Trouvez des vols pas chers Santiago - Île de Pâques


Trouvez des vols pas chers Santiago - Île de Pâques

Santiago (SCL)
Île de Pâques Isla de Pascua (Mataveri)
dim. 25/10
dim. 1/11
N'importe quand
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Restrictions de voyage
Le Chili a restreint l'entrée de tous les ressortissants étrangers. Les ressortissants et résidents chiliens qui retournent dans le pays sont soumis à une auto-quarantaine de 14 jours. En savoir plus
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Restez informé des changements de restrictions de voyage pour ce pays (Île de Pâques Isla de Pascua (Mataveri)) et recevez des mises à jour par e-mail.

Bon à savoir

Basse saison

juin Meilleure période pour échapper aux foules, avec une baisse moyenne des prix de 37%.

Haute saison

février Période la plus populaire pour voyager, avec une hausse moyenne des prix de 39%.

Prix moyen pour un aller-retour

464 € (prix moyen sur les 2 dernières semaines)

Bonne affaire pour un aller-retour

439 € ou moins

Quand réserver des vols Santiago - Île de Pâques

Prix estimé d’un aller-retour
Prix moyen par mois
Prix des vols à l’approche de la date de départ
-1 jour
-2 jours

Astuces pour trouver un vol pas cher

  • À la recherche d’un vol à petit prix ? 25% de nos utilisateurs ont trouvé un vol pour cet itinéraire à 354 € ou moins.
  • On trouve en général les vols les moins chers pour Santiago - Île de Pâques 18 jours avant le départ.
  • Réservez au moins 1 semaine avant le départ pour obtenir un prix moins cher que la moyenne.
  • La haute saison est en janvier, février et mars. Le mois le moins cher pour prendre l’avion est juin.

FAQ pour réserver un vol Santiago - Île de Pâques

Quelles compagnies aériennes ont des mesures de distanciation sociale liées au COVID-19 pour les vols Santiago de Chili (Arturo Merino Benitez)-Île de Pâques Isla de Pascua (Mataveri) ?

Île de Pâques : y a-t-il des restrictions de voyage liées au coronavirus ?

Quel est le temps de vol entre Santiago et Île de Pâques ?

Combien y a-t-il de vols Santiago - Île de Pâques ?

Quelles compagnies aériennes proposent les prix les plus bas pour l’itinéraire Santiago - Île de Pâques ?

Quelles sont les compagnies aériennes qui ont le plus de vols Santiago - Île de Pâques ?

Par quels aéroports passe-t-on lors d’un voyage Santiago - Île de Pâques ?

Comment KAYAK trouve-t-il des prix aussi bas pour les vols Santiago-Île de Pâques ?

Comment la Prédiction des prix KAYAK peut-elle m’aider à savoir quand réserver mon billet d’avion Santiago-Île de Pâques ?

À quoi correspond l’option KAYAK Mix dans les résultats de vols Santiago-Île de Pâques ?

À quoi correspond l’option « dates flexibles » de KAYAK, et comment peut-elle m’aider à trouver un vol Santiago-Île de Pâques ?

Meilleure compagnie proposant des vols Santiago de Chili (Arturo Merino Benitez) - Île de Pâques Isla de Pascua (Mataveri)

Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK

LATAM Airlines
Note générale basée sur 5 330 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "I could have been warned that you need to get a pass to go to Hanga Roa before you can board. I had checked because I had heard there was a fee but upon investigation, it was said that this requirement had been eliminated. Wrong!! You still need the pass but you don’t get charged a fee. The extra time required for this tedious meant we missed our chance to check bags and do incurred hundreds of dollars more to get on the same flight the next day. No Bueno!!! This should be highlighted up front!!"

Points négatifs : "Mon siège ne s’inclinait pas"

Points négatifs : "Tout"

Points positifs : "Flight staff, food, seating, Personnal space, restrooms were clean, landing was smooth"
Points négatifs : "Checking in at the counter and boarding the aircraft can use some polishing. The boarding process is confusing due to lack of communication to customers and faulty speaker/PA systems at LATAM gates."

Points positifs : "Seats were acceptable. Crew was competent and prompt."
Points négatifs : "Boarding was adjacent to C04 with the Aerolineas flight leaving 5 minutes before us. This congested the boarding but was well handled."

Points négatifs : "Smell at shit all the flight. Horrible."

Points positifs : "Organized well"
Points négatifs : "Seat crowded too much"

Points positifs : "Perdonnel sympathique."
Points négatifs : "Plus de place sur les sieges. Petite collation."

Points positifs : "The crew was excellent very very nice . The seats are ok ."
Points négatifs : "Food is very"

Points positifs : "On board entertainment"

Points positifs : "excellent avion, neuf. Divertissement à bord de qualité"
Points négatifs : "Repas vraiment minimal"

Points positifs : "Crew was very polite and did a fantastic job with all complaints"
Points négatifs : "Fly was delayed with out any reasonable or respectable justification. Flying from Chile with connection in Lima every piece of carry on, including purses where check again at the bording desk, wasting time and being disrespectful to the need of passenger side. Use to love flying on the past with you guys. Unfortunately the quality of services of the company are DEPLORABLE."

Points négatifs : "La compagnie a perdu ma valise! Depuis ce temps elle. À pas été retrouvée!!!"

Points positifs : "The plane itself was awesome!"
Points négatifs : "The customer service I received on the plane however was probably the worst service I've ever had and I fly a lot. From a stewardess giving me grief for requesting coke and crackers to the overall customer experience was very much lacking!"

Points négatifs : "They lost my bag and I had to wait a full day to get it back."

Points négatifs : "5 hour flight and only 1 pass through with breakfast and beverages. Never saw another flight attendant pass through the cabin again. Bring your own water because you won’t get any onboard."

Points positifs : "Could access entertainment as soon as I was seated."

Points positifs : "The crew and gate persons were very good. Meal was very tasty and it was nice to eat with metal utensils."
Points négatifs : "Seat size and the fact that the passengers in front smacked their seats on to our laps."

Points positifs : "Pretty much everything other than the fact we had to return to Santiago two hours into the flight for mechanical issues. On the upside, they had a plane and crew ready to go when we returned to Santiago"
Points négatifs : "The turn around resulting Ina five hour delay"

Points positifs : "Great service from start to finish"

Points positifs : "We had 3 high-school classes that traveled with us and the crew managed them extremely well (especially Luis) and made that trip unforgettable and most entertaining."
Points négatifs : "Breakfast food was really bad; dinner food was between mediocre and ok."

Points positifs : "Cumplimiento fe horarios"
Points négatifs : "Cambiaron el aeronave y aeropuerto."

Points positifs : "Technology Leg room"
Points négatifs : "Food"

Points positifs : "Simple, efficace. à l'heure."
Points négatifs : "Rien."

Points positifs : "Le prix et l'efficacité. Le reste était tout à fait accessoire compte tenu de la durée du vol. En conclusion tout était parfait."
Points négatifs : "Rien le rapport qualité prix est excellent."

Points positifs : "clean and new plane"
Points négatifs : "delayed flight made me lose a day. My luggage got lost"

Points positifs : "Helpful, friendly service from LATAM employees. On-time flights."

Points positifs : "Good service from the crew."
Points négatifs : "I lost my luggage (bag). I had to wait about 1 hour. Airport staff advised me to go from gate 1 to gate 11 and back to gate 1. Then advised me to go to Latam counter where I lodged a claim."

Points positifs : "Good food and staff"
Points négatifs : "Evething was good"

Points positifs : "good service, professional, nice flight"
Points négatifs : "nothing really"

Points positifs : "The schedule"
Points négatifs : "The stop in Lima"

Points positifs : "Service and attention was perfection at its best."
Points négatifs : "Nothing to dislike. 787-9 makes this journey a breeze."

Points positifs : "Everything except the cramped, smallish seating and the narrow cramped aisles."
Points négatifs : "The cramped, small, tiny seats and the narrow cramped aisles."

Points positifs : "I am deaf, almost 68y. Old. They insisted to escort me to the gate, I was very happy to be escorted by a beautiful young girl. I would have been a little lost had I gone through the screening by myself. The indicated gate number was changed as well."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"

Points négatifs : "LAN told us our bags were coming in the next 2hrs all day & they never arrived! They were clearly telling us lies the whole time."

Points négatifs : "Baggage fee of $150 for one extra bag, under 50 LB limit. This was the worst experience I have ever encountered. I felt gouged."

Points négatifs : "Liked everything"

Points positifs : "crew and cleanliness"
Points négatifs : "Uncomfortable spacing of seats on short flights a nightmare on long hauls. Have to assume the distance between seat and seatback ahead is now a safety issue should an emergency evac. be necessary. Had to argue over an imposed seat change despite holding a 2 hour old agent issued boarding pass. Gate agent plainly lied in claiming an equipment change was making it necessary. At start of trip (1/14), not allowed to board connection and suffered an additional 5hr. layover delay due to baggage transfer problem. No compensation of any type graciously offered for any of the inconveniences."

Points positifs : "A business class upgrade, lay flat bed, very comfortable. Overall wonderful, made me want to take this flight every time I travel to Chile for business."
Points négatifs : "The flight attendants were not very attentive compared to other business class flights I've been on, especially Delta. Seemed a little rushed, felt as if I wasn't able to enjoy the business class amenities."

Points positifs : "The airline was very clean. The attendants were very nice. The food was excellent."

Points négatifs : "Because of the terminal staff, I did not make this connection and had to spend the night in Santiago, and then wait for a flight to Sao Paulo and then to JFK, which added another 18 hours to my trip. This caused much inconvenience for me as I could not get home when I was supposed to. At least some of the terminal staff should have a good command of English and supervisors should be more willing to step in and help. I will try very hard NOT to fly with LAN again."

Points négatifs : "Tiny uncomfortable OLD plane !!"

Points positifs : "The plane was fine once they boarded us and got us off the ground"
Points négatifs : "Third time in a row we got a delay in Santiago for no apparent reason. Will find a different flight next time."

Points positifs : "On time, good service, great new entertainment system"
Points négatifs : "Small cramped seats"

Points positifs : "Always great to be able to make the journey from Chile to North America during the day with a power outlet and plenty of space to work on my laptop. There were also plenty of movie options, and friendly and helpful staff."
Points négatifs : "Boarding was a bit chaotic. Somehow the travel agent inform me of the revised departure time until 3 hours before the flight, but I don't know if that's the airline's fault. The only reasons I didn't rate the entertainment as excellent was that the system never played movies on the first try. I always had to do the sequence twice."

Points positifs : "Food was just OK; need to be improved considering that is an intrnational flight."
Points négatifs : "The flight was substantially delayed without a good reason, and the land personnel was not friendly when asked for explanation. For such a long flight, individual screens are necessary."

Points positifs : "Took great care of us, food, drinks, and very nice crew."
Points négatifs : "If I had 18 inches between me and the seat ahead of me I would say that was generous. The seat reclined all the way back so for 3 plus hours I had the person ahead of me in my lap"

Points négatifs : "First the check in process at Santiago airport was two hours long. They were totally understaffed and I believe they were dealing with problems of overbooking flights. The last hour in line was spent while in the front of the line while people from the back were being called ahead to check in because they were on other flights even though those flights were hours away. Secondly I preichecked in online the day before, chose a window seat, and when I checked in at the airport I was assigned a seat that did not match what I had chosen, which was also next to my partner I was flying with. There was no explanation until the gate at which point they said they changed planes and randomly reshuffled everyone's seats, after a call to the airline the customer service representative could not explain why anyone would ever say they "randomly reshuffled." The plane was overbooked so they could not accommodate my request to sit next to my partner. Finally at no point was there a warning about bringing water bought in the airport onto the plane (after security) but only upon boarding did they take the water away, some notice would have been helpful and saved a bunch of waste and money."

Points négatifs : "Our seats were assigned, then before boarding we were call by the front table and with out any explanation the lady at the desk give us new printing boarding pass with new different seats way in the back and separate our group leaving one of my child's by himself (5years old) Unacceptable."

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Vols pas chers Santiago - Île de Pâques

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