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  • À la recherche d’un vol à petit prix pour la Malaisie ? 25% de nos utilisateurs ont trouvé un vol pour la Malaisie aux tarifs suivants ou moins : Aller simple de Nice à 554 €, aller-retour à 548 €, aller simple de Marseille à 431 €, aller-retour à 594 €, aller simple de Lyon à 529 €, aller-retour à 796 €
  • Réservez au moins 3 semaines avant le départ pour obtenir un prix moins cher que la moyenne.
  • La haute saison est en juillet et août, et mars est le mois le moins cher pour partir pour la Malaisie.
  • Saisissez votre aéroport de départ préféré et vos dates de voyage dans le formulaire de recherche en haut de page pour découvrir les dernières offres de vols vers Malaisie.
  • Envolez-vous pour la sublime île de Penang dans le détroit de Malacca depuis l’aéroport international de Kuala Lumpur (KUL). Les vols directs d’une durée de 1 h sont opérés par des compagnies locales et asiatiques comme Air Asia, Malindo Air ou encore Malaysia Airlines.
  • Ne manquez pas de visiter Singapour lors de vos vacances en Malaisie : vous trouverez des vols directs entre l’aéroport de Kuala Lumpur et le gigantesque aéroport de Changi (SIN) de Singapour.
  • Pour rejoindre la capitale malaisienne à votre arrivée à l’aéroport de Kuala Lumpur, empruntez le KLIA Express (plus rapide) ou le KLIA Transit, des trains qui vous mèneront en à peine 30 min au cœur de la vibrante cité qu’est Kuala Lumpur.
  • Lors de vos vacances en Malaisie, passez quelques jours de détente à la plage sur l’île de Tioman, l’une des plus belles du pays. Son aéroport Kualan (KUA) se rejoint en vol rapide (de 40 min à 55 min selon les vols) depuis Kuala Lumpur.

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Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK
Singapore AirlinesNote générale basée sur 3914 avis
Avis sur la compagnie
Points négatifs : "I have encountered missing documents before departure in Singapore to KL. The check in crews very helpful, their knowledge to assist me boarding smoothly. My appreciation towards all crews who have helped me this morning ( SQ106) Big THANK YOU to you ALL."
En savoir plus sur Singapore Airlines
Points négatifs : "I have encountered missing documents before departure in Singapore to KL. The check in crews very helpful, their knowledge to assist me boarding smoothly. My appreciation towards all crews who have helped me this morning ( SQ106) Big THANK YOU to you ALL."
Points positifs : "Clean cabin and good service"
Points négatifs : "Not every body is doing extra miles to make customer happy"
Points positifs : "La possibilité d’avoir pu payer un supplément laisse à notre convenance pour avoir un surclassement"
Points négatifs : "Le prix du billet a été débité 2 fois à l’aller ( remboursé ensuite quand je l’ai signalé) . Le prix du supplément de surclassement a fait que le retour a été débité de notre compte 2 fois aussi. Il faut qu’on le signale encore."
Points positifs : "Crew very polite and friendly"
Points négatifs : "Crew forgot to bring me things twice so I had to ask another crew member on both occasions."
Points positifs : "The crew is always amazing: highly professional, attentive and friendly. The whole experience with Singapore Airlines is always a treat."
Points positifs : "Entertainment system was new and easy to use. Seats in premium economy were quite comfortable."
Points négatifs : "A vegetarian / pescatarian option on the menu would have been nice but other than that, all good."
Points négatifs : "Security screening very slow"
Points positifs : "Great crew But... Many wild children, loud babies. I was in seat with extra leg room so I had no space for my purse & carry on and had to store in overhead bin. After take off, I retrieved my purse & carry on to get my glasses and purse. The flight attendant gave my bin space away to someone..."
Points négatifs : "See above... Who didn't upgrade their seat. My items had to go into bin 3 rows back. Very inconvenient & very difficult to retrieve after landing. I will never pay the additional fee for extra leg room again."
Points positifs : "Pas grand chose, il faisait chaud dans l’avion , les repas sont tellement mauvais"
Points négatifs : "Amélioration des repas , mets air climatisé dans l’avion"
Points positifs : "Tellement mieux que les compagnies européennes"
Points positifs : "The crew was amazing. The seat were uncomfortable"
Points positifs : "Overall good"
Points négatifs : "Boarding needs better management."
Points positifs : "Generally good Flight was operated by Silk Air"
Points négatifs : "Entertainment score is not meaningful because of the short flight time."
Points positifs : "(Previous PE comparisons: Turkish AL, Air NZ, SAS) Ease of check-in, on-time dep/arr, crew attention and responsiveness, seating within the range to be expected of this class."
Points négatifs : "Plane condition: Cosmetic plastic panel below monitor and seat back pocket on Seat 31E fell off when foot rest was lowered; had previously been secured by adhesive tape. Panel removed by crew. In-flight entertainment system: Persistent intermittent loss of sound while listening to movie or TV program. Food: Tried to use "Book the Cook" feature touted by Singapore's website. Was unable to get on site for that purpose. The last try a message appeared (late September) that site was being "rebuilt." On the flight, there was no menu of choices; we were offered 3 vaguely worded choices which boiled down to beef, chicken or vegetables. Those appeared in not particularly appetizing forms and combinations--P.S., we like east and southeast Asian cooking and had just spent 3 weeks in Japan. Failure to provide information about possible delays due to WRG deplaning location at LAX: Although we are frequent fliers to and from LAX, we'd never heard of the WRG. It would have been helpful if the crew had informed us upon arrival that there could possibly be a wait on the plane as buses were used to transport us approximately 1/2 mile to TBIT. Generally: We chose Singapore because of its reputation for excellence. Belying the name of the class, both Turkish AL and Air NZ treated Premium Economy passengers as "junior" business class. Singapore treated us as coach with a roomier cabin and seating pitch."
Points positifs : "Great service!"
Points positifs : "The comfort and caring staff"
Points négatifs : "Food serve a bit slow with the no of pax and long queue for the washroom"
Points positifs : "Friendly staff."
Points négatifs : "The food for Premium Economy was very poor. The choices were substandard and the food at some meals was inedible. Very disappointing for the price of the tickets. The cabins and equipment seemed old and jaded."
Points négatifs : "Cabin temperature too cool"
Points négatifs : "Boarding didn’t give priority to passengers with children"
Points positifs : "Excellent crew"
Points négatifs : "My seat was very hard"
Points positifs : "Singapore airline crew is always top notch in terms of service and attentiveness. It's a direct flight from Singapore to Canberra! Beats the layover in Sydney or Melbourne."
Points négatifs : "Business class seats were uncomfortable compared to other business class. They're not lay flat seats, and I can't get the seat even close to flat because my feet jam in to the bottom of the seat in front of me. The food wasn't great, some of the meal which was supposed to be served hot was still cold."
Points positifs : "Able to check luggage in 48 hrs before flight saving $50 storage fees, so went back into CBD for the day."
Points négatifs : "20 mins late boarding meant plane left 35 mins late although still arrived on time."
Points négatifs : "In spite of ordering vegetarian food, was offered a non-vegetarian option and was told that is Asian vegetarian. Food quality was bad too."
Points positifs : "Great service"
Points négatifs : "Nil"
Points négatifs : "The flights were always late causing us to miss a connection. Also when purchasing the ticket I was not informed of two extra stops that only showed up when I checked in."
Points positifs : "Modern aircraft , nice crew"
Points positifs : "Comfortable seats roomy 30kg allowance good a ttention form staff witohut fussing'"
Points négatifs : "nothing"
Points positifs : "Even though the flight was just 45 mins, the crew were able to pop out a beverages round"
Points négatifs : "Nothing to mention, all was good"
Points positifs : "Friendly, smiling staff, ever happy to help, nice food"
Points négatifs : "Seats on the A380 upper deck economy are too uncomfortable, couldn't relax at all during the 5h red-eye to Singapore"
Points positifs : "Service was nice."
Points négatifs : "Comparing to recent businesses class flight on Emirates; Singapore airlines seat does not recline to flat bed. Boarded flight st 11pm and arrived at Singapore at 7am. Toiletries like tooth brush and paste, razor etc. were not provided. Emirates provides, so we did not pack in-flight."
Points positifs : "friendly staff top Service top Inflight"
Points négatifs : "new aircraft, 2 x usb charging ports, 50+ movies, very quiet aircraft."
Points positifs : "The crew of ladies and men where so very gracious and courtly, both to the passengers and each other. My wife and I both took note that the flight attendants were "First Class" with emphasis on class. Exceptionally well groomed, but also conveyed genuine concern and helpfulness and at the same time, real workers, energetic and perky. We are bragging to all our friends about the uplifting cultural demeanor of Singapore Airlines. They should all get a pay raise. I will always remember their wonderful service when thinking about our trip to Frankfurt, Germany. Robert"
Points positifs : "smooth service with refreshments"
Points négatifs : "No working seat audio"
Points négatifs : "The crew was rude when asking me to window shed."
Points positifs : "The entrainment was amazing!"
Points négatifs : "Seats were a little cramped"
Points négatifs : "Food was very poor."
Points positifs : "Excellent service, Confortabilité et assistance pendant tout le trajet!"
Points négatifs : "Food"
Points positifs : "Such incredible staff. Always Willing to go above and beyond! I flew 17 hours with them and they made the flight a breeze. Great airline, will be flying with Singapore again"
Points négatifs : "Really nothing. I loved flying with them."
Points positifs : "the flight time was quick , by the time you took off you practically were preparing for landing"
Points négatifs : "nothing disappointing"
Points positifs : "Overall treatment of boarding & crew staff was courteous, friendly & helpful. Movies selections were great but I was too tired to watch."
Points négatifs : "Food can be improved. Couldn't eat pork or shrimps, so wished they served either vegetarian or chicken noodles instead of pork or stuff with shrimps. Fish, chicken, beef, or vegetarian options are better options."
Points positifs : "The service in coach was very impressive! The flight attendants could not be more attentive! I can only imagine how it would be in business or first class."
Points positifs : "My partner had a bad leg and the staff were very attentive and helpful in making her as comfortable as possible with extra pillows and getting ice for her ice pack."
Points négatifs : "The seats were uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep without getting a really stiff neck. The vegetarian oriental meal was bee hoon with vegetables but the amount of vegetables were a lot more than the bee hoon thus making the meal less than filling and satisfying."
Points négatifs : "Seats are tight and hard"
Points négatifs : "Too hot in plane Food really late, 1h after special meals Entertainment system archaic, age of plane All isles seats gone as soon as checkin open"
Points négatifs : "Business cabin is not as good as the Air France one"
Points positifs : "The SIA crew is the most gentle and careful I have ever encountered."
Points négatifs : "The food is below average. The quantity is OK but the choices/taste in not matching the best airlines."
Points positifs : "The ground staff in Sydney!"
Points négatifs : "From the moment we checked in in Singapore there was no service. Having travelled first class and Economy before with Singapore I was very disappointed with Business class. My husband and daughter were in First Class. The service was below average to say the least - more training required from check in to on board - (in Sydney the staff on the ground went above and beyond) In Singapore it was very fake and contained no sincerity. The lounge itself was also ordinary compared to others, no Amenity kits or PJs in business class - even Virgin Australia has that! I was so excited to be travelling Singapore again given past experiences but now Im not sure I will want to fly them again."
Points positifs : "Great food. Very fresh looking flight attendants. Awesome personal entertainment system."
Points négatifs : "Service has faltered recently. I had asked fo Riesling, and the flight attendant said they would bring later. Never did. Also, they no longer offer various Crabtree and Evelyn products in bathroom, and my night pack didn't even come with a visor to cover my eyes for sleeping."
Points positifs : "Crew was outstanding"
Points négatifs : "No sound on my entertainment system"

food could have been better.

The check in process was long and could have been faster if more staff was available. The line of passengers was too long and there was no one to guide the line. The boarding process was a bit better. Although several announcements were made regarding mask wearing, it was not fully enforced on the flight. This left me feeling unsafe considering the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and flu season.

It was hot inside the plane and the boarding was very crowded. But the seat comfort, and entertainment are spectacular

TV monitors are very old. Touchpad does jot work well.

Points positifs : "Great Crew.. clean, new flight. Everything works."
Points positifs : "Amazing crew. Very attentive to passengers and genuinely nice."
Points positifs : "Seat comfortable"
Points négatifs : "L'embarquement: pas de passerelle. Accès par bus. Dommage mais on sait que ça peut arriver à Doha. Longue attente dans le bus. Pas de "traitement Business". Température un peu basse pendant la nuit."
Points positifs : "Yes. the crew was amazing, respectful and seats had adequate leg room. Entertain equipment was working."
Points négatifs : "Same advertisements before each movie could play were annoying to me."
Points positifs : "Qatar is the BEST First Class airline in the world."
Points négatifs : "Everything was amazing!"
Points positifs : "There’s a reason Qatar Airline is one of the top 10 airlines! Other airlines feed you pretzels and charge you for a blanket. Qatar feeds you numerous times throughout the flight and everything is as great as travel today can be."
Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Meals are absolutly terrible, confort desaster, and hostess unqualified"
Points positifs : "Embarquement à l'heure, équipage très sympathique. Arrivée à Montréal en avance!"
Points négatifs : "Les repas sont corrects mais du potentiel d'amélioration."
Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Poor service and flight was dirty"
Points positifs : "Seat comfortable"
Points positifs : "The crew in the plane was very supportive and assisted us with the baby and have provided all possible comfort"
Points négatifs : "we have booked a wheelchair to carry old grandmother with permanent injured hand and the baby to the plane, and we have confirmed availability of the same by calling QA office in Qatar. However QA did not provide a wheelchair during check-in at Paris Charles de Gaulle for whatever unjustified reason"
Points négatifs : "J'étais assis entouré d'enfants qui ont pleuré à tour de role plus de 10hrs sur les 12hrs de vol. Désastreux."
Points positifs : "The flight attendants were fantastic. They paid attention to every detail and anticipated requests. Always had a smile on their faces."
Points négatifs : "The service and the aircraft with QSuites were superb."
Points positifs : "Le plus important dans un vol c'est datterrire à temps nous avons eu un retard de 2h sans aucune justification ni communication du progrès"
Points négatifs : "Timely communication sur le status du retard Prendre en considération le long transit de certains passagers et les contraintes d'arriver au milieu de la nuit. Beyrouth"
Points positifs : "Très bonne compagnie aérienne qui soigne le détail."
Points négatifs : "Le steward qui soccupait de notre secteur aurait avoir plus d'entregent et sourire."
Points positifs : "Avion tres confortable, design intérieur et lighting parfait. Equipage et service de très grande qualité."
Points négatifs : "Embarquement, mais là cest le ground staff à Beyrouth qui doit s'ameliorer..."
Points positifs : "Crew à bord très efficace, attentif et serviable. De Grande qualité pour une classe Eco, en fait la première fois que je vois cela comparativement à beaucoup d'autres Airlines compagnies. Siege et place très agréable. Rapport qualité prix très bon."
Points positifs : "The staff at Qatar Airways did everything they could to make this flight one of the most enjoyable of my entire life. The food was well prepared and exceeded my expectations. I also enjoyed that the food was served at times that minimized the impact of the time change."
Points négatifs : "The movie and TV options were impressive; however, in-flight WiFi and power would have been convenient and improved the entertainment on board the flight."
Points négatifs : "It was delayed 3hrs but no regret from staff. Doha to staff very bad and arrogant"
Points positifs : "L’equiage L’avion Le vol"
Points négatifs : "L’avion n’a pas ete nettoye avant notre embarquement"
Points positifs : "Qatar est une super compagnie rien à redire"
Points positifs : "Super compagnie gentille et agréable"
Points négatifs : "Les repas"
Points positifs : "The service was fantastic"
Points négatifs : "Screaming babies. But hey, great flight"
Points négatifs : "For 1.5 kilo overwait I’ve been charged $65"
Points négatifs : "Qatar counter check asked how long I will be staying in Ho Chi Minh, even though my visa expired in 2022! Surprise and they are aware of my ticket with a return in Thi September. Then I was asked for how long I will stay is not of Qatar concern. Too much of concern!"
Points positifs : "Nothing was spectacular."
Points négatifs : "No lounge in Philadelphia took my Priority Pass. On the flight, the woman in front of me threw her chair back without asking and almost had hot coffee all over me. When I asked her to put her chair up, she got mad. She went to staff to insist she could put her chair back. I showed them that I was indeed in a back brace for a health condition and that I needed opportunities to move and shift, cross legs to release tension, etc. Staff sided with the rude woman, who, given the chance to move to an equal seat on the opposite aisle where she could recline, refused to move. I was very frustrated and have never been treated with such discrimination regarding my health concerns."
Points positifs : "Great"
Points négatifs : "Too long, lol"
Points négatifs : "Peu de nouveaux films"
Points positifs : "The insight service was good. Kind and welcoming attitude of the stewards are appreciated. There was no guile but genuine"
Points négatifs : "Answers from the staff was felt by me from the time I checked in Dallas to Bangalore and back.I will travel again by Qatar airways only. Please buy the air India inc ."
Points positifs : "The service and food."
Points négatifs : "Movies are always the same"
Points négatifs : "The seat from Jakarta to Doha, especially the head/neck holder was uncomfortoble. Too big and stiff and wasn’t on the right possition even though it is adjustable. One of the crew didn’t say anything, not even smile after she opened the curtain between bussiness and economy class at row J K L. She just walked away."
Points positifs : "Nothing to be liked on this Flight"
Points négatifs : "Poor Service, they were even out of food."
Points positifs : "Service, crew, food"
Points négatifs : "Seats are small"
Points positifs : "Friendly crew and good food/drink service. Timely departure. Comfortable and spacious seating at the departure gate."
Points positifs : "Good food"
Points négatifs : "Des choices of movies"
Points positifs : "Cabin crews were politie"
Points négatifs : "Waiting area outside gate was crowded and slow service, plane take off was delayed Plane wasnt clean enough food wasnt good taste horrible"
Points négatifs : "Bad app don’t trust"
Points positifs : "The flight crew are all amazing and provide excellent customer service."
Points négatifs : "No complaints."
Points négatifs : "going with RJ in the first leg"
Points positifs : "The service was excellent, the hostesses were very friendly, smiling and helping. The food was tasty and delicious..."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "Dans les temps, confortable, personnel aidant"
Points négatifs : "L’ecran de divertissement ne fonctionnait pas.."
Points positifs : "Dans les temps, confortable, personnel aidant"
Points négatifs : "The website is not easy to navigate."
Points positifs : "They were very attentive and proactive."
Points positifs : "crew was efficient and friendly"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "Great services"
Points négatifs : "Sitting in front is better"
Points négatifs : "We were impressed that they served food"
Points positifs : "The prompt service of the staff and comfort of the plane."
Points négatifs : "Warm snacks instead of cold pastry."
Points négatifs : "Food."
Points positifs : "Very attentive crew"
Points positifs : "Best flight of my life. The put every airline to shame. I wish they did flight service to denver! I booked our next vacation with them today!"
Points positifs : "Crew was great, flight was good and on time"
Points négatifs : "Petit dej"
Points négatifs : "Food on the plane"
Points positifs : "The in flight entertainment had an excellent selection of new movies but..."
Points négatifs : "With 30 minutes left until we landed the airline decided to play on every single screen and at maximum volume a Thai tourism video. For 30 minutes this video played, the flight was only 1 hour 20 minutes. It’s the little annoyances like this can’t make an short trip irritating."
Points négatifs : "N/A: very professional crew! The cabin remained clean for the entire duration of each of my 11 hour flights."
Points positifs : "The overall experience was good and relaxing."
Points négatifs : "The toilet area could be better occupied to help skin dryness control."
Points positifs : "787 Dreamliner"
Points négatifs : "Boarding organization could be better."
Points positifs : "Crew were excellent in service. They’re Very attentive and friendly."
Points négatifs : "Clean lavatories should be clean more often. Seats are at weird angle. TV screens are small."
Points positifs : "Air conditionner"
Points négatifs : "Pas de retard Être à l'heure J'ai raté mon train pour Montpellier"
Points positifs : "Personnelle professionnelle, siège vraiment confortable."
Points négatifs : "Pas de wifi et le screen donne pas le information du vol."
Points positifs : "Le siege etàit parfait."
Points négatifs : "Dans le vol Bangkok Milan, pas d’information sur la Durée du vol. Le screen donne pas d’informations et le wifi.c’est cassé."
Points positifs : "The flight was comfortable, staff was friendly, and food and snacks were abundant. Loved the variety of cocktails served even in economy class, they served champagne in flute glasses."
Points négatifs : "The screens had pretty bad resolution"
Points positifs : "Crew were all very amazing and the seat are great"
Points négatifs : "This is my first time to travel thru Thai airways and it was a very nice experience."
Points positifs : "sit was ok. stef was 100%"
Points négatifs : "morw games in screen"
Points positifs : "Personnel souriant"
Points négatifs : "Repas pas assez copieux"
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Embarquement tardif Repas pas assez copieux Divertissement écran en panne pas de films ni de casque audio"
Points positifs : "Confort et équipages Repas Thaï"
Points négatifs : "Difficile de trouver"
Points positifs : "Means of transportation in Bangkok is well organized and very accessible."
Points positifs : "Simple, no surprises is a good thing"
Points négatifs : "Nothing, everything was great."
Points positifs : "The crew were faultless; looking after your every need - food choices in Business superb. And time for rest."
Points négatifs : "Nothing really; maybe just that the A330 seat was a little old with seat controls hard to decipher."
Points positifs : "Quick flight with food service and entertainment"
Points positifs : "Qualité de l'avion, espace convenable, peu de bruit, beaucoup de repas pour passer le temps et de passage pour les boissons"
Points négatifs : "Vraiment très peu de films en français (même sous titré), embarquement qui dure une éternité avec aucun renseignement sur le pourquoi de l'attente..."
Points négatifs : "Super delayed."
Points positifs : "Speedy boarding, early arrival and generally comfortable flight."
Points négatifs : "The food choice was limited - and it was spicy which didn't suit me or the children. The flight was a little bumpy."
Points négatifs : "Old plane not flat bed and food bad"
Points négatifs : "Old useless aircrafts"
Points négatifs : "Embarquement par bus. Pas top. Pas de file prioritaire pour pax business. Controle secu trop longs à bkk."
Points positifs : "For such a short 1 hour flight, they managed to feed an A330 plane load of people - pretty impressive feat considering that US carriers don’t even bother to give complimentary hot food on a cross country flight. The color scheme didn’t hurt either. The FA’s were very accommodating and so pleasant."
Points positifs : "De l'enregistrement à l'arrivée à destination tout a été facile et efficace. Le personnel au sol au moment du drop-off était accueillant et poli. Le personnel naviguant est juste exceptionnel on peut demander ce que l'on veut et ce même en économie class. Les compagnies européennes devraient s'en inspirer. La nourriture excellente et vraiment j'insiste sur la qualité du service."
Points négatifs : "Rien à dire"
Points négatifs : "Our itinerary did not show that we had to transit in Chiangmai. It came as a surprise when we checked in at the airport. That was very misleading. We had to remove our hand luggage at each stop."
Points négatifs : "The flight was an hour late therefore I was worried I’d miss my next flight. The “kosher” meal I was given was just an apple! Hardly a meal... and the flight attendants were quite annoyed as if they were bothered. I don’t think I will fly with Thai Airways again."
Points positifs : "Good service and kind staff."
Points négatifs : "The entertainment system wasn't working and the crew didn't reboot it until half way through the flight. Any amount of movement from the seat in front of me (either from a slight adjustment from the person sitting in front of me to turbulence) and the tv would go black for a few seconds. It would also change to a red hue from time to time."
Points positifs : "On time and service"
Points négatifs : "Quite a bit odd for food from dhaka"
Points positifs : "got sick from the food"
Points positifs : "I pre-ordered a seafood meal. It was excellent."
Points négatifs : "The seats (bottom) have become worn and caved in. And the head rests are as flat and hard as rocks. They need to be changed"
Points positifs : "Good food, friendly crew"
Points négatifs : "Entertainment limited, arrival in BKK terrible, offloading a 747 with busses is a no go. Long waiting time in plane."
Points positifs : "Thai (similar to ANA) provides its customers with REAL customer service while flying with them."
Points négatifs : "???"
Points négatifs : "liked everything. i have traveled with Thai many times over the past 30 years."
Points positifs : "I really love Thai Air business class internal flights. Great seat layout like the long haul privacy. Thai Air staff always excellent and even on this 70 min flight they serve a hot Thai meal rather than cop out with sarnies. Also was llucky on the flight down to HKt was on a brand new Dreamliner, I think they were testing. Wow! Multi coloured calming lighting and no window blinds ! 5heh work electinically like polarised glasses! What next! Highly recommend Thai Air for business class."
Points positifs : "Boarding and in flight services"
Points négatifs : "Nothing in particular"
Points positifs : "Everything ok But just Ok"
Points négatifs : "Bossy staff seemed to much trouble stretching your legs made you feel like you were in the way!!!!"

Plateau repas toujours pareil Pas très original

Points positifs : "Livraison bagage rapide à Geneve Distribution d'une bouteille d'eau Départ retardé mais arrivée à l'heure"
Points négatifs : "Pas de Lounge Lufthansa à l'aéroport de Barcelone"
Points positifs : "Crew"
Points positifs : "Great flight"
Points positifs : "Personnel assez souriant. Pourtant lors de l'embarquement nous devions attendre dans le couloir froid, mieux d'attendre avant la porte."
Points négatifs : "A l'arrivée à l'aéroport de CDG le personnel de nettoyage a ouvert la porte arrière de l'avion pendant que nous étions en train de sortir à l'avant. Assez désagréable ce froid et ne pas attendre que nous étions tous sortis."
Points négatifs : "The TVs in economy class weren’t working and it was an 8 hour flight so it would have been nice to have some entertainment during that time"
Points positifs : "Personnel au top (Adria Airways) Embarquement très bien même si transfert en bus depuis le terminal"
Points négatifs : "Pas de commentaires négatifs. Pas de grosses prétentions pour un vol d’une demie-heure"
Points positifs : "Personnel toujours aussi souriant et pro. Embarquement un peu chaotique."
Points négatifs : "Places limitées pour les jambes et si celui de devant descend le dossier de son siège autant dire qu’on ne respire plus. On ne voit pratiquement rien sur les écrans selon où est situé dans l’avion"
Points positifs : "Crew was amazing. Good food. Comfortable seats"
Points négatifs : "Music options along with the movies"
Points positifs : "Muy confortable, la amabilidad de los tripulantes"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "fresh baked bread!"
Points négatifs : "fight was delayed almost 4 hours. we were stuck on the plane for over 2 hours before liftoff while technical difficulties were worked out. no compensation offered."
Points négatifs : "La ponctualité"
Points négatifs : "The seat bottom was very uncomfortable and made my bum sore the rest of the day."
Points positifs : "Bombardier C Series. Most leg room and comfort of any plane"
Points négatifs : "La prise en compte des bagages en soute. Le fait que le prix du billet ne comprenait pas les bagages en soute n'était pas clairement précisé."
Points positifs : "The seats were good for a short flight, which this was. No complaints."
Points positifs : "Crew was nice"
Points négatifs : "No WiFi on a 12 hour flight, but we could all see the full signal WiFi for the crew, aptly named. LXCrew. Awful to see them using WiFi when we are unable."
Points positifs : "Le personnel naviguant, l'avion la gentillesse"
Points négatifs : "Le fait que Swiss est devenu une espèce de easyJet de Lufthansa. Vraiment triste. Même plus de service business alors que chez Lufthansa on continue d'avoir les petits plats"
Points positifs : "Le personnel toujours aussi souriant et agréable"
Points négatifs : "Cette impression que Swiss est devenu le easyJet de Lufthansa. Même en business fini le petit service avec des plats raffinés. Bien triste"
Points négatifs : "Very good!"
Points négatifs : "Very nice company!"
Points négatifs : "Temperature was very hot"
Points négatifs : "Missed flight. Misplaced checked bag. Filed complaint with Swiss."
Points négatifs : "Selon moi, Pas assez de choix de Musique et de Film."
Points positifs : "Gentillesse du personnel"
Points positifs : "Siège confortable. Personnel attentionné. Service impeccable."
Points positifs : "Swiss is aways good"
Points négatifs : "Check in was annoying in Paris as we had to go to ticket counter, and then go to a different counter to pay for luggage. Annoyed in the first place to have to pay for 2 checked bags on international flight, but to have to go into three separate lines in order to do so was pouring salt into a wound."
Points positifs : "Équipage très sympathique vol rapide"
Points positifs : "Amazing crew/ food/seats very comfortable! Very relaxing ride !"
Points négatifs : "It was perfect !"
Points positifs : "Snack & boisson inclus, embarquement rapide et vol arrivé en avance!"
Points négatifs : "Vieil avion où les secousses se font vraiment sentir beaucoup!"
Points positifs : "De la place pour les jambes, vol à l'heure, embarquement rapide"
Points négatifs : "Vieil avion, écrans vraiment pas top (vieillots, pas du tout user friendly), réveil difficile (pleines lumières allumées 1h30 avant l'arrivee apres qqs heures seulement où elles étaient éteintes)"
Points positifs : "Service god"
Points négatifs : "Seat was broken. Would not recline. Challenging when already very tight Entertainment did not respond to use English as language choice"
Points positifs : "This was a very short flight. They gave you a great little snack and drink. Was a very smooth flight and the crew were very friendly and welcoming."
Points négatifs : "Could not check in online because the system was down."
Points positifs : "Les hôtesses et les Stewart très professionnels ! Repas assez bon, sièges confortables et films récents disponibles ! Bon vol malgré les perturbations"
Points négatifs : "Embarquement... J'avais parlé à un membre à l'embarquement pour avoir une place avec plus d'espace pour les jambes... On m'a promis de trouver une solution pour qu'à la fin la personne ne vienne même pas me dire en face qu'il n'y avait pas de solution. On m'a simplement dit que le vol est complet et que j'aurais du penser à cela avant... Pas très professionnel !"
Points négatifs : "Pas de chocolat Oups"
Points positifs : "Le vol de Swiss était comme d'habitude agréable et sympa. Il n'y a vraiment pas grand chose à redire."
Points négatifs : "Le soucis se situe souvent dans les aéroports, notamment celui de Tegel à Berlin. Je vous déconseille fortement d'y atterrir, c'est vraiment inadapté et des infrastructures vraiment désuètes."
Points positifs : "Brand new plane and SUPER comfortable (even in coach!)."
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "J'avais réservé le vol chez ANA (joint venture) : impossible de pouvoir réserver un siège puisque le vol est opéré par Swiss. Chez Swiss : impossible de réserver puisque j'ai réservé chez ANA... Repas franchement mauvais, rien de japonais, pas de chopsticks alors que la moitié des passagers étaient japonais. Divertissements : équipement vidéo d'un autre âge !"
Points positifs : "Le surclassement en business mais surtout le check in automatique via KAYAK, les avertissements sur le retard via KAYAK trips et l’information sur porte d’embarquement et le numéro de carrousel pour récupérer son baggage sur l’app KAYAK- Merci KAYAK"
Points négatifs : "Le facial spray de Swiss et les chaussettes qui ne sont pas très agréable!!"
Points négatifs : "I missed my connection and got to Hong Kong a day late."
Points négatifs : "the seat did not reclined, it was broke. travel with my wife on different seat my wife had a broken knee and they assigned a seat smack in the middle of the isle and she told me she almost past out because she could not move I had a passenger in the back that was kicking my seat every few minutes and I woke up every time I went to sleep"
Points positifs : "Spacious seats"
Points négatifs : "Bag check process"
Points positifs : "The service and THE FOOD WERE GOOD !"
Points négatifs : "Our bags were lost in Zurich but the gentleman at the ticket counter was amazing! He even called before we left the airport saying that he had found our bag in Zurich"
Points positifs : "Great services and the staffs. Very comfortable flight and plane"
Points négatifs : "N/A"
Points positifs : "Avion neuf et confortable. Collaborateurs à bord très sympathique et souriant. Siège ultra confort. Un vol en douceur"
Points négatifs : "Pas de divertissement dans l’avion."
Points négatifs : "Je n’ai jamais pu embarquer avec mes deux enfants la compagnie ne m’a jamais envoyé le scann code pour l’embarquement"
Points positifs : "Mon bagage explose retrouvé dans un sac. Le contenu y était la fermeture de la valise avait lâché. JPL l"
Points négatifs : "Le repas ....pas bon"
Points positifs : "Very Pleasant Staff!"


L’embarquement top , Le service à bord, le repas distribué peuvent être largement amélioré

Super comme compagnie

Points positifs : "crew need to be more polite and kind"
Points négatifs : "just a more kind crew would be great"
Points négatifs : "Très bien à heure un avions trop propre"
Points négatifs : "Seats were torn and adjustments were malfunctional. No drinks were offered. Wifi did not work either."
Points négatifs : "The flight from Cairo to Istanbul was delayed one hour and I missed my flight from Istanbul to Houston and i had to get a visa for $30 in cash and spend the night in Istanbul thus I will be arriving a day late in Houston. I was offered no assistance to avoid missing my flight. I had to run only to find my other plane left without me..."
Points négatifs : "Air circulation on the jfk ist flight was absent and my wife almost suffocated and has to get closer to an exit door to get some air. Last time to use turkish airline"
Points positifs : "Everything"
Points positifs : "Food was really good, staff was helpful and friendly and there was more legroom that I've often experienced. Also - flight was NOT packed - there was actually an empty mid-row seat!"
Points positifs : "Very comfortable business class. Amazing food prepared on board. Flight crew was very pleasant, helpful and professional. The business class lounge in Istanbul was amazing as well, 2 stories tall with food, drink and entertainment everywhere. Golf simulator, slot cars etc!!!"
Points négatifs : "Check in process was more disorganized than most business class ."
Points positifs : "Toute était très bon depuis le début jusqu'a la fin. Très en écoute. Excellent ..."
Points positifs : "NA"
Points négatifs : "NA"
Points positifs : "Overall was a nice flight."
Points négatifs : "There’s no entertainment in plane.this the only thing I wish to change."
Points positifs : "One of the flight attendants was rude"
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "Super efficacité au desk 'cas speciaux' de Turkishairline Ils m'ont imprimé ma carte d'embarquement en 3 minutes"
Points négatifs : "Pas de réseau à l'aéroport Pas de rappel de kiwi pour s'enregistrer"
Points négatifs : "Bagage non reçu. Un bagage sur 10 bagages, quelle mauvaise organisation"
Points négatifs : "Didn't happen. My first leg to Athens was canceled which created a humongous headache since it ended up canceling my return flights. Air Canada had to put me on completely new flights there and back. I think this has taught me to go directly through an airline. Justfly was not helpful. Neither was Turkish airlines."
Points positifs : "Great selection of movies, excellent food, friendly service."
Points négatifs : "Boarding required a lot of waiting in lines only to be moved to another area where we had to wait again. There was very little leg room in between seats."
Points positifs : "L'organisation."
Points négatifs : "L'équipage ne fais pas d'effort pour comprendre ce qu'on lui demande dans une autre langue à part l'anglais. C'est un vol international et je pense que c'est important de parler français aussi."
Points négatifs : "La cuisine est vraiment horrible"
Points positifs : "overall it was ok but the service between chicago-istambul and return is superb"
Points négatifs : "Just the difference in the service between delhi-istambul and istambul-delhi is so much lower grade than the service from chicago-istambul and istambul-chicago it is a real turn off"
Points négatifs : "Tell passengers the truth from the start!"
Points négatifs : "Le manque de sollicitude pour établir le billet pour la connexion IST YUL, suite à la non connaissance du nouveau contrôle AVE pour les entrées au Canada."
Points positifs : "I had a seat in the front row of the economy section so I had a lot of leg room. They kept the toilets maintained (cleanliness, supplies) throughout the flight."
Points négatifs : "It was a 10hr flight and we were fed only twice... full meals at the top & bottom of the flight. There were no snacks or drink service in-between... a 6hr stretch. I fly a lot internationally and that was quite unusual and unwelcome. They also ran out of food"
Points positifs : "Un grand merci pour avoir été surclassés lors de ce vol qui fut des plus agréable . Le personnel a été charmant et compète a l’aerop et pendant le vol !"
Points positifs : "Super service clean nice airplane ✈️ departing arriving on time"
Points positifs : "Tout a été excellent"
Points négatifs : "Rien ne m'a déplu"
Points positifs : "gentillesse de l'équipage, propreté de l'avion"
Points négatifs : "2 bagages cassés au retour dont une ouverte"
Points positifs : "ils sont toujours à l'écoute et attentionné Parfait en globalitees"
Points positifs : "Très pratique,gagne beaucoup de temps partout où nous allons."
Points positifs : "Très pratique"
Points négatifs : "Retard du vol dur avec un enfant"
Points négatifs : "Retard du vil dir avec un enfant"
Points positifs : "Luggage policy, helpful ground and air crew. Price."
Points négatifs : "IST stoppover, damaged luggages."
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "This flight was not available"
Points positifs : "Due to the breakdown in diplomatic relations between the United States and Turkey, we were not able to secure non-immigrant visas to enter Turkey, so we had to cancel our plans to Istanbul. It is a bit of a comfort to note that Turkish Airlines seems likely to refund us the price of our tickets. I appreciate it, because I don't think they are legally obligated, though it is the ethical thing to do."
Points négatifs : "However, even getting our money back on the airline tickets won't reverse the disappointment of going through all of the effort and coordination to plan the trip. I intended to take my nephew to Istanbul, a city I've never been to and always pined to visit, and had encouraged a local friend whose son, close in age to my nephew, is studying music in Istanbul at this time. My nephew is studying in Valencia, and we thought it would be a really fun and memorable experience for them to meet, and maybe they would have decided to do some traveling together in the future or my friend's son could have visited my nephew in Valencia at some point this school year. All these plans went down the drain when we couldn't get visas. We are having to content ourselves with southern Spain instead."
Points négatifs : "Repas"
Points positifs : "Free upgrades are great, unfortunately rare."
Points négatifs : "Food"
Points positifs : "The flight was delayed, took 6 hours at the airport to get things straighten out. Lost the flight connection,"
Points négatifs : "It took way too long to get the right information on the status of the flight"
Points positifs : "Everything was good except boarding. Boarding should be from a proper gate rather than from a bus"
Points positifs : "No delays Courtesy of crew Very pleasant fly"
Points positifs : "Merci à Turkish Airlines"
Points positifs : "The food and movies were the only good thing there"
Points négatifs : "1. Airport wasn't air conditioned in Istanbul people were sweating 2. Very Poor customer service in Istanbul , no one of the employees there were able to smile at the whole airport 3.7 hrs wait in the airport , Both flights were packed and full of kids"
Points négatifs : "++++"
Points négatifs : "Vol a des heures invraisemblalbles 3:45AM Attente interminable dans bus surchauffé, alors que l aeroport est vide et plein de passerelles sont libres. Turkish economise des droits d aeroports sur le dos de sa clientele Personnel de l aeroport ne fait que taper la discute entre eux alors que la clientele n en peut plus d attendre.."
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Mesures de précaution pour les compagnies aériennes voyageant vers la Malaisie

Les compagnies aériennes voyageant vers la Malaisie ont mis en place des mesures de précaution supplémentaires et ont adapté leurs politiques pour mieux accueillir les voyageurs. Les politiques varient selon les compagnies aériennes.

Renforcement des mesures sanitaires

Nettoyage quotidien, filtres HEPA dans les cabines sur les vols pour la Malaisie

Masques obligatoires

Masques obligatoires à bord. Masques fournis sur les vols pour la Malaisie

Siège de distanciation sociale

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1 escaleTurkish Airlines
17h 00minSXB-KUL
1 escaleTurkish Airlines
17h 30minKUL-SXB
380 €
1 escaleEtihad Airways
17h 50minCDG-KUL
1 escaleEtihad Airways
18h 05minKUL-CDG
401 €
1 escaleEtihad Airways
17h 50minCDG-KUL
1 escaleEtihad Airways
18h 05minKUL-CDG
402 €
1 escaleEtihad Airways
16h 05minCDG-KUL
1 escaleEtihad Airways
16h 40minKUL-CDG
404 €
1 escaleTurkish Airlines
17h 00minSXB-KUL
1 escaleTurkish Airlines
17h 30minKUL-SXB
410 €
2 escalesPlusieurs compagnies
19h 55minTLS-KUL
2 escalesPlusieurs compagnies
17h 40minKUL-TLS
428 €
2 escalesSWISS
28h 00minCDG-KUL
2 escalesSWISS
23h 10minKUL-CDG
428 €
2 escalesSWISS
28h 00minCDG-KUL
2 escalesSWISS
23h 10minKUL-CDG
429 €
2 escalesPlusieurs compagnies
20h 05minMRS-KUL
2 escalesPlusieurs compagnies
22h 25minKUL-MRS
430 €
2 escalesPlusieurs compagnies
17h 10minCDG-KUL
2 escalesPlusieurs compagnies
18h 20minKUL-CDG
432 €
1 escaleQatar Airways
16h 45minCDG-KUL
1 escaleQatar Airways
16h 20minKUL-CDG
446 €
2 escalesKLM
20h 00minSXB-KUL
2 escalesKLM
23h 00minKUL-SXB
453 €
1 escaleSAUDIA
17h 10minCDG-KUL
1 escaleSAUDIA
18h 40minKUL-CDG
455 €
1 escaleSingapore Airlines
16h 40minCDG-KUL
1 escaleSingapore Airlines
23h 05minKUL-CDG
457 €
2 escalesAir France
19h 30minCDG-KUL
1 escaleAir France
22h 40minKUL-CDG
458 €
1 escaleSingapore Airlines
16h 40minCDG-KUL
1 escaleSingapore Airlines
16h 55minKUL-CDG
460 €
2 escalesKLM
21h 25minTLS-KUL
2 escalesKLM
24h 25minKUL-TLS
468 €
1 escaleThai Airways
26h 30minCDG-PEN
1 escaleThai Airways
29h 05minPEN-CDG
665 €
2 escalesFinnair
23h 35minCDG-PEN
2 escalesFinnair
22h 10minPEN-CDG
697 €
2 escalesOman Air
32h 20minCDG-BKI
2 escalesOman Air
28h 05minBKI-CDG
740 €

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3 escalesPlusieurs compagnies
39h 45minORY-KUL
291 €
2 escalesPlusieurs compagnies
48h 05minORY-KUL
293 €
2 escalesPlusieurs compagnies
26h 30minORY-KUL
295 €
2 escalesPlusieurs compagnies
47h 45minORY-KUL
299 €
2 escalesPlusieurs compagnies
31h 55minCDG-KUL
300 €
2 escalesPlusieurs compagnies
29h 05minCDG-KUL
306 €
2 escalesPlusieurs compagnies
29h 30minCDG-KUL
309 €
1 escaleSAUDIA
17h 10minCDG-KUL
346 €
1 escaleSAUDIA
17h 10minCDG-KUL
347 €
1 escaleSAUDIA
17h 10minCDG-KUL
348 €
1 escaleSAUDIA
17h 10minCDG-KUL
349 €
1 escaleSAUDIA
17h 10minCDG-KUL
350 €
1 escaleTurkish Airlines
18h 35minCDG-KUL
365 €
1 escaleEtihad Airways
16h 05minCDG-KUL
368 €
1 escaleTurkish Airlines
18h 35minCDG-KUL
371 €
1 escaleTurkish Airlines
15h 45minCDG-KUL
385 €
2 escalesQatar Airways
24h 25minLYS-KUL
398 €
2 escalesOman Air
35h 15minCDG-PEN
435 €
2 escalesEtihad Airways
32h 45minNCE-KUL
467 €
1 escaleThai Airways
26h 30minCDG-PEN
476 €

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