Trouvez des vols pas chers Île de Pâques - Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle


Trouvez des vols pas chers Île de Pâques - Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle

Île de Pâques (IPC)
Paris Charles-de-Gaulle
mar. 27/10
mar. 3/11
N'importe quand
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Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle : y a-t-il des restrictions de voyage liées au coronavirus ?

Quel est le temps de vol entre Île de Pâques et Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle ?

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Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK

LATAM Airlines
Note générale basée sur 5 330 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Points négatifs : "Vol pas très cher mais pas trop confortable et vraiment low cost sur la partie Nantes-Madrid. Horaire respecté mais confort et repas vraiment très limite surtout sur le vol principal entre Madrid et Sào Paolo. Mais on ne peut pas tout avoir..."

Points négatifs : "Flight was late by 1 hr 20 mins, Latam should have informed us better on delays and resulting changes."

Points négatifs : "Better Communication from LATAM. We didn't know if the flight was going to be cancelled due to the unrest in Santiago. All worked out."

Points positifs : "Very smooth, great staff."
Points négatifs : "Water available in waiting area."

Points positifs : "Great Airplane i felt awesome tha movies the food everything was great with this flight"
Points négatifs : "nothing, maybe the Airport at Hanga Roa because we wait so much time!"

Points positifs : "I love the airplane, the service and the food. Was a GREAT AIRLINE!"
Points négatifs : "Maybe innovation..."

Points négatifs : "The landing was a bit rough!!"

Points positifs : "Crew, on board entertainment..."
Points négatifs : "Boarding was not organized. A lot of food options but only one dish, missed the salad or other options compared to other companies such as Delta, Lufthansa, KLM and etc.. Drinks were ok, lacked alcohol options compared to other companies."

Points négatifs : "They lost my luggage"

Points positifs : "Crew was attentive & very nice."
Points négatifs : "More smiles !"

Points positifs : "There was an empty seat next to mine and that made the trip bearable!"
Points négatifs : "More comfortable seats and ample food selection (especially for snacks)."

Points positifs : "The crew was amazing in business class - very friendly and helpful. Best flight I've ever been on!!"
Points négatifs : "There was no wifi on the plane but I know LATAM is working on getting that. Other than that, it was perfect."

Points positifs : "Puntual"

Points positifs : "The seat was very comfortable and the service friendly."
Points négatifs : "The flight was four hours late! Inefficient boarding process, no information given about delay."

Points négatifs : "Mon siège ne s’inclinait pas"

Points négatifs : "Tout"

Points positifs : "Leg room and seat spacing were great"
Points négatifs : "Flight could’ve been on time and luggage delivered to passengers in a timely manner."

Points négatifs : "Smell at shit all the flight. Horrible."

Points négatifs : "Terrible food"

Points positifs : "Got us there safely"
Points négatifs : "Multiple reservation and confirmation codes became confusing"

Points négatifs : "Luggage ruined grease all.over it Service said they could do nothing"

Points positifs : "Perdonnel sympathique."
Points négatifs : "Plus de place sur les sieges. Petite collation."

Points positifs : "excellent avion, neuf. Divertissement à bord de qualité"
Points négatifs : "Repas vraiment minimal"

Points positifs : "I liked almost all!!!"
Points négatifs : "The sandwich (cool meal)... The may improve it..."

Points négatifs : "Everything was great. Maybe more modern movies if anything"

Points positifs : "Good entertainment and food. Cozy flight with quick boarding."
Points négatifs : "Seats aren't very comfortable. That is the normal for pretty much every flight I have ever been on though."

Points négatifs : "Delayed 5h, missed all connections, no help from crew"

Points négatifs : "La compagnie a perdu ma valise! Depuis ce temps elle. À pas été retrouvée!!!"

Points positifs : "The whole flight went smoothly and I really have no complaints about the flight itself."
Points négatifs : "When I arrived, my luggage did not make the connecting flight. It was tracked down and hopefully will make it to me soon but you can see how it’s inconvenient. The first leg of my flight was operated by Wamos, though it was a LATAM flight. I know that this is something that happens often for all sorts of reasons, however I can’t help but think it had something to do with the transition of my luggage from one flight to the next. My flights home are similar ( One leg of it being operated by another airline) and needless to say I’m a bit nervous about that."

Points négatifs : "2 hours late, the flight following us left first."

Points positifs : "The flight was great! The attention getting the boarding pass in Chicago was wonderful! I believe that isabela was the name of the person that helped me with my bags and she was extraordinary"
Points négatifs : "When I was boarding the plain... the people in charge was very rude. I had to give them my carry on bag because there was not space and the way in which they asked for it was very unpolite."

Points positifs : "LA844 was cancelled the day before but luckily our day went off without a hitch. LA842 was delayed several hours to create LA1144, which was effectively the cancelled flight from the day before. Airport wasn't as chaotic as I might have expected. No issues at all with this flight."
Points négatifs : "I'm still weary of LATAM after they left us in Lima for 15 hours after 2 cancelled flights. No issues this flight though (at least for us... poor sobs on the cancelled flight the day before were delayed about 15 hours themselves)."

Points négatifs : "When we got to the airport we were told our flight was was really a bummer because we did not get a notification when we checked in online the night before. We told them we had a flight to the US on the same day, so they notified the Latam office in Santiago. When we go t to Santiago, we only had an hour to spare for our next flight. They help ed us out with the boarding, skipping the long lines. That to me was impressive."

Points positifs : "The individual who helped us rearrange flights in Lima was very helpful."
Points négatifs : "The original flight was cancelled the morning of the flight. Caused issues with an added overnight stay and time to reschedule everything."

Points positifs : "Smooth boarding. On time. Good crew."
Points négatifs : "For a rather long flight, amazed that we had to pay even for water. This isn't a low cost airline! Painful lack of legroom (I'm 5'10"). When the kid in front of me leaned back it was like a hammer on my kneecaps."

Points positifs : "It was dreamlined. So much leg room . Flight was one of the most comfortable one ina long time"

Points positifs : "Gate crew was very nice and efficient"
Points négatifs : "Had to wait 3 hours inside the plane in JFK with no electricity (no AC or lights) before taking off. The crew said it was the airport employees that had caused the problem."

Points positifs : "Speed of service, friendly personnel, food"
Points négatifs : "Flight left one hour late-stressful as I had short connection, but airport didn’t announce that we’d still arrive approx on time due to strong tailwind. Less stress all round if they’d have told us"

Points positifs : "Everything was ok except the food. read the other side and do something about it."
Points négatifs : "the food was horrible and cold and with a bad taste. the food must be hot. change it. Copa airline is better"

Points positifs : "The plane 787- 8 is new and realy comfortable"
Points négatifs : "Too much bread at dinner The flight was delayed more than 15 minutes"

Points positifs : "Left on time the next day."
Points négatifs : "Flight was canceled after I had gone through security and was waiting to board. I received an e-mail from Kayak, but no notification from LATAM. No one was at the gate; waited a long time to speak with a representative. They booked me on the next morning flight from JFK, but sent me to a hotel in Long Island - 1 1/2 by bus that was jammed and overheated. Hotel was old, not kept up and food and service bad. Bus driver could not tell me for sure what time we were going to be picked up in the morning - maybe 6:30 AM? I was told. No one at the gate gave me this information either. I was ready at 6:15 AM and the bus was full. I waited for second bus. No breakfast at the hotel. Flight to Santiago was uneventful and crew during the flight were polite."

Points positifs : "Everything except for the middle seat"
Points négatifs : "The middle seat"

Points positifs : "Nada"
Points négatifs : "Llegue a tiempo, justo 1hora y media antes de la salida, y aun ya hecho el checking online, no me dejaron subir al avion. Cuando fui al counter de latam, esos rateros, me cobraron 30us para ponerme en el siguiente vuelo, el cual muy bonito, se retraso 3 HORAS sin dar una razon! Y adivinen que? Pues no me devolveran nada, ni mucho menos mi tiempo. Latam es una porqueria...."

Points positifs : "I was upgraded to premium class. On my way back from Easter Island this was perfect because I had an accident 2 days earlier and needed to out my leg up. The service was great, they maje sure you are comfortabke. The luch very delicious. Thanks for the excellent service"
Points négatifs : "At tge airport in Santiago it was not clear in wich lign I had to wait to check in. I stood about 30 minutes in the wrong one"

Points positifs : "I love this airline! Service, planes, food."
Points négatifs : "Na"

Points positifs : "Friendly and helpful staff"

Points positifs : "I LOVE that LATAM does not book its flights solid: I love that they leave some empty seats and breathing room-- it makes all the difference in the world. I love that the bathrooms have full length mirrors, hand towelettes, and are well maintained. Most of all, I love how compassionate,patient, and accomodating the flight attendants are."
Points négatifs : "I would have liked for there to be more vegetarian choices-- healthier foods, more veggies, more fruits, rice, less meat. It would be nice to have real milk or cream instead of powder for the coffee; and honey instead of sugar."

Points positifs : "Comfortable flight, great flight attendants, quick boarding procedure"

Points positifs : "Despite being closed out of my flight, LATAM made it relatively inexpensive to change my flight to the next day. But, flying on other airlines out of Santiago, there is really no need to close the flight one hour before flight time. This is a LATAM policy only. I should have been on that flight. My return flight was delayed 3 hours. Go figure."
Points négatifs : "Arrived 50 min before flight, but it was closed and was forced to pay a change fee and arrive 2 days later to Easter Island. There was still plenty of time for me to make that flight, but LATAM's policy of closing flights 1 hr before flight time really screwed me."

Points négatifs : "The suitcase did not zrrive"

Points négatifs : "Tout sauf le repas très mauvais des boîtes de conserves. C'est de la rigolade. Très déçu du repas vraiment."

Points positifs : "Great customer service"
Points négatifs : "The seats are really small. Even for people not considered tall."

Points négatifs : "Missed my transfer in London because the plane took too long to unboard and I was unable to make it to the gates of my next flight in time, despite there being over an hour connection time. The flight came in slightly late and passports were re-inspected upon unboarding which wasted a lot of time, and Heathrow is a nightmare of an airport on a good day, which made it very difficult to get where I needed to go."

Points positifs : "The facilitie to board"
Points négatifs : "They no have entertainment"

Points positifs : "Premium economy is a great way to travel"
Points négatifs : "Flight was a mutually on Iberia from Madrid to a Miami. All I can say is that MAD is a HOT MESS!!"

Points positifs : "Comfy seat."
Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed for more than an hour"

Points positifs : "Crew was friendly."
Points négatifs : "Couldn't find out online which gate my flight was leaving from. Long bus ride from jetway to plane. No in-flight entertainment, uncomfortable seats."

Points négatifs : "The transfer in Madrid was ridiculous. They could not find a bus to transport passengers and no one had any clue."

Points positifs : "Nice crew seamless flight"
Points négatifs : "Would be nice if the planes were air conditioned on the ground because they're very very hot and it didn't cool down much during the flight"

Points positifs : "Personnel gentil"
Points négatifs : "L’avion me semble pas en bon état. Des gouttes d’eau tombaient du plafond suite à la condensation"

Points positifs : "Food was pretty good."

Points positifs : "not enough leg room. Tray too small."
Points négatifs : "the above"

Points négatifs : "Iberia annule le vol choisi puis change l'attribution des sièges et sépare les gens sans la moindre considération. Vol cher et médiocre."

Points négatifs : "Iberia est une.compagnie mauvaise, qui ne se préoccupe pas du délai entre deux vols A éviter"

Points négatifs : "Correspondance trop court, on a faillit rater l'avion, alors que j'avais demandé quelques jours avant si c'était suffisant en terme de délai. De plus, le bagage n'a pas suivi et est resté à Madrid (retour seulement demain)"

Points positifs : "Vol a l'heure Personnel avenant"
Points négatifs : "Tous les services sont payants. Le service WiFi à bord ne fonctionnait pas"

Points positifs : "Sympatique"
Points négatifs : "L'embarquement."

Points positifs : "Le personnel de bord était inattentif, cela se voyait qu'ils n'avaient pas envie d'être là. Aucun passage entre les deux repas (pendant 8 heures d'affilée), puis le café servi jusqu'à la moitié des rangées seulement, avant l'atterrissage, personne n'est passé vérifier les ceintures."
Points négatifs : "Un personnel naviguant plus présent, plus professionnel, sérieux et souriant? Quelques passages avec de l'eau pendant le vol entre les repas."

Points positifs : "Le personnel de bord à été bien Mais tout le monde qui est en bas qui est au sol était très mal"
Points négatifs : "Le personnel de sol était très mal"

Points négatifs : "Le retard et la prise en charge à l'arrivée"

Points positifs : "Good legroom."
Points négatifs : "Disorganized boarding."

Points négatifs : "I wish there was a bigger selection of movies and tv-shows to watch."

Points positifs : "n/a"
Points négatifs : "Awful. My departing city (ZAG) was unable to process tickets for my connecting flight. Upon arrival to (MAD) the gate agent was distributing tickets on a 1st name basis. Literally just handing out tickets without verifying IDs. Not all us PAX received a ticket and were instructed to go to the customer service desk, all the while boarding was ACTIVE at the gate. While at the customer service desk, Iberia showed little attention and/or urgency for us folks who did not have our connecting flight credentials. I finally received a hand-written ticket to board an international flight. My original seat selection was not honored. The overall flight experience was poor and NOT enjoyable."

Points positifs : "J’ai voyagé avec un chien en soute. On m’a tenu informé que mon chien était bien à bord lors du changement d’avion."

Points négatifs : "Ma valise n’à pas suivie à Madrid. Résultat 4h d’attente à Genève pour la réclamation de valise. Horrible !"

Points positifs : "Same as the first flight. Great luggage transfer."
Points négatifs : "Middle seat"

Points positifs : "Personnel de bord excellent, cabine très agréable pour un vol au même prix que Ryanair ! Merci à Iberia d'être sur cette ligne. Vol excellent."

Points positifs : "Équipe que je plains d'ailleurs."
Points négatifs : "Rien à manger ou à boire. Place très limitée pour les jambes. C'était mieux avec Ryanair"

Points négatifs : "There were delays at Heathrow due to fog. Rather then backing up all planes by an hour or so, BA gave our plane away. We experienced a 6 plus hour delay. So after flying for nine hours from the U.S. overnight to London, we had to sit around the airport, while watching other planes take off on time. We got in so late to Madrid that our hotel room that we reserved months earlier was given away. After being awake for over 24 hours we had to walk around Madrid at 11:00 pm at night, looking for someplace to lay our weary heads."

Points négatifs : "It was hard to find where to go in the Madrid airport.and arrived only just in time to the check in. I was singled out before getting on the plane to be frisked, etc. One said there was something written on my boarding passes that was an alert. I am a 64 year old woman traveling plans for anything bad to be sure!"

Points négatifs : "At the airport in Rome, I wasn't able to take on my carry on bag, when it was within limits. I was upset because many had the same size and had it with them. I was concerned with valuables inside, but thankfully all arrived OK."

Points positifs : "The entertainment was probably the best part of the flight."
Points négatifs : "The staff were less than friendly, the food was terrible . Not to mention it was like pulling teeth to get a beverage from time to time. Wouldn’t do it again...... there too many service oriented airlines available to make this mistake again."

Points positifs : "This was a good flight with good service and a nice crew. It was especially nice to have actual silverware to use for the meal."
Points négatifs : "Changing terminals in New Yory was challenging because the route was not clearly marked. They did not honor the on-line boarding passes, so I had to go to the counter to reprint the boarding passes and then go through security again. I also would have preferred a clean blanket once I got on board. The flight attendants seemed hesitant to speak to me in Spanish, which I speak pretty well and they also seemd uncomfortable talking to me in English, which is my native tongue. This made it hard to interact with them in my normal good natured way."

Points positifs : "Embarquement efficace"
Points négatifs : "Même pas de bouchon d’oreille ni de masque pour dormir sur un vol de 23 heures... Nourriture insipide"

Points positifs : "Vol correct et à l’heure"
Points négatifs : "Même pas des cacahuètes gratuites sur la compagnie nationale. Service minimum : ne vaut pas mieux qu’une low cost."

Points négatifs : "In LAX the boarding was unorganized and confusing to board a bus to be transported to the plane."

Points négatifs : "Consignes de sécurités non respectées par le personnel naviguant Porte cockpit ouverte en vol par une seule personne. Contrôle ceintures et sièges sommaire. Site web fonctionne mal lors de la résa des sièges"

Points négatifs : "1h15 de retard"

Points négatifs : "Bagage abîmé en soute"

Points négatifs : "didnt get support for connecting flight. Flight was delayed in run way making us miss the connecting flight."

Points positifs : "Un décollage et un atterrissage en toute douceur. Je n' ai absolument pas senti que l avion se posait. C est très agréable"

Points positifs : "Food was good Entertainment system is very good. Good selection of movies with good sound Crew does a fine job"
Points négatifs : "I am an American who flew roundtrip Chicago - Madrid. We (family of 3) still haven't received our lost luggage from 2 weeks ago. When we checked in at Madrid, one staff told us to ask about the luggage downstairs at the luggage retrieval, which we are not allowed into. I came back and another staff woman told us to immediately go through immigration, because it takes so long to get through. Since our luggage appears to be lost for good, we will never take Iberia again. Madrid airport is a nightmare! We arrived at Madrid airport 2 hr 20 min. before our flight. Because the distance from the check-in counter to the plane is unbelievably far, and we all have to wait in very long lines, and then take multiple trains, escalators, and finally a bus, and U.S. passengers have their passports checked twice in long lines, we got on to the plane barely in time, on "last call" 30 min. before it took off. We will never fly through Madrid again! On any other trip from Spain overseas, we will choose some other city in Spain to leave from."

Points négatifs : "Very hard to get any information about connective flights. I had 1 hour between the flights and I asked the assistant at the passport control to help me to get through, she said that everyone needs to stay in the same line. I pushed myself through, which I never do, and run all the way to the gate, and hardly made my flight. It is very hard to get any information because most employees don't speak English. I will never fly with Iberia again. I would rather pay more and fly with another company. I was very upset about my flying experience."

Points positifs : "At this moment only the entertaiment."
Points négatifs : "I would have like them to have been more humane and provided me with enough information so I could go ahead and get me something clean to wear right away. Tonight after I called they still don't have information on my luggage, and overall should have a better management, cause once I give my luggage to them, I expect them to care for it, that is implied on the customer service agreement."

Points positifs : "Servicio a bordo y comida"
Points négatifs : "El. Vuelo se retraso 3 horas"

Points positifs : "Emergency exit seats. Very narrow though."
Points négatifs : "I don't know what they served us. I wouldn't call that food. Breakfast was even more depressing than dinner. No entertainment system, except those collective screens – everybody needs to watch the same movie. Staff was rude and flight was 2 and half hours LATE."

Points positifs : "No vegetarian option available"

Points positifs : "Smooth, more food than I've had in the past on united, everyone was friendly, everything seemed clean, smooth take off and landing!"

Points positifs : "Rien !"
Points négatifs : "Le prix du billet pour la prestation. De plus une surcharge bagage de 195€, alors qu'au moment de la réservation il n'y avait aucune possibilité d'intégrer des bagages. J'appelle ça tout simplement du vol. Le client est pris devant le fait accompli et n'a que le choix de payer... Bref, je ne recommande nullement cette Vie aérienne."

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Vols pas chers Île de Pâques - Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle

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