with us to JFK!"
Points négatifs : "Would love more Movie and TV options"

Points positifs : "The cabin crew was very courteous and attentive. There was a passenger on my flight who appeared to pass out and I was able to observe the care the cabin crew provided him. They acted very professional while the person appeared to be in and out of consciousness. The person eventually became better, but it is always good to see a well prepared crew deal with an issue. Also I am happy they had the bim bim bop on this flight. I didn't have it on the flight I had from Riyadh to Seoul that I took to get out there."
Points négatifs : "The movie selection of Hollywood hits could have been a bit more robust, but it was more that fine."

Points positifs : "Staff are first class....efficient, polite...anxious to please. very well organized flight."

Points positifs : "Service, comfort, and seat room."
Points négatifs : "Everything was enjoyable on return flight"

Points positifs : "Leg room was good"
Points négatifs : "Too tight beside neighboring seats"

Points positifs : "The boarding went smoothly considering the number of people on board. It took a while to take off and to land, but that's because the airports are busy. The crew was incredibly well dressed in professional attire. The accommodations were amazing - the flight came with the standard pillow/blanket combo, disposable slippers, headphones, a toothbrush, two meals, a snack, drinks, and the attendants dimmed the lights whenever they weren't serving - all free. The entertainment was amazing - I watched four Hollywood movies that I had been wanting to watch, and that was one section of the movies. There were also TV series and music available, both in English and Korean."
Points négatifs : "It was difficult to get the crew's attention, especially from the center seat while speaking English. One of the meals gave me terrible gas, which was uncomfortable for me and my seat mates."

Points positifs : "Wonderful international flights - a bit more leg room from SFO to Seoul than Seoul to Hong Kong. Generous meals, snacks and beverages. Best service economy international flight!"
Points négatifs : "I did not like having to rush through the transfer from Hong Kong to Seoul to SFO. customs in Seoul can be slow. wish their baggage limitations carried the same from initial flight to the transfers."

Points positifs : "Due to business I travel allot so I deal with allot of airlines. This is by far the best airlines I have used. Excellent crew and airport staff. I don’t think words can express how satisfied I am with this airlines and airport. The nicest people and great service. Clean and modern aircraft. Going to try flying only with KLM from now on."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"

Points positifs : "Overall a nice and good flight"
Points négatifs : "Just a detail, my “head holder” (not too sure how it is called) would not hold in position. Also, staff was a bit slow to come after being called, I had to go and ask for water by myself at some point since no one was coming after 15minites of waiting..."

Points négatifs : "Bigger seats the new ones are way to narrow"

Points positifs : "Terrific hot breakfast in bus. class"
Points négatifs : "Window did not darken like the others."

Points positifs : "Information sharing by pilots and crew. Economy class leg room is good."
Points négatifs : "All good up to the level"

Points négatifs : "A little bit chaotic when they loaded two planes at the same time in a very tight space in Amsterdsm but this was most likey an airport soecific design issue and not a KLM issue. The flight was as good as can be expected fir an international flight. The staff was great"

Points positifs : "Crew was nice and pleasant"
Points négatifs : "Flight very late"

Points positifs : "Personnel serviable. Avion propre et choix de langues (anglais, néerlandais et français) apprécié."
Points négatifs : "Retard au décollage de 30 min minimum à l'aller comme au retour avec KLM. En portant un pull et un polaire j'ai eu bien froid en cabine."

Points positifs : "Good beverage service."
Points négatifs : "Over an hour delayj for departure."

Points positifs : "Le vol était ponctuel."
Points négatifs : "La classe business sur ce type de vol n’a rien de business si ce n’est d’être à l’avant de la cabine."

Points positifs : "Good for both."
Points négatifs : "Bigger seats."

Points positifs : "The crew"
Points négatifs : "Seat comfort"

Points positifs : "My seat"
Points négatifs : "My suitcase wasn’t in the plane. 8 hours in the plane and no one offered us water. We had to look for flight attendant. Entertainment wasn’t great not too many choices and quality of screens was poor"

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "They check for everything in the counter as if it was a low cost airline. If you go a kilo more over your baggage allowance you have to pay 100 eur. And for your cabin luggage you only have 12 kg that they check you twice and they have security staff at the airport specifically check in this."

Points positifs : "Le vol"
Points négatifs : "Clairement le système pour faire notre checkin online est pourri"

Points négatifs : "L’intégralité du voyage, pas de repas, retard de bagage"

Points positifs : "Amazing crew"

Points négatifs : "The flight was cancelled and had to be rerouted on United Airlines."

Points négatifs : "No reading light in my seat..."

Points négatifs : "Too much light in the cabin because of too many screens on. Should have a separate part of the cabin with screens off allowing one to sleep more easily."

Points négatifs : "I have ordered Wheelchair for my parents which one of my parent didn't get it on Mumbai Airport. When they arrived on Amsterdam Netherlands Airport they were dropped to the gate assigned first and once the gate changed on the fly no body came to help them moving to the new gate assigned which was far away to walk. Nobody even came to tell them that the gate has been changed. It was because of my father's alertness they didn't miss the connecting flight and when my father asked help to members on airport none of them helped my parents and other 4 co passengers which also were on wheel chairs. It was so scary experience for them that they asked me not to book any more flights with Jet Airways. I won't recommend Jet Airways to any of my friends for their parents to travel to USA. I strongly recommend you guys to take a strict action against this. This is so unacceptable."

Points négatifs : "Landlords gave an unpleasant service! Which continued with late of 50min of the flight, they didn’t do anything to help/ to provide the passengers the answers. The food was cold It was comfort place to sit. Bad experience with KLM"

Points positifs : "Friendly staff"
Points négatifs : "Leg room"

Points positifs : "Good and friendly services"
Points négatifs : "I really don't like when at the gate the take your luggage and say you'll be the first to get it at arrival.. And now I'm still waiting.. That's really really annoying"

Points négatifs : "Our lougage did not arrive"

Points positifs : "Efficient crew"
Points négatifs : "Long, slow line at check in. Not many new movies or tv shows"

Points négatifs : "Flight departed 35 minutes late"

Points positifs : "Great on board service from a very professional crew."
Points négatifs : "Can't think of a thing."

Points positifs : "The entertainment options were good."

Points négatifs : "The movie selection did not seem extremely varied."

Points positifs : "The attendants took great care of us. Super smooth flight."

Points négatifs : "Our two hour connection in Paris became 30 minutes because Air France was late in leaving Washington. So our luggage didn't make to to KLM to Amsterdam. My poor rating was because the luggage handling was really poor. Lots of flights from Paris to Amsterdam (almost hourly), but my bag showed up 12 hours later. My wife's bag took 36 hours. And yes, we checked in together. There were lots of confusing messages"

Points positifs : "Service en business au top. Pour aller de l’europe vers Mexico les sièges sont dans lis confortables sue les vieillissant de l’A380 d’Air France."

Points positifs : "Petit avion sans trop de place."
Points négatifs : "Connexion un peu trop courte à Amsterdam. Génère du stress."

Points négatifs : "We did not get two of baggage at the destination."

Points négatifs : "Delay can occur sometimes but it wiuld be better to be explained its reason and the estimated time for boarding. The customer service at CDG airport was the worst ever and all people standing boarding desk were useless without any mind what they are doing."

Points négatifs : "The streaming service didn’t work"

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Super delayed. Could have fixed the issue BEFORE we were sitting on tha plane for TWO hours"

Points négatifs : "Unaccompanied minor flying to Lisbon overnight. Bag was lost. No real effort to assist. Bags of unaccompanied minor should be treated with priority."

Points positifs : "Friendly staff"
Points négatifs : "Entertainment was dated and poor in function. Our bags were 99 dollars each and we’re both lost and didn’t arrive. I just filed a claim and got rude service saying I should have filed the claim at the airport baggage area but there was not anybody there to do the claim then he agent upstairs said they just spoke to them and they are there and I should have done it there. This was so rude and there is no way to get back into customs area. If we paid 200 for bags I expect them to arrive on time. I’m asking for a refund of the baggage fees."

Points négatifs : "Le menu est à améliorer"

Points négatifs : "Le menu est à améliorer"

Points positifs : "Lovely staff, good food, great movies."

Points positifs : "The food service was good and the flight attendants were friendly."
Points négatifs : "The plane was very uncomfortable. The seats were small, you felt on top of the person next to you, and there was no leg room. I am a pretty small person- I can't image how uncomfortable all of the taller passengers must have been."

Points positifs : "The crew came to get me from the arrival gate to get to the departure gate since our plane was delayed. It helped to know that the airline was checking to make sure we made the flight."
Points négatifs : "I did not get my luggage in Nairobi. The delayed flight that was the most likely reason it did not get to the connecting flight to Nairobi."

Points négatifs : "vol retardé"

Points positifs : "La puntualidad"
Points négatifs : "Toute c’est parfait"

Points positifs : "J’aime sa ponctualité"
Points négatifs : "Rien"

Points négatifs : "Le vol a été dérouté sur Lyon pour des vents dangereux. Seul hic, l’ensemble des autres vols atterrissants à Genève on tous pu atterrir dans la même tranche horaire. Ensuite reacheminement en bus ou taxi pour les plus chanceux. Sans qu’on nous donne le moindre repas. Pourtant atterrissage prévu initialement vers 11h. La il est 14h10 passé et le ventre vide et toujours sur la route entre Lyon et Genève."

Points négatifs : "Old airplane with not really comfy seats. No outlets for charging devices. Very old entertainment screen."

Points positifs : "The crews treated me with respect and the seat was okay being for economic seat."
Points négatifs : "It’s my first time flying with China Southern. I have no comparison at this time."

Points positifs : "I thought the seat were better and were very uncomfortable!"

Points positifs : "Very friendly crew, nice food"
Points négatifs : "Was not given my pre-selected seat. Only reclining seats in business class"

Points positifs : "La gentillesse de l'équipage qui fait bcp avec peu"
Points négatifs : "Ils.ont perdu mes bagages!!!!!"

Points positifs : "They assigned me the last seat abutting the bathroom in the back of the plane. It was the smallest seat with zero leg room. The seat itself had zero cushion. And because the back of the seat is against the wall of the bathroom it could not be leaned back either. The entertainment screen is so close to my face I could not look at it directly. I was probably the only Black guy in there. I wonder how they found me that seat. It was a Nonstop flight, I will fly China Southern every chance I get because I just want to get from point A to point B. But, I'll be asking more questions about my seat assignment before accepting it."

Points positifs : "Crew members are really nice and good service"
Points négatifs : "Really bad food"

Points négatifs : "According to ticket bought, there was no stopover and immigration process mentioned. However it turned out that there was a stopover between Frankfurt and Guangzhou. As a result: Chinese "One China policy: collided with a sticker in my passport, so that I was declined necessary entry into China for transit purposes. 1) The staff in Frankfurt should have checked my documents first and should have pointed out that problem. 2) It should have been clearly highlighted on the tickets and during booking, that there is a stopover with necessary immigration into China."

Points positifs : "The booking was so simple with kayak and the hotel arrangements and follow up for pickup from the airport was excellent The Flight was a short one and the entire staff from jfk airport to the flight attendant was entirely superb"
Points négatifs : "The customs declaration area especially with people coming to do business in China needs more officers to enhance efficiency"

Points négatifs : "Online checkin didnt work, long disorganized lines, delayed flight, bag lost"

Points négatifs : "The food"

Points négatifs : "Crewmen at the luggage/bags scanning were very rude. Our flight from Manila to Guangzhou was delayed by an hour or so. With all the pressure we were already experiencing and rushing to get to our connecting flight, here comes these crewmen in charge of scanning our bags we're all shouting at us to rush. The delay was not the passengers fault."

Points positifs : "Service and crew were great, they made the 14 hr flight as enjoyable as possible for such a long trip"

Points positifs : "The entertainment on board"
Points négatifs : "They don't let you use your phone for whatever reason and they make a big deal about battery packs"

Points positifs : "The food & The Staff."
Points négatifs : "That my flight was delayed for 5 hours and my luggage went missing."

Points positifs : "nothing"
Points négatifs : "crummy seats. cheap"

Points positifs : "The flight and crew itself was fine, the problem was with China Southern once you got off the plane."
Points négatifs : "This is a big airport for transit passengers. Even if you had a boarding pass for your connecting flight, you needed to get in line to get another one. That took an hour and a half. If you needed a transit visa because of a long layover (China Southern offers accommodation) you needed to go through a second procedure which was arbitrary and chaotic and took hours. I got my transit visa in 2 1/ 2 hours (4 hours after getting off plane). In another hour I was at the very nice hotel provided. China Southern staff had assured me I didn't need to get to the airport particularly early, but the hotel staff required I leave 3 1/2 hours before my flight. With a 15 hour layover I was able to get 3 hours sleep. I saw people who had been in the transit visa area for up to 7 hours. Nothing else about these flights mattered at that point."

Points positifs : "left on time and arrived a little early, lunch was served (food was not bad, but not super amazing)"
Points négatifs : "no personalized entertainment system"

Points négatifs : "The food was awful. I felt sick after eating it and still feel sick after many hours. Being on a 15 hour flight we don't have much choice but to eat some of it"

Points positifs : "Cabin crew was very hard working, efficient and polite."
Points négatifs : "Seats were inadequately spaced. Food was very bland."

Points positifs : "Same comment as flt to Guanzhou. Flight was comfortable."
Points négatifs : "Again, it took a long while to disembark from the plane. Also, the lock in my suitcase was damaged like someone tried to force open it."

Points positifs : "Price"
Points négatifs : "Flights delayed more than 1hr without information Staff not welcoming Aweful food as usual on china southern"

Points positifs : "Great crew and excellent entertainment onboard."
Points négatifs : "The flights was delayed."

Points positifs : "It was clean. Also the media selection"
Points négatifs : "More food needed"

Points positifs : "2 hour flight and given food."
Points négatifs : "Delayed."

Points positifs : "On time."
Points négatifs : "No entertainment, poor cabin and food was bad."

Points positifs : "I had never flown China Southern and the 777 flight from JFK to CAN was very nice. Business class seats were some of the most comfortable I have been in."
Points négatifs : "No complaints about anything."

Points négatifs : "Horrible boarding experience, crew rude"

Points positifs : "The in flight entertaint is good."
Points négatifs : "The economy seats on the new Boeing Dreamliner are very uncomfortable. I could feel the bar under my seat digging into my backside for the duration of the 12 hour flight. I suspect that China Southern went cheap on the seat cushions they purchased from Boeing. Additionally, on my particular flight from Guangzhou, China to Vancouver, the flight was delayed for several hours for no apparent reason. The delay caused me to miss my transfer flight to Calgary, and what was supposed to be a two hour layover turned into a nine hour layover. China Southern thought to fix the situation it would be a good idea to provide me with a $10 food voucher.... Is that really enough for sitting around the airport for an additional seven hours? I am an expat that lives in China that has experience flying with multiple airlines, and this was my first and will be my last flight with China Southern."

Points positifs : "We got moved up to Business Class on the 15 hour flight from JFK to Guangzhou. That was awesome. China Southern put us up in a very nice hotel because we had a 10 hour layover in Guangzhou, food included. Aircraft was new. Very impressed."
Points négatifs : "Had to declare onto the tarmac and get a shuttle to the airport when landings in Guangzhou. Not enjoyable. Could be very stressful with a short connection time."

Points négatifs : "They lost my baggage and changed boarding times without notifying me."

Points négatifs : "Going thru customs, security and immigration for the third time in Wuhan. The first check was in Thailand, second check was in Guangzhou. Not sure why they are always checking you out and in. Must be some bizarre Chinese regulation."

Points positifs : "We departed 50 minutes late but still arrived on time. Great entertainment options made the flight go by quickly (also, slept for the first half). It's not super comfortable in economy, but it's completely fine for economy and you get what you pay for. Attendants were also reasonably nice, nothing that stands out good or bad. We got the Asian vegetarian meal and it was pretty good for airplane food -- two Indian-style meals served at either end of the flight."
Points négatifs : "Not much to complain about. I think people forget that if you're paying $700 for an economy roundtrip to a Tier 2 city in China (SFO - CKG), this is a great deal and a very decent delivery overall."

Points positifs : "comfortable seat in biz class very welcoming and friendly cabin crew on time departure and arrival"
Points négatifs : "food was pretty bad"

Points négatifs : "Flight was 40 minutes late... and the seats are very hard!"

Points positifs : "price"
Points négatifs : "No fresh fruits were given. They should keep some apples or some other fruit for those who miss their lunch schedules"

Points négatifs : "Crew speaks only Chinese just because I am an asian and I am not."

Points positifs : "Flight was fast & good service by flight attendants."
Points négatifs : "Food served was mediocre."

Points positifs : "There were unused economy comfort seats on the flight and we gratefully received a complementary upgrade."

Points positifs : "They provided two meals from LAX to CAN, and another meal from CAN to HAN. Plus, because we had an 8-hour layover in Guangzhou, they gave us a hotel room, which we only used for about 3 hours, and which had a free breakfast buffet for guests. That was a nice way to spend what would've been a boring layover."
Points négatifs : "Online checkin did not work."

Points positifs : "Puntuality"

Points positifs : "During the transit ( 11 hours in the night at the guangzhou airport) ..the company offerd me for free a room in a 4 stras wonderfull ....I think this service exist only in China..maybe in southern china :)"

Points négatifs : "Very bad food."

Points positifs : "Got to destination pretty much on time."
Points négatifs : "Very uncomfortable & crunched - elbow to elbow and leg to leg with neighbor passenger."

Points positifs : "Meals were served. Seats were comfortable."
Points négatifs : "Nothing really."

Points négatifs : "Less leg space"

Points négatifs : "The food selection could use a change with more fresh ingredients. We were offered two hot dishes but both were almost exactly the same. It would have been nice to have the lunch portion be or dinner portion be different."

Points positifs : "My father in law passed away had to fly home."
Points négatifs : "Tryed to cancel reservation put on hold for 25 minutes hung up!"

Points positifs : "Warm washclothes & blankets were great!"
Points négatifs : "Did not pass out enough water (apprx 2-3 cups) to stay hydrated for a 14 hr flight."

Points négatifs : "My flight had a 16 hour layover in Dalian and it didn't say anywhere before hand that Dalian airport closes at night. I had to sleep outside of the airport."

Points positifs : "My parents were excited about their first time visit to the United States."

Points positifs : "The crew was accommodating during the flight but spoke very little English and could not help with information on connecting flight."
Points négatifs : "We missed our connecting flight due to a delay and the airline would not let us through because we could have made our second flight...."

Points positifs : "Siège tro vieux on dirai qu’on est assis sur une planche de boi"
Points négatifs : "Avoir des usb pour dans l’avion"

Points positifs : "Boarding process may have been the best thing possible."
Points négatifs : "Customer service could be a whole lot better. Seats very uncomfortable for extended flights."

Points positifs : "None"
Points négatifs : "."

Points négatifs : "J’ai acheté un billet eco premium et j’ai voyagé en eco"

Points positifs : "Nous aimerions si possible qu'il y ai aussi le français en plus de l'anglais et du chinois utilisé dans l'avion."

Points positifs : "The kind crew"
Points négatifs : "Same meal three times in a row. The flight had to return three hours into the flight. I would like a refund"

Points positifs : "Boarding was not on time and passengers were bused to a remote location for boarding airplane"
Points négatifs : "Provide WIFI and new released movies"

Points négatifs : "L’efficacité"

Points négatifs : "If my flight was not 2hrs delayed, could catch up the transfer flight instead of late for the transfer and have to wait for the 2nd day flight and still stocked in Beijing Airport now"

Points positifs : "Personnel serviable et souriant."
Points négatifs : "Beaucoup de retard sur le vol (5 heures) sur une escale déjà de 11 heures. Les agents au sol nous informaient très peu et très mal de ce qui se passait. Si ça avait été plus clair, déjà ça aurait été moins pire. De plus, le siège, tablette, la boucle de ceinture, étaient déjà sales au début du vol."

Points positifs : "qu'il serve un repas. avion pas trop rempli alors on a pu s'étendre sur les bancs et dormir"
Points négatifs : "ils nous ont servi une sandwich quand c'était en plein milieu de la nuit."

Points positifs : "personnel très gentil et nourriture avec de bon délai entre chaque repas"
Points négatifs : "la qualité de la nourriture"

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "This flight was delayed and I reached Beijing around 4am. I arrived at Haikou Airport early, and could have used an earlier flight. But I could not make it, due to the false information at the check-in counter. Considering my situation, the CA related staff made a proposal for upgrading for my seat on this flight. However, a bureaucratic chief purser harshly relected it. Furthermore, the only food served in the main cabin on this flight was a hamburger, and it smelled bad. It might have been rotten."

Points positifs : "Cabin crew were kind us but service details are poor very much."
Points négatifs : "We were very bored during fight from JFK to PEK."

Points positifs : "The crew was very professional"
Points négatifs : "My Tv couldn’t work"

Points positifs : "Friendly flight, nice people"
Points négatifs : "Food wasn't good."

Points positifs : "In-flight entertainment was pretty good - I watched 2 movies and a couple nature documentaries. Food was decent."
Points négatifs : "Seats are horribly uncomfortable especially for a tall person. The "C" shape plus the headrest jutting out so far make it impossible to get comfortable enough to fall asleep and there is very little leg room. I had finally drifted off when my friend poked me awake because they were serving dinner even though there were about 4 hours left in the flight. I was half asleep and had no appetite so I ended up giving them the whole tray back. There was also a shrill toddler several rows ahead of us who was yapping loudly for the entire second half of the flight. I obviously understand that children will be children and it was a long flight, but would have been nice if staff had asked the parents to try to quiet him down as they were not attempting to do so at all. Finally, our bags did not make it onto the next flight in time."

Points positifs : "Plane was clean. Had electrical outlet between seats on one of my international flights (not the return flight). Left and arrived on time."
Points négatifs : "Seats felt close together. Crew doesn't really return smiles. Food wasn't great. English movies that weren't "B" level were few on my first flight, better on my return flight. Not much refreshment in the 7 or so hours between meals. Did not have electrical outlets between seats on one of my international flights. English translations of announcements were difficult to understand."

Points négatifs : "trop de retard sur les vols"

Points positifs : "Food"
Points négatifs : "cabin space"

Points positifs : "It was quick flight and staffs was very nice"
Points négatifs : "Staffs didnt know much english.."

Points positifs : "Price was great, but plane smelled like old, dirty carpet. There was a video playing but you couldn't really hear it with the provided headphones."
Points négatifs : "No Wi-Fi. Lack of wine selection."

Points positifs : "Je sais que ce n'est pas Air China mais l'attente dans l'avion avant de partir n'en finissait plus..."

Points positifs : "Aéroport de Wuhan : fonctionnel. Beaucoup de monde à cette période de l'année mais rien à redire."

Points positifs : "J'ai aimé le « timing » pour les repas avec le long vol. Pas constamment dérangé. Rien à dire de négatif. Ce que je n'ai pas aimé n'a pas rapport à Air China"

Points positifs : "Retard à Pékin dans le départ, mais ce n'est pas la faute d'Air China"

Points positifs : "Pleasant flight"
Points négatifs : "Delay"

Points positifs : "Business class section very good and clean. Cabin crew very attentive. Good value for a business class flight."
Points négatifs : "Being a Chinese airline, it lacks the variety of US inflight entertainment choices compared to an airline such as Cathay Pacific."

Points positifs : "take Air China only if you go to Beijing. otherwise expect delay, lots of delay."
Points négatifs : "flight delay, flight delay"

Points positifs : "Les sourires et la courtoisie."
Points négatifs : "Retard de 6 heures, bagages égarés, repas moyen,... aucun film récent"

Points négatifs : "So bad customer service"

Points positifs : "same as above"
Points négatifs : "Same as above."

Points positifs : "Provided entertainment and meals were excellent"
Points négatifs : "Seat plug did not work and crew lied about no more entree and brought two individuals of own ethnicity (Chinese) that asked after me. Waited 45 min for water when asked. I got there three hrs early and had to sit towards back bc airport said that they were not assigning seats behind business class up to 45 at all."

Points positifs : "Smiling staff very helpful, selection of entertainment for my 14 hour flight, piping hot towel hand delivered for refreshing self, beverage selection, pillow, blanket and slippers. all this in economy class."
Points négatifs : "food selection (chicken and rice or shrimp and pasta, side salad, fruit salad, roll) is fair but quality could be better."

Points positifs : "Vol ponctuel"
Points négatifs : "Fauteuil et écran vieux. Qu'on me demande d'éteindre mon téléphone mobile alors qu'il était en mode avion et impossible de discuter avec l'hôtesse qui ne voulait rien savoir. Trop films en chinois."

Points positifs : "Vol ponctuel et confort correct."
Points négatifs : "Rien a redire."

Points positifs : "Food is not good for vegetarians,and they missed baggages both the way from and to USA-MUMBAI.. I called them for claim many times but they didn't pay yet.. I bought new bag for Rs- 9,500/- that also they missed on the way back home from Biejing to USA.."
Points négatifs : "Food was not good for vegetarian.."

Points négatifs : "The layover time at Beijing airport was short but the airport is huge and takes a while to get through. I almost missed my connecting flight twice. When people fly Air China for connecting transfers, the attendants should provide guidance to passengers about ways to expedite this process. My bags weren’t delivered from Bangkok. It would have been nice if the airport attendants at my destination announced that before having passengers wait an hour for the bags to come out because it was evident they were aware beforehand."

Points positifs : "AVML was very good thanks to German catering."
Points négatifs : "Outdated electronic device policy. Can't even operate in flight mode. While other airlines offer wifi service (LH, UA ETC)."

Points positifs : "Flight departed at 7.55 am, was about 2 hours - no real breakfast was served, just a roll and a muffin."

Points positifs : "Big plane"
Points négatifs : "The TV screen is not working"

Points négatifs : "Bad audio quality on entertainment system. Poor communication and food service. No way to call airlines beforehand for arranging special meal."

Points négatifs : "Flight arrived on time...they wouldn’t let me on the plane...said the other plane already took off and I had to stay overnight in china...friend/famliy waiting at airpor"

Points positifs : "Personnel attentionné et gentil."
Points négatifs : "Sièges inconfortables (mon siège n'était pas rembourré suffisamment donc j'étais assise sur le bois...) Choix de films, de séries télé et de musique très mauvais Nourriture médiocre"

Points positifs : "There were personal movie screens with movies I liked."
Points négatifs : "The food was pretty bad. The bottom seat cushion was quite hard so I couldn't sleep because I was shifting my weight every hour. We were told at the boarding gate that the flight was full when we asked about upgrades, but the economy plus section was almost empty once we were on. I don't understand the reasoning for lying about the flight being full. If you won't sell us an upgrade, just say so."

Points positifs : "Le prix est très bas"
Points négatifs : "Repas infecte, peu de films de qualité.. espace très réduit pour un vol pour lAsie"

Points négatifs : "I flew Alaska Airlines to San Jose and San Jose to Shanghai on air China. I was told by Alaska my baggage would be carried all the way through to Pudong airport. My baggage claim ticked showed that. When I got to PVG Pudong airport in Shanghai my baggage was not there they were not very helpful and difficult to understand. They told me they thought my baggage would come ther on another flight and gave me a form. By the next evening I had not heard from them. I emailed them again and I'm currently in Japan waiting to see if they will send me my luggage. Do not expect the kind of customer service in China as you would in the US or Japan.Shanghai airport is, at best, difficult to navigate...stay away from all the taxi solicitors."

Points positifs : "Great movies. Flight crew was very nice."

Points positifs : "Nothing!"
Points négatifs : "I was already on the airport and about to check in early, so they didn't let me check in because I forgot to put my middle name on reservation. I tried to call kayak and nobody is answering, I also called priceline and they couldn't do anything. They said I have to cancel everything then rebook a new one. So I ended up paying $1300!!! for a new flight and in addition to that I have a penalty of $200!!! For my original flight cost of only $600. And my companion who has the same flight as me didn't take her flight because the agent in Air china said that we could rebook her flight without charge and for the same price. So we ended up paying $1300 for her as well plus again the $200 penalty. So we lost $3000 for just the 2 of us!! I will never fly air china again! Worst day ever!"

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