Trouvez des vols pas chers Phú Quốc - Asie du Sud-Est

Trouvez des vols pas chers Phú Quốc - Asie du Sud-Est

Phú Quốc (PQC)
Asie du Sud-Est
ven. 23/10
ven. 30/10
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Vietnam Airlines
Note générale basée sur 1 317 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Points négatifs : "Les hôtesses et stewards ne parlent pas ben l'anglais et encore moins bien le français."

Points négatifs : "Delayed with no announcements or explanation."

Points positifs : "rafraîchissements"
Points négatifs : "Retard et non chaland pour certains membres"

Points positifs : "The system cancelled my ticket & need to buy a new ticket"
Points négatifs : "Non action from airline & IRRESPONSIBLE replies from customer service"

Points positifs : "Early departure and arrival. Amazing"

Points positifs : "Good"
Points négatifs : "Was ok"

Points négatifs : "Last minute wanted to check our luggage as the plane was boarding and almost caused us to miss our flight. Flight crew unhelpful and not friendly"

Points positifs : "Flight was generally ok."
Points négatifs : "No power or USB ports."

Points positifs : "New plane, service great, process fine."
Points négatifs : "Plane was delayed 20 minutes for takeoff. Turbulence over HCMC was handled ok."

Points positifs : "No delay, boarding smooth, crew excellent, leg room ok, nothing bad..."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"

Points positifs : "Check in was easy, food was decent, there was a TV in each seat"

Points positifs : "Ponctualité Verre d'eau fourni Bon staff"
Points négatifs : "Pas trop de divertissemeent à bord"

Points positifs : "Plane was clean. Staff were pleasant and professional."
Points négatifs : "Flight from TPE to SGN A321 was very comfy able."

Points positifs : "Well worth the price"
Points négatifs : "All good"

Points positifs : "Overall"
Points négatifs : "We could not check in on line . Why? This reason made us have to waited in the long line"

Points positifs : "Lined up, crew took our tickets, we loaded on the bus to bring us to the plane, but the bus just stayed there for 10-15 mins. Then they told us all to get off the bus and go back into the terminal and wait. No explanation or apologies. Waited another 30 mins then everyone lined up again. They never explained what the issue was - it was a bit unsettling. Like, was it a meintamice issue? Should we be worried for our safety? Or was the aircraft simply late/delayed? Upon taxiing and take off the pilot finally said they were delayed from a previous flight and the plane needed to be “checked.” Would’ve like to know that an hour earlier when we first got kicked off the bus."

Points positifs : "There was a long line for the Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh flights but with multiple counters devoted to this route alone we were checking in not long after having been dropped off at the airport. We were offered seats on an earlier fight which we eagerly accepted. Knowing that this route is often cited as one of the busiest in the world it was no surprise to find ourselves on a wide-body jet, Airbus 330-200 even on this 2-hour flight. A small snack was served. The flight was uneventful."

Points positifs : "The captain was friendly and informative"
Points négatifs : "The food was terrible and the staff was rude"

Points négatifs : "Food... only could have the fruit"

Points positifs : "The flight on an A350 wide body was uneventful. I was in the "Premium Economy" section, which is sold as regular "Economy" for domestic flights. Excellent seating 2+4+2. The food was OK, not much to write home about, but they skipped coffee and tea because of turbulence (hardly perceptible)."
Points négatifs : "Boarding process in HAN was very confusing: there was a change of gate announcement just when boarding was to start. Everybody went like crazy through the airport terminal looking for a Gate that does not exist. Followed by a counter-announcement. And then being bussed to the aircraft. People came on board up to the last minute... Arrival in SGN crazy for a different reason. All 300-some passengers were bussed again. Just that the ladders were not ready, and then whoever drove could not adjust them, and then the busses were not ready either. 25 minutes from landing to the luggage belts. Vietnamese airports need to work on their their procedures."

Points positifs : "Food served inflight was excellent, new airplane, and comfortable legroom"

Points positifs : "Unexpected charge of $450 to transfer planes in Vietnam. Worst purchase ever."

Points positifs : "On time, lunch served, no problems."
Points négatifs : "No entertainment, but a very short flight, one hour, who cares?"

Points positifs : "Bottled water and ample leg room pretty much sums up this short flight from Phu Quoc to SGN."
Points négatifs : "Crew at check-in counter was not friendly or helpful. Even though our pregnancy was documented a week earlier by Vietnam Airlines, she made us go through the same process, though we showed her we had the same form already in our possession."

Points positifs : "The leg room is one of the best in economy class. At six feet tall, I was able to stretch my legs and not have my knees against the seat in front of us. The personal entertainment console worked perfectly with clear picture and sound, though the free headphones were uncomfortable. Boarding crew allowed us to cut in line since we had a 2 year old. Very appreciative for that, and appreciative for their sternness with those customers who were trying to slip in in front of us."
Points négatifs : "Crew on board came across as a little unfriendly, though professional seriousness might have been mistaken as annoyance. The food was passable, but definitely not quality. Sufficient amount of beverage was served."

Points négatifs : "Flight was cancelled without any notice and caused us to miss connecting flight."

Points positifs : "Was able to change seat to exit row; not crowded; A350 is a really nice plane. Vietnam Airlines has amazingly friendly and helpful crew, extremely pleasant. Catering from Japan is edible. Delta Platinum gives you lounge access in Osaka and HCMC."
Points négatifs : "A/V system was on the fritz for the whole plane; was not activated until 45 minutes into the flight and then kept cutting out for all passengers. I just gave up and slept."

Points positifs : "Food: good recipes, shoved out hot"
Points négatifs : "Ticketing desk chaotic with apathetic staff; no sense of first-come-first-serve; you have to be firm about people cutting in front of you and be sharp when they open or close the stations. On the plane, crew performs responsibility checklist, not a smidgeon more; no sense of hospitality or gratiousness; cattle car mentality. Blanket received not in a wrapper and smelled of another person. Plane from Singapore late. Bus transit instead of jetway. Bus late; long time standing on plane waiting to exit."

Points positifs : "The crew was nice, boarding was easy"
Points négatifs : "No entertainment and the business class seat doesn't lay flat all the way."

Points positifs : "Il n'y a eu aucun probleme, tout s'est bien passé. Choix relativements corrects en films. Repas acceptables. Personnel très bien."
Points négatifs : "Rien à signaler"

Points positifs : "Overall my experience was good. Pros: seat are comfortable. The jet seemed more spacious than ANA airlines. Cons: workers know little English compared to ANA from checking in to the flight attendants. I think this was the most disappointing because the language barrier was frustrating when needing help going the right direction and having questions about checking in. The food was OK. The fruit tasted rotten and the food didn't seem as fresh either. The customer service was also mediocre. When I was on ANA airlines all the staff were very helpful and they seemed statisfied with their jobs. When I travel to ASIA again I will try and avoid Vietnam airlines."
Points négatifs : "See above"

Points positifs : "Staff were excellent. Plane was nice and clean. I would not hesitate to fly with then again."

Points positifs : "Efficient in time fight in an excellent aircraft B788-9"

Points positifs : "On its Airbus A 350 Vietnam Airlines recently introduced a new arrangement for the Premium Economy Section. This is the only aircraft used on the SGN-CDG line. Before they had a lay-out of 3-3-3 seats across, strictly identical with the Economy section. It is now 2-4-2, giving some more space to sit comfortably. All seats have now a fixed separation, with the possibility of placing a glass or other small objects on top of it; they look like a smaller version of the old Business Class seats. In the first row the design of the fold-up screens has been improved. Previously some invaded the personal space of the neighbour, as I had experienced last October (my knee still remembers it). Well done. Prem Economy is worth the difference in pricing."
Points négatifs : "In Premium Economy Vietnam Airlines used to serve a lavish breakfast menu. Most of it was sent back as waste, because so many passengers (e.g. French) are accustomed to a minimalist continental breakfast. All this lavishness has disappeared now. While I understand the reason why, I wonder why they also eliminated the small portion of jam or jelly. Only butter is available to spread (spread?) on the tiny bun. It would be a nice touch to have also some jelly. Also during the night shift they used to offer some nice sandwiches to sleepless passengers. Now only pots of instant noodles are offered on demand. These pots are not well adapted for European passengers."

Points positifs : "Ground and air staff were pleasant and helpful"

Points positifs : "Vietnam Airlines super and on time all five flights"

Points positifs : "Small plane and very nice people. Short flight so no food or entertainment to judge. Just hard not to love the Cambodians."

Points positifs : "Stewards were friendly and helpful. Seats comfy. Take off and landing smooth. Highly recommend when traveling within Vietnam. Plus: they're a Delta partner do FF points!"

Points positifs : "The flight had many open seats, the crew helped to board passengers efficiently, the food was plentiful and they even offered wine on a 3 hour flight. It was delightful."
Points négatifs : "There weren't individual entertainment systems."

Points positifs : "Nice planes, friendly staff. No entertainment or food during the flight though."
Points négatifs : "No entertainment or food. They only offered free water."

Points positifs : "Stormy Weather! Due to weather in Ho Chi Minh City our flt. was 2 hors late from Pho Quoc. We finally got out but thought for sure we were going to miss our flt. to Siem Reap. We landed and had four minutes to catch the flt. Vietnam Air was there to guide us to the international terminal and rushed us to the plane. It took 20 minutes but they held the plane for us and we made it to Cambodia. Our luggage arrived the next day which was ok, at least we got there. Thank you Vietnam Airlines!"

Points positifs : "The Air France business lounge that Vietnam Airlines use in CDG Airport was excellent. Lots of space a good selection of food. The airline staff where all wonderful and food on the plane was delicious. I like the sleeping pods. Very private and comfortable."
Points négatifs : "I would like a few more recent English movie choices."

Points positifs : "Friendly crew"

Points négatifs : "The lack of support to help us to rearrange flight. No explanation"

Points positifs : "Notifying customers of why flight was holding for over an hour in the air (due to heavy rain)."
Points négatifs : "No food or drink offered during holding period..this more than doubled the flight time and was quite frustrating."

Points positifs : "The usual Vietnam Airlines pleasant effective service ... Maybe not as many bells and whistles as others but then nor is the price"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"

Points positifs : "Very attentive to handicapped passengers. Which is me. Yhe flight is short yet they served a light lunch we seemed like a waste to. I had a coke. The plane was clean I love the hostess uniforms. Beautiful and very feminine. Refreshing in today's world"
Points négatifs : "For a short hop I have nothing to suggest. Perfect"

Points positifs : "No baggage charge, good comfortable plane."
Points négatifs : "It wasn't possible to check baggage through to Yangon despite it being advertised as a connecting flight. Very annoying to have to collect and re check in at HCMC airport while in transit."

Points positifs : "friendly air crew"
Points négatifs : "limited film and entertainment"

Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed - be on time"

Points positifs : "Crew was average, need to brush up on geography. One crew member announced that we have arrived to the city of Quang Nam, instead of province of Quang Nam."
Points négatifs : "Take off on time, not 45 minutes late."

Points positifs : "Clean plane"
Points négatifs : "Late"

Points positifs : "The food is good. Air crew is nice."
Points négatifs : "Worth for money we paid"

Points positifs : "Vietjet’s staff are always attractive, smiling, and friendly. I like the double embarking and disembarking process."
Points négatifs : "I hate Vietjet’s restrictive luggage policies. I had to repack everything at the ticket counter to match the 7 kilo restriction and one carryon limit. On every other airline the way I pack is acceptable. Then I was given a window seat with no window. It was in the exit row. Terrible!"

Points positifs : "delay"
Points négatifs : "should be on time"

Points positifs : "The crew was very nice and helpful, comfortable seats and the airline seemed well run for a discount carrier."

Points négatifs : "Airport reception is inexperience, could provide us the info we need. Luggage charging 2 for 70kg which is retarded. If you pay online or declare online it gives you discount, unfortunately that doesn’t work on visitors. The check innprocuedure was ineffective and waste lots of time"

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Customer service. Not helpful at all. They were more interested in getting rid of us. There was a man in a wheelchair who injured his leg in a bike accident. He needed to get to Vietnam for medical help. They told him they couldn’t accommodate him. They also refused to give helpful. They just left him. Your airline is run by heartless people. I would never recommend Viet jet to my worst enemy"

Points positifs : "Confort Ok"
Points négatifs : "Retard !!!!!"

Points négatifs : "Delays with no explanation or expected timing"

Points positifs : "Quick flight"
Points négatifs : "It was a quick flight from dalat to hmc. So I didn't expect a lot. But they charged for water and there were no tv's."

Points positifs : "Flight Cree good"
Points négatifs : "Seats, no jet ways to board or deplane"

Points négatifs : "Baggage policy ridiculous. I was prepared bc I’d heard about the 7g rule but still had me running around almost missing the flight to pay the fee at a different location than the check in desk. The other location had staff on a break. Then no one else at the check in wanted to accept payment so that I could move on to boarding. Staff not friendly about the whole process."

Points négatifs : "Crew members playing video games while waiting on the Tarmac.. very unprofessional.. driver of shuttle should be fired for not paying attention..."

Points positifs : "Plane was clean and boarding was efficient. Good value. Flight was on time."
Points négatifs : "Online booking experience was confusing as I was rerouted to Kiwi. Tried to pay for both bags at time of booking but was told due to a technical issue I had to pay at the airport. When checking in was forced to pay in cash. More of an inconvenience and caught us off guard. Plane was old and seats were very small and uncomfortable."

Points négatifs : "No online check-in. Flight was late. No legroom."

Points positifs : "Service exemplaire des agents à l'enregistrement. Non seulement le service mais la disponibilité et la gentillesse. Vraiment au-dessus des normes."
Points négatifs : "Absolument rien"

Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed an hour and a half without any information as to why. Major grievance was baggage policy. My wife and I have been traveling Asia for the last 7+ month and taken 35 flights to 10 different countries. This is the ONLY time we were told we needed to check our bags (which are both soft-sided and weight ~7kg). Apparently our small backpacks also counted toward the carry-on limit, which would have been fine if not for the following two contradictions: this was our THIRD flight with VietJet Air (one from Siem Reap to Hanoi, Hanoi to Da Nang, Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh) and we didn't have to check baggage the first two. We also saw at least half a dozen people get on our flight with either bags larger than ours, or carrying three pieces of luggage. Either enforce all the rules for everyone, every time they fly the airline, or not at all."

Points positifs : "Good pilot and crew, comfortable seats because we were given the ones right behind the exit row seats with some leg room."
Points négatifs : "Our original flight time was delayed the first time, and then it got delayed AGAIN about 45 minutes after we got to the airport!"

Points négatifs : "Took 2 flights with this airline and both flights were delayed! Will never fly with this airline again!!!"

Points négatifs : "My flight was from Bangkok to Busan, via Hanoi. I was planning to transfer at Hanoi, but Vietjet did not offer transit service. I had to pass immigration (exit the country), then reenter. Luckily Korean citizens can enter Vietnam without visa; otherwise, I would have lost my luggage. Terrible service."

Points positifs : "Uneventful flight. Nothing worth writing home about. No food, no entertainment, no hassle either."
Points négatifs : "VietJet Air has the habit of not announcing delays until after departure time. It was funny to see the billboards announcing: "On time", then "Boarding" when there was no aircraft in sight. On the Arrivals billboard, it showed the in-coming flight as "Landed", when it most obviously had not landed, and there was no information about when it might eventually arrive. With slow operations, we boarded 40 minutes mate and arrived a full hour late. The schedule had been 9:00 PM; days before flying it was pushed back to 10:00 PM. We actually were at the gate at 11:00 PM. VietJet Air is unfortunately the only airline operating a late flight from Pleiku to Ho Chi Minh. No competition means no pressure to be on time."

Points positifs : "Nothing"

Points positifs : "The plane got me to my destination"
Points négatifs : "1) I had to check in my bag (which in any other fight I took was a carry on) 2) I booked thru kayak via kiwi and it was impossible to make a change even though I requested the change 1 min after my booking (I called and emailed them several times without success) 3) there was a delay in the gate and we were not kept up to date"

Points positifs : "Relatively cheap but you get what you pay for."
Points négatifs : "They are super strict with the luggage, and you have to go through multiple steps. Operations are poor. Flight was delayed."

Points positifs : "I waited 30 minutes in one line just to ask a question about luggage weight. A staff member told me to switch to another line next to me. I asked her three times if she was sure I should change lines. She insisted I move, only to wait in another line for 20 more minutes! There WAS NO ONE WORKING AT THE COUNTER! I found her again and she told me to switch. To another long line next to me and I had enough. I had to yell at her and make it clear that I was not going to wait another minute. I said I am going to the front and I’ll be next. I asked my ONE question about weight. It took 15 seconds and she should have handled it for me from the start."
Points négatifs : "Staff that doesn’t listen and just points to a line when she demonstrated that she speaks some English. Don’t treat foreigners like idiots. They are generally very smart and have a valid question. Learn to LISTEN to your customers. A customer complaint is a gift. It’s up to you what you do with it."

Points négatifs : "Nous avions un vol à 13h05 et sommes arrivés à l'aéroport à 9h15 pour nous enregistrer. On nous apprend que le vol est annulé et on nous propose un vol à 22h30.!!! Alors qu'un vol partait à 10h35. Vol que nous aurions pu prendre d'autant plus qu'il avait du retard. La compagnie m'assure qu'un mail m'a été envoyé annonçant l'annulation du vol mais cela est faux. Cela est inacceptable.! Nous reprenons un vol avec cette compagnie le 4 décembre que nous ne pouvons dans aucun cas rater. Que proposez vous en dédommagement et pour assurer le prochain vol. Dans l'attente de votre retour. Cordialement William Mansion"

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "No guide telling where to find Vietjet ticket counter for check in. I missed my flight and slept on the floor. No follow up and I had to book with Vietnam Airlines with no refund or voucher. I'll only fly Vietnam Airlines in the future."

Points positifs : "Nothing too special to say here. One nice thing was that the lady that checked us in let us carry-on our overweight bags."
Points négatifs : "I wish they had in-flight entertainment, but it's not that big of a deal."

Points positifs : "Cheap flights but u get what u pay for"
Points négatifs : "2 delays of 10hrs"

Points négatifs : "Attendants gave the first three rows drinks, but didn't give the rest of the passengers anything."

Points négatifs : "I don't like how the lineup was at check in. You go the counter to check in. Then go to another counter to limeuo again to pay for your bags. Then lineup again for checking in. Very frustrating and confusing. Flight was almost three hours delayed and they refused to change to earlier flight. Service was poor and staff spoke very limited English. Will try to avoid this airline in future. Not a great first time experience."

Points négatifs : "This airline was impossible to get in touch with. THey we're not at all accommodating to my request to change the flight time and sleazily rip you off with what is written in the small print."

Points positifs : "Good value, and the planes were on time (We took a couple of VietJet flights). Staff was courteous and friendly.Inexpensive! Free bag."
Points négatifs : "Somewhat arbitrary rules about how much your carry on can weigh. I don't really get why this makes much of a difference anyway, as the bag will be on the plane anyway."

Points positifs : "Airlineseriously delayed… Triples an hour duration flight… Delayed 2 1/2 hours seriously delayed… Triples an hour duration flight… Delayed 2 1/2 hours"
Points négatifs : "Caroline is wonderful once the plane is able to get into the air"

Points négatifs : "I was on an International flights, 3.5 hours. Their website didn't mention any additional fees for check-in luggage, I didn't expect that as most airlines don't charge extra fees on international routes, how surprised was I when at the check-in counter I was ask to pay $36 for my 10kg backpack. I feel I was scammed."

Points positifs : "Not much"
Points négatifs : "Bus instead of ramp boarding. No food or drinks provided. The carts raced by us and did not stop to ask if we wanted a purchase. No leg room in seats."

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Have an error in system. I can't join the flight"

Points positifs : "Reservations were relatively easy to make on line and relatively easy to purchase on-line."
Points négatifs : "Purchasing tickets this way can result in a lot of confusion upon arriving at the Airport. Without any documents that the Check-in Counter can use to process Check-in, the traveller will find out that a visit is required to a separate desk to obtain your reservation number scribbled on a scrap of paper to take back to the Check-in Counter (after waiting on line there again) so that the agent can find your record and proceed with check-in. This two step process is confusing and not immediately obvious to even the seasoned International traveller. Good thing I'm not easily flustered!"

Points négatifs : "There is no entertainment in flight and baggage check in is an issue ."

Points négatifs : "DELAYED"

Points positifs : "Cheap fares"
Points négatifs : "Late. Terrible boarding process, agents showed up 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time, and then put a final boarding call on the message board everyone had a lineup in a long line and no rows called just first come first serve. Male flight attendants were rude."

Points positifs : "Check in and boarding processes were actually ok this time! Decent timeliness and decent comfort level on flight."
Points négatifs : "I understand that a budget flight will sell food and drink for money, but I feel it would be common courtesy if they at least provided water free of charge if a client asked."

Points positifs : "Fluent English, comfortable and ample seat space"

Points négatifs : "2 things: 1) I've traveled dozens of airlines with the same carryon backpack. The ticket agent required me to weigh my bag and since it was greater than 7kg said I'd have to check it. 2) Flight crew was running late which is entirely understandable. BUT rather than let the 200+ passengers know what was happening the gate agents said nothing."

Points positifs : "Please be aware they can change flight times earlier without communicating"

Points négatifs : "It was delayed over 1 hour. it was many times since i've used."

Points positifs : "We were very pleased with VietJet Air. Check in went smoothly. Our bags arrived quickly after landing. Good start for the next leg of our journey."

Points positifs : "Everything was good"
Points négatifs : "Just 20 minutes late"

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