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Trouvez un billet d’avion pas cher pour Biloxi

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  • Il n’existe pas d’aéroport à Biloxi. La ville est desservie par l’aéroport de Gulfport-Biloxi.
  • À la recherche d’un vol à petit prix vers Biloxi ? 25% de nos utilisateurs ont trouvé un vol vers Biloxi aux tarifs suivants ou moins : 1 030 € pour un aller-retour de Nantes
  • La haute saison est en janvier, février et décembre, et janvier est le mois le moins cher pour partir à Biloxi.
  • Saisissez votre aéroport de départ préféré et vos dates de voyage dans le formulaire de recherche en haut de page pour découvrir les dernières offres de vols vers Biloxi.

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Virgin Atlantic
Note générale basée sur 1 567 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Points positifs : "Although we were badly delayed the cabin service was excellent in every way. Good meal , cheerful staff and well turned out."

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Everything incl customer service at the airport"

Points positifs : "Fast boarding and nice staff. Food selection was ok"
Points négatifs : "One item missing from menu (unavailable). Issues with entertainment system. Bathrooms lacked moisturiser which is always very helpful on long flights where the air is dry"

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "I had to run for almost 2 miles every time I had to change the flight. On the way to India they lost my one bag, and on the way back to US they lost my both begs."

Points positifs : "Checking in at the counter even I wasn't allocated a seat but the gentleman was very humble and polite."
Points négatifs : "The fact that I was told I would be given a seat at the boarding gate. I got to the airport very early to get a good seat only to be that and was given a very uncomfortable seat where I couldn't stretch my legs well because of a box on the floor situated to my left leg and to make the matter even more annoying my screen was not working which I was forced to take one heavy meant-so-called laptop. And finally cabin crew were lacking serious customer service and when u ask for something they were just so reluctant to deliver as if we were given a free ticket or something. May it be noted that my ticket was not that cheap to be treated in such manner."

Points positifs : "The crew was friendly and professional, the food was good and offered frequently due to the long flight time (10.5 hours). The plane was comfortable even though nearly full. Overall, it was a good experience and I would definitely fly with Virgin Atlantic again."

Points négatifs : "After 14 hours the seats were like sitting on spikes"

Points positifs : "The food was AMAZING. No, seriously. Everything we had was great."

Points positifs : "Cabin crew were friendly and attentive. Flight was on time and we got to Atlanta early"
Points négatifs : "Could do with more legroom. Food not the greatest"

Points positifs : "Everything from boarding to disembarking went very smoothly. Flight was on time, seats were comfortable and crew was friendly and accommodating."

Points positifs : "A large selection of movies, shows and music to choose from. Flight crews were attentive and friendly."
Points négatifs : "The narrow space between each rows for passengers to move from their seats."

Points positifs : "Hard product and food"
Points négatifs : "Crew need to realise their voices travel and some conversations the whole upper cabin don't need to hear"

Points positifs : "This is my new favorite airline. I loved the staff and all the amenities. I was so comfortable and the food choices were great. I felt like I was cared for and my comfort mattered."

Points positifs : "Virgin Premium economy offers a great up-grade on economy. Seperate check in (faster), seperate boarding (earlier), better food, service and more room than economy."
Points négatifs : "There appears to have been an increase in cost above that you expect percentage wise. There has been reduction in the quality of the food."

Points positifs : "The movie selections and comfortable headsets made it possible to watch three movies uninterrupted. The food selections were well prepared. Flight attendants were helpful and efficient."
Points négatifs : "Boarding is always a bit of chaos when our seats are right in the back. People further up insist on boarding early and block the aisles in the process. Multiple levels of passport control and baggage checkout are chaotic, but that's for most all flights coming into USA? VIrgin/Delta handled it well enough. By the time we got through passport control in Boston ur bags were waiting and we had no problems at all."

Points positifs : "Food was good."
Points négatifs : "Leg space was cramped. Parking was very"

Points négatifs : "Problème incroyable quand cest acheté avec Virgin et opéré par Air canada... est vous capable de vous entendre sur la meme chose ?? Jai couru 1:30 h pour que mes bagage embarque sur ce vol ... pu jamais"

Points positifs : "Smooth boarding process"
Points négatifs : "Delays caused us to miss our flight from London to Vienna"

Points négatifs : "Seat cushion r not soft comfortable enough. R hard. Hard My butt"

Points positifs : "Australian airports are wonderful."

Points positifs : "Friendly, helpful, efficient staff on the ground & in the air. Great selection of movies, tv, music for each person flying. Comfortable flight. Great beverage & food choices."

Points positifs : "Having a not full flight and room to spread out. The Dreamliner is awesome. On time departure."
Points négatifs : "The wifi did not work at all, and I think I was charged 3 times Landed 30 mins early and then waited an hour for the gate, I get that things happen but we have been on the plane for 11.5 hrs. Figure it out!"

Points positifs : "Great service outstanding staff"
Points négatifs : "Entertainment package needs to better emirates and qatar could be taken as examoles Delay un take iff 3 times now in last 12 months"

Points positifs : "comfort, entertainment, food"
Points négatifs : "nothing"

Points positifs : "Virgin has the nicest staff, good food, and excellent movie options. I had a great time on my flight!"

Points négatifs : "Crew"

Points négatifs : "They tried checking my carryon luggage because they said it was overweight and it would be $130. This is absurd, especially since it isn't going to change in weight by getting checked. I refused to pay this amount. The flight was also 3 hours delayed, almost missed my connection back to the states from SYD. Other international flights offer free meal service, you were lucky if you got water on this flight and had to pay for any snacks."

Points positifs : "reservations easy to make (like most other airlines) A water bottle, blanket, headset & sleep kit on each seat. Seats were not so close together in coach that your knees were against your chin if the guy in front of you put his seat back. The planes I was on To/from LAX-BNE felt very spacious because of the interior height. 2 free checked bags."
Points négatifs : "The food was mediocre--doughy stuff for both meals Not very tasty. The entertainment selection was nowhere near as good as on other airlines. Very Australia-heavy music, old films & TV shows available, as well as some new ones. But no live TV channels, not even current news."

Points positifs : "Very good on board services and nice crew"
Points négatifs : "At boarding in Atlanta, they only checked in 1 of my 3 luggages to my final destination, the 2 others are lost..."

Points positifs : "Professional Cabin Crew Excellent "vera" entertainment"
Points négatifs : "Chaotic boarding procedure in Cancun airport, although I accept that this is more of an issue with airport layout Removal of some of the "Virgin Atlantic" benefits such as free sports equipment will make me rethink my carrier of choice from next year. The 747 fleet is starting to feel old - when are the dream liners coming?"

Points positifs : "Everything was great ! The staff very nice and the plane is absolutely amazing .."
Points négatifs : "We paid for extra leg but there was no difference between normal and extra .."

Points positifs : "Getting off the stinky airplane...peeyoo!"
Points négatifs : "The three hour delay in departure."

Points positifs : "Getting off the flight"
Points négatifs : "The seat was excruciatingly uncomfortable. My legs went numb within an hour. It was hot and stuffy in board, the head rest kept slipping down and hurt my neck the legroom was tiny and cramped my knees and feet. The jerks behind me shoved their feet in the seat and I was disturbed every rime they tapped their screen. Mine wasn't working well so I had to repeat pressing my screen the entertainment selection was lame. The food was stodgy undercooked glutinous and bland. The snacks were stale and the tiny drink servings were almost pointless. Clint think I'll fly Virgin australia again"

Points positifs : "Professionalism value of service"
Points négatifs : "let me think...."

Points positifs : "Staff excellent - Inflight screen useful."
Points négatifs : "Could not do online Check in - apparently as there were 4 separate legs on my Ticket."

Points positifs : "The veg meal - paneer, rice, lentils - was absolutely delicious. In fact, all of the food was great."
Points négatifs : "Slight problem with the movie viewing - the screen kept going blank every minute or two throughout, and had to be touched to restart. Only on the films, though; the TV episodes were fine."

Points négatifs : "45 minute delay on runway after landing was very very frustrating."

Points positifs : "The staff was nice. Boarding was quick and easy. Flight left on time and arrived early. Although the entertainment system had many options, going through lists and playing games required a lot of tapping, and in some cases pushing to make the system work. I felt like I had a woodpecker sitting behind me pushing on my head non-stop for over two hours. I was starting to go insane! Besides, it was so loud near the back of the plane that I couldn't hear anything through my cheap headphones."
Points négatifs : "We could not eat any of the food. My son, my husband and I do not eat and/or are allergic to gluten, dairy, corn, soy and other food additives - as I mentioned above. Please have an option of food not swimming in sauces or cheeses. Plain organic chicken breast with steamed rice pilaf and steamed carrots would be nice. Maybe some steamed red potatoes and a piece of steak. An organic green apple for dessert. Forget the gluten, dairy, sugar or sauces that ruin a perfectly good ham or chicken and lettuce, tomato wrap! Or a salad swimming in dressing. We need to eat protein, not gluten for breakfast. Why not a hard boiled head!"

Points positifs : "Staff were friendly and flight was clean. Lots of movies to watch."
Points négatifs : "The seats gets smaller each year. For a seven hour flight, the seats are very uncomfortable, no space to move. The flight with the hand held remote control TV had poor visual quality. It was hard to watch movies with dark background."

Points positifs : "Courteous flight attendants; good cockpit crew"
Points négatifs : "Delays kept getting longer. On the plane for three hours before takeoff. Seat very uncomfortable -- reclining function didn't work, and no extra space -- and had paid extra for a "comfort" seat."

Points positifs : "Everything."
Points négatifs : "I think James Bond movies would be appropriate."

Points positifs : "Food, crew, entertainment, captain announcements."

Points positifs : "Na"
Points négatifs : "Na"

Points positifs : "Enjoyed the entertainment options. Always good."

Points positifs : "Food okay"
Points négatifs : "I had to go and get food for my vegan friend. Seats were so tight I could hardly move or rest."

Points positifs : "Great crew. On time departure and on time arrival."
Points négatifs : "Aircraft was a bit old. Seats were not as comfortable."

Points positifs : "Slightly wider seats, happy and smiling crew, brand new aircraft with many new features. The facility to book and pay for extra legroom is invaluable in this day and age."

Points positifs : "Easy and quick check in"

Points positifs : "Everything best airline I've ever flown with great job"

Points négatifs : "The business class seat is just complety outdated"

Points négatifs : "Pas de l'eau"

Points positifs : "Pas eu lieu"

Points positifs : "M’a replanifié mon vol arrive 3h30 plus tard"

Points positifs : "You change our seats that we could be together."
Points négatifs : "A soda and a cookie, you can definitely do better."

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Multilpe delays"

Points négatifs : "Le vol est parti en retard et j'ai manqué ma correspondace à Atlanta repas limité pour le lunh eb Première"

Points négatifs : "a venir demain suiteà la correspondace ratée"

Points positifs : "La possibilité d'écouter des films."
Points négatifs : "Être assise près des toilettes et subir la file d'attente avec des odeurs nauséabondes à travers tout ça. De plus, j'ai un mal des transport assez intense et le fait de ne pas être assise à côté d'un hublot a rendu le tout assez pénible. Il serai intéressant de demander, lors de l'enregistrement, si nous avons des préférences de siège. Tout va si vite que nous n'avons pas le temps d'y il est ensuite trop tard."

Points positifs : "À l’heure, nous sommes mêmes arrivés à l’avance! Nos bagages à main ont été enregistrés gratuitement."

Points positifs : "There was a medical emergency and the crew responded quickly and asked for onboard medical personnels. Wi-Fi was fast."
Points négatifs : "Lack of snacks."

Points négatifs : "Envoyer un rappel 24 h avant le vol!"

Points négatifs : "Service, puntuality, the flight was delay, no word of apology for been late"

Points négatifs : "Was unclear which zone was boarding. Legroom was comprised when passenger in immediate row ahead reclined seat early in flight."

Points positifs : "love that each seat now has a USB connection to charge your phone"
Points négatifs : "headphone jack to watch movies shorted in and out constantly"

Points positifs : "L'accueil était chaleureux"

Points positifs : "Bien organiser, service correcte et rapide Heure d’arrivée à l'avance sur l'horaire initial . Espace correcte pour les jambes"
Points négatifs : "Changement de porte d'embarquement et de terminal"

Points positifs : "The crew is always wonderful. The complimentary beverage and snack really makes the flight better, even in the tiny seats. The flights with tv screens and charging ports are great, although they only seem to be on my shorter of the two connecting flights."
Points négatifs : "Crew allows the first zones to place both their carryon and personal items in overhead storage, filling the bins before many travelers board the plane. We are then asked to check our bag, and are forced to put our 1 bag between our legs, whole many people stored two overhead. Flight was delayed a few minutes and time was not made up in air. Delta changed a few of our flights before we were even off the plane, while other passengers were allowed to keep their original flight (originally we all had the same connecting flight). Looks to me like they overbooked and pulled some of us randomly. Also, my checked bag was sent on wrong plane, and sat unattended at next airport for 2 hours."

Points négatifs : "Customer service was lack luster..."

Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Aucune organisation ou anticipation Encore 2 heures d’attente au décollage Désespérant d’ amateurisme"

Points négatifs : "Surbooké de 10 places donc cohue à l'embarquement"

Points positifs : "Friendly, efficient"
Points négatifs : "n/a"

Points positifs : "Plane was clean, easy boarding, crew was kind and attentive."
Points négatifs : "30 minutes late no explanations...."

Points positifs : "Food"
Points négatifs : "10 hours delay"

Points positifs : "Hartsfield rental car train broke so it made me miss my original flight to DCA. Delta ticket agents rebooked me w/no problem and could not have been nicer or more professional. Thank you Delta, you are my hero! Hartsfield Airport, not so much."

Points négatifs : "Flight was cancelled"

Points négatifs : "Employé à la porte très désagréable"

Points positifs : "On time departure and arrival. The Airbus plane has enough legroom for tall persons."

Points positifs : "Connexion à New York = porte d'arrivée et de départ très proches l’une de l’autre"
Points négatifs : "L’espace est restreint entre les sièges (sur l’avion)"

Points positifs : "Tout s'est bien passé, hormis le fait que je n'ai pas pue m'enregistrer à l'avance !"
Points négatifs : "enregistrement"

Points positifs : "I didn't like much about this flight."
Points négatifs : "Flight left late. When we landed the sky bridge was broken so we had to walk outside, which isn't a big deal but it took a while sitting on the runway for the stairs to come. Then we proceeded to baggage claim and waited a few minutes and one of our 2 bags was there. The crew member then said "that's everything. If you're missing bags come see us." Well about 5 people on a small flight had to see them. My bag was stuck in JFK. I was told id have to come back to the airport tomorrow. At this point id been traveling for close to 24 hours. Im not a happy camper. I usually fly JetBlue and this has never happened with them. Delta acted like its a normal thing with them. I paid 25 dollars to check each bag. How can both my bags not reach their final destination together and how come this seems like a normal procedure for Delta. I paid you for a service and now I have to drive back to the airport or wait for you at home to deliver my bags whenever Delta feels like it. I probably won't fly Delta again unless I absolutely have to."

Points négatifs : "Lounge : denied access even if I am platinum. Because domestic flight ? Delay by 1 hour .."

Points positifs : "On time"
Points négatifs : "uneventful"

Points positifs : "Never ever get economy fare! Getting a seat at he gate is a nightmare!"
Points négatifs : "Seating assignment process. Length of time to talk to anyone at the gate. Pregnancy priority seating is impossible."

Points négatifs : "Because we were diverted to JFK for "Weather" even though LaGuardia is only 9.6 miles away, and it was 11:30pm by the time we landed. The only flight to Manchester was the next night and would have gotten us to Manchester by 6pm. I had to rent a car at midnight and drive the four hours to be able to attend the reunion I was flying up for."

Points positifs : "Cabin crew were great. Food selection is good and appreciate the snacks."
Points négatifs : "Wish all seats and electrical outlets. Was forced to check my bag at the gate and DID NOT think it was nessesary. There was plenty of room on the plane. They also didn't allow me to take my medicine out before it was checked. Luckily there were no issues with getting it back."

Points positifs : "Tous les vols à l'heure, service égal à nos attentes. Personnel courtois et efficace. Très bon voyage"

Points négatifs : "Boarding was a mess"

Points négatifs : "Encore assigné à la porte du vol, comme en stand-by. Pourtant les sièges étaient payés."

Points positifs : "Arrivé à New York"
Points négatifs : "Je n'ai apprécié d'avoir des sièges assignés à la porte du vol."

Points positifs : "Boarding time and schedules were as expected or faster and good attention from the flight crew."
Points négatifs : "Breakfast was mediocre for First Class."

Points positifs : "L'équipage!"
Points négatifs : "Gros retard! Retour sur Détroit après pour des problèmes mécaniques. Longue attente pour les réparations. Dédommagement ridicule !"

Points positifs : "Rien j ai fais un Aller retour en 24 h entre les usa et le Brésil"
Points négatifs : "Les agents au Brésil non pas fait leur travail mon esta à était annulé o retour sauf que ils ont oublies De vérifier tte ça"

Points positifs : "Held the plane for a late connection . Trackble luggage"
Points négatifs : "No screens. No food. A320 mechanical issues on both planes."

Points positifs : "The in-flight service was extremely good."
Points négatifs : "The seat was slightly too short for me. If Delta provided a soft mattress cover, slimiler to that of Virgin Atlantic, then the flat bed would be far more comfortable."

Points positifs : "Wendy notre hôtesse a été exceptionnellement serviable et sympathique. Elle nous a réservé 4 places libres en long pour que Mat puisse dormir. La salade de poulet-cranberries était délicieuse."

Points positifs : "It was a pretty comfortable flight, with lots of options for entertainment. The food they serve was fairly good and the whole crew was very helpful and kind."

Points négatifs : "Reasonable price"

Points positifs : "Plane was a newer one, clean, and the stewards were nice."
Points négatifs : "New seating was terrible. The seats are so jammed together that my knees were pushed up into the seat in front. How can anyone be comfortable with this kind of seating arrangements?"

Points négatifs : "Beaucoup de retard"

Points positifs : "Le port usb pour charger son téléphone à bord et le personnage très souriant et bien présents. Bonne gestion d une urgence médicale à l atterrissage"
Points négatifs : "45 minutes pour avoir les bagages à l arrivée à Berlin Txl"

Points positifs : "Average"
Points négatifs : "I leave my jacket in the hanger when I get off the airplane I realized that they didn’t gave it to me. I inmeadiatly tey to go back but I couldn’t I went to the counter and they said that there was noting on the plane !"

Points positifs : "The stewardesses were extremely kind and helpful to me as I was travelling alone with my toddler. I really appreciated their help and kindness."

Points positifs : "Équipage au top, serviable, souriant, vraiment super !"

Points positifs : "Priority boarding with kids"
Points négatifs : "Nothing special just like easyJet ir Rayanair"

Points positifs : "Le personnel"
Points négatifs : "Siège peu confortable et très peu de place pour les jambes. Équipement électroniques très ancien, qualité de l'écran médiocre, tactile fonctionnant très mal"

Points positifs : "Un vol d’une heure et demi donc avion correct pour ce genre de vol, et personnel accueillant"
Points négatifs : "Que Air France fasse grève pourquoi pas mais prévenir à 22h pour un vol à 11h le lendemain c’est très moyen surtout quand on nous dit de reporter au 30 avril. Comme si on prenait des vacances comme on le souhaite.."

Points positifs : "Staff pleasant and courteous fine meal and beverages! Arrived ahead of schedule in Bucharest!! Overall a very pleasant experience!"

Points positifs : "Super fast boarding and smooth takeoff"

Points négatifs : "Encore un problème technique sur un avion Air France avec 1h30 de retard Ça fait 4h30 de galère à CDG pour un Marseille Paris ..."

Points positifs : "L'employée Air France qui s'est occupée de mon billet aller (pour remplacer mon avion raté)."
Points négatifs : "Le parking es ultra mal indiqué ! Faites qch !!"

Points positifs : "The inflight service"
Points négatifs : "The 3 hours delay"

Points positifs : "L’équipage Le c’fort Des sièges du 1er Rang La chef de. A une trop sumapo"
Points négatifs : "L’écran sur l’Airbus A340 est minuscule"

Points négatifs : "Retard + j’ai trouvé ma valise cassée."

Points positifs : "Surclassement en premium"

Points négatifs : "Retard... changement de porte 3 fois..."

Points positifs : "Plus de place pour les jambes. Rien ne vient butter sur les genoux tellement les sièges sont loins. Seul ombre au tableau, dommage de mettre des écrans tactiles derrière la tête des passagers. Certains ont le doigt lourd. Repas correct. Service de qualité avec un personnel aimable et souriant. Vraiment agréable, et bien mieux que dans mes souvenirs. Video de Sécurité tres drôle."

Points négatifs : "There are always delays. Today it was that internet was down."

Points positifs : "Personnel agreable et souriant"

Points positifs : "Very old plane with very poor screens where images was horrible"

Points négatifs : "Long delay during connection at CDG Unclear information about delay Repeated changes to boarding time Unable to take stroller during connection Had to go through security again at CDG, although same terminal (2E)"

Points positifs : "L'atterrissage avec une visibilité médiocre (brouillard)"
Points négatifs : "Retard au décollage, et retard à l'arrivée (mais pour cause de brouillard)"

Points positifs : "Rien. Service client zero"
Points négatifs : "Vol soit disant annulé alors qu'une amie était dedans. Report sur le vol d'après, nous privant de soirée sur place. Mise sur liste d'attente sur le vol suivant. Aucun dédommagement !"

Points positifs : "Arriver à destination."
Points négatifs : "Vol déclaré annulé, c qui était faux car il est réellement parti. Nouveau vol imposé 4h30 plus tard et on nous annonce que nous sommes sur liste d'attente arrière le vol est complet. Si pas de désistement nous devront prendre le vol du lendemain, réduisant de beaucoup la durée de notre week-end ! Dédommagement refusé car d 'après Aii France nous n' é tonnes pas prévu sur le vol de 16h alors que nous avuons nous billets électroniques."

Points négatifs : "Prestations minimaliste, ca correspond plus un voyage en économique qu'en classe affaire"

Points positifs : "Always like Air France. They are in tune with keeping the traveler updated."
Points négatifs : "Walked all over the terminal looking for signage for Croatia Airlines. Information services sent me to the right location, but it was marked Air France. I asked serval Air France employees for Croatia Air. None new that Air France was the CA carrier. Finally found one who bothered to look it up on her computer and low and behold, AF was the carrier!"

Points positifs : "Arrived on time"
Points négatifs : "Cattle car accommodations"

Points positifs : "Great people"
Points négatifs : "It was an hour late"

Points négatifs : "Le vol avait 2heures de retard sans explications"

Points négatifs : "Aucun service à bord pour un vol de 3 heures Le codeshare avec Ukraine Air nuit à la qualité d'Air France"

Points positifs : "Les repas, le siège confortable, La sélection de films ..."
Points négatifs : "Le retard ..."

Points négatifs : "Tres longue attente des bagages à l'arrivée"

Points positifs : "L'avion"
Points négatifs : "Hôtesses a l'enregistrement"

Points positifs : "Accueil et gentillesse de l´équipage. Confort du 777 et offre de films (VO)."
Points négatifs : "Repas de base en classe éco. Espace pour les jambes en classe éco Wifi proposé mais peu fonctionnel (expérimental)."

Points positifs : "Le staff,"
Points négatifs : "Des films trop vieux et Le branchement de mon casque fonctionnait mal !"

Points négatifs : "Suite au retard du précédent vol j'ai du courir pour avoir ma correspondance. Une fois ma correspondance prise j'arrive à Milan et on m'annonce que ma valise est resté à Paris. Je n'ai aucunes affaires et je ne sais pas quand je retrouverais ma valise."

Points positifs : "Embarquement, équipage"
Points négatifs : "Espace pour les jambes."

Points positifs : "The service provided by Jet and Air France was excellent. The wheelchair service did help very much"

Points négatifs : "Very warm and stiffy air on board. Need change light. Very sad neon. Probably Boing style."

Points positifs : "Disponibilité et aimabilité du personnel de bord. Pilotage, management et communication du commandant de bord. Choix et qualité des films et musique proposés. Ponctualité (départ et arrivée à l´heure)"
Points négatifs : "Le temps d´attente à l´embarquement (en classe éco), inhérent au volume de passagers (400)."

Points négatifs : "Late...delayed from algiers"

Points négatifs : "L'attitude du personnel Retard"

Points positifs : "L'amabilité du personnel"
Points négatifs : "la longueur et lenteur de l'embarquement"

Points positifs : "Although plane was full staff moved us through quickly"

Points négatifs : "La semaine dernière, je vous signalais ma grande déception après avoir récupéré et ouvert mes bagages, et malheureusement pu constater que l’un de mes objectifs de caméra était cassé en deux à l’intérieur ! … Ce dernier était pourtant comme à l’accoutumé; et cela depuis 16 ans que je fais ce métier; très bien emballé dans le sac de la caméra, qui lui-même se trouve à l’intérieur de l’un de mes sacs de voyage … J’avais pourtant au préalable réservé un bagage supplémentaire, dont j’ai d’ailleurs dû m’acquitter d’un paiement exorbitant ! Car ce montant s’élevait au double du prix du billet aller et retour !? … Je m’étonne encore d’un tel montant ??? D’autant que j’ai pu déplorer que le traitement de mon bagage n’a absolument pas été à la hauteur de la prestation d’Air France … Je pensais qu’à ce prix mon matériel professionnel aurait voyagé dans de bonnes conditions, sans être comprimé, ni mal traité, et surtout sans subir un tel dégât … À cette heure, je ne comprends d’ailleurs toujours pas, comment cette casse a pu intervenir !? … À moins que leurs bagagistes s’amusent à sauter à pieds joints dessus, vu dans quel état je l’ai retrouvé !!?? … Et puis aujourd’hui, c’est encore l’un de mes bagages qui a été égaré par leurs services … Mais voilà, cela est la énième fois, depuis tant d’années, que je dois à nouveau subir ce manque de sérieux, de professionnalisme et cette incompétence de la part de leurs hommes ! … Dont la mission consiste bien à prendre soin des sacs qu’ils conduisent ! Et dont ils sont seuls responsables, dès l’instant ou ils prennent le bagage en charge, jusqu’au moment ou leur client est censé le récupérer dans les temps !? … Seulement pour ma part, les conséquences sont désastreuses. Et j’ai constaté et subi trop souvent ces désagréments à répétitions. Toutes ces mésaventures, qui m’ont fait perdre à de nombreuses reprises un temps précieux lors de tous mes déplacements ! Réalisateur de documentaires animaliers, Air France a mis en péril trop souvent la réussite de mon travail. Ainsi que toute l’organisation qui a été minutieusement mise en place en amont, par leur manque de charisme … Lorsque le personnel d’Air France fait perdre à leur entreprise des sommes mirobolantes chaque fois qu’il bloque le pays, et les gens qui travaillent, en se mettant en grève ! Il me fait aussi payer chèrement son inaptitude, à chaque fois qu’il brille de son impéritie, par ses erreurs devenues épuisantes et harassantes … Notez que j’ai reçu mon bagage avec plus de 24h de retard … Alors que j’étais censé partir en mer le lendemain matin à 05h00 pour filmer … Malheureusement, et comme à chaque fois qu’ils enrayent le bon fonctionnement de mon travail, la réussite de mon reportage a été fortement compromise !!!"

Points positifs : "Le snack à bord excellent, une partie de l'équipage très agréable."
Points négatifs : "L'enregistrement catastrophique, le manque de place à bord pour les bagages à main totalement non géré ni anticipé pour un vol complet, le confort des nouveaux sièges des courts et moyens courriers..."

Points négatifs : "Le vol est arrivé avec 40 minutes de retard"

Points positifs : "Amabilité de l'équipage Service rapide"
Points négatifs : "Pas de point négatifs à signaler"

Points positifs : "Embarquement à l'heure et arrivé à l'heure."
Points négatifs : "À l'arrivée bus pour nous amener à l'aérogare"

Points positifs : "Personnel souriant"

Points positifs : "Bel accueil des hôtesses. Ne sont pas responsable de l'incompétence de leurs patrons."
Points négatifs : "Vol plein depuis longtemps et ils trouvent le moyen de manquer de bouffe! Oui Rouge c'est "cheap" mais y'a des limites. Après avoir servi la moitié des passagers il ne leur restait plus de repas chaud."

Points négatifs : "D'abord changement de mon vol direct pour un vol avec escale puis deux jours avant le retour; annulation du premier trajet. Nous avons dû argumenter pour avoir un vol de retour la journée même"

Points négatifs : "Aucun confort, mon banc était defoncé. Le vol avait 4 hrs de retard dû à un problème d'avion."

Points négatifs : "Je ne peux pas évaluer les repas. Il devrait y avoir une possibilité de mettre une cote non applicable."

Points positifs : "Drop off at the counter was fast and easy on the upper level departure entrance. From my drop off at 9:00 am, I made it thru baggage check-in, passing thru passport control, passing thru security and into the gate duty free area in 25 mins! Impressive experience."
Points négatifs : "With an hour delay out of Paris due to waiting for missing aircraft flight documents to be completed and delivered to the airplane on the holding ramp, we ended up arriving in Toronto an hour late. With only an original connection time of 90 minutes, it was not possible for me to make it thru Canadian and US customs to the connection gate. I was to learn that no other connection to a Kansas City was available until much later in the afternoon / early evening. As a result, I ended up arriving in Kansas City 6 (six) hours later than originally scheduled, three quarters of the time it took to travel from Paris to Toronto. To say the least , I was not at all thrilled having lost that time."

Points positifs : "Crew is frendly"
Points négatifs : "On a 5 hour flight, no tea or coffee... What is that? This is not acceptable."

Points positifs : "Les hôtesses de l'air très attentives aux besoins des passagers; Notre atterrissage à Montréal était excellent!... on a rien senti. MERCI BEAUCOUP ET FÉLICITATIONS au pilote de notre vol!"

Points positifs : "Service and comfort. Friendly and responsive staff"

Points positifs : "Both planes were nice. Attendants were pleasant. Food and entertaining were great."
Points négatifs : "Flight from Paris to Toronto was delayed 4 hours. That automatically caused us to miss our connecting flight from Toronto to Nashville. The 1st flight turned out to be more than 4 hours late. The 2nd flight was delayed as well. Not to mention we were directed many places throughout the Toronto airport trying to locate a boarding pass for the 2nd flight in hopes to make it to Nashville that day. All members of the Air Canada staff were helpful, however traveling for over 20 hours majority of which was spent in foreign airports made for a long and unpleasant day. It would have been different had it been our fault for being late or missing a flight, but we were very early for our international flights which simply added to the amount of time we had to sit, wait, and hope. A coupon was given to us, however being that I live in a different country I don't know how quick I will be able to redeem this."

Points positifs : "The plain was new"
Points négatifs : "I asked for a blanket and they told me that they are out of blankets"

Points positifs : "Food included, beverage and entertainment selection."

Points négatifs : "By the time the food arrived at our seats the protein version was no longer available. This happened on the flight to Paris as well. A customer complained about a small child and the child and parent were moved to behind my seat. After an hour of the toddler kicking my seat I asked to be moved to any other seat on the plane. Was told too bad, nothing they could do. Spent the 8 hour flight being kicked and listening to yelling."

Points positifs : "J'ai aimé l'état de l'avion, la qualité du repas servi, la qualité de la couverture."
Points négatifs : "Le personnel était agressif, les choix des films étaient pauvres en sous titres français"

Points négatifs : "Delayed over an hour, making it almost impossible to catch our connecting flight in Montreal. Thankfully, the flight out of Montreal was delayed and we were able to make the flight by the very last minute."

Points positifs : "The Canadian airports are much nicer than the US airports. Things seem to flow better. They are cleaner and have more services than the US. They also have less people. Air Canada is a very good airline. They had schedule issues like any airline, but they handled them well and communicated them well. The staff was friendly and helpful. The meals were very good. Our trip was long, but that was due to our choices. I was very satisfied and highly recommend Air Canada."
Points négatifs : "All the planes are full. Seating is cramped unless you pay a lot for an upgrade. We found connection times tight in Montreal. We had to jog each time to make our connection."

Points positifs : "The staff at boarding and flight crew very friendly, attentive and efficient. Good fare for return ticket."
Points négatifs : "Food had no taste or imagination."

Points négatifs : "It was late by an hour and I missed my connection. My flight on the way out we sat on the plane an hour and a half. Once the connection was missed they didn't handle things smoothly at all. I could write a book but it will just get me worked up again."

Points négatifs : "At least two hours delay departing three of four times, virtually no air on the Toronto-Nashville leg then had to sit on runway in a hot plane due to gate not being ready. The international boarding from Toronto to Paris was badly disorganized with two gate attendants and finally another two came over to help but stayed in phone most of the time. We were already delayed. Won't fly Air Canada again"

Points positifs : "Food was much better than I've had on a plane in years"
Points négatifs : "touch screen was very finicky"

Points positifs : "International flights were Excellent. Competent personnel, good food, comfortable seating."
Points négatifs : "No complaints."

Points positifs : "The price"
Points négatifs : "The food and the seats were cramp"

Points négatifs : "4h de retard, on nous dit qu'aucune "voucher" d'hotel puisque le retard est dû est la température à chicago (d'ou provient l'avion) alors quil fait beau la bas et un cile sans plus, l'agente au comptoir qui s'occupe de nous imformer refuse de nous aider et distribue plutot des depliants avec on # de telephone pour que les gens appellent par eux meme....tres decue d'air canada et de son manque de communication ainsi que de la facon de transmettre l'informtion! De plus, tout etait fermé a YUL alors meme pas possible d avoir un café! 3 h + tard nous avons eu breuvages chauds et biscuits expirés..."

Points positifs : "The food was decent and the snack was good too -- a small hot pizza."

Points positifs : "The crew and wonderful, and it's why i chose Air Canada -- i have flown with them a few times over the years and have never had a bad experience during the flight. they are always pleasant! Kudos to them."
Points négatifs : "At Paris, I was given the boarding passes that went with my original itinerary even tho the flight had already been changed. they told me my bag was checked through to dulles --hindsight is 20/20. if only i hadn't checked the bag. I don't think coach seats should be 'reclinable' -- the space is much too small. it's rude to do so in such cramped quarters and there's always one rude person. she happened to sit in front of me and never put her seat up the entire flight."

Points positifs : "The flight was delayed long enough that I missed the connection flight but they put me on the earlier flight so I did make the connection"

Points négatifs : "Rien à manger, et aucun film pour un trajet de cette distance. Pas de confort, mon garçon qui mesure 5p11 ne savait pas ou mettre ses jambes"

Points positifs : "It was a good flight overall."

Points positifs : "Food was reasonably good, and seat had enough legroom, more than in some airlines I have flown recently."
Points négatifs : "very disorganized. website for checkin was indecipherable. I had to call Air Canada, which charged me for the call (15 centimes per minute) then put me on hold, only to finally learn that I could only check in in person because we were traveling with a pet. --- We paid extra for preferential seating, and when we got to the counter were told that we could not have those seats bcs we were traveling with a pet - the pet was acknowledged on our records and travel documents, yet the company allowed us to sign up for preferential seating, then would not let us access those seats, but our previously reserved window seats were gone and we were assigned aisle and center seats, which were then changed again to other aisle and center seats. --- Half the flights on the departure board, including ours, were delayed, alhto there were no weather problems. Both our plane and the plane in the gate next to where we were waiting had mechanical problems - a coincidence, or a repeated failing?"

Points positifs : "Entertainment system was awesome. Flight was comfortable. Crew very friendly."
Points négatifs : "Checkin staff at airport was not friendly. Airline cannot allocate seats together even though booking was done months in advance. seriously!!!"

Points positifs : "Tous les services étaient très bien."
Points négatifs : "Tout était très bien."

Points positifs : "The movie selection was relatively good."
Points négatifs : "They changed my seat 3 times before I got on the plane (from a window seat to an aisle seat and much farther back on the plane). I didn't complain and got on the plane, only to be told for a forth time (after I had already settled in my seat) that I had to change my seat again, to a middle seat. It was by far the least comfortable seat I have sat in with very little room both in front of and next to me. Nobody should be asked to move like that, especially after choosing my seat online at least three months prior to the flight when I purchased my ticket. Food also not great."

Points positifs : "I liked the comfortable airplane. The bathroom we used by the front of the cabin was a great size bathroom. Food was OK but could have been better."
Points négatifs : "I upgraded the seats for me and my 9 year old daughter to economy premium for about $300 per seat. You would think they would give you two seats together considering you are flying with a minor. Nope! The seats were on different side of the isle and they had a seat between. One of the flight attendants was gonna accommodate us to be seated next to each other on the side with two seats only and my daughter was happy to be next to me. Another flight attendant comes after us and moves us to the middle where are 4 seats between the isles. I would recommend to ask what seats you are getting before boarding. I had picked two seats next to each other but in the meantime they sold the window seat to somebody else and moved me one seat away from my 9 year old daughter plus an isle between us. Will NEVER fly them again. I felt very uncomfortable and honestly like criminal while waiting for them to decide about my seating arrangements after paying additional $600 on the top of the regular fare. This was a flight from Paris to Montreal."

Points positifs : "The food was good. The flight attendant were helpful and cordial."
Points négatifs : "We had to wit two hours on the tarmac because of a computer error."

Points négatifs : "Nous n'avons pas eu de repas."

Points positifs : "The fact that there is a way to have on board entertainment but this was clitchy. Hot snack was welcome. Pillows and blankets. Direct flight from Casa."
Points négatifs : "Rude and filthy airline hostess. Having greasy hair and being rude is totally unprofessional. Requesting that a sleeping passenger bring their chair to upright position so that the passenger behind can have a snack? It doesn't make sense.This flight was not full at all and we were strongly urged to check our carry-on due to this. Well they didn't apparently see the fragile sticker as our latern and ceramics were damaged and the bag came out on the main conveyor. Also the door wouldn't open for baggage upon arrival so we were delayed an hour?"

Points négatifs : "I understand that it is the duty of the traveller to figure out the legalities but a little heads up about visa requirements would be nice. I did know I needed a document to transit Canada but their website is absolutely not straight forward in telling you what you need to do. I read there was an exempt till September 2016 and since I was flying before it, I thought I would be fine. While I understand it was my fault for not doing my research, it's the way the airline company handled the situation that incredibly frustrated me. There is no empathy or willingness to help a traveler about to embark on their journey, when they are told they can't board. I didn't know you needed a visa just to transit!! It's just stone cold responses and haughtiness. It's a new rule, cut me some slack! They just pushed me off to a partner airline and I was asked to pay 1500$ for a one way flight. I m getting very frustrated with airlines of late! Customer service sucks. There is no genuine empathy for a person in a bind. It's all about making money and getting you out of the line. I'm just disappointed."

Points positifs : "Cabin crews and the actual flight was an alright experience, it was the personnel on the ground."
Points négatifs : "Lack of personnel in cdg for checking bags & rude personnel on the ground."

Points positifs : "Everything was professional. The pilots was awesome"

Points positifs : "Leg room was great"
Points négatifs : "I was given someones special meal without knowing then the crew member kept saying to the girl behind me "I think she took it". I was embarrassed to be honest. The girl behind me ended up not eating her last meal because of this mistake lol"

Points positifs : "Food was fine, staff was professional, flight was quite."
Points négatifs : "The lavatories were unacceptably filthy. There was a puddle on the floor in one of them: Disgusting!"

Points positifs : "Food good crew great."
Points négatifs : "Cramped seats and full plane."

Points positifs : "The ease of boarding"
Points négatifs : "The food"

Points positifs : "All services and most of all excellent customer services."

Points positifs : "La durée de vol était relativement rapide."
Points négatifs : "Le siège n'était pas confortable. Aucun support lombaire au dossier. C'était vraiment pénible de rester assis. On aurait pu au moins de fournir un oreiller correct, mais celui-ci n'avait aucune fermeté et ne supportait rien. J'ai personnellement apporté mon oreiller de transport mais c'était pas assez. La prise d'écouteur ne fonctionnait pas bien."

Points positifs : "Entertainment selection was excellent and the liquor selection exceeded expectation. Very smooth flight."
Points négatifs : "Didn't give us US customs forms, had to ask, only got one, had to ask again, and then rushed to fill them out and THEN customs threw them out and we had to do everything on the computer. I would think that the crew would be familiar with this process at their home airport and not waste our time. Also, no one could tell us if we would have to go through security again and if we could buy any liquids in Paris duty free to bring home due to the liquid rule and going through security. Just a wildly uninformed airline (asked our crew and other AC officials) they couldn't answer a few simple questions."

Points négatifs : "Le système vidéo était dépassé et défectueux."

Points positifs : "Crew was good , space was fine"
Points négatifs : "No wifi ?! I couldn't believe you can't buy wifi for the flight ..,"

Points négatifs : "Boarded and departed late. Food was an awful chicken wrap."

Points positifs : "Price, international legs were good"
Points négatifs : "Canadian domestic flight"

Points positifs : "le service , la propreté , le personnel souriant et courtoie. Première fois que je prenais Air Canada et on a bien aimé"

Points positifs : "La ponctualité"
Points négatifs : "La largeur des sueges"

Points négatifs : "Trop de délai itnutile. L'embarquement a été décalé de 5h! Le WIFI est payant à Chicago et la bouffe coûte chère pour de la mauvaise qualité. Le retard est du parce qu'il n'y avait pas d'avion, personne nous dit pourquoi. Finalement, on embarque et apres avoir attendu 30 min, on nous désembarque parce que l'Avion n'était pas prêt, l'équipe d'entretien n'était pas disponible! finalement, on rembarque pour de bon mais on a attendu un autre 30 min sans nous dire pourquoi. L'équipage fait comme si tout était normal mais on voit par la fenêtre qu'il y un camion de service qui essait de réparer de quoi derrière l'avion. On nous fait embarquer alors que rien n'est prêt. La personne qui s'occupait des baggages a pris 20 minutes apres notre embarquement avant de s'amener. C'était extrêment désorganisé."

Points positifs : "Départ à l’heure"
Points négatifs : "Siège peu confortable, température trop chaude dans la cabine"

Points positifs : "Depart a l’heure. Embarquement rapide"
Points négatifs : "Pas beaucoup de place. Pas de repas offert, pas de film"

Points positifs : "Départ et arrivée à l’heure"
Points négatifs : "Payer pour avoir la télé. Ne pas avoir de repas sur un vol de plus de 5 heures"

Points positifs : "Départ et arrivée à l’heure"
Points négatifs : "Très étroit. Équipage peu sympathique"

Points négatifs : "Je n'ai pas aimé être forcé d'acheter un billet de retour au québec lorsque je ne sais pas quel date je vais revenir. On ne me laissait pas prendre l'Avion sinon. L'information dites par l'employé cest avéré fausse, car une fois au Nicaragua on ne ma pas demande un billet de sortie. Une chance que j'Ai pu le canceller à l'intérieur de 24h. Sinon jai été satisfait du service."

Points négatifs : "Je suis arrivé 13 minutes avant le decolage et lequipage na pas voulu me laisser monter dans lavion. J'ai du prendre un vol trois heures plus tard pour fort lauderdale alors que mon pere etait hospitalisé a miami. Personnel tres peu comprehensif une femme a même rit de moi lorsque j'ai dit que mon père avait eu un accident. Cependant le vol etait etait avec air canada et non united"

Points positifs : "- The plane was ultra modern and extremely comfortable (and not full). - We did a Washington-Paris in less than 6 hours. Tail winds helped, but also the timeliness of the process (boarding, baggage recuperation, etc). - Food was excellent although not a lot (the General Tso Chicken was very very nice, the icecream as dessert was good) - Great movie selection"
Points négatifs : "- Breakfast was so so. - Free headphones offered are not great. - Not much, all the rest was good!"

Points négatifs : "Carte d'embarquement remise par Brussels Airlines à Marseille non valable à l'embarquement! Nouveau gros coup de stress dont je me serais bien passée. Visiblement, il y a des gros problèmes informatiques enrtre Air Canada et Brussels Airlines"

Points négatifs : "Horrible communicatuon between the crew and passengers. Poor entertainment and comfort. The delay in Chicago was poorly updated and once the plane landed the flight taxied for upwards of a half hour."

Points négatifs : "2 hours late. No food included no device for movies and my carry on was checked in"

Points positifs : "Je n ai jamais pris air canada ni à l aller ni au retour . Les avions ont été annulés , je n ai pas été prévenu et ils m ont mis sur d autres compagnies . Un enfer"

Points négatifs : "Tout le monde a eu trop froid Quant au repas servi, un paquet de 30g de biscuits apéritif c est inadmissible, nous n avions pas diner ."

Points négatifs : "On nous facture 200$ pour des bagages qui n arrivent pas à destination, et que personne ne localise au même endroit, on nois a laissé sans solution pour les affaires que nous avons du remplacer à nos frais. De plus, une fois livrée, on ne nous previens pas ( dépose à l hôtel sans signature) je n ai pas pu faire constater qu on m a abimé mon vélo pendant le trajet"

Points positifs : "Very courteous service, frequent snacks, free in-flight entertainment."
Points négatifs : "Long wait at SFO on tarmack for gait to become available on arrival."

Points positifs : "-"
Points négatifs : "-"

Points négatifs : "Nous avons seulement eu deux petites collations pour un vol de 10 heures."

Points positifs : "Vêry pleasant flight."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"

Points négatifs : "Peu d'espace pour le confort."

Points positifs : "They transfer me to a empty row so I can be more comfortable"

Points positifs : "They started food service immediately, offered free wine and beer. Were very helpful in getting carry-on in storage bin."
Points négatifs : "2 hour delay in leaving."

Points positifs : "Le fait que ce vol soit opéré par Air Canada"
Points négatifs : "Le vol annulé pour cause do'rages, alors que d'autres avions décollait, et qu'aucune compensation, ni solution soit trouvé pour compenser. Cette expérience est juste inimaginable !"

Points positifs : "Excellent meal in and very crew."

Points négatifs : "poor food no special care for kids as by other companies no entertainment system available"

Points positifs : "Personnel dans l'ensemble très agréable, enregistrement des bagages très simple et personnel aidant"
Points négatifs : "Personnel juste avant l'embarquement très désagréable et hautain avec une autre famille, une attitude plus courtoise aurait été plus professionnelle et nettement plus adaptée"

Points négatifs : "Flights were cancelled we missed our earlier flight due to united computer problems. No solution offeeed end up flying to New Orleans had to call a relative 2 hours to come pick us up. Customer service waits were over an hour with 10 computer terminals there and only 2 people working. Trip from hell."

Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Mêmes commentaires que pour le trajet IAD-IAH, a l'exception que l'enfant mineur à pu voyager dansce segment avec son père."

Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Le fait que malgré que nous étions une famille de 4 personnes sous la même réservation et avec un enfant mineur (10 ans), nous avons été tout le temps séparés et le mineur à même du faire ce trajet toute seule avec 2 autres passagers inconnus à ses côtés. Inadmissible ! En plus, état de propreté des sièges laisse beaucoup à désirer. Finalement: nourriture payante + divertissement payant !"

Points positifs : "Sièges classe économique assez comfortable pour un long courrier."
Points négatifs : "Etat de propreté de l'avion. Beaucoup de salissures dans et autour des sièges."

Points positifs : "On time. Tasty eats. Good crew"
Points négatifs : "Sound in the movies is sub-par"

Points positifs : "Flying the the new 787 was good; not great - seating is still very tight, but that is the nature of flying; I get it. For what it is - no disappointments."

Points positifs : "Compagnie dans les temps Personnels sympa"
Points négatifs : "Le comfort des sièges"

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Food and service"

Points négatifs : "Very rough landing."

Points positifs : "Great crew as always"
Points négatifs : "Wifi was unreliable."

Points positifs : "The food was better than anticipated. The crew was engagingl and responsive."
Points négatifs : "The seating remains appalling not only in the size of the seat but the leg room. When the seats are put back by passengers ahead the tray tables become a implement of further reduction of comfort. Most passengers attempt to get up just to relieve cramping, but thr aisles are so small it is difficult to find relief. It is more than discomfort it is painful."

Points positifs : "Boarding was quick and efficient and our delay today was linked to our wait for the plane to be de-iced. Food service however is too long as they split the food first then drinks then desserts which really makes the whole service in three steps much longer and that's not counting the fourth time they come to pick up thrash. Crew however was pleasant."

Points positifs : "Arrived on time. Plane was clean."
Points négatifs : "Passengers for numerous regional flights had to wait in a crowded area before going to our gates in the basement. There was no attendant that I could see to tell us what was going on until 30 minutes or less before departure. I had never seen this arrangement before and was not pleased with it. On board, there was no snack, only a beverage, which I did not want."

Points positifs : "I like that the plane was very clean and modern. The staff very nice and speaks both english and french."
Points négatifs : "nothing"

Points positifs : "Like? The staff were courteous."
Points négatifs : "The plane was old. The seats worn out and hurt my back. United has reall won the race to the. Orrin among US airlines."

Points positifs : "flights were on time with early arrivals."

Points positifs : "Virtually empty flight"

Points négatifs : "1h delayed but warned about it hours before"

Points négatifs : "Fly was late. Luggage delivery was slow."

Points positifs : "Crew did a nice job, food was average."
Points négatifs : "Not UAL's fault, but airports are a hassle, little space for carry on since the big charges for checking luggage, etc. I now fly as seldom as possible."

Points positifs : "Nothing"

Points positifs : "Great, friendly crew. Handled switching plane situation quickly"
Points négatifs : "NA"

Points négatifs : "my light does not focus on my area, but on neighbor's area."

Points négatifs : "The lousy attitude, mediocre equipment, non-proactive planning to prepare for a known problem......overall, this is not the airline, I used to fly few years back. I think, United knows that there are not many options for New Jersey residents to fly anywhere, without being on UA flights so they take customers for granted.......Well, it won't be for too long, if they don't get their act together.......People will start driving to Philadelphia and find themselves other choices......"

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Dernières offres d’allers-retours

2 escales
Virgin Atlantic
18h 26min
1 escale
Virgin Atlantic
15h 11min
1 escale
Virgin Atlantic
13h 01min
1 escale
Virgin Atlantic
15h 11min
1 escale
Virgin Atlantic
13h 01min
1 escale
Virgin Atlantic
15h 11min
1 escale
Air France
13h 01min
1 escale
Air France
11h 57min
2 escales
20h 56min
2 escales
16h 30min
2 escales
20h 56min
2 escales
17h 26min
2 escales
16h 03min
2 escales
16h 30min
2 escales
Air Canada
31h 12min
2 escales
Air Canada
17h 45min
2 escales
United Airlines
17h 27min
2 escales
United Airlines
14h 05min
2 escales
United Airlines
16h 47min
2 escales
United Airlines
14h 45min
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