Trouvez des vols pas chers Cebu - Manille


Trouvez des vols pas chers Cebu - Manille

Cebu (CEB)
Aéroport international Ninoy Aquino de Manille
ven. 23/10
ven. 30/10
N'importe quand
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Les frontières des Philippines ne sont ouvertes qu'aux ressortissants philippins de retour et à leurs conjoints et enfants, aux ressortissants indiens avec un visa de résident temporaire, aux ressortissants chinois avec un visa de résident permanent d'époux d'un ressortissant philippin, et aux ressortissants étrangers détenteurs de certaines catégories de visas. En savoir plus
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Basse saison

septembre Meilleure période pour échapper aux foules, avec une baisse moyenne des prix de 14%.

Haute saison

mai Période la plus populaire pour voyager, avec une hausse moyenne des prix de 20%.

Prix moyen pour un aller-retour

71 € (prix moyen sur les 2 dernières semaines)

Bonne affaire pour un aller-retour

72 € ou moins

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  • À la recherche d’un vol à petit prix ? 25% de nos utilisateurs ont trouvé un vol pour cet itinéraire à 30 € ou moins.
  • On trouve en général les vols les moins chers pour Cebu - Manille 74 jours avant le départ.
  • Réservez au moins 3 semaines avant le départ pour obtenir un prix moins cher que la moyenne.
  • La haute saison est en avril, mai et juin. Le mois le moins cher pour prendre l’avion est septembre.

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Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK

Philippine Airlines
Note générale basée sur 3 083 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Points positifs : "The type of plane 330"
Points négatifs : "Its not cold inside."

Points positifs : "The plane was on time ,all good"
Points négatifs : "A little more leg room... but all in all. Not to bad"

Points positifs : "On time, early"
Points négatifs : "Food"

Points négatifs : "The transfer in Manila was like nowhere else. After the security check we were sent outside where buses were driving to claim our checked-in luggage to take it for another check just to drop it one minute later. Anywhere in the world if you board a flight with a stop-over you see your luggage at the final destination, not the case if you fly trough Manila."

Points négatifs : "Would be better if flight arrived on time & we didn't have to wait for 30 minutes on the plane waiting for a terminal to be available"

Points positifs : "The crew was extra friendly. The seat was spacious. Good leg room."
Points négatifs : "Main meal , too much rice for a westerner. Quality could improve a bit. Bread roll was below average."

Points positifs : "You ripped me off"
Points négatifs : "you ripped me off"

Points positifs : "Best in flight entertainment for any airline I've used"
Points négatifs : "More food options"

Points positifs : "Excellent crew. Comfortable seat."
Points négatifs : "No entertainment system but who cares on a 1 hour flight."

Points positifs : "None"
Points négatifs : "Food on time"

Points positifs : "Yes, they were nice and approachable at all time. The seat was fine, I slept most of the time"

Points positifs : "Food and service were good, so was inflight entertainment"
Points négatifs : "Plane VERY crowded Although it left Manila on time, it arrived 1 hour late in Toronto"

Points positifs : "Super long delays at each leg"

Points positifs : "Crew are very helpful."
Points négatifs : "Need reclining seats"

Points positifs : "Crew are good"
Points négatifs : "They like to change frequently the hours and connections are a disaster!!! If you are changing or doing connections , make sure You use the airline company and better buying from them directly"

Points positifs : "Flight was on time. No stop over, because it is a direct flight."
Points négatifs : "The choice on the menu is not available, the bread was not given to us, because they run out, no apple juice because it run out too. Drinking water served, it is warm.They should offer some ice cubes or ask the passengers if they want ice... Other airlines, serves different juices through out the flight. Crew not communicating at all. Doesn't say anything or serve you with a smile."

Points positifs : "Flight was on time."
Points négatifs : "Crew must smile and speak to passengers...poor body language. Waiting for our luggage in the conveyor and give to the guys for them to put a tag for transfer flight to London. If it is connecting flight, passenger should get their luggage in their final airport of destination. Causing delay, because we still have to queve in the immigration. Don't see the point in that."

Points négatifs : "Check in at NAIA very slow with little information available, could not check in online 3 flights were boarding, same gate same 1 hour time period, confusing when Bangkok flight was boarding, boarding was also stopped due to a flight arrival Child in seat behind kicking/shaking my seat - no help"

Points négatifs : "Delayed for 2.5 hours."

Points négatifs : "Pillows for business class as seat posture hurts the lower back. Needs improvement on loading priority luggages as mine came out together with the economy passengers."

Points négatifs : "Seats did not recline very much. Hard. Food was very plain and starchy."

Points positifs : "The steward and stewardess were very nice."
Points négatifs : "The plane was late, making a long day much longer. Worse still, I waited another 30 minutes for the luggage, making it almost 2 hours later before I got to the hotel."

Points positifs : "Great crew"
Points négatifs : "Security at manila airport is totally over the top. I am 100% for security but 5 checks!!!!"

Points positifs : "Truly friendly, service minded and happy cabin crew."
Points négatifs : "A bit messy for the boarding but partly as unruly passengers"

Points positifs : "onboard service was good"
Points négatifs : "17 hour delay"

Points positifs : "Nice seats in business, good food, nice crew."
Points négatifs : "Door closed ten minutes ahead of schedule yet had to wait on stand nearly half an hour to push back due to airport congestion. Arrived in HKG late at a remote stand and had to use stairs and be bussed to the terminal. I missed the last HKIA Express train to HK"

Points positifs : "Fantastic onboard product in Business Class. Superb seating with all direct aisle access, excellent meals and friendly F/A's."
Points négatifs : "I was a little concerned at the lax approach to securing the cabin for take off and landing the F/A's had. The Philippine Airlines lounge is an embarrassment for an airlines hub airport."

Points positifs : "Aircraft spacious seats comfortable Crew very friendly and welcoming good movie selection"
Points négatifs : "Cues at T2 massive to go through immigration zig zag around terminal Seats don’t adjust well and little leg room when flat. Food uninspiring. Tv fixed lots of reflections. Toilets small."

Points positifs : "Asked for window seat, said only have one at back of the plane, I said that’s fine, ended up with three seats to myself so got some sleep on an overnight flight. Gotta be happy with that,"
Points négatifs : "Cabin crew had a tendency of not seeing me so I had to get their attention for the hand outs, no biggie"

Points négatifs : "The lounge is awful."

Points positifs : "Comfortable seats , clean modern aircraft ."
Points négatifs : "The entertainment was poor. No relatively new films . All TV programs were American. The Wi-Fi was slow at best . The crew tried hard but the attention to detail was lacking"

Points positifs : "Birding was great. Punctual flight."
Points négatifs : "My entertainment screen broke. It took the crew 7 hours to replace it. A crew member said they would sort it, bit nothing for 6.5 hours There appeared be confusing within the crew members about what food I ordered."

Points positifs : "Crew were polite and helpful Aircraft ? Great Bad. Awesome awful. All of those. I really was to say nice things as it’s just basics that were bad"
Points négatifs : "Business lounge ? Ummm totally unacceptable. It’s a PAYG uncomfortable Un stocked unstaffed waste. Food Was extremely basic. If economy fine but business!!! Very poor"

Points positifs : "On time, very good service, good food & wine and very comfortable. Plenty of space around the business class seat and easy access to and from seat. Large screen tv."
Points négatifs : "Slightly limited entertainment . Mabuhay lounge at Manila's average."

Points positifs : "Again lovely food and crew. Same good seats as the A350 from LHR."
Points négatifs : "Boarded and ready on time but 1hr delay for ATC reasons . The A330's a bit short of toilets requiring a 'queueing system' at busy times. Probably not the actual airline's fault but the ground handlers at AKL took an hour to produce my bags meaning me missing a connecting internal flight."

Points négatifs : "Seemed very crammed seat-wise. There was was no entertainment system system so one star is stretching it."

Points positifs : "Food was mostly very nice."
Points négatifs : "The Manila transfer process was a waste of time. Why when only transferring through at the airport you must go to an insecure area to get a Manila stamp in your passport and then have to go back into the secure area via another security check."

Points positifs : "No direct contact details to change flight"
Points négatifs : "Terrible customer service"

Points positifs : "Clean toilets."
Points négatifs : "The flight was terrible. The boarding process was improperly conducted causing a lack of overhead space in the baggage storage overhead. The entertainment system was broken and the flight transfer process was terrible and confusing. I had the worst trip in over 300 life time trips. I felt like the price was way too high for the service I received! I need a partial refund at a minimun. This flight was terrible for my 3 children and I."

Points positifs : "The crew were pleasant."
Points négatifs : "The flight was terrible. The boarding process was improperly conducted causing a lack of overhead space in the baggage storage overhead. The entertainment system was broken and the flight transfer process was terrible and confusing. I had the worst trip in over 300 life time trips. I felt like the price was way too high for the service I received! I need a partial refund at a minimun."

Points négatifs : "Delayed"

Points négatifs : "Flight delays several hours. Its a very terrible flight. No apology from airlines company too."

Points négatifs : "Flight crews working at transfer desks were extremely unorganized and brought us to our terminal at the very last minute when the flight was calling for all passengers to board. Food was terrible. Ended up losing my baggage because they didn’t have enough time to put all the bags onto the flight and so I had to wait an extra two hours at the airport"

Points positifs : "Excellent crew, very attentive and polite. New/newly refurbished plane and very clean."
Points négatifs : "I thought I read somewhere that Premium Economy had their own toilets but that didn't seem to be the case. The Mabuhay Lounge (for those with access) is in need of a renovation and can be hard to find seats."

Points positifs : "Crew were pleasant and attentive and found was simple but OK, with a choice."
Points négatifs : "Legroom appalling. For anyone 6ft Plus it was a struggle and uncomfortable for the 3hr flight. Holding for 25 minutes after landing until parking spot became available didn’t help."

Points négatifs : "Flight was 1 1/2 hours late, then bag pickup and extra security for transfer to LAX flight is confusing and multiple lineups."

Points positifs : "The ground stewardess assisted me in boarding my flight since the boarding gate was almost close"

Points positifs : "Very happy the crew was good all in all a good flight and great value for money."

Points positifs : "The staff were courteous is very helpful ,the food was okay. In flight comforts were provided such as blacked , eye mask etc. iPads were provided as there was no built in tvs on the plane which provided a good inlight entertainment system. Overall this was a good experience as value for money as the price was cheaper than many other direct long haul flights"
Points négatifs : "The plane it’s self was quite old and tired - with no TVs however iPads were provided which was not a huge difference. There was not a good selection of beverages on this flight -most had ran out prior."

Points positifs : "Not Satisfied"
Points négatifs : "Need improvements"

Points positifs : "Friendly staff; value for the money"
Points négatifs : "Boarding procedures not very organized"

Points positifs : "The boarding and landing was okay."
Points négatifs : "Crew don’t engage well. Plane smells like poop the whole time."

Points positifs : "Price was great and the crew was friendly"
Points négatifs : "All food and even water cost money. The check in line took extremely long. The seat was not padded enough so I was sitting on a lump the whole trip"

Points négatifs : "Seats that recline and quieter announcements especially the game"

Points négatifs : "Check the general volume off their audio system (recorded voice messages/info/guideline) for the passengers on the plane. It was too loud."

Points positifs : "All the crew were super pleasant and friendly despite attending to very rude European passengers."
Points négatifs : "Keep up the excellent work!"

Points négatifs : "Want to have a USB charging port on a seat"

Points positifs : "Serge and the cabin crew were grey. The pilot made up 20 minutes on a 1 hour flight, came in late from previous flight."
Points négatifs : "Scheduling. CP is ALWAYS late, and messes up connections. Hard to coordinate remedies with my phone turned off. It hadn't been once, 10, or 20 times, but EVERY time."

Points négatifs : "Boarding is a fiasco with cebu pacific they should try zones and separate lines like japan!"

Points positifs : "I missed the trip. Can you help me with the refund or part of it?"
Points négatifs : "I missed the trip. Can you help me with the refund or part of it?"

Points positifs : "Exiting the aircraft."
Points négatifs : "Stop charging passengers for water."

Points positifs : "I enjoyed the captains announcements"
Points négatifs : "Typical one hour delay due to manila traffic...does this airline every depart or arrive on time?? Nooooo! Boarding was a cattle call as usual its a stampeed. The new 321 aircraft is crammed like cattle car, no legroom and a backpack can barely go under the recline so very uncomfortable"

Points positifs : "None!"
Points négatifs : "Its a cheap airline.what do u expect?"

Points positifs : "Quick and fast boarding"
Points négatifs : "So when I bought the tickets. I paid for extra luggage of 40 kgs, then I unselected the assigned seating since I didn’t care where I sat, and I would rather use that money to pay for the extra luggage. I double checked several times before proceeding. At the check in counter, guess who had to pay extra because apparently the 40 kgs did not go through."

Points négatifs : "So late, I missed a 3 hour connection."

Points positifs : "Nothing much. The flight crew were ok."
Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed 90 minutes. Boarding and departure lounge area was utter chaos because the Cebu Pacific staff were not clear about which flight waa boarding. The plane was horribly cramped. Extra seat rows had been installed to get more seating on the plane. That might be ok for the average 5'4" Filipino, but at 6'1", I literally could not fit my knees behind the seat in front of me. As a result I had to twist my legs into an uncomfortable position for 2 hours. Not fun."

Points positifs : "In time departure"
Points négatifs : "Service"

Points positifs : "Boarding was organized if there is such a thing in the philippines, but at least they tried. Iloilo airport is very nice and allows more room than manila fiasco. The flight for once left early and arrived early and low and behold we had a jetway and no bus!! Luggage was off in record time"
Points négatifs : "No recline on seats and cramming too many in to such narrow rows..its worse than a new york city bus in the 70s."

Points positifs : "Friendly staff"

Points négatifs : "I had the fattish person next to me who had most of his body in my seat."

Points négatifs : "The delay of my flight was not acceptable."

Points positifs : "I was sleepless getting on the flight, so I slept most of the way. I didn’t buy the in-flight food since I wasn’t hungry."

Points positifs : "When we got to Manila, it was raining so bad. We had to get off the plane onto a bus. They handed us an umbrella to keep dry from the deluge. It was much needed, under the circumstances."

Points positifs : "Was kindly moved to exit row after inquiring at checkin..very nice agent. Very comfortable and great legroom...unlike the hideous crammed in rows behind. Boarded early wjich is unusual for this airline to ever be on time...then sure enough 30 min delay due t9 manila traffic?? This country needs a new major airport or updated traffic control and another runway! This pilot had the smoothest landing...the last few flights have been awful landings, hard and scary"
Points négatifs : "Unsmiling flight attendants...what has happened? The ladt two flights ver sober looks, never smile?"

Points négatifs : "I didn't like everything"

Points positifs : "The timing of the Cebu Pacific flight from Bali to Manila was fantastic. Short immigrations lines in Bali and upon arrival in Manila. Seats were better than expected, although we paid extra for the 2nd row. Crew was professional."
Points négatifs : "We pre-ordered food and it was soggy and over cooked. Not worth it. Flight left late. Flight attendants were not helpful,"

Points positifs : "Le personnel, vol à l’heure"
Points négatifs : "RAS"

Points positifs : "Everyone is profession and the food is great. The value is spot on!"

Points positifs : "Flgiht staff always nice"
Points négatifs : "The cebu gate staff were awful, uninterested, never made announcemnts and as usual it was a cattle call to board. Rows were not followed. The sandwich i had paid for was all dry was awful."

Points négatifs : "Very uncomfortable seats."

Points positifs : "Parfait, à l’heure, personnel agréable"
Points négatifs : "RAS"

Points positifs : "The flight attendants on the plane were very good very sweet very attentive. I also enjoyed the fact that we got a free meal without a ticket."
Points négatifs : "The service at the airports for your company was abysmal to say the least. The fact that I had to pay over $100 for my bag to be checked was absolutely ridiculous. The personnel for Cebu Pacific at the Denspar airport were borderline hostile, racially discriminating and nasty. If you’re airport employees were half as good as the in-flight attendance I would fly with your company again as of right now you couldn’t pay me to get on your airplane."

Points négatifs : "Cold"

Points positifs : "cabin crew was excellent, very friendly!"
Points négatifs : "Boarding of passengers and loading of cargo delayed departure by 1h, no communication from pilot; seats on A330 were worn out, metal bar in seat cushion could be felt, making the flight very uncomfortable"

Points positifs : "Cebu pacific is one of airlines who prescribe to a pay as you go additude. Be prepared to pay for everything after you pay for your ticket 7kg carry on max limits pay for the food you may or may not eat, and if you get cold easily bring warm clothes. No joke this was the coldest airplane I have ever been on in my 15 years of travel, so cold in fact that upon taking off you can hear the ice crystals breaking loose and traveling through the air system. I am going to say that the plane was in good condition and the flight attendants and pilot crew seem to be well trained as well as very polite."

Points négatifs : "Line for check-in was terrible. Wait was more than 45 minutes just to check in."

Points positifs : "None"
Points négatifs : "First we pur Cebu Pac flight to davao at 7 am was cancelled dn we book another flight to davao at 5 pm dn it was delayed it is so stressful and inconvenient specially i have a 1 year old baby boy"

Points positifs : "Early and on time"
Points négatifs : "The Allocation of 5 kg per customer for the check in was too small, and they didn’t have an option to upgrade or increase"

Points positifs : "Landed early"
Points négatifs : "Worst seats I have ever sat in, took a red eye out of Dubai and the cabin lights were on for over half the flights."

Points négatifs : "Retard important...."

Points positifs : "Le personnel"
Points négatifs : "Manque d’organisa Et perte de valise"

Points positifs : "On board Staff was great. Made everyone as comfortable as possible."
Points négatifs : "Agent misquoted me overweight baggage charge by half. The service agent that had to break the news to me was horrified. I paid as much for the bag as the original flight. Seats were very tight. ( I am 6'1") Next time I will fly a regular airline for the same price that I spent. Pay for bag. Pay for insurance pay for food and drink on an international flight. So wrong."

Points positifs : "Flight was ahead of time. Friendly crew."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"

Points positifs : "Very efficient!i was very happy with whole flight!"

Points positifs : "We boarded the plane just on time. I wasn't expected ot would be that food."
Points négatifs : "We landed pretty late. ETA was 11:25pm. We landed almosg 12midnight."

Points positifs : "Crew is great"
Points négatifs : "Ticket agents are awful. Very horrible on baggage"

Points négatifs : "Indeferent staff"

Points positifs : "Accommodating gate agent. Flight was on time"
Points négatifs : "During flight, it's quite shaky."

Points positifs : "All was great"
Points négatifs : "a bit of a delay"

Points positifs : "Ponctualité Vol maintenu malgré très peu de passagers"

Points négatifs : "Every time I’ve used AirAsia it’s been delayed. Instead of being apologetic they’re always smug about how I can take a different airline. So I did!! Never fly with this airline again. Poor service poor flight planning and poor attitude. Shame on you AirAsia."

Points positifs : "We were upgraded to first class."
Points négatifs : "Our flight was delayed 31 minutes. So far, I’ve never departed on time with this airline. I will take responsibility for not prepaying for my check in luggage, but really, $154.00 for 3 suitcases on a 1 hour flight? It’s kinda sad."

Points négatifs : "I’ve been to over 15 airports in the last month and Since when does the airport have a terminal fee of $17 And they made us check in our bag for $60 per person, I’ve been on many budget airlines before and they never made us do this, never flying with AirAsia again."

Points négatifs : "The flight is delayed and they never notified us we stayed in the airport for almost 1:30 minutes delayed."

Points positifs : "Accommodating staff. Arrived safely."
Points négatifs : "Delayed over a delayed flight. Overcharged price, they charged you for processing fee which is not necessary I think for the card."

Points positifs : "Comfortable"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"

Points négatifs : "Seats space small"

Points positifs : "Vol à l’heure, arrivée en avance ... Personnel agréable et serviable... bonne ambiance à bord !"
Points négatifs : "RAS"

Points négatifs : "Delays"

Points positifs : "That we made it in one piece"
Points négatifs : "That the flight was almost 2 hours delayed"

Points négatifs : "4h de retard donc bloqué 6h à l’aéroport. Merci AirAsia"

Points négatifs : "Un vol très très agité"

Points positifs : "cheap"
Points négatifs : "got transferred to KLO due to airport closure, delays"

Points positifs : "quick lugage delivery good aiport at Puerto Princesa"
Points négatifs : "hard to find the terminal for Air Asia domestic departure"

Points positifs : "We arrived safe & sound"
Points négatifs : "The flight was cancelled on the way there and on the way back without any notifications. On the way there, I had to run through the airport to catch an earlier flight. On the way back, I waited 4 hrs to catch a later flight. Air Asia did not compensate for my valuable extra time wasted but in addition charged a $30 USD bag fee each time. I will never fly with Air Asia again and will advise friends and family to avoid Air Asia."

Points positifs : "It was wonderful I bought another round ticket for my wife I be there next year and use you again"
Points négatifs : "Having to pay luggage check in"

Points positifs : "Making it from one point to the other was the only thing that went well."
Points négatifs : "I was double charged for the ticket. Customer service has been researching this for little over two weeks. Flight was delayed for just over two hours with multiple gate changes. Customer service at the terminal was no better than the customer service on the hotline."

Points positifs : "The baggage fee was extreme and after I paid it my name was called out in the airports intercom system just to have me come back to the counter and pay more. Very embarrassing. The flight was delayed by 3 hours. A company worried about their reputation might consider reimbursing some portion of the baggage fee when the flight is delayed by 3 hours."
Points négatifs : "Plane was clean and comfortable,"

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Seating leg room service delays customer service"

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Instead of getting to manila in 20:00 ive got there on 1:00 am!!!!!!!!"

Points négatifs : "2 hours delay"

Points positifs : "I don't like anything about this airlines, they charge us for our luggage. They were late, you couldn't confirm flight online. I WILL NEVER TAKE THIS AIRLINES AGAIN!"
Points négatifs : "It was delayed twice on our trip to and from. They give box lunch of meal to compensate the 2 hrs delay. Very poor in information. Wish it could have been better because our stay in the province was great except the flight!"

Points négatifs : "Had no idea that the maximum for a checked bag was 10kgs (which is nothing if your bag is large enough to check). Having already paid to check a bag I had to fork out another $100 to check my bag (a mid-sized duffle) what a total rip-off and bummer. Then there was the drama about whether I could take my scuba regulator through security or not and then there was the drama about a tripod and then there was the flight! No food (unless you had pre-booked it) and then you had to pay for water.....a new level of low class in low class airlines."

Points positifs : "I didn't like anything about this year like it was always two to three hours late of ways and the seats were being cramped"
Points négatifs : "I hated this Airline it was the worst Airline ever flown in my life I will never ever fly them again"

Points positifs : "Check in was fast, crew was helpful, provided meal in airport for long flight delay"
Points négatifs : "The airlines was great overall. Friendly staff, clean planes. My complaint, albeit a minor one, was that they didn't offer any type of free snack or drink. Most American airlines offer this and it's expected from most foreign passengers. Secondly, our plane was delayed about 5 hours for "traffic congestion" at Manila Airport. It looks like they only have one plane that travels the Puerto Princessa to Manila route so keep that in mind if you need to be somewhere on time. Philippines Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air had multiple planes coming and going durongbthis delay. I saw not a single AirAsia plane durong this delay. They sent an update email about a week or so that the flight was being moved up 2 hours, but no text saying that the flight was delayed. We could've spent an extra half day in El Nido if we had known. But still, I would probably fly with then again."

Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed twice adding up to a five hour delay. The crew gave no reason , no apology, complete lack of communication was astounding. When i mentioned it to other travel agents they all said the same thing, Air Asia is always delayed, i was told to use other airlines. Indeed, while awaiting my flight to Manilla I saw 2 Philippines Air flights depart on time. One of my fellow travellers had given themselves7 hours between flights and missed their flight to Dubai because of the delay."

Points positifs : "everything was ok"
Points négatifs : "n/a"

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Does not leave on time."

Points positifs : "The price the price the price"
Points négatifs : "You get what you pay for."

Points positifs : "Great looking crew."
Points négatifs : "Flight out of and into Manilla was changed and delayed."

Points positifs : "Nothing since we all got sick and tried to cancel the trip. The HELP and LIVE CHAT feature they have is worth nothing! After they kept me on for 14 minutes the first time, kept saying I was first on the waiting list and will be less than ONE minute. This took at least 12 minutes before I repeated that, and did this 3 times. Also, trying to see how much luggage allowed, ticket indicated 32kg each but avoided to say clearly allowed to check in or what? Tried to find out more, but not possible through their website. If are allowed or not allowed must tell us clearly so know how to plan, from the start, rather than surprise me at the airport with a big over weight!"
Points négatifs : "Nothing since we all got sick and tried to cancel the trip. The HELP and LIVE CHAT feature they have is worth nothing! After they kept me on for 14 minutes the first time, kept saying I was first on the waiting list and will be less than ONE minute. This took at least 12 minutes before I repeated that, and did this 3 times. Also, trying to see how much luggage allowed, ticket indicated 32kg each but avoided to say clearly allowed to check in or what? Tried to find out more, but not possible through their website. If are allowed or not allowed must tell us clearly so know how to plan, from the start, rather than surprise me at the airport with a big over weight!"

Points négatifs : "My sister in law was not allowed on the flight they refused to let her on the flight. I hope you did not charge my credit card. I want reimbursement if so. 1209-480-8796 James please call me"

Points positifs : "Emergency row"
Points négatifs : "More than 3 hours late."

Points positifs : "Tube boarding and deplaning"
Points négatifs : "Walking ; not even a bus?"

Points positifs : "Left early, arrived early"

Points positifs : "Price."
Points négatifs : "Five hours sitting in the terminal in Kalibo!! No weather issues!! Baggage fees at ticket counter. Considering the fare we paid this is not a big deal. But the delays?? Leaving Manila, we sat on the plane at the gate for over 90 minutes!! Waiting for clearance to take off because of heavy air traffic in Kalibo?? They have five gates there!! Not a whole lot of sympathy doled out by theses folks either. A piece of chicken and ball of rice at the gate in Kalibo hardly compensates for the excessive inconvenience we endured on both legs of our journey. Might consider directing my business elsewhere on future travel endeavors."

Points négatifs : "The plane was late for 1.5 hours!! We almost missed our next flight from the same company ant the staff didn't want to help us at all to get to the next flight no matter how much we asked them. Unbelievable!!!"

Points négatifs : "Delayed for 2 hours without any informations ..."

Points négatifs : "I tried to cancel my reservation, no refunds, no changes and no cancellations. Lost all my $400 for nothing. I would not recommend them to anyone."

Points négatifs : "Late but that's expected"

Points positifs : "We eventually made it to manila. That was the only positive of the flight."
Points négatifs : "I received 3 emails alerting me to the fact the flight was delayed. The first blamed operations and estimated a 45 minute delay, the next 2 had the same explanation but with a 1.5 hour delay. The final count was almost 5 hours. The terminal was sterile looking with awful lighting, and uncomfortable benches. There was no wifi (free or for a charge), and updates from the ground crew were few and far between and generally only happend after a question from a customer . They provided a meal due to the delay(there is no food in the terminal except a small kiosk that closed earlier that evening), but a greasy chicken leg and ball of white rice don't do much to make up for losing 4 hours of sleep before a 20 hour trek to America the next day (rather the same day as we got in at 330 am). We will never fly through manila or kalibo again as a result of this trip, and never again fly airasia."

Points positifs : "nothing. bad experience, no help from the ground empoyee .. i will not reccommend this airline to anybody.."

Points négatifs : "Your flights are either late or rescheduled."

Points positifs : "Le personnel de vol"
Points négatifs : "2 heures de retard"

Points positifs : "NONE"
Points négatifs : "Delayed flights. no compensation for customers that had to pay more for hotels Bec of their delays. no considerations"

Points positifs : "Overall it was an ok flight. But there are so many limits to baggage what your weight limit is and isn't. I have to put things in 2 separate bags to prevent extra cost. Gees. It was out of control. I had on carry on and everything was under 10kg. But the one bag was limited to 7. Hence extra bag to carry other stuff. Didn't make sense to me. So I'll never fly on this airline again. Ill go back to Cebu Pacific Airlines. So much more better flights."

Points négatifs : "Our helper who got the ticket were made to pay for her carry-on baggage because the allowance was only 2 kilos. The penalty was almost the price of the ticket. I already paid for the check in baggage which is around a third of the ticket cost. Next time you know, you will pay just to use the toilet."

Points positifs : "Boarding from the front, or the back. Short flight time."
Points négatifs : "4+ hour delays with no explanation, NO FOOD THAT YOU DON'T PURCHASE, and the always present exorbitant baggage fees. You get NO checked bag for your standard fare. You must pay to check ANY bag, and that payment doesn't cover much weight. Anything overweight is WAY too expensive. They also want to weigh your carry-on, to make sure you're not using a carry-on bag to beat their crappy baggage fees."

Points positifs : "Price and crew"

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