Trouvez des vols pas chers Craiova - Paris Beauvais-Tillé


Trouvez des vols pas chers Craiova - Paris Beauvais-Tillé

Craiova (CRA)
Paris Beauvais-Tillé
ven. 30/10
ven. 6/11
N'importe quand
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janvier Meilleure période pour échapper aux foules, avec une baisse moyenne des prix de 57%.

Haute saison

juillet Période la plus populaire pour voyager, avec une hausse moyenne des prix de 60%.

Prix moyen pour un aller-retour

99 € (prix moyen sur les 2 dernières semaines)

Bonne affaire pour un aller-retour

59 € ou moins

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Astuces pour trouver un vol pas cher

  • À la recherche d’un vol à petit prix ? 25% de nos utilisateurs ont trouvé un vol pour cet itinéraire à 28 € ou moins.
  • On trouve en général les vols les moins chers pour Craiova - Paris Beauvais-Tillé 88 jours avant le départ.
  • Réservez au moins 3 semaines avant le départ pour obtenir un prix moins cher que la moyenne.
  • La haute saison est en juin, juillet et août. Le mois le moins cher pour prendre l’avion est janvier.

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À quoi correspond l’option « dates flexibles » de KAYAK, et comment peut-elle m’aider à trouver un vol Craiova-Paris Beauvais-Tillé ?

Meilleure compagnie proposant des vols Craiova - Paris Beauvais-Tillé

Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK

Wizz Air
Note générale basée sur 1 529 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Points positifs : "Flight duration"
Points négatifs : "Leg space, cabin bag allowance more than 5 kg. Water at least to be served onboard a long distance flight."

Points positifs : "The offert of 5 euro discount on Duty Free products when you buy some food over 6 euros."

Points positifs : "The crew was ok. The seats no conmfortable."
Points négatifs : "Every time the same problems. Bording we have to wait almost an hour and then all the people have to wait for the bus in a very Small place(like animals) then at the bus... waiting in a full one untill someone says ok to ride.."

Points négatifs : "You must check in few hours before the flight. Checking in at the airport will cost you 35€. Besides that, the boarding took almost 40min and the seats are not comfy at all. That said, i would rather pay extra $50 and fly with normal company."

Points négatifs : "not charge me for carry on luggage"

Points positifs : "The crew was very professional and I cannot complain about that."
Points négatifs : "Budapest airport has tricky terminal for the Wizzair planes. You have to go outside the main terminal to get to the Wizz terminals and then you have to go outside again to get to the plane. It was really weird but I understand that as it is a low budget flight provider. The thing that made me really upset was that we all (passengers) left the terminal to get to the plane and we had to wait outside till we could start entering the plane. I really don’t understand why someone made us to wait outside while it’s freezing cold when the doors are not open or plane is not ready. That was unreasonable and ruined my trip."

Points positifs : "Rien ma plus c’est nul wizair"
Points négatifs : "Jamais je recommande wizair"

Points négatifs : "Larger leg room"

Points positifs : "Nothing. Horrible experience overall, but what you pay is what you get."
Points négatifs : "Pretty much everything..."

Points positifs : "I was at the gate. Before the door to enter the airplane. The Hungarian crew wasn’t telling me that they are closing the gate or going to close it. They completely ignore me and let me stand there and at the end I see the door close in front of me, 2 meter from me and they told me I mised flight."
Points négatifs : "I lost my money and I had to buy new flight with other company. Wizzair crew at budapest was very rude and didn’t take responsibility for the mistake they did. They could just say they are closing the door but nobody did. 2 meters from me and after I passed all security they ignored me completely."

Points positifs : "Crew"
Points négatifs : "Weirds sounds near first rows -- like compressor working or something"

Points positifs : "The seat not so comfortable but good"

Points positifs : "Friendly crew"
Points négatifs : "Long check-in lines Seats uncomfortable"

Points négatifs : "Wiz air seems to trick you constantly to get more money out if things they hide from you.. online check-in required.. letting you in work a trolley and then charge you at the gate.. pee service overall.. beware!!"

Points positifs : "I liked that we were not late and that the late coming priority guests were told to pay attention next time. Take off and landing were both nice."
Points négatifs : "Boarding was a little slow and we were somewhat late."

Points positifs : "Ok flight"
Points négatifs : "Comply with departure times"

Points positifs : "Clean"
Points négatifs : "Claustrophobic"

Points positifs : "Personnel très sympa"

Points négatifs : "Changing in luggage information was annoying"

Points positifs : "1h20 de retard c’est inadmissible"

Points positifs : "Nous sommes partis et arrivés à l'heure"
Points négatifs : "L'attente à la porte d'embarquement mal signale"

Points positifs : "Très bon accueil pour le service fauteuil roulant. Horaires respectés, hôtesses à l’écoute du passager"

Points négatifs : "le site Kiwi qui vend le billet pour la compagnie Wizz a été la cause du rachat d'une carte d'embarquement au prix du billet ! un scandale. Je n utiliserai plus ce site, qui est d'ailleurs fortement déconseillé par les internautes après vérifications. Kayak ne devrait pas référencer des ires aussi peu sérieux, c'est dommage pour sa notoriété..."

Points positifs : "All!"

Points négatifs : "Did not fly. They wanted $100 to check my bag. I flew another airline."

Points positifs : "On time, cabin crew, ease of boarding and amount of bags I could take with Priority Boarding"
Points négatifs : "My seat hadn't been cleaned prooerly before I got there and if I hadn't done it myself, I would have someone else's chocolate all over the seat of my trousers. Also, the bathroom floors were really gross, to the point I had to roll uo the legs of my trousers so they didn't get wet when I needed to use the toilet."

Points positifs : "All and all great value for the money"

Points négatifs : "1. The check in was delayed and very chaotic. 2. The landing was horrible 3. The plane was not comfortable ."

Points positifs : "The price"
Points négatifs : "The check in was not opened on time The bordibg was not possible on time"

Points positifs : "We got to our destination."
Points négatifs : "There was a problem with their website that was out of our control, that didn’t allow us to print boarding passes and we were charged at the airport even though we had proof we tried and were not able through no fault of our own"

Points positifs : "Smooth flight"
Points négatifs : "No terminal connection"

Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed and there was even no information about it. Gate number was changed after boarding time and we didn’t hear any appologize not even receive some meal vouchers or food on board. We arrived more then 1 hour later- I can not evalute this as a good service."

Points positifs : "The crew was really nice"
Points négatifs : "They are not organized. This company doesn’t have a transparent policy. Because I didn’t checked in on time I had to pay 35 euros. I was there 2 1/2 hours early and I almost missed the flight. I’m extremely upset"

Points négatifs : "No air conditioned 2 hours late Poor ground service"

Points positifs : "Good legroom and comfortable seats"

Points positifs : "Nice crew"
Points négatifs : "Both flights were Delaid. It was unorganized in every point, felt like chaos. Ryanair sells same services for cheaper price, so I thought it was overpriced."

Points positifs : "Everything was on time, no delays. Polite crue. Easy boarding."
Points négatifs : "The seats are not comfortable at all"

Points négatifs : "FUYEZ WIZZAIR.... quels escrocs!! on a du payer près de 150€ en plus à 3 pour nos cartes d'embarquement car nous n'avions pas pu le faire en ligne (leur site ne fonctionnait pas!) et le gars nous explique "c'est normal, c'est ça les compagnies lowcost" on ne nous y prendra pas deux fois!"

Points positifs : "Space. Priority Boarding"
Points négatifs : "Strong bad smell. One hour late for departure."

Points positifs : "So many crying children"

Points négatifs : "Man at the checkin did not have a clue that WIZZAIR flight was delayed at 05/04/2018. I missed meeting with my family. Waited for a long time at boarding gate."

Points négatifs : "It a good option, a good price, i will fly again"

Points positifs : "Flight was on schedule"
Points négatifs : "No free drinking water"

Points positifs : "Cheap with early booking"
Points négatifs : "No food, even free coffee."

Points positifs : "fast"
Points négatifs : "hot on the plane"

Points négatifs : "Abc"

Points négatifs : "Don't forget to print a damn boarding pass. Cost me 100$ at the airport just for that... What a rip off. First time traveling to Europe so, I guess that's a part of the learning curve."

Points négatifs : "When I went to check in an hour before my flight, Wizz charged me and many other passengers an unexpected 40 euro fee. They claimed the fee was for checking in in person---and then they also claimed it was too late to check in online. There is no information in my flight confirmation from, which i purchased on kayak, indiciating that such a fee would be charged. Many other passengers had the same experience."

Points négatifs : "Checkpoint at katowice the wirst ever seen, personnel with very bad atittude wanting personal cosmetics to fit on stupid plastic bag, the rest wanted to scrap or document my bag to pay extra even I already pay for bring it inside cabin, same before boarding I have my computer backpack and already pay 10 eur for large cabin bag and before boarding they wanted for me to checkin baggage because rule is only backpack even I did explain I already paid large cabin, at end I paid 63 Eur total for my luggage I found completly dissapointed and abusing from many passengersbin the same sittuation, also fly have us inside the plane for more than 30minutes without leaving,"

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Vols pas chers Craiova - Paris Beauvais-Tillé

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