Trouvez un vol pas cher Missoula - Marseille


Trouvez un vol pas cher Missoula - Marseille

Missoula (MSO)
mer. 25/11
mer. 2/12
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American Airlines
Note générale basée sur 44 877 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Points négatifs : "Flight attendant was very aggressive and confrontational."

Points négatifs : "I almost lost my coincidence with my other flight"

Points positifs : "Newer plane, smooth boarding and on time arrival"
Points négatifs : "None"

Points positifs : "Lisa I. was one of the best flight attendants I have ever observed. She enjoys being on the airplane with people who need help, comfort, to complain about anything. She was all over the airplane and refused a tip when I tried to insist she accept it. She said, “I have been doing this for a long time, I am tipped by seeing passengers having a pleasant flight.” I had goosebumps and the two women to my left and right were also impressed by her professionalism. I pray that Lisa is working on my flight home!"
Points négatifs : "Absolutely nothing, even with 30 to 45 MPH winds, the plane was gentle. The passenger next to me was scared. Lisa said to let her know if she needed anything, the woman was fine the whole flight. Lisa came by with extra snacks and she smiled and said she was doing well!"

Points négatifs : "No weather delay"

Points négatifs : "Never heard the announcement for boarding resulting in me missing my flight. If it were just me I’d say all my fault but there were 12 people that did not hear the announcements."

Points positifs : "Boarding"
Points négatifs : "Better seats, the main cabin extra seats were just like the other main cabin seats. One particular stewardess was very rude to all the passengers, while the steward Jeffery was very nice and friendly."

Points négatifs : "Amazing!"

Points positifs : "The new premium economy seats were really nice."
Points négatifs : "Check the pillows in premium economy for any stains. I had a pillow with several 2-inch yellow/red stains on it. There were no more pillows of those pillows, so the attendant gave me one from business class."

Points positifs : "Nothing."
Points négatifs : "You could have been on time. You could be accountable. You ruined my wife’s 40th birthday by failing to fulfill you’re end of the deal."

Points positifs : "The pasta meal was quite good"
Points négatifs : "Some more space. Individual entertainment. Air quality"

Points positifs : "Love the seat. Left side best going to Jackson hole"
Points négatifs : "Bigger snack"

Points négatifs : "Flight attendant was exceptional."

Points négatifs : "Being sit at the plane for two hours and then having to deplane and board again plus further delays on the 44 minute fly to Boston made it feel eternal"

Points négatifs : "Gin availability"

Points négatifs : "Red-booked from cancelled flight. On this leg they neglected to give me a boarding pass on app and gate agent was irtitated that I didnt have one. On flight; fidgety person in front of mr was in annoyingly squeaky chair. I was told I could not switch seats because of weight balance (I'm 135 lbs)."

Points négatifs : "Very uncomfortable and very cramped seating"

Points positifs : "Seat 5A was great"

Points positifs : "Wide choice of films on the flight, boarding was hassle free."
Points négatifs : "Crew could have been much politer when asking about the food wishes of others. Seemed to have no idea how to walk through the aisles, hitting my head and shoulders more than once while walking through."

Points positifs : "The seat was cormfortable and the entertainment was dope!"
Points négatifs : "Communication. The pilot did not say when he was landing and considering it was a rough landing it would have been helpful to say. He said we shall be landing like 40minutes before Then quiet"

Points positifs : "Good entertainment, seats were ok."
Points négatifs : "I paid for a seat with extra leg room and then was told at the gate that there were none of those seats left, despite the fact that I booked and paid for that seat 3 weeks ago!"

Points positifs : "The attendant in first class was really good at his job. The rest seemed a bit lost"
Points négatifs : "The food. The "lasagna" looked and tasted like it came from chef boyardee can"

Points positifs : "The crew were nice, glad I paid for the extra legroom."
Points négatifs : "The food was only so-so, but it’s only a short flight so you can’t expect too much."

Points positifs : "We sat in the rear of the plane and had all kinds of room. Just with the crew performed better"
Points négatifs : "The crew seemed unfamiliar with the aircraft misdireting passengers to the wrong areas making the boarding process a complete mess"

Points positifs : "The boarding process and its ease"
Points négatifs : "The Wi-Fi was not free and quite expensive. The space between seats was too narrow for my legs resulting in an uncomfortable journey. The entertainment was dated and not varied enough. The food was borderline unsavoury. The wines were cheap... Not an airline I would recommend to anyone."

Points positifs : "It left on time and arrived on time"
Points négatifs : "Service, comfort and food as I would rate these below 0 if there was that option."

Points négatifs : "More seat room side to side"

Points positifs : "Good seat"
Points négatifs : "Headset didn't work and no replacement"

Points négatifs : "Delay in boarding due issue with aircraft"

Points négatifs : "No gogo WiFi"

Points positifs : "Comfortable flight. New plane"

Points positifs : "The service was great"
Points négatifs : "That you have to pay extra for entertainment, that you have to have your own device, and that the food was mediocre"

Points négatifs : "The service was poor and not friendly. They over sold the flight and put the stress into customers. They kept the flight so cold that I had 2 blankets and still shivering. The seats are so darn tight that the people next to me didn’t fit and I had to sit at a angle for 5 hours. What is dissatisfying is that airlines will continue to treat customers without compassion. We pay for a service and should not be yelled at when you over sell a flight and demand people to check in carry on bags."

Points négatifs : "Late departure; horrible breakfast choices( don’t eat biscuits and gravy) so therefore ate fruit and a yogurt. This is first class? The pastries were tasteless; didn’t get headsets until after movie had started. Nothing extraordinary about crew. Wish there were more competitive Airlines flying out of Phoenix— American Airlines disappointments...again."

Points positifs : "Quick flight. Smooth."

Points positifs : "Great crew, comfortable flight."

Points positifs : "I liked the entertainment. Seats were ultimately uncomfortable. Not helped by the backs being loose."

Points négatifs : "There should be more number of check in bags for passengers. At the least the overhead bins should be allowed to the passengers."

Points négatifs : "First flight TUS to DFW was delayed by 3 hours causeing us to mist all the remaining flights. Had to scramble to find other flights DFW to LHR and LHR to DUB. We arrived at our destination 10 hours. No reason for the delay was given. Lousey service on AA."

Points positifs : "Boarding was fast because over fifty passengers were delayed checking in due to computer problems. Air conditioning was good."
Points négatifs : "Flight delayed almost two hours due to computer problems. Seat pitch (room for knees) very limited, felt like I was packed in like a sardine. Crew should have provided refreshments (not just tepid water) and snacks during the delay. Pilot announced computer problem solved and remaining passengers would be boarding in fifteen minutes which turned out to be closer to an hour."

Points négatifs : "N/A"

Points positifs : "I needed special assistance due to limit of mobility and I have been refused assistance twice"
Points négatifs : "On the top of that my luggage was damaged"

Points positifs : "Excellent"

Points positifs : "Great wifi. Nice comfortable seating. Great entertainment selection"

Points positifs : "-Efficient Boarding -Great flight attendants -Communicative Pilots (flight time, number in line on runway, etc)"
Points négatifs : "Did not dislike anything on this trip."

Points négatifs : "Delay"

Points positifs : "Moved seats together, great plane and serviceN"
Points négatifs : "Delay getting landing slot"

Points positifs : "Not much"
Points négatifs : "Passengers brought hot food on board at Dallas. McDonalds and KFC odours were overwhelming for first 30 minutes."

Points positifs : "Easy checking with great Customer Care. Made my trip enjoyable. Will use again in July..."

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