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  • Il n’existe pas d’aéroport à Patong. La ville est desservie par l’aéroport de Aéroport Intl de Phuket.
  • À la recherche d’un vol à petit prix vers Patong ? 25% de nos utilisateurs ont trouvé un vol vers Patong aux tarifs suivants ou moins : Aller simple de Paris à 370 €, aller-retour à 432 €, aller simple de Nice à 419 €, aller-retour à 433 €, aller simple de Bordeaux à 428 €, aller-retour à 468 €
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  • La haute saison est en janvier, novembre et décembre, et juin est le mois le moins cher pour partir à Patong.
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Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK
Singapore AirlinesNote générale basée sur 3914 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Delays were given at intervals. So we were informed

En savoir plus sur Singapore Airlines

Delays were given at intervals. So we were informed

Points positifs : "La possibilité d’avoir pu payer un supplément laisse à notre convenance pour avoir un surclassement"
Points négatifs : "Le prix du billet a été débité 2 fois à l’aller ( remboursé ensuite quand je l’ai signalé) . Le prix du supplément de surclassement a fait que le retour a été débité de notre compte 2 fois aussi. Il faut qu’on le signale encore."
Points positifs : "New aircraft"
Points négatifs : "The willingness to provide a better quality service by the entire cabin crew and improved food quality."
Points négatifs : "More storage space in business"
Points positifs : "Just ok"
Points négatifs : "The crew and the service"
Points positifs : "checking in at Changi Airport is always a pleasure, helpful friendly staff"
Points négatifs : "the food is disgusting"
Points négatifs : "Security screening very slow"
Points positifs : "Crew were great. Flight was not full."
Points négatifs : "Plane was a bit dated and the entertainment system not as good as the newer plane as choices are lesser."
Points négatifs : "WiFi didn’t work on 3 of the 4 flights although all purportedly had it. Also didn’t work the majority of the time in the Business Class Lounge in Singapore. Food was mediocre both on flights and in the lounge. Movie selection could hardly have been worse."
Points positifs : "Pas grand chose, il faisait chaud dans l’avion , les repas sont tellement mauvais"
Points négatifs : "Amélioration des repas , mets air climatisé dans l’avion"
Points positifs : "Tellement mieux que les compagnies européennes"
Points négatifs : "Great Airline. Great staff and service. Good food and drink."
Points positifs : "Well organized boarding, friendliness of staff, food service"
Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed by about an hour."
Points positifs : "Satisfied and feel good on Singapore airlines, definitely will consider next trip"
Points positifs : "The cabin crew were fantastic. Food was abundant. Most boarding systems worked well. Choosing seats was confusing on website so we were allocated seating. The newer planes had a fantastic touch screen entertainment system. The seats on the newer planes were much more comfortable and roomy"
Points négatifs : "The small seats are squishy on the older planes. The entertainment system on the older planes were dated and difficult to use. I felt sick after the flight to UK but felt fine coming home after one long flight on a newer plane."
Points positifs : "The cabin crew were fantastic. Food was abundant. Most boarding systems worked well. Choosing seats was confusing on website so we were allocated seating. The newer planes had a fantastic touch screen entertainment system. The seats on the newer planes were much more comfortable and roomy"
Points négatifs : "The small seats are squishy on the older planes. The entertainment system on the older planes were dated and difficult to use. I felt sick after the flight to UK but felt fine coming home after one long flight on a newer plane."
Points positifs : "So good to get on a flight where I can fit in the seats..."
Points positifs : "Crew were attentive and courteous, food and beverage choices were great; would definitely fly with SA again."
Points négatifs : "None that I can think of"
Points positifs : "Service is always excellent"
Points négatifs : "Food however was very disappointing. Surprising as Singapore Airlines pride themselves on quality and the food was poor :-("
Points positifs : "Great service and comfort."
Points négatifs : "Food was bland and breakfast availability was a joke. On any flight, passengers do not want spicy or evening meals, and having a limited amount number of breakfasts available was not amusing. The crew had done 5 rows and we were 6 row from kitchen and they had run out ."
Points positifs : "Comfortable, full service through the night.."
Points positifs : "great crew service. my first time flying with singapore airlines and they delivered"
Points positifs : "Flight is comfortable, food is nice. Most importantly, the flight was on time."
Points négatifs : "The entertainment system requires additional setup, and need my own mobile device. My mobile device was low in battery while I'm on my flight, so I'm not able to view any movies during the flight."
Points positifs : "Food"
Points négatifs : "Crew"
Points positifs : "Crews were all nice, respectful and helpful!"
Points négatifs : "I wanted to watch Indian movies, but I didn’t see the subtitles for most/all of them."
Points positifs : "Food was ok"
Points négatifs : "Entertainment system are old age and poor quality TFT screen"
Points positifs : "Excellent service. Good food. Very attentive and responsive flight crew."
Points négatifs : "Space was too tight"
Points positifs : "New plane. Good entertainment. Seat reclined a lot but would not stay reclined."
Points négatifs : "The food was horrendous. Worst airline food I've ever had. Check in and boarding area not great. Very overrated airline."
Points positifs : "friendly staff top Service top Inflight"
Points négatifs : "new aircraft, 2 x usb charging ports, 50+ movies, very quiet aircraft."
Points négatifs : "too long a flight 17 hours from SFO to Singapore"
Points négatifs : "Foods serving were too slow for economy class. Not enough selections for entertainment."
Points positifs : "Great service always"
Points négatifs : "Particularly asked for aisle seat during checking in and I was told I was allocated aisle seat, but my seat was in the middle all the way to Brisbane. Person who checked me in did not seem like who wanted to be on the job beside being not too busy at all."
Points négatifs : "breakfast was terrible"
Points positifs : "Excellent service, Confortabilité et assistance pendant tout le trajet!"
Points positifs : "The staff are so friendly and helpful. Highly recommend travelling with the airline. The A380 is a great way to travel with more space in economy. I booked seats on the upper deck where there is a smaller economy cabin. Makes you feel a bit more civilised up the top!"
Points négatifs : "Economy class isn't great for a long haul flight but the staff make it much more bearable."
Points positifs : "Main Entree hot"
Points négatifs : "Cold bread; dessert similar sweetened gak"
Points négatifs : "Long delay with in between flights. No special kits for kids to keep them entertained. Does not even serve drink when order special meal. Leaves the tray for hour before picking up. No transit help in hongkong. I can go on and on."
Points positifs : "My partner had a bad leg and the staff were very attentive and helpful in making her as comfortable as possible with extra pillows and getting ice for her ice pack."
Points négatifs : "The seats were uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep without getting a really stiff neck. The vegetarian oriental meal was bee hoon with vegetables but the amount of vegetables were a lot more than the bee hoon thus making the meal less than filling and satisfying."
Points positifs : "everything, excellent job"
Points négatifs : "Crew rarely walked aisles with water. Gluten free meal was mediocre. Seat was old and uncomfortable. Entertainment options were mediocre."
Points positifs : "The sevice was on point. Flight attendants were beautiful and worked harder than any other airline I have been on. The uniforms were on point too. The television had every new movie you could watch. Food, for an airline, was great. All drink service was included. Best airline I have ever flown!"
Points négatifs : "Wifi cost 12 bucks and hour."
Points positifs : "Singapore Airlines is my new airline, forget about any other airlines. They have very beautiful service and entertainment. Their staff and one of the best crews ever. I really love it."
Points négatifs : "Business cabin is not as good as the Air France one"
Points positifs : "Food & condition"
Points négatifs : "Crew were unfriendly and rude"
Points positifs : "The SIA crew is the most gentle and careful I have ever encountered."
Points négatifs : "The food is below average. The quantity is OK but the choices/taste in not matching the best airlines."
Points positifs : "The overall experience was good. Crews are friendly and approachable. Food taste good."
Points négatifs : "Beware of babies on board."
Points positifs : "Friendly and approachable"
Points positifs : "got us there, efficient and effective crew."
Points positifs : "I liked how often the staff walked down the ailes to help. They are very attentive. The entertainment is endless. Seats were standard in economy class, I recommended upgrading for that long of a flight."
Points négatifs : "To my flight specifically, it got adjusted without telling me so I ended up missing my final transfer. I was not given a notification for a flight change. Someone met me at the end of my second flight to tell me I missed my connecting flight. With the adjusted flight Singapore gave me, there was no chance I would have made it. They did purchase a ticket for me on another airline to get to San Francisco in the end."


It was hot inside the plane and the boarding was very crowded. But the seat comfort, and entertainment are spectacular

great crew - very efficient. Food was restaurant quality and good choices. Large movie selection, but a little weak with the music, games seemed OK.

Really I can’t think of anything that could’ve been better. Thank you for an excellent trip

Points positifs : "everything"
Points négatifs : "Food"
Points positifs : "Train the stuff Better food"
Points positifs : "Amazing crew. Very attentive to passengers and genuinely nice."
Points négatifs : "Food"
Points positifs : "Seat comfortable"
Points négatifs : "L'embarquement: pas de passerelle. Accès par bus. Dommage mais on sait que ça peut arriver à Doha. Longue attente dans le bus. Pas de "traitement Business". Température un peu basse pendant la nuit."
Points positifs : "Entertainment and food is always great with Qatar!"
Points négatifs : "After I got in my seat an Islamic lady came and said that I was in her seat. I looked at her ticket and while it was the right seat number, she was on the wrong flight. I got a stewardess to help her. She had gone through 3 boarding pass checks and was still on the wrong flight. They let her fly!"
Points positifs : "There’s a reason Qatar Airline is one of the top 10 airlines! Other airlines feed you pretzels and charge you for a blanket. Qatar feeds you numerous times throughout the flight and everything is as great as travel today can be."
Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Meals are absolutly terrible, confort desaster, and hostess unqualified"
Points positifs : "Embarquement à l'heure, équipage très sympathique. Arrivée à Montréal en avance!"
Points négatifs : "Les repas sont corrects mais du potentiel d'amélioration."
Points positifs : "Seat comfortable"
Points négatifs : "Excellent service and stuff"
Points positifs : "The crew in the plane was very supportive and assisted us with the baby and have provided all possible comfort"
Points négatifs : "we have booked a wheelchair to carry old grandmother with permanent injured hand and the baby to the plane, and we have confirmed availability of the same by calling QA office in Qatar. However QA did not provide a wheelchair during check-in at Paris Charles de Gaulle for whatever unjustified reason"
Points négatifs : "J'étais assis entouré d'enfants qui ont pleuré à tour de role plus de 10hrs sur les 12hrs de vol. Désastreux."
Points positifs : "Le plus important dans un vol c'est datterrire à temps nous avons eu un retard de 2h sans aucune justification ni communication du progrès"
Points négatifs : "Timely communication sur le status du retard Prendre en considération le long transit de certains passagers et les contraintes d'arriver au milieu de la nuit. Beyrouth"
Points positifs : "Excellent"
Points positifs : "wanted an isle seat because of back issues and was arranged without any hassle."
Points négatifs : "17 hour transit in Doha and no accommodation was provided. Though I booked it from a third party I belive QA is at least responsible for making sure that the vendors let the user know that there will be NO accommodation provided. This information is also not readily accessible when searching online."
Points négatifs : "Food and seat comfort could be better"
Points positifs : "Très bonne compagnie aérienne qui soigne le détail."
Points négatifs : "Le steward qui soccupait de notre secteur aurait avoir plus d'entregent et sourire."
Points positifs : "Avion tres confortable, design intérieur et lighting parfait. Equipage et service de très grande qualité."
Points négatifs : "Embarquement, mais là cest le ground staff à Beyrouth qui doit s'ameliorer..."
Points positifs : "Crew was friendly and helpful."
Points négatifs : "the lights kept changing color above constantly which made it hard to sleep when needed. Was traveling with 2 small children and the ability to sit/eat comfortably was a challenge due to the limited space. Food was unappetizing and would have just preferred more fruits instead of the bland meals"
Points positifs : "Crew à bord très efficace, attentif et serviable. De Grande qualité pour une classe Eco, en fait la première fois que je vois cela comparativement à beaucoup d'autres Airlines compagnies. Siege et place très agréable. Rapport qualité prix très bon."
Points positifs : "Leg room and cleanlness. Polite crew members"
Points négatifs : "No entertainment. Very old movies and mainly in other languages not English. None for blacks to watch or listen"
Points positifs : "L’equiage L’avion Le vol"
Points négatifs : "L’avion n’a pas ete nettoye avant notre embarquement"
Points positifs : "Qatar est une super compagnie rien à redire"
Points positifs : "Super compagnie gentille et agréable"
Points positifs : "Super comfy seat and entertainment, plus staff super nice"
Points négatifs : "Too long on boarding"
Points négatifs : "Les repas"
Points positifs : "The service was fantastic"
Points négatifs : "Screaming babies. But hey, great flight"
Points positifs : "The leg room was huge, the food was excellent and a lot and the customer service was great not my first time to fly with Qatar and it won’t be my last, the made my trip worthwhile. Thank you"
Points négatifs : "No complaints so far so good"
Points négatifs : "Qatar counter check asked how long I will be staying in Ho Chi Minh, even though my visa expired in 2022! Surprise and they are aware of my ticket with a return in Thi September. Then I was asked for how long I will stay is not of Qatar concern. Too much of concern!"
Points négatifs : "Peu de nouveaux films"
Points positifs : "Service is courteous, both on the ground and air. Food & entertainment was top-notch as well. One of the economy rest-rooms were out of order and I was allowed to utilize the business class restroom by the flight attendant. Head bursar was very apologetic and sympathetic about the whole issue. Enjoyed my flight, again on Qatar!"
Points positifs : "Attentive"
Points négatifs : "Nothing it was great"
Points positifs : "Food crew and entertainment were all good thanks"
Points négatifs : "A child behind me kept kicking the back of the seat all the time and the mother did nothing about it"
Points négatifs : "Movies are always the same"
Points négatifs : "most of us sitting in and around me didn't get any rest or sleep as we had a passenger who had a psychotic breakdown and was screaming and poking everyone. She sprinkled me with water severally, I hope we get some sort of compensation from Qatar airways for this terrible disturbance"
Points positifs : "Good food"
Points négatifs : "Des choices of movies"
Points positifs : "Good service!! Good food!! Great staff!!"
Points positifs : "Cabin crews were politie"
Points négatifs : "Waiting area outside gate was crowded and slow service, plane take off was delayed Plane wasnt clean enough food wasnt good taste horrible"
Points positifs : "Excellent customer service, from the check in process, to boarding, to flying 21 hours from Boston to Phuket with infant- we couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Everyone was so accommodating and helpful as we traveled with our 7 month old a lot g distance."
Points positifs : "The flight crew are all amazing and provide excellent customer service."
Points négatifs : "No complaints."
Points positifs : "Dans les temps, confortable, personnel aidant"
Points négatifs : "L’ecran de divertissement ne fonctionnait pas.."
Points positifs : "Dans les temps, confortable, personnel aidant"
Points positifs : "Great flight. Everything was good. The only very small issue is hey offer WiFi but even if you pay the allocation of data make you feel like you living in the 1990. 10 meg free and 300 meg for a whole flight is a complete joke, especially for USD 30. They could manage protocols but give a reasonable service."
Points négatifs : "WiFi"

The plane was really old. There was no monitor Infront of seats. The speaker that played the voice of crew and captain was broken and noisy. We could hardly understand what they were saying and that was something definitely obvious for them. It was kind of disrespectful when they saw such an obvious annoying problem and not trying to solve it. I really felt angry.

Flight was so comfortable, service was excellent and staff very friendly and helpful.

Le personnel l’accueil parfait

L’accueil le personnel a recommandé

Très bien

Un voyage adoré, condor, service agréable au bords,

Très bien excellent

Tres bien excellent

Points négatifs : "Only one person in the three row and that was really great flight"
Points positifs : "very good service"
Points positifs : "J’étais en classe business, rien à dire tout était parfait"
Points négatifs : "Le plat principal n’était pas de mon goût mais cela est propre à moi"
Points positifs : "Emirates provides good seating even in economy class,with good entertainment so makes the 8hr flt more pleasant."
Points négatifs : "Food wasn't overly great."
Points positifs : "Good seating and entertainment."
Points négatifs : "Sort out the food."
Points positifs : "TOUT"
Points positifs : "Everything"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "Friendly crew"
Points négatifs : "Free WiFi"
Points positifs : "Crew was very calm, courtesy, and cheerful."
Points positifs : "All"
Points négatifs : "To be cabin in business class"
Points négatifs : "Couvertures sentent le mal lavé. A part cela tres bon voyage."
Points négatifs : "I'm desapointed with first flight with Emirates. Having travelled with various airlines, i was expecting a much better service on board. 15 min waiting on a call for the cabin crew to answer and separately banquets and pillows who stinks."
Points positifs : "L’espace en A380"
Points négatifs : "Le repas"
Points positifs : "Le siège et l’espace"
Points négatifs : "Le repas"
Points négatifs : "Le repas dans le vol dubai-dhaka"
Points positifs : "L'avion a moitié plein j'ai eu trois places Au top pour dormir, personnel super gentil et au petit soin. Rien à dire ce vol était parfait vu mon état de fatigue"
Points négatifs : "Un surclassement"
Points négatifs : "Il n'y avait pas assez de films en français"
Points positifs : "PARFAIT et à l’HEURE"
Points négatifs : "RAS"
Points positifs : "Les films"
Points négatifs : "Ne pas récupérer ma valise complètement détruite à l’arrivee Alors que celle ci est neuve"
Points positifs : "Rien de spécial"
Points négatifs : "Sachant que n’ois étions en famille en business J’aurai Aimé Un équipage agréable Un divertissement ou cadeau pour les enfants De meilleurs repas ou une meilleure qualité. Et beaucoup de choses à dire"
Points positifs : "L’équipage et le service est excellent"
Points négatifs : "Départ en retard mais plus la faute de l’aéroport que de la compagnie aérienne."
Points positifs : "I love everything about Emirates."
Points négatifs : "N/A"
Points positifs : "Service et confort"
Points positifs : "Vol. Confort. Equipement ICE"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "L’accu, l’hora, enfin tout"
Points négatifs : "RAS"
Points positifs : "Très bien"
Points négatifs : "Rien à signaler"
Points positifs : "Crew was attentive Pilot steered a smooth flight"
Points négatifs : "Seats were a little cramped"
Points positifs : "La promptitude et l'accueil"
Points négatifs : "Le personnel à bord d'emirate qui ne parle pas français sur un vol dans un francophone"
Points négatifs : "I cant cause im still at quantos waiting for them to find my god damn bags!"
Points positifs : "La qualite du service. Equipement en vol."
Points négatifs : "Rien a dire c etait parfait."
Points positifs : "Everything about the flight - barring one thing - was brilliant. The new overhauled interior with the padded leather seats and a mini bar is an exquisite touch. The build quality of the interior such as the spotlight, switches, buttons all have a classy touch with a very classy interior cabin lighting. It felt like how a business class should be: excellent. And, as usual, the staff remained professional, polite, friendly and very helpful."
Points négatifs : "There was a delay before the take off. I had one booking with four trips with Emirates, three delayed which was a disappointment from a major credible airliner."
Points positifs : "I really liked the leg spacing. It was very comfortable to stretch my legs. Overall it was good. Thank you :)"
Points négatifs : "I felt a little bit more of the nibbles could be included in the 8+ hours flight. Besides that everything was comfortable. Also, the entertainment options can be better."
Points positifs : "I like the professionalism of the crew. Lots of shops to visit in Athens Airport."
Points négatifs : "Moins de choix de films et de musique que d’habitude. Repas moins bon que d’habitude."
Points positifs : "De quoi passer le temps en vol grâce au programme de divertissement à bord."
Points négatifs : "La correspondance à Dubai où il a fallu rejoindre la porte d’embarquement à l’opposé du terminal dans un délai court."
Points positifs : "La variété du programme de divertissement proposé à bord. De quoi passer le temps en vol."
Points négatifs : "Le repas servi à bord avec le choix du poulet n’était plus disponible. Je me suis contenté du plat avec les fruits de mer."
Points positifs : "Variété des divertissements proposés à bord."
Points négatifs : "Des retards au départ de chaque vol de mon trajet. Les sièges en classe économique ne disposent pas de repose-pieds. C’est tout de même une bonne compagnie."
Points négatifs : "Les plateaux Repas été moins bon que d’habitude. Le vin blanc n’etait Pas en petites bouteilles individuelles et n’etait Pas frais. Enorme retard de service des plats pour les sièges arrière gauche ce qui n’arrivait jamais auparavant."
Points positifs : "Exactitude des vols"
Points négatifs : "Repas infecte , pas de choix Personnel pas agréable du tout"
Points négatifs : "Accueil personnel Emirates Repas infecte"
Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "The plane was old and tatty I booked a window seat to actually get the window seat with no window. I had just come off another Emirates flight but this was old tatty plane, the seating squashed. The plane was delayed on the runway for around 40 mins but no announcement made, the stewards were unresponsive when people pressed the buzzer."
Points positifs : "Dinner was good, breakfast a bit ordinary"
Points négatifs : "business class seats didn’t go flat/horizontal, which wasn’t great for a night flight. Would be good to have a fast track through customs... took about 30-40 minutes"

Plateau repas toujours pareil Pas très original

Points positifs : "Livraison bagage rapide à Geneve Distribution d'une bouteille d'eau Départ retardé mais arrivée à l'heure"
Points négatifs : "Pas de Lounge Lufthansa à l'aéroport de Barcelone"
Points positifs : "Everything from the crew being super accomodating and friendly to the comfort and taste of the food was delicious."
Points positifs : "Personnel assez souriant. Pourtant lors de l'embarquement nous devions attendre dans le couloir froid, mieux d'attendre avant la porte."
Points négatifs : "A l'arrivée à l'aéroport de CDG le personnel de nettoyage a ouvert la porte arrière de l'avion pendant que nous étions en train de sortir à l'avant. Assez désagréable ce froid et ne pas attendre que nous étions tous sortis."
Points positifs : "The service and food were good."
Points négatifs : "As a petite person I find the seats in economy class small and cramped. When passengers in front of you recline their seat backs, there is very little room to move, making it difficult to get up and out of your seat."
Points positifs : "The crew was friendly and helpful."
Points positifs : "Liked the time of the flight."
Points négatifs : "It left late."
Points positifs : "The meals were awesome, flight great!"
Points positifs : "Personnel au top (Adria Airways) Embarquement très bien même si transfert en bus depuis le terminal"
Points négatifs : "Pas de commentaires négatifs. Pas de grosses prétentions pour un vol d’une demie-heure"
Points positifs : "Personnel toujours aussi souriant et pro. Embarquement un peu chaotique."
Points négatifs : "Places limitées pour les jambes et si celui de devant descend le dossier de son siège autant dire qu’on ne respire plus. On ne voit pratiquement rien sur les écrans selon où est situé dans l’avion"
Points positifs : "I was in business class and it was great. The staff the food and the seats were awesome."
Points négatifs : "I booked through Kayak and when I arrived at the airport Swiss air had no seat available for me. I was forced to upgrade to ensure a seat."
Points positifs : "Officers in the airport are rude and offensive, racial discrimination."
Points négatifs : "Change their employees, arrogant, not professional"
Points positifs : "The app from Swiss air kept me informed and provided Soto checkin and boarding pass. Food was good, crew were friendly and helpful."
Points positifs : "Quick and easy."
Points négatifs : "Attitude of the flight attendant."
Points négatifs : "La ponctualité"
Points négatifs : "Seats too close when leaning back"
Points négatifs : "After showing passport to get boarding pass, had to line up to show passport again to get boarding pass stamped at gate-no instructions, just a line.. Why!? Poor communication."
Points négatifs : "La prise en compte des bagages en soute. Le fait que le prix du billet ne comprenait pas les bagages en soute n'était pas clairement précisé."
Points positifs : "Le personnel naviguant, l'avion la gentillesse"
Points négatifs : "Le fait que Swiss est devenu une espèce de easyJet de Lufthansa. Vraiment triste. Même plus de service business alors que chez Lufthansa on continue d'avoir les petits plats"
Points positifs : "Le personnel toujours aussi souriant et agréable"
Points négatifs : "Cette impression que Swiss est devenu le easyJet de Lufthansa. Même en business fini le petit service avec des plats raffinés. Bien triste"
Points positifs : "Outstanding service by the crew."
Points négatifs : "Seats in economy area little cramped"
Points négatifs : "Very good!"
Points négatifs : "Very nice company!"
Points positifs : "crew"
Points négatifs : "comfort, leg room, very crowded, overhead space jammed"
Points positifs : "The crew was terrific and friendly as I expected."
Points négatifs : "I have no other suggestions here since I'm pleased with the flight and services."
Points négatifs : "Selon moi, Pas assez de choix de Musique et de Film."
Points positifs : "Gentillesse du personnel"
Points positifs : "Siège confortable. Personnel attentionné. Service impeccable."
Points positifs : "The flight was smooth and on time. The flight crew did everything alright."
Points négatifs : "Connecting flights. All lies, no cooperation. Not a small airport as it takes nearly half an hour to get to Gate E. Too few characters allowed to explain all we went thru."
Points positifs : "Crew was lovely, patient with all us skiers returning from the slopes. The food was EXCELLENT- for airline food. And I was in economy."
Points négatifs : "The Entertainment tech was not smooth, had difficulty getting it to function and likely annoyed the person in front of me with all my tapping."
Points positifs : "Équipage très sympathique vol rapide"
Points positifs : "Snack & boisson inclus, embarquement rapide et vol arrivé en avance!"
Points négatifs : "Vieil avion où les secousses se font vraiment sentir beaucoup!"
Points positifs : "De la place pour les jambes, vol à l'heure, embarquement rapide"
Points négatifs : "Vieil avion, écrans vraiment pas top (vieillots, pas du tout user friendly), réveil difficile (pleines lumières allumées 1h30 avant l'arrivee apres qqs heures seulement où elles étaient éteintes)"
Points positifs : "The food was great. The service is excellent. Swiss Air gets an A+."
Points positifs : "Les hôtesses et les Stewart très professionnels ! Repas assez bon, sièges confortables et films récents disponibles ! Bon vol malgré les perturbations"
Points négatifs : "Embarquement... J'avais parlé à un membre à l'embarquement pour avoir une place avec plus d'espace pour les jambes... On m'a promis de trouver une solution pour qu'à la fin la personne ne vienne même pas me dire en face qu'il n'y avait pas de solution. On m'a simplement dit que le vol est complet et que j'aurais du penser à cela avant... Pas très professionnel !"
Points négatifs : "Pas de chocolat Oups"
Points positifs : "Le vol de Swiss était comme d'habitude agréable et sympa. Il n'y a vraiment pas grand chose à redire."
Points négatifs : "Le soucis se situe souvent dans les aéroports, notamment celui de Tegel à Berlin. Je vous déconseille fortement d'y atterrir, c'est vraiment inadapté et des infrastructures vraiment désuètes."
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "J'avais réservé le vol chez ANA (joint venture) : impossible de pouvoir réserver un siège puisque le vol est opéré par Swiss. Chez Swiss : impossible de réserver puisque j'ai réservé chez ANA... Repas franchement mauvais, rien de japonais, pas de chopsticks alors que la moitié des passagers étaient japonais. Divertissements : équipement vidéo d'un autre âge !"
Points positifs : "Le surclassement en business mais surtout le check in automatique via KAYAK, les avertissements sur le retard via KAYAK trips et l’information sur porte d’embarquement et le numéro de carrousel pour récupérer son baggage sur l’app KAYAK- Merci KAYAK"
Points négatifs : "Le facial spray de Swiss et les chaussettes qui ne sont pas très agréable!!"
Points positifs : "Crew were amazing."
Points positifs : "Liked nothing. Stewards were no help. Seating was extremely tight. I am disabled and use a small travel scooter. They removed the batteries even though they are not lithium or spillable. I called months in advance with all specifications and still they were clueless. We will never fly Swiss again. I am disabled and received no help. They removed the batteries of my scooter and we had to carry them on our lap. I had to tell them to put the batteries back in the scooter. They failed in every facet."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "The staff was wonderful - super friendly and kind. Food was shockingly great. Very impressed."
Points positifs : "Was smooth. From take off to landing. Captain kept us informed all the way to our destination."
Points négatifs : "No complaints."
Points positifs : "Avion neuf et confortable. Collaborateurs à bord très sympathique et souriant. Siège ultra confort. Un vol en douceur"
Points négatifs : "Pas de divertissement dans l’avion."
Points négatifs : "Je n’ai jamais pu embarquer avec mes deux enfants la compagnie ne m’a jamais envoyé le scann code pour l’embarquement"
Points positifs : "Mobile check in worked well. Onboard service is very good, with decent food and complimentary beverages including beer and wine. Seats are relatively comfortable. Extensive selection of TV and movie entertainment."
Points négatifs : "Boarding was a bit helter skelter. It’s a rather annoying that selecting seats is only available for an extra fee. The A340s used on this route are getting a little on the old side, and the once state of the art in seat entertainment system has a tendency to crash frequently and require lengthy reboots."
Points positifs : "Mon bagage explose retrouvé dans un sac. Le contenu y était la fermeture de la valise avait lâché. JPL l"
Points négatifs : "Le repas ....pas bon"
Points positifs : "Staff was attentive and friendly. Food was great. Easy boarding."
Points négatifs : "N/A"
Points positifs : "All of the flight crew was personable and ready to accommodate any need we might have. Before we could ever get hungry, the staff was coming down the aisle with another serving of pretty good food!"
Points négatifs : "We did have to wait on the plane for an hour after boarding, but I believe that was mostly due to wind."
Points positifs : "The entertainment and food was very good. I also think having fresh fruit available in between meals is one of the most appealing things about SWISS."
Points négatifs : "For some reason, one of the air hostesses refused to let me use the restroom. For over five hours I tried to use the restroom and she kept yelling at me to sit back in my seat, in spite the fact that several other people were using the restroom and several other people were up and moving about, she singled me out and wouldn't let me get up without harassing me. Eventually I appealed to another one of the flight crew who allowed me to urinate, but it was over five hours I had to pee and was inexplicably not allowed to."

L’embarquement top , Le service à bord, le repas distribué peuvent être largement amélioré

Super comme compagnie

Points négatifs : "Très bien à heure un avions trop propre"
Points négatifs : "It was a great experience"
Points positifs : "Every thing amazing"
Points négatifs : "This trip really excellent Thank you Turkish Airlines"
Points positifs : "Toute était très bon depuis le début jusqu'a la fin. Très en écoute. Excellent ..."
Points négatifs : "The Ground crew didn’t know how to add a bag"
Points positifs : "The food and the entertainment"
Points négatifs : "Boarding was late and they change the number of the gate without telling the passengers. The seats were uncomfortable."
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "good company"
Points positifs : "Super efficacité au desk 'cas speciaux' de Turkishairline Ils m'ont imprimé ma carte d'embarquement en 3 minutes"
Points négatifs : "Pas de réseau à l'aéroport Pas de rappel de kiwi pour s'enregistrer"
Points négatifs : "Bagage non reçu. Un bagage sur 10 bagages, quelle mauvaise organisation"
Points positifs : "L'organisation."
Points négatifs : "L'équipage ne fais pas d'effort pour comprendre ce qu'on lui demande dans une autre langue à part l'anglais. C'est un vol international et je pense que c'est important de parler français aussi."
Points positifs : "Food and service is excellent. Istanbul lounge is great."
Points négatifs : "Delayed in both directions. Happens. But zero announcements. Zero. Staff didn't know what was going on. Complete chaos."
Points négatifs : "La cuisine est vraiment horrible"
Points négatifs : "Le manque de sollicitude pour établir le billet pour la connexion IST YUL, suite à la non connaissance du nouveau contrôle AVE pour les entrées au Canada."
Points positifs : "Un grand merci pour avoir été surclassés lors de ce vol qui fut des plus agréable . Le personnel a été charmant et compète a l’aerop et pendant le vol !"
Points positifs : "Tout a été excellent"
Points négatifs : "Rien ne m'a déplu"
Points positifs : "gentillesse de l'équipage, propreté de l'avion"
Points négatifs : "2 bagages cassés au retour dont une ouverte"
Points positifs : "ils sont toujours à l'écoute et attentionné Parfait en globalitees"
Points positifs : "Très pratique,gagne beaucoup de temps partout où nous allons."
Points positifs : "Très pratique"
Points négatifs : "Retard du vol dur avec un enfant"
Points négatifs : "Retard du vil dir avec un enfant"
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "The crew was excellent, the food good."
Points négatifs : "The entertainment system, in three out of four long flights, did not work. In the one that "worked", the sound was terrible and this made the experience totally unsatisfactory. A major airline should avoid this."
Points positifs : "Friendly staff, great food and entertainment selections, care package/pillow/blanket provided, comfortable flight"
Points négatifs : "Repas"
Points positifs : "There was almost nobody on the flight. In flight entertainment was awesome too."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "The flight was excellent, with good food and good service. The crew was very professional and courteous."
Points négatifs : "Our experience in the Istanbul airport. We got off our connecting flight and no one was willing to provide us with directions. We had to stand in a security line for two hours thinking that we had as a consequence missed our connecting flight. Again, no communication. We found out when we finally got through security (we had already gone through security at the Paris airport), everyone was in the same situation and our flight had been delayed. It would have been helpful to know that as we were standing in line. While in the line, many people panicked and starting pushing their way to the front of the line. Again, no officials were there to keep order. It was truly a mess! And creating too much anxiety and stress that I really wanted to not have on my trip back to the USA. I realize that in these times, we must go through added security, but I am accustomed to US airports where there is more communication over the intercom and by airport officials. In Istanbul, it seemed that everyone did not want to give directions, and airport officials seemed to avoid the public they were there to serve."
Points positifs : "The flight was good. The food tasted great. They had some good movies I haven't seen yet. The flight attendants were constantly up and down the isles either giving you something or taking away trash. The leg room was sufficient."
Points négatifs : "The customer service on the phone and in person was completely unprofessional, rude and a bit uneducated. They yelled at me when I asked them "is there anything yall can do to fix this?". And then in person I watched them get out of their seats and yell at this older woman."
Points positifs : "Professional and friendly staffing, comfortable flight."
Points négatifs : "We realized when boarding to first flight that they did not included my son on next connection flight...oops when it was addressed they fixed it in a professional matter with appologies at boarding."
Points négatifs : "In flight entertainment system was not functioning. Turkish refused to provide hotel in Istanbul as per their policy even after being told by Turkish employees in the USA and France that this would be provided due to my 20 hour layover. I will not fly Turkish again in the future."
Points positifs : "Merci à Turkish Airlines"
Points négatifs : "Enjoyed the hotel stay on the long layover"
Points positifs : "Will definitely fly Turkish Airlines again!"
Points négatifs : "++++"
Points négatifs : "Vol a des heures invraisemblalbles 3:45AM Attente interminable dans bus surchauffé, alors que l aeroport est vide et plein de passerelles sont libres. Turkish economise des droits d aeroports sur le dos de sa clientele Personnel de l aeroport ne fait que taper la discute entre eux alors que la clientele n en peut plus d attendre.."
Points négatifs : "No being able to rebook!"
Points positifs : "Staff were all amazing, meals pretty good for airline food, plenty of tv, movie and music options to stay occupied for the long trip."
Points positifs : "L'equipe etait serviable et courtois."
Points positifs : "Le film que j'ai regarde pendant le vol"
Points négatifs : "Mon siege, trop etroit, et je n'aime pas etre au milieu entre deux autres passagers"
Points positifs : "love the food and the crew service."
Points négatifs : "Aircon could have been better. Someone got sick during the flight because of that."
Points positifs : "Friendliness, attentiveness, food, clean bathrooms, and great wine selection. I would fly Turkish Airlines anywhere!!!"
Points négatifs : "I have lactose intolerance and I tried ordering the special meals. However the lactose free meals are not good. I got it more than once, it's always dry grilled chicken, steamed veggies and plain rice. Overall it's a dry meal and no flavorful at all. On this trip I didn't order a special as I was hoping one of the options wouldn't have lactose."
Points positifs : "Parfait. Je voyage souvent avec cette compagnie. Très satisfaite"
Points positifs : "Lots of crew members Pay attention Food was good"
Points négatifs : "The boarding was chaotic"
Points positifs : "Tout"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "The food and entertainment on the plane"
Points négatifs : "The Turkish Airlines staff can be very rude, non-communicative in passing along information. They do not like you to ask questions nor do they want to answer your questions. They yell at you or just simply ignore you. No legroom. The crew did not mention that are flight was delayed prior or that we missed our connecting flight and what to do from there. I was given a hotel room during my layover but its in a scary neighborhood and it smells like sewage is nearby. The Grand Yavaz. The cheaper price is not worth the hassle. I can spend my good money elsewhere...i will be sure to warn others."
COVID-19 - Informations

Mesures de précaution pour les compagnies aériennes voyageant vers Patong

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Renforcement des mesures sanitaires

Nettoyage quotidien, filtres HEPA dans les cabines sur les vols pour Patong

Masques obligatoires

Masques obligatoires à bord. Masques fournis sur les vols pour Patong

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