Trouvez un vol pas cher Asie du Sud-Est - Jakarta

Trouvez un vol pas cher Asie du Sud-Est - Jakarta

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Korean Air
Note générale basée sur 4 932 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Points positifs : "Everything was great!"
Points négatifs : "Some announcements were only made in Korean. Would have been nice to have it in English for international flight."

Points positifs : "Everything was great!"
Points négatifs : "Some announcements were made only in Korean, would have been helpful to also have English on international flight."

Points positifs : "Korean Air was amazing. Very comfortable, hospitable, and punctual."

Points négatifs : "Great service on Korean Air as always."

Points positifs : "korean air is always great, service was awesome"

Points positifs : "Everything was good, excellent. No complaint at all!"
Points négatifs : "Perfect no further better service, I suppose."

Points négatifs : "Seats weren’t as comfy or spacious as I would have thought given Korean air Having won best economy liner a few times. No entertainment in seats either."

Points positifs : "service/food excellent"
Points négatifs : "old aircraft with outdated and worn 'cradle' seats that are hard to find these days. Unlike claimed it is not a flatbed type."

Points positifs : "Comfortable flight"

Points négatifs : "Korean air business class does not match their standards any more"

Points positifs : "The flight attendants were very attentive, I just thought it was weird that they aren’t allowed to take pictures? That was the only strange thing. Overall one of the best experiences with an airline compared to most. Probably because of the unlimited tasty beverages ;)"
Points négatifs : "Strange that flight attendants can’t take pictures like stated above. And the video games are horribly outdated!"

Points positifs : "Avion neuf CS300 de Bombardier bien aménagé."

Points positifs : "I was not able to make the flight because the Delta flight from Richmond to New York got cancelled."
Points négatifs : "1st leg of Flight got cancelled."

Points négatifs : "N/A"

Points positifs : "Lots of leg room, great meal, and excellent flight attendant service."
Points négatifs : "Nothing to dislike."

Points positifs : "The crew was the best we’ve flown with bar none! We were in economy class but by the attention we received from the flight attendants , the food we were served & entertainment offered we felt like first class passengers! We highly recommend this airlines! We were very impressed and pleased from beginning to end!"

Points positifs : "On both of my long haul flights I had very nice, new planes to fly on which were very clean. Staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating despite having a huge number of people to attend to. Food was good when I ate it. Seats reclined very nicely and there was the most room I've had on a flight ever. Still cramped, but you take what you can get! Would definitely fly again."
Points négatifs : "2 complaints I would pose. 1. If we're flying on a super long flight overnight, do you have to turn on every light in the pane to serve food? Can we not keep it kind of dim while literally everyone is trying to sleep? Also, why are you serving a meal at 3AM?! I know we took off 2 hours ago and people may want food before we get into the bulk of the trip, but it's 3AM! Everyone just wants to sleep and now the lights are on and you're offering me a full meal?! Believe me, it's great that you're trying to keep me fed, but come on, we've got 12 hours of flight left to go! 2. The movies offered were really sub par. The "new releases' only had a handful of movies I'd even heard of before and only like 3 I even cared to watch. The "movie classics" were the same way. Gotta step up your movie options when I'm trapped in your plane for 14 hours."

Points positifs : "Good food!"
Points négatifs : "I dont know"

Points positifs : "Quick boarding. Friendly and attentive staff who spoke good English in addition to Korean. The food was good for airplane food."
Points négatifs : "It was as good as it gets in Coach!"

Points positifs : "Customer service is very good"

Points négatifs : "Delayed flight departure and arrival"

Points positifs : "Cabins were spotless, restrooms kept clean, attendants always pleasant and food excellent"
Points négatifs : "Too much material in seatback pockets, couldn’t store anything"

Points négatifs : "At first, the plane was delayed for 4 hours due to weather. But then even when the plane was simply sitting on the tarmac, the airport would later delay for another 3 hours cleaning the airplane because they said that they lacked enough manpower to clean it."

Points positifs : "Big screen. Full soda cans. Not too cold. Space for legs"

Points positifs : "I liked the front & below cameras. I used the pillow for my back. It was a very long flight & we were served two meals, coffee, & a snack. The flight was delayed but they switched me to the very next airline & I still arrived on time. Flight arrived at midnight when the airport is not so busy. No issues with security when transferring planes. Customs waved us through & the baggage arrived quickly."
Points négatifs : "Request for more movie & TV options after 18 hours of flying."

Points positifs : "I enjoy flying Korean Air. I get great deals with great service and accommodation."
Points négatifs : "It was a late direct flight from Bali to Seoul. The flight was for a 0120 departure, and about 7 hours long. For the flight being a very late departure and both locations being around the same timezone (1 hour difference) I feel as if the lights were left on for too long, over an hour after departure, and then turned on too early, 2 hours prior to landing. Too improve comfort I would suggest to begin service upon takeoff and turning the lights off immediately after, and turning them on an hour before landing to conduct service. Better yet, if possible, conduct service with the lights off and individuals that require additional lighting may use their individual light. I believe, and witnessed in my area, a majority of personnel that just wanted to sleep during these flight hours."

Points négatifs : "food bad, poor selection"

Points négatifs : "Seats too small for a seven hour flight"

Points positifs : "Cool; collected; patient; helpful; calm; respectful; overall, people doing their best for their customers."

Points positifs : "seat size is okay,"
Points négatifs : "food is not great,I was hungry in between meals and there was no snacks available at the back part of plane for hungry passengers"

Points positifs : "Everything was very clean, on time, very efficient, staff was very polite."

Points négatifs : "Cabin temperature was too high"

Points positifs : "The food was delicious. Stewardesses awesome."
Points négatifs : "Ths length of the flight, but that is normal."

Points positifs : "Had a fantastic time, it exceeded my expectations."

Points positifs : "I liked just about everything about this flight. From the food to the service to the movie selection, flying with them was great!"
Points négatifs : "Nothing! Great flight."

Points positifs : "I liked the service and the touch screen TV. The flight attendants were nice and friendly."
Points négatifs : "I didn't like how cramped the seats are."

Points positifs : "The seats were roomy and considering this was 14 hour flight that was important. The entertainment was superb - they had all the latest movies and plenty of them to last 14 hours. The service was the best. Flight attendants were so nice and accommodating at all hours of the day and didn't even flinch once after our multiple requests for more wine. They made sure we had enough food and snacks throughout the flights and provided plenty of water and juices to stay hydrated."

Points négatifs : "une heure de retard parce que la porte choisie n 'etait pas disponible"

Points positifs : "Polite and courteous crew. Good movies on the flight back."
Points négatifs : "I think the announcements were too long and took up about the first 15 minutes of the kept turning your movie off. Should be a way to override that from your seat."

Points positifs : "Lots of room, most space I have ever seen in an economy class. Nice attendants and good food."
Points négatifs : "Every Korean flight I had this trip was delayed. Created problems when Korean Air gives you 1 hour to transfer at Incheon. When transferring, all passengers need to go through security again and there are long lines. Airport attendants were not nice and made us ask people to cut in line. After running through the airport, we then find out the plane was delayed an hour to accommodate other delayed connections! They could have told us this before but only rushed us off."

Points positifs : "We had a short connection after a Korean Air Flight from Hanoi to Seoul before catching KE 085 to JFK. The time pressure was heightened because the first flight take off was delayed. There was an attendant waiting as we deplaned in Seoul who escorted us to the gate and assured us that the plane would wait for us. And miraculously, our baggage tagged for short connection, did make it with us to JFK!"
Points négatifs : "Would love more Movie and TV options"

Points positifs : "The attention to detail and excellent service was better than I had expected. I was especially impressed by the stickers the cabin attendants used to notify sleeping passengers upon waking up that the meal/drinks were still available upon request."

Points positifs : "Plane was on time and it was a large and full flight that got off the ground on time"
Points négatifs : "Difficult to get hand luggage on board as people had so many carry on items and there was no boarding by seat number"

Points négatifs : "Late boarding and then sat on plane for approximately 30 minutes before taxi. Arrived Busan 45 min late and never heard an explanation why."

Points positifs : "Food and crew's profesional service and care"

Points positifs : "There was plenty of room with empty seats."
Points négatifs : "The breakfast food was not good. Some of the staff couldn't speak English."

Points positifs : "This was my first time on Korean Air. The flight attendants were so kind and attentive to everyone. I was very impressed. I felt the seats had more leg room and leaned back further than airlines I've flown on in the past."

Points positifs : "Great Service Check-in Process Boarding Process Lounge Food"
Points négatifs : "Seat is a bit outdated: lie flat but not very comfortable. Their new Business seat on B777 seems much better Security / Immigration in Bali took 2.5h all flights to China, Korea, Japan, Australia seems to depart between 11pm and 2am Breakfast was served 2.5h before landing reducing sleep time"

Points positifs : "The crew were very friendly and helpful. I appreciate how attentive they are."
Points négatifs : "Kids in business class. Do not like that. They're loud and needy. I pay a lot to feel relaxed and enjoy peace. Need more tv shows and better ones. Censoring movies made it hard to understand certain parts."

Points positifs : "Departure and arrival on time. Pleasant, attractive and efficient crew. Decent choice of entertainment for domestic flight. Baggage delivered after only 15 minutes of arrival at baggage belt. Overall great!"
Points négatifs : "Passengers push from the back to leave the aircraft and don't like to allow you to enter the exit line so you also have to push your way in. Very rude and sad most travelers are so impolite."

Points négatifs : "Nona"

Points positifs : "Crew was better"
Points négatifs : "Improve food quality. Garuda is moving backward in quality of food."

Points positifs : "Food was nice"
Points négatifs : "Small plane, crew did not help with trouble lifting putting bag in overhead compartpent (almost fell on heads), passengers with children and elderlies were not boarded first though blasted on speakers at start of boarding at gate."

Points positifs : "Crew was good on flight and food was delicious."
Points négatifs : "Weather delays but worst was that crew staff couldn’t notify us of times. Caused me to miss work today and had 2 major delays to and from"

Points positifs : "The snacks, staffs and the seat were amazing. Garuda never fail me."

Points positifs : "Comfortable seat and very welcoming crew. It was an hour and half flight and received a delicious snack, water and personal entertainment."

Points positifs : "The cabin crew was great!"

Points positifs : "Flight was not full. Had open seats around me so it was comfortable."
Points négatifs : "Food. Red eye flight served a very low quality snack upon takeoff. Breakfast before landing was a little better."

Points négatifs : "Keep going with the excellent job, Garuda"

Points positifs : "N/a"
Points négatifs : "N/a"

Points positifs : "Excellent cabin service"
Points négatifs : "All seats need to be renewed urgently"

Points positifs : "Nothing 2 hours late Had to watch commercials on the seat tv screen."
Points négatifs : "I will make it a point to avoid Garuda Really has gone down hill. I think it is overpriced for the bad service and 2 hours late. Better to pay half the price and take another airline."

Points positifs : "Amazing in business class"

Points négatifs : "No TV on cjr1000"

Points négatifs : "Cabin temperature was very cold"

Points négatifs : "I didn't like your time tables where you use only 12 hrs. It's okay to go all the way to 24 instead of 12/12 I had to rebook my ticket at additional expenses"

Points positifs : "Although not asked, I was reseated to a front row seat, which has more space."
Points négatifs : "Delay of 30 minutes without any explanation. Contrary to other times, the food was tasteless."

Points positifs : "Probably the best food I’ve had on a business class flight."
Points négatifs : "Entertainment just OK. Garuda lounge in Bali dire"

Points positifs : "Garuda is the best"
Points négatifs : "I like all"

Points positifs : "Garuda Indonesia is the most reliable sky-mate so far for domestic route. Proffesional and well informed if there is something happened beyond normal."
Points négatifs : "I'm a bit get bored with the food."

Points positifs : "Boarding crew was great and general business class seating"
Points négatifs : "Flight attendant. Rushed to ask my food during pilot speach. I could not hear both and she gave a very fake appearance smile."

Points positifs : "All excellent, including service and food."
Points négatifs : "Boarding time is not punctual."

Points positifs : "On time, entertainment on the board, good quality service."

Points positifs : "Staff greeting"
Points négatifs : "Food, narrow seat, entertainment selection"

Points positifs : "Pretty smooth flight!"
Points négatifs : "Very rough landing!!"

Points positifs : "Fiod, flight experience, boarding. The flight staff was very good and helpful, as was the ground crew"

Points positifs : "I loved that I got upgraded to Business. It made an exhausting journey home more relaxing. And the crew were lovely, kind, and helpful!"

Points positifs : "Warm crew and comfortable flight,take off and landing."
Points négatifs : "Nothing much."

Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed by more than one hour."

Points positifs : "In flight entertainment provided a lot of options. Good leg space in between seats"
Points négatifs : "I didn't enjoy the meal mich"

Points positifs : "They sprayed air disinfectant on everyone as required. They had a sky priority lane. Extra space seats had a lot of room."
Points négatifs : "Food was not great. What bothered me the most were the number of people they allowed on board who were incredibly sick. There were a couple of people next to me who should not have been allowed on the flight (including stomach sick from the start of the flight). Very very disturbing."

Points positifs : "We were warmly greeted and quickly checked in ...very efficient. The plane even left a bit early...don't be late!"

Points positifs : "Very friendly staff, professional. On-time and efficient."
Points négatifs : "They sprayed insecticide in the plane with little or no warning prior to our arrival in Hong Kong, and I had a bad reaction to it (dizzy for the next several hours). I would recommend providing masks for passengers who desire them and plenty of prior notice to put those masks on."

Points positifs : "Le service à bord"
Points négatifs : "L'embarquement retardé sans information tout au fond de l'aéroport dans une salle miteuse, l'avion vieillot et ses sièges défoncés"

Points positifs : "Crew service and punctuality of takeoff/arrival"
Points négatifs : "Leg room too small"

Points positifs : "Orderly, on time, efficient boarding"
Points négatifs : "The meal"

Points positifs : "Nice to have food and good entertainment on an affordable flight"

Points positifs : "Airline crew on all segments were professional and friendly. Meals were plentiful and tasty. Thanks for getting us there and back safely."

Points positifs : "On time"
Points négatifs : "The food"

Points positifs : "Customer Service text , call me to update about my flight schedule to re-confirm whether I can or not for earlier flight and they also offer for next morning flight as alternative."

Points positifs : "Great service and food"

Points positifs : "Cabin was in good size, crew was friendly and professional, in flight entertainment was top notch."
Points négatifs : "Boarding was late. When we got to Soekarno Hatta, it took a while before they could open the door of the plane and let everyone out because they were waiting for some equipment (the stairs i'm guessing). Then they put us in a bus which took a loooong time to get to the right terminal. I was sick at that time so this was very inconvenient."

Points positifs : "The ground staff, the inflight staff were great with outstanding service and care for passengers."
Points négatifs : "There is nothing I find not liking."

Points positifs : "Everything"

Points positifs : "That it was all trouble free very simple to book and everyone was very helpful."
Points négatifs : "All good!"

Points positifs : "Service onboard as usual was excellent"
Points négatifs : "Late arrival of the aircraft resulted in 40 minutes delay of our departure time."

Points négatifs : "Entertainment system was not working"

Points positifs : "The hospitality was so genuine and wonderful on Garuda. Highly recommended."

Points positifs : "g"

Points positifs : "I have traveled to over 60 countries and I’m not prone to negative feedback but checking in a bag on Citilink in Phnom Penh was the most unhelpful customer service situation I’ve ever experienced. The Citilink website indicated one charge (which I had prepared for) for excess weight of luggage but the check-in counter charged more and only in US cash - so when I could not get my pin to work to get the additional cash, they sat back, grimaced at me, and told me they really didn’t care, I’d have to leave my bag, they couldn’t let me pay in IDR (rupiah) or pay in Jakarta, didn’t have credit card to let me charge, or pay pal, Venmo, or any other way to pay. The airport cashier wouldn’t exchange rupiah. Again, they didn’t care. One woman told me I could wire her the money into her personal bank account, though. The cashier just told them to bring my bags out and told me I should just take them back, whatever, call someone. If I left them, I asked how I would pay because they only take cash and in Phnom Penh, but they couldn’t answer. They couldn’t even lend me a bag to take things out of my bag. Luckily, I was wearing a scarf and used it be a makeshift bag for myself to unpack enough from my suitcase to bring the bag down to the amount of cash I had. I barely was able to board my flight. Of all these people, one of the ticket gentlemen was kind enough to walk me through to board the plane, apologizing for everyone."
Points négatifs : "Citilink is a budget airline and I get that they keep overhead down with charging people for luggage but they need to do 2 things; put the costs of their charges on their website for consistency and to support the customer experience, have at least one credit card option in an airport ticket booth. Help their employees be better than that kind of behavior. In this day and age, Paypal credit card app processing can even be done on a phone. There’s zero reason to not allow at least some flexibility with payment, even if it’s processed on their website."

Points positifs : "Citilink always does the best to smoothen the boarding process."
Points négatifs : "The departure hall was messy. If flights get delayed, there is not sufficient capacity."

Points positifs : "High commitment to be on time."
Points négatifs : "The machines for self-check in have been removed. That was previously very conventent. Citilink advertises with branded e-toll cards, but I can't get them anywhere."

Points positifs : "Professional, straightforward. Food and entertainment not rated. Not available for short trips. Food for additional payment, not tried. Prices seem reasonable."
Points négatifs : "Advertise with merchandise, which is not available."

Points négatifs : "Please warn the passengers who not obey the flight rules, such as turning on the mobile phones before the plane stop and so on."

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Everything"

Points négatifs : "fraud on the baggge fee. Had already tried to pay on web sire, but tmdid not work. Then they charge more than twice the price at airport."

Points positifs : "Crew"
Points négatifs : "No explaining delay before take off and after arrive"

Points positifs : "I am grateful for small mercies. ... it was on time!"
Points négatifs : "Not being fleeced / ripped off cheated out of money as I check in. The website purposely does not allow payment of bags just so they can get more at airport. ... Staff admitted it was regular complaints and they did not care... Not my sort of pleasurable flight.."

Points négatifs : "Good service"

Points positifs : "The ground staff service was really poor, the air-cond on-board was warm instead of cold, when arrived Singapore, the body sweaty."
Points négatifs : "The pre-book luggage service and check-in ground staff service in Bangkok airport. It's really disappointed."

Points positifs : "Professional and very accommodating crew"

Points négatifs : "They had mosquitos entire flight, they could have sprayed bug spray or do something about it"

Points positifs : "Le personnel de bord m'ont permis de changer de place après le take off alirs que ma voisine asia étaient hyper grippée malade."
Points négatifs : "Atterrissage plus doux."

Points positifs : "Just expect , what is expected from a low cost carrier."

Points positifs : "I had very low expectations after reading some reviews for this airline. But I was pleasantly surprised. Staff in Bangkok was nice, paid for bags, everything went smoothly, and the plane was not dumpy at all."
Points négatifs : "nothing, it was a short simple flight."

Points négatifs : "The plane was COLD and no blankets to be found."

Points négatifs : "On time"

Points négatifs : "Thai Lion delays all the times and they never try to compensate it with a bit of refreshments or anything. They took the passengers for granted"

Points négatifs : "Thai Lion will rip you off on checked in luggage if you pay during checking in for your flight. I paid almost $300USD for one suitcase that weighed 15 kilos. When asked, they said I should have paid in advance. I expected to pay for checked in luggage, but $300 bucks is Ridiculous!!"

Points négatifs : "The air conditioner on this flight does jot okay"

Points positifs : "short flight"
Points négatifs : "the landing"

Points positifs : "Decent price"

Points négatifs : "There was a large group that seemed like a class trio with over 20 children who were loud and rude the entire flight. Parents and flight attendants did not tell them to calm down or act more polite."

Points positifs : "Price was great."
Points négatifs : "Charges 300 Baht per kilogram after 7 kg. We ended up switching out all goods that had to be checked and just carried our backpacks on. Was a big hassle."

Points positifs : "The plane didn’t crash and we made it to our destination"
Points négatifs : "We were squished in like sardines. My neck and back still hurt. They are sticklers about bags. No more than 7 kg (roughly 15lbs). Over all experience not so good."

Points positifs : "Basic no frills airline. Good baggage allowance"
Points négatifs : "Very poor website"

Points négatifs : "There baggage weights are ridiculous! 40 lbs for economy plus 30 lbs for economy..? Give me a break! Cost me the same amount for my baggage penalty for 5 lbs overweight as my tickets for two! Especially when they tell me to add the extra weight to my carry on... so what's the big deal? Same total baggage weight! I'll never fly with them again!"

Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed 20 minutes. Baggage claim delayed another 30 minutes. Made me miss my connecting flight. Then also made me pay. No accommodation on their part. Terrible business."

Points négatifs : "Very little leg room, no complimentary water or snack."

Points positifs : "The plane was new"
Points négatifs : "Check-in was a disaster, boarding took for ever, getting the luggage took longer than the flight. English is unknown by ground staff. And the plane times had changed."

Points négatifs : "No immigration documents were passed out on the flight from Singapore to BKK causing a bottleneck on arrival. Only one Thai Lion rep. processing entries and passing out docs. Very slow, jepordizing an onward connecting flight."

Points positifs : "It was awesome, everything was great...."

Points négatifs : "I was in line for the flight and they closed the gate without notifying me"

Points positifs : "The flight was cheap."
Points négatifs : "The seats were uncomfortable and the food was unpleasant. Also, there was an hour delay but they never announced a delay, it just happened and not one really mentioned why until right before we were actually about to take off."

Points positifs : "Exit row seats .."
Points négatifs : "No food, drink or water ... no snacks either ... peanuts cost a few baht, 9 baht per bag at 7/11"

Points négatifs : "There was the least amount of legroom I've ever seen on any other airline, my legs were digging into the seat in front of my when I was sitting perfectly upright. They also didn't serve even water."

Points négatifs : "Extremely little leg room. Also they have sneaky charges for luggage weight. Anything over 15kg and they charge you for every extra kilogram. If you want to check in a second luggage you have to check in 4 hours ahead and you still have to pay a lot of money, and it is based on the weight of your luggage . If you don't check in 4 hours in advance and you have an extra suitcase, they charge you by the kilogram and it is ridiculously expensive. More than he cost of the entire flight! And if your flight has multiple legs, you have to pay for the extra luggage every single leg."

Points positifs : "Brand new planes"
Points négatifs : "Longest check in ever, even on a Monday afternoon.. you'd better be there long ago.. problem with check in : 1- not enough queues provided, 2- check in personnel is not very efficient, 3- no queuing lines, it's messy lines, 4- operation responsible is just an observer with no operational impact"

Points négatifs : "The flight was a pretty good flight for budget"

Points positifs : "Depart from Don mung airport on time"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"

Points positifs : "Seats are comfortable. The crew was nice."
Points négatifs : "They never check passengers, if the seatbelts are on."

Points positifs : "1) seats 2) price 3) timing"
Points négatifs : "1) food"

Points positifs : "Just a normal service. You got what you pay. But Thai loin air better than others low airlines is free load baggage 15kg and free assigned seat"

Points positifs : "Nice new aircraft"
Points négatifs : "Took far too long to get off plane and what seemed like an eternity for bags to appear"

Points positifs : "Crew was friendly and helpful"
Points négatifs : "The overall floght was ok with the crew pretty helpful. However coming in to land the plane swayed sideaays seemingly to be off course but probably due to wind shear. Touching down was one of the hardest I ever experienced with all passengers in shock on the force it kanded"

Points positifs : "Boarding process and crew are okay."
Points négatifs : "Sat at exit row, great legroom but no reclining. Seat itself was not comfy."

Points positifs : "On time"

Points positifs : "The price was right and the aircraft are new B737s."
Points négatifs : "The snack provided was a pack of 3 oreos and some water. They had other snacks and meals available for sale."

Points positifs : "The low price"
Points négatifs : "We didn't start boarding until the takeoff time."

Points positifs : "This is want low cost should be. Do the basics right, brand new plane, on time and impeccable crew. That's all I wanted."
Points négatifs : "Seat pitch a bit thight but it was expected. If you're tall I'd suggest the extra charge for emergency exit."

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "I dont know. Perhaps more on time schedule rather than delayed for 2 hours with no prior notice"

Points positifs : "We didn’t crash."
Points négatifs : "Everything."

Points positifs : "We didn’t crash."
Points négatifs : "Check-in Procedure Baggage Policies Security Airport Facilities Seat Comfort Flight Amenities Airline Staff"

Points positifs : "on time and landed faster than schedule"

Points positifs : "Cheap tickets"
Points négatifs : "Flight attendants were not friendly. This is rare for Indonesia."

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed for 30 minutes but there was no heads up from the crew at the airport. After continued waiting after the boarding time, I approached the crew myself to ask and the crew didn't even know the flight was getting delayed (still no announcement to the other passengers). Pure nonsense"

Points positifs : "Prompt, modern plane"
Points négatifs : "Bag of peanuts"

Points négatifs : "2 hour delay with no explanation. Checked bag arrived very wet."

Points négatifs : "The checked in bagage did not arrive with our flight from Labuan Bajo. Every time they said it was arriving, but it did not. Staff did not know where bagage was. Afterwards I constructed that the bagage was simply not loaded on the place, because there was no space. So it was left intentionally and not lost. No one told us. They never admitted this to us, let alone compensation for wasting our time on the airport waiting."

Points positifs : "On time"

Points négatifs : "Not only was there a delay but there was so little information about the delay. No help with getting new tickets for our next flights. We were given the run around trying to sort things out ourself. The "refreshments" were absolutely horrible considering that we were delayed 8 hours over the course of two flights. When we got on the plane the seat pockets were so disgusting that I couldn't put anything inside them. The inflight drink and snacks were pitiful. Won't be flying Lion Air ever again."

Points positifs : "fast check in"
Points négatifs : "delay no F&B provided during flight no in flight entertainment"

Points positifs : "Nothing to like. Basically the stewardesses in the plane where helpful, but I guess they where running over their allowed flight hours."
Points négatifs : "4 hours delay, each and every time the delay was 1 hour more, and 1 hour more. Not even a close to correct estimation. No compensation from the airline for drinks or food. Once finally boarded flight-documents process took more than 20 minutes, and taxiing for take off took 25 minutes more."

Points positifs : "Lion air include the bagage in the flight price."
Points négatifs : "even web check in already, we still have to Q-up."

Points positifs : "Promo price"

Points positifs : "Promo price"
Points négatifs : "Not only the flight is delayed, the announcement to notify the passengers about the delay was late as well."

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