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Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK
China SouthernNote générale basée sur 5528 avis
Avis sur la compagnie
Points négatifs : "Seats, crew, food."
En savoir plus sur China Southern
Points négatifs : "Seats, crew, food."
Points positifs : "yes"
Points négatifs : "food"
Points positifs : "Price was really good. The information on App to find the location reminding the trip ... is fine too."
Points négatifs : "Food and seat were not that much fine."
Points positifs : "NONE"
Points négatifs : "After checking in for 1.5 hour, the crew told me that my name is not in the system 15 mins before boarding. Of course, I could not get on that flight. Result, staying extra 12 hours in the airport plus force to stay one night in Guangzhou."
Points positifs : "The crew was really nice."
Points négatifs : "The check-in process was a disaster. First we couldn't check-in online, so we couldn't choose our seats. When we arrived at the airport and asked to be seated together, they said there are no 3 seats together anymore. What's the point of traveling together with friends if we are seated far away?"
Points positifs : "Very clean, new plane, excellent boarding and flight. Good entertainment options."
Points positifs : "Crew was excellent, food good, but seating was extremely tight, and very disappointing after supposedly buying Business class tickets! Ground crew was very understanding, but couldn't do much, as plane was 100% full!"
Points négatifs : "Getting stuffed into tiny Coach seats, after paying a hefty price for Business class seats! The admin infrastructure for China Southern is woefully behind the rest of their competitors in customer service and such! I think we were about to scream if we got one more person who was going to say they wanted to help, but couldn't do anything!"
Points positifs : "La gentillesse de l'équipage qui fait bcp avec peu"
Points négatifs : "Ils.ont perdu mes bagages!!!!!"
Points positifs : "Service Food"
Points négatifs : "The plane was too hot inside. It felt like the ac was not set properly. It was very uncomfortable. No entertainment system."
Points positifs : "The overall experience was good. The crew was very helpful and responsive."
Points négatifs : "If you take a late night flight from LAX they will wake you up to feed you about an hour or hour and a half after take off. It was quite uncomfortable to be asleep and to suddenly have all the lights turned on and woken up to sit the seat upright. It would definitely recommend waiting till after this to fall asleep. Not the crews fault, I just wasn’t aware of this."
Points positifs : "Comfortable seating with their 3-3-3 across! None of that 3-4-3. Very clean cabin throughout."
Points positifs : "Smooth flight."
Points négatifs : "Food wasn't very good."
Points positifs : "Safe flight and delicious food."
Points négatifs : "Ground staffs in Guangzhou Air Port are not nice. They yell at customers and answers customer's questions in an unfriendly manner."
Points positifs : "On time!"
Points négatifs : "Crewmen at the luggage/bags scanning were very rude. Our flight from Manila to Guangzhou was delayed by an hour or so. With all the pressure we were already experiencing and rushing to get to our connecting flight, here comes these crewmen in charge of scanning our bags we're all shouting at us to rush. The delay was not the passengers fault."
Points négatifs : "It was almost an hour late and no explanations in English were given"
Points négatifs : "Very uncomfortable flight back to the states for a 15 hour flight the crew was not that attentive"
Points positifs : "Food was okay compared to Melb-Guangzhou journey that was excellent."
Points négatifs : "Not much leg room (structural bits took up space). Entertainment touchscreen did not work. Not many snacks offered. Food was served more than an hour after a 12:20am take off. No toiletries."
Points positifs : "Nothing."
Points négatifs : "You left me stranded in Bali and wouldn’t rebook me. You wouldn’t give me a full refund. You made me purchase an entirely new flight with a different airline. I spent FIVE hours on hold waiting to speak with a representative. I will advise anyone I know to never fly China Airlines"
Points positifs : "They did work with us to help with the seating."
Points négatifs : "We flew from NYC- JFK to Siem Reap Cambodia and back with the airline. On the way back I was unable to choose seats online prior to boarding. We were placed in Row 63, which is the LAST row on the plane and does not recline. For a 15 hour flight this seating should not be used. It is completely unreasonable to think people will be ok not reclining, and honestly the seats felt more straight up than the normal seats. After discussing it with the crew for half an hour on a full flight they were able to move us to other seats. But were unable to move us to business or first for a discount. End point: these seats should not be used! It was so miserable even thinking we might get stuck with them. And if they do stick people there you should be comped, that was not worth the same fare everyone else payed for coach."
Points positifs : "Love that everything is included. Food, drinks and entertainment. The crew were great and nothing was too much trouble."
Points négatifs : "Boarding of the A380 was ridiculous. We were lined up well ahead of boarding, then moved to another line, then moved again. Once we were lined up we had to stop and start, other people were pushed to the front again and again. This could have been solved by leaving one lane free for people sitting upstairs, or 'preferred' fliers. Instead everyone was pushed back and had to wait. I've never seen an aeroplane boarded so badly and we ended up being some of the last people on the plane. Badly organised and just plain awful."
Points positifs : "I could not fault my journey with your Airline at all. I was very pleased with your staff and your service throughout both of my Flights. I shall be very pleased to travel with your Company again and would recommend you to all my Friends and Family."
Points négatifs : "There was nothing i did not like."
Points positifs : "Movie selections are good. One screen per seat. Have USB to charge your device."
Points négatifs : "The boarding is hard. Need to take a shuttle to get back to airport. But this might be where they saved the cost for lower airfare."
Points négatifs : "Need food to take with medication they served us one meal at the very start hen the next SEVEN hours later and had nothing available in between I asked three times for medical purposes before Rhett went to first class for a freezing cold piece of bread."
Points positifs : "Price"
Points négatifs : "Flights delayed more than 1hr without information Staff not welcoming Aweful food as usual on china southern"
Points positifs : "flights were on time though luggage my be delayed, itwas handled very well."
Points négatifs : "wish the food would be more consistent. the beef w/ rice and pork with rice delicious, but the beef with mash potato, fish with rice or fried noodles with beef wasn't good at all and they happened to be on the international flights."
Points positifs : "pork with rice was delicious."
Points positifs : "Food was okay. Great price for such a long distance."
Points négatifs : "I was transferred to Guangzhou first without prior notice."
Points positifs : "It was clean. Also the media selection"
Points négatifs : "More food needed"
Points positifs : "I liked the courteous and professional staff. The flight wasn't booked to capacity, which was nice. I am pleased that the attendants are multilingual."
Points négatifs : "The flights are always delayed which causes me to have to re-purchase my connecting flights from Manila to Cebu. This is rather consistent. I appreciate the safety measures and I realize that there is nothing that can be done about weather but I am considering booking through Xiamen Airlines from now on because of the consistent nature of these occurrences."
Points positifs : "price was class 2400"
Points négatifs : "no jetways ..we had to be was raining we got wet .more than 1 inch of water on ground so feet got wet. bused a long way to get the plane"
Points négatifs : "The flight itinerary from kayak did not show departure terminal so I nearly missed flight. That is a serious flaw in your system so it is unlikely I will use kayak to book flights again. For your information I personally fly over 100000 miles a year. My company spends $60 to $70k per year so I know what good service is. Your service provides cheap flights but little else."
Points négatifs : "Food is really bad. Movies are a bit old."
Points positifs : "SFO/Wuhan/SFO - great plane, good food good value"
Points négatifs : "Beware of WUHAN China - it is dangerous, the airport is HORRIBLE and the Customs officials are a true nightmare. Make sure you have plenty of pages in your passport as you have to clear customs over and over - beware of the Taxi Stand (you have to walk to domestic terminal). I was hijacked in a taxi from the official taxi stand - a typical fare of 100 yuan and he charged me 400 yuan only once in the taxi."
Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "They staff did nothing to help me out and purposely had kept me off of a flight and I had to go re-book with Thai Airways who were much better and more helpful"
Points positifs : "The service staff were very friendly throughout the boarding and flight. The seats were fairly comfortable with a decent amount of legroom."
Points négatifs : "The boarding area at the Wuhan airport is miserable. There was one tiny shop to buy some snacks, and nothing else. There was a completely empty Duty Free store, and no available food options - even though it was in the middle of the day. My flight departed from Gate 2, International Terminal. The entertainment options in the flight were plenty, however, the sound on my system did not work. Therefore, I was not able to use the system throughout the entire 14 hour flight."
Points positifs : "During the transit ( 11 hours in the night at the guangzhou airport) ..the company offerd me for free a room in a 4 stras wonderfull ....I think this service exist only in China..maybe in southern china :)"
Points négatifs : "Very bad food."
Points positifs : "I have flown a lot of Chinese airlines because I live in Beijing, and they are the best! I had a 9-hour layover and expected to sleep in the airport overnight. However, they provided a free hotel! I really appreciated it and they did it without asking. Also they spoke English and were very polite and nice. In my opinion, Chinese airlines are usually terrible and the staff usually has terrible English, but China Southern was amazing!"
Points positifs : "Crew was friendly and most spoke some English. They offered drinks throughout the flight and were courteous. Personal TVs were nice."
Points négatifs : "Take off was late. Could not use my cell phone the entire flight even if it was on airplane mode. Absolutely ridiculous as I've never had another airline do this. Why can I use an iPad but not an iPhone? The meal could've been much better. Maybe some other, better snacks instead?"
Points négatifs : "food was horrible"
Points positifs : "I was worried about such a long night flight with an airline that I wasn't familiar with but they were extremely polite and helpful, the seats were comfortable and a great entertainment selection. To everyone who complained about the food... It was not bad, actually better than most airplane food I have had. And I didn't hear a single person have anything negative to say about it as they polished everything off!"
Points négatifs : "My luggage was delayed"
Points positifs : "Best time saving flight"
Points négatifs : "Food"
Points positifs : "The business class cabin felt very much like business class on a regular U.S. carrier (although maybe lacking slightly in design). The lay flat seat was comfortable and the bedding was fine. The flight attendants tried hard and were very nice."
Points négatifs : "The service was always just a bit off like they had no organization. My partner was served a little nut plate, no such thing for me. They got my entree wrong for dinner and entirely skipped me for dinner on the return flight (of course they were very nice and apologetic when I mentioned it). They served one of us cheese but passed the other one by. Not a big deal, but everything just seemed a bit disorganized. The mobile device thing was odd--- they kept telling me to turn off my kindle at odd times and no cell phone can be used even in airplane mode. The food was mixed--- some things were ok but other things were off, not due to taste but things like luke warm soup and stale bread."
Points négatifs : "We did not realise we could not change out flights. We had to buy four one way tickets from Rome to Sydney rash back home because my father in law was severely ill. On the tickets, it doesn't state it can not be amended. They should have more details of changing flights conditions on the tickets."
Points positifs : "Entertainment is a 5 star. So many movie and TV options."
Points négatifs : "Food made me sick... sick before I even arrived at destination"
Points positifs : "In flight movies"
Points négatifs : "Late. Took forever to taxi to gate and then still had to take s bus to gates"

Vols pas chers Kunming - Paris

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Vols Kunming - Paris

Départ :

Kunming (KMG)Chine

Destination :

Paris (CDG)France

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Paris - Kunming

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