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Scandinavian AirlinesNote générale basée sur 5716 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Vol à l'heure. Vol court donc on n'a pas mangé mais des sandwiches étaient proposés. Pas de divertissement mais ce n'est pas nécessaire sur des vols courts.

En savoir plus sur Scandinavian Airlines

Vol à l'heure. Vol court donc on n'a pas mangé mais des sandwiches étaient proposés. Pas de divertissement mais ce n'est pas nécessaire sur des vols courts.

La gratuité du repas Tout était payant il ne la Lumos pas lors du vol ils sortent le TPE après avoir demandé ce que l’on souhaite consommer

My flight got canceled and I haven’t been able to get my refund.

The crew was amazing and we would go out of our way to fly SAS again

Outstanding service Boarding at the gate was a bit crazy. The gate seating area was small and they boarded the back of the plane and business and eurobonus at the same time which got crazy and very tight. Otherwise SAS is a great airline and service.

Petit saut de puce ! Un peu en mode bienvenue à jurassic park

Everything went well


I booked through Kayak, trusting them. But they used one of these cheap online travel agents - Chatdeals. When I missed my flight due to a 3 hour train delay that was out of my influence, Chatdeals refused to rebook without a fee. SAS couldn’t rebook either. So I was stuck and lost the flight. Had to buy a complete new one. Never book through kayak or one of the cheap ones. Always airline direct! Expensive lesson learned… 🙂 Jan

Roomy, neat, organized and I felt despite being in the main cabin that all passengers would get an equal amount of attention and care. Great airline.

Did not like anything about the flight Did not get economy plus that I paid for

Points positifs : "Plane is clean and comfortable. Boarding was great."
Points négatifs : "Staff was lacy and rude to another customer. She told the passenger she wasn’t walking to the back of the plane to get her a paper cup."
Points positifs : "Crew was great. Flight was clean."
Points négatifs : "I ordered vegan meals and only one of the meals were vegan. Someone had forgotten to bring the second meal for me on the plane."
Points positifs : "The flights and food were good. no problems there."
Points négatifs : "There was a baggage strike in Copenhagen. We sat on the tarmac for about an hour awaiting a gate opening. The flight to Chicago took off an hour late and we missed our connecting flight into Columbus. And our bags never arrived in Chicago."
Points positifs : "SAS is excellent in terms of comfort and professionalism and care from the crew."
Points négatifs : "None"
Points positifs : "Crew was great and the plane was comfortable. All the amenities were included in the price and that was a plus."
Points négatifs : "The pilot strike resulted in cancellation of my flights so getting home turned in to a challenge"
Points positifs : "On time"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "Crew and food were amazing!"
Points positifs : "The food and entertainment on board is great. I was very pleased with how they organized the checking of bags and the fact I picked it up at my final destination without any issues and right on time."
Points négatifs : "Some of the staff at the check in desks can be very rude. Also, on my initial flight, they closed the check-in early and left many of us stranded without knowing who to talk to and how to manage to get on the plane. When someone from SAS finally came, I was told I would be escorted through security and most into the plane but then the "manager" or whoever was in charge denied it. The plane did not leave for another our and instead of arguing with the costumers they could have just helped us get on the plane. It was unfair of them to close the check in desks early and on top of that to catch a plane the next day they wanted to charge and exorbitant fee. I Wii never fly SAS again."
Points positifs : "Nice interior and good IFE on long haul."
Points négatifs : "I did not like the flight from Malaga to Stockholm due to not having IFE or WiFi on a 4+ hour flight. Absolutely unacceptable in today’s travel market."
Points positifs : "ok"
Points négatifs : "ok"
Points positifs : "Le personnel de bord a été très agréable et professionnel. L'embarquement à Stockholm est très bien fait et il n'y a pas de perte de temps."
Points négatifs : "Par contre, c'est une seule boisson par personne le reste est payant, les repas sont très moyens et le système de divertissement est très très mauvais. Les contenus sont vieux et l'application est très lente et pa réactive du tout."
Points positifs : "Efficient processing of passengers onto aircraft."
Points positifs : "Entertainment options"
Points négatifs : "Super hot throughout flight. Had a 9 hour layover and the flight arrived after the gates closed so the only options for 12am-5am were wooden benches in random sketchy areas. Had to wait in line to wait to get in line to finally board the plane The food was two rolls ups three hours apart"
Points négatifs : "ended up having to put both of our large carry-on items under the seat in front of us while the flight attendants stuffed people's coats and jackets into the overhead"
Points positifs : "Liked 2+4+2 seating"
Points négatifs : "When passengers in front of us kept their seats reclined the entire trip, couldn't move, difficult to get in or out of seats. Had to ask flight attendants to ask them to raise seats, at least during meal service. Food was worst of any international flight we've been on and we fly internationally several times a year. Very poor selection of movies and map was not working this flight."
Points positifs : "Comfortable seats and attentive crew!"
Points négatifs : "Old movies not up to date."
Points positifs : "Smoothest landing I've ever experienced."
Points négatifs : "I missed the refreshments, if any were served at all. Granted I was tired and probably dosed off during that part of the flight."
Points négatifs : "Crew was rude. The bathrooms became disgusting halfway thru the foight w no toilet paper. For 6 hours we were down to one bathroom in coach. Unacceptable. My daughter never got her final meal and the flight attendant was rude when I asked her about it and never returned w food. Never fly SAS"
Points positifs : "Friendly service, good movies. Easy flight, arrived early."
Points négatifs : "Being served two versions of a ham and cheese wrap in a row. Variety would have been nice."
Points positifs : "The boarding was more organized than our other flights with this airline. Cabin crew was friendly."
Points négatifs : "The food was not so good. It looked like they were really trying to cut corners with very small portions."
Points positifs : "t"
Points positifs : "I had a connecting flight in Stockholm and forgot my laptop in the first plane. SAS personnel was very friendly and got me my laptop quickly and I was able to make my connection, even though it was pretty tight."
Points négatifs : "Seats with too little space."
Points positifs : "we landed 20 minutes before schedule"
Points positifs : "Courteous staff, great food, CLEAN airplane, spacious seats. Zero complaints and WAY better than any domestic airlines (United, Delta, American) based on personal experience!"
Points négatifs : "In toilets there was no paper"
Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Delay"
Points positifs : "they were quick and apologetic"
Points négatifs : "I did not like having to pay Euro 70 for my luggage at the AP. I do not recall ever having got the option to pay for my suitcase online when I booked my ticket. You guys need to make this more clear."
Points positifs : "Efficacité dans la prise en charge du retard et du rebooking d'un autre vol."
Points négatifs : "Retard + re-booking de notre vol sans explication, ni possibilité de trouver facilement des informations à ce sujet"
Points positifs : "Crew was very friendly, food was amazing. SAS plus is the way to go. Bigger seats, very comfortable for a ten hour flight."
Points positifs : "Nice meal, friendly staff"
Points positifs : "Everyone was friendly and helpful."
Points négatifs : "Would have liked more options for Movies."
Points positifs : "The crew was knowledgeable, gracious and helpful for the entire flight. I enjoyed the mapping and camera feature of the plane. The selection of options for entertainment was a delight."
Points négatifs : "How do you say to close for comfort but then one gets what one pays for and the economics are understandable yet I did not care for the cramped space provided."
Points négatifs : "Unfriendly and rude desk help. Rude and insulting. United was a real disappointment. I will ask my travel agent to be in touch re screw up the economy plus seats. I had to pay extra for what our itinerant said had been booked. Mary, at the desk at C12 in Delles, she wouldn't give me her last name was unbelievably insulting and unhelpful."
Points positifs : "Nice crew"
Points négatifs : "The flight is very noise they never turn off the lights and close the windows so it's very hard to try to sleep."
Points positifs : "great plane and food and crew"
Points négatifs : "cant pre book luggage way too expensive for bags"
Points positifs : "The plane was well kept and the entertainment system worked well with enough choice. The crew was average: no problems."
Points négatifs : "The (transatlantic) flight was delayed 8 hours and the only compensation received was 175DKK for lunch. Had to stay in the airport over 11 hours due to this delay and had already had a 16 hour layover from the day before. I realize that unexpected delays may occur, particularly in cases where passenger safety is in question, but delays of more than 5 hours cause major inconvenience and I felt stuck in the airport with my bags and having checked out of my hotel room already. Just compensating for lunch is not enough. In the future a partial reimbursement for the flight, access to the priority lounge or a more comfortable facility such as a hotel would provide the passengers with compensation proportional to the inconvenience."
Points négatifs : "After losing the bag they had charged me 60 Euros for, it took them over 24 hours to trace, retrieve and deliver the bag. They made no offer to refund the fee, which any reasonable company would have done."
Points positifs : "The plane was new, great seats and staff"
Points négatifs : "Delayed flights, microphone is too fuzzy, hard to understand. Also why couldn't we get 2 or more sodas.. Crazy! The Asian airlines beat you! Very expensive stuff like a small red bottle of wine was like almost $15! Nuts... Very disappointed.. It should be free for the money we pay! Also staff just let people leave their windows open which was crazy coz most passengers are tired from other trips and of course in Europe you can hardly see anyone letting the elderly and children have any first priority boarding or let alone line up. I had my disabled husband and a young active little grandchild... Cathay Pacific, PAL,KAL, CAL are great about priority boarding for the elderly and children. Its sad your company do not have compassion or empathy for families with little children and the elderly population.. They really suffer!"

Équipage très serviable mais système vidéo hors service empêchant le visionnage de films sur le trajet retour. Bonne expérience malgré cela

L’organisation pour l’embarquement afin que les passagers soient équitables en nombre de bagages à main autorisés en effet le dernier groupe embarqué n’avait pas le droit d’embarquer avec son bagage à main alors que les précédents voyageurs ont embarqué avec plus de 2 ou 3 bagages cabine ceci est inequitable et irrespectueux L’équipage devrait faire respecter le nombre de bagage cabine par personne

Les sièges trop étroits

Bonjour, Comme à l'aller, impossible de réserver un siège sur l'appli donc inconfortable. Sinon, vol très sympa en Premium économy.

Le confort des sièges en premium economy. Le vol très bien géré par le PNC. Seul problème, impossible de choisir le siège sur l'appli .

L accueil , le service, la restauration tout!! au top!!!

support vidéos et des services en panne. pas de solution proposée par l'équipage. équipage désagréable.

Le gros point noir : quand on fait le check in en ligne, les places sont attribuées de façon aléatoire de façon à ce qu'une même famille soit séparée afin de faire payer très cher le placement si on veut être regroupé. Et ce, avec énormément de places disponibles à côté. Nous étions 3 ,il y avait plein de places à côté mais il fallait payer pr les avoir ce que nous n'avons pas fait.Nous avons donc ete séparés .scandaleux !!!

Équipage à l'écoute.

Ponctualité du vol mais embarquement très long à Helsinki

La réservation du vol est à revoir, après avoir acheter le billet d’avion pour Helsinki, il n’est plus possible de prendre le bus directement de l’aéroport pour aller à Tampere, c’est très frustrant

1h30 de retard ! Pas besoin de commentaire.

Vol assuré par American Airlines, tout s’est très bien passé, rien à redire

Le vol était à l’heure, le personnel a l’escale était très accueillant, durant le vol le personnel à bord était à l’écoute et très serviable souriant, tout s’est très bien passé merci

Notre fils est très grand et la procédure d'enregistrement des places n'est pas toujours facile pour obtenir un siège adéquat quand on voyage en économique .

The service was great and the whole process was smooth. My personal tv was not working so was bummed not to have the built in entertainment.

Le vol a été annulé

Notre valise n'est pas arrivée à Brest. Elle est partie à Biarritz. Nous l'attendons. Cordialement

Impossibilité de s enregistrer en ligne Surbooking Pas de place attribuée Personnel au comptoir désagréable

Ensemble correct

Enregistrement désastreux à l’aéroport, une heure et demie d’attente, seulement 2 guichets ouverts, des gens avaient peur de rater leur vol.

I love love this airline. The crew was awesome; so friendly, professional, and playful. The seats were comfy & very clean. Great entertainment selection and the Complimentary wine was most appreciated! 3 thumbs up 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


Points positifs : "Free movies"
Points négatifs : "Free wifi. Better movie selection"
Points négatifs : "Not losing my luggage"
Points positifs : "Good"
Points négatifs : "Repas gratuit"
Points positifs : "The connection was way too tight."
Points négatifs : "Hel-LAX flight was ok. LAX and connecting flight were bad, slow and delayed frequently."
Points positifs : "Loved Finnair. Hated If you own this company, you need to end up like Blockbuster or Circuit City."
Points négatifs : "If I would have purchased my tickets from, I would have had a much better experience. Kayak found me a good price but purchasing the tickets through was the biggest mistake of my life. The trip ended up costing me $285 more than what I budgeted and there was zero customer ser"
Points positifs : "The fact that we were offered an additional round of water and the friendliness of the crew."
Points négatifs : "I was not allowed to board the flight and made to wait for 4 hours at the Paris airport. This is extremely disheartening and frustrating to say the least. I would want to rescedhule my upcoming flight to avoid such inconvenience."
Points négatifs : "My headphones didn’t work"
Points négatifs : "Could take the flight, your website did not advise that my passport required a Schengen VISA just to transition to my Final destination. Then My reservation was cancelled by FINNAIR"
Points positifs : "Respect des horaires, gentillesse du personnel"
Points positifs : "Très bien. Bon accueil et à l'heure."
Points positifs : "Service was good"
Points négatifs : "Sitting in last row of business, coach passengers talking loud, bumping and kicking my seat back. I wouldn't call it business at all."
Points positifs : "Le service. Et le confort"
Points positifs : "World best airline since my last flight to Hong Kong. New aircraft with the most confortable and complete flight experience I had in years in economy class. Seat confort, movie selection and quality of the screen, food quality, boarding speed, cabine pressure, all was immaculate."
Points négatifs : "They promised an upgrade to premium economy and then they didn't follow through, they lied when they said that row 30 was premium economy, all this felt very very weird. Jacqueline the flight attendant recognised the problem and gave us premium headphones to make up for the error."
Points positifs : "Very simple but reliable and confortable flight. We got clear instructions to get to the next terminal"
Points négatifs : "We took off late and arrived even later so we had to run to get to the next plane"
Points positifs : "Clean, well-designed, individual screens with numerous good movie choices. They came through on our special meals, friendly flight attendants. Also loved Helsinki airport. Not crowded, nice staff. Good food choices. Even passport control was friendly and there was no line."
Points négatifs : "Connecting through Helsinki added hours to our travel time, but after flying American nonstop JFK to Paris on way over, may be worth it. American flight didn't even have individuals screens and blankets left fuzz all over my clothing."
Points positifs : "There was plenty of room and the food was good."
Points négatifs : "Can't think of anything I didn't like"
Points positifs : "Plenty of food to eat. Snacks and lunch"
Points négatifs : "Being vegetarian I chose the pasta entree. It was good. It included a small salad. All other food was carbs- bread, crackers, a packaged dessert, ice cream, pizza, muffin. ( The pizza was good the muffin was processed gross. ) I didn't eat all the items and still felt yucky from poor nutrition. A piece of fruit in place of muffin, dessert, crackers would help a lot."
Points positifs : "Because of the delay taking off and refueling, they provisioned for an extra meal service. Choices were limited, but the food was decent. Crew was generally cordial and efficient. Even though there were only 13 empty seats, they made an effort to find us a place with an empty seat between us."
Points négatifs : "We were stopped and grilled by AA personnel as if we were potential terrorists, even though we had TSA Pre-check clearly listed on our boarding cards. flight was 1 hr delayed boarding. Since the plane was a 747 and there were stronger than average headwinds, we had to stop in Bangot to refuel. Net result: 2 3/4 hr late arrival."
Points positifs : "Bulkhead seat Good choice of movies"
Points négatifs : "Seat recline broken. Sarcastic male steward. Terrible food. Contracted Norovirus from the plane. Need to better disinfect between flights."
Points positifs : "The flight to and from Los Angeles was operated by British Airways and was on one of their Airbus fleet. Boarding was completed efficiently and with ease. I sat on the upper deck and was very comfortable in comparison to other major airlines previously used for this particular flight. The plane was very clean and the crew were outstanding. Nothing appeared to be too much trouble for crew, and they were ready with beverages, including tea and coffee, and snacks throughout the flight. In flight entertainment was good. All in all very pleasant flight to and from the U K."
Points positifs : "Good customer service, top notch on all aspects. Very attentive staff.."
Points négatifs : "2 hours late to leave but part of wing flap needed to be repaired before flight"
Points positifs : "It was a British Airways flight, plane was large, and felt more roomy than what I'm used to. The service was impeccable."
Points positifs : "The onground staff at CDG was nice. The bus ride to the planes was not."
Points négatifs : "Entertainment system does not work. Since this is a technical aspect about the airplane that I CAN judge, I wonder about the parts that are invisible to me. Are these planes actually air worthy?"
Points négatifs : "I missed my flight from Chicago to Paris. Because I purchased it through Kayak instead of directly through Finnair or American Airlines, their 'hands were tied' and they could not reroute nor reschedule me. Not only that, but because I was not on the flight to Paris, my returning flights were automatically cancelled. While this is probably included in the fine print etc., I find it ridiculous. There should be a better alternative for people who miss their flights than forcing them to pay a lump sum that is higher than the original ticket price in order to reschedule their ticket. Moral of the story: BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU BUY THROUGH KAYAK OR SIMILAR AGENCIES, BECAUSE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ATROCIOUS."
Points positifs : "everything was ok."
Points négatifs : "I couldn't check in on time as the booking numbers were different on the actual company that was flying me. I was trying to do this on my phone and I had to call in each time. couldn't do it on the computer."
Points positifs : "Polite and friendly flight attendants, smooth boarding procedure"
Points négatifs : "Trash everywhere on the plan by mid flight.... Broken tv screen"

Pas assez de couvertures Siège cassé Perte bagage Détérioration bagages Boissons limitées

Pas possible de s enregistrer en ligne, uniquement à l aéroport. Aucun contact possible en français ( ni sur place ni par téléphone) Pas possible de choisir les sièges en avance. Transfert horrible : pas de priorité donné aux vols qui partent en 1er pour le contrôle d identité, du coup ç est le bazar, le stress... Perte de bagages, et personne pour nous aider à les retrouver, même par téléphone ils ne peuvent rien faire. Surtaxé coût téléphonique.

Tablette de l’avion de marchait pas Valise perdue à l’arrivée

Confort A améliorer : tablette de l’avion qui ne marchait pas

Points négatifs : "The flight took off late, arrived late and we missed our connection to Salt Lake City. We had to change terminals and they were on the opposite side of the airport. Had to spend the night and have not yet started with Aer Lingus to get some satisfaction."
Points positifs : "Food was hot"
Points négatifs : "Seat were slightly uncomfortable"
Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Food"
Points positifs : "Des infos ont été données par le pilote ou l'équipage"
Points négatifs : "Propreté de l'avion Ponctualité à l'atterrissage et au décollage"
Points positifs : "Not crowded, lots of empty seats"
Points négatifs : "Poor customer service. I think I said thank you many more times than the flight attendants who barely acknowledged me and seemed annoyed about performing any type of basic service (serving food/water/collecting rubbish/etc.)."
Points positifs : "Food was ok"
Points négatifs : "Who starts a boarding process 2h before the flight with only 2 counters, with no possibility to check in online (even for those without luggage) and no automatic machine? I'm very glad the company had the kindness to wait for us on the last call for boarding when you finally check your luggage 30min before departure. Should we talk about the politeness of your fight crew? In short, very disrespectful. Delivering the luggage took an extremely long time"
Points positifs : "Crew and food is good...especially out of Dublin.."
Points négatifs : "maybe get thicker seat cushion"
Points négatifs : "Stobart flight was late and on our boarding passes it said the flight to LA’s gate “closed” at 1:15 when the flight didn’t leave until 3pm. Why would you make people kill themselves to run thru the entire airport and rush thru customs only to stand there and wait at the gate? It makes no sense. It should say a boarding time and not “gate closing time” whatever that meant. Food was served too early. And it wasn’t good. No good food options to purchase."
Points positifs : "The seats"
Points négatifs : "We would like a lil free water"
Points positifs : "Price"
Points négatifs : "Online check in does not work, ever. Late boarding all 4 flights inconvenient access to boarding pass. Was required to stand in line for 30 minutes to get boarding pass for connection instead of getting boarding pass when I left. Also, no kiosk to get it myself. Just about missed my connection do to these delays. No one is in a hurry at this airline"
Points négatifs : "Never happened. Bumped. No notice. 4 hours of no information. British airways /aer. Lingus refused to do anything."
Points négatifs : "Overall poor customer service!"
Points positifs : "La rapidité"
Points négatifs : "Les repose tête"
Points négatifs : "Staff was very rude and not accommodating. I asked for water at one point and I was told I could only get tea or coffee. The team lacked a human component. I had been traveling since 8am Milan time without being able to get any food or coffee because I was jumping from plane to plane when I finally had 10 minutes to spare I grabbed a coffee and before even taking a sip I was told I couldn’t bring hot beverages on the plane. I wasn’t given an explanation just that I had to toss it out in a waste basket before even stepping onto the platform. I travel a lot for work and have always been allowed to bring my coffee onboard so this was not only a shock to me but very upsetting because this coffee would have been the only thing I would have in my stomach since dinner the night before, it was already 3pm Dublin time. Highly suggest customer service training for this airline. Another note, your team at baggage claim in Dublin gave us the wrong information about hour Aer Lingus and British Airways work. We were told that since we were switching airlines and even though our bags were tagged to go from Milan to London to Dublin to LA that we were responsible to recheck our luggage in with Aer Lingus. So not only did we have to grab our bags but go through customs and check in lines from departures. Needless to say we were running to our gate but not before someone in checking station telling us that we didn’t have to worry about the bags because they would have made it even though they were on the baggage claim belt in Dublin. It goes without saying, I will never fly with Aer Lingus or recommend it to anyone I know."
Points négatifs : "retard conséquent sur l'aller comme sur le retour. Tout est payant à bord."
Points positifs : "La place et le.vol.."
Points négatifs : "Humeur du personnel de bord"
Points positifs : "Fast boarding"
Points négatifs : "No food or drinks offered"
Points négatifs : "Pas de snacks, tres cher pour mon billet"
Points négatifs : "Vol de souvenir dans bagages en soute"
Points positifs : "underbooked flight, so there was lots of room. Seatback tvs with good selection of movies and tv."
Points négatifs : "lack of USB chargers. lack of fish option for a flight out of a catholic country on a friday during lent."
Points positifs : "Surprising good food! Had a chicken mushroom ravioli and it was tasty. The wrap, not so much."
Points positifs : "fauteuils confortables, personnel trés aimable, transit à dublin rapide et bien organisé"
Points négatifs : "la nourriture, mais comme pour toutes les compagnies aeriennes"
Points positifs : "Vol avec du retard au départ. Mais une volonté à décoller au plus vite pour compenser ce retard. Accueil chaleureux."
Points négatifs : "Not enough food served, they charged for alcohol on a transatlantic flight! Some of the crew were not the friendliest."
Points positifs : "The flight was very short, but everyone was accommodating."
Points positifs : "Bagages misent en soute gratuitement."
Points négatifs : "Pas de traductions des consignes aucun effort des hôtesses vols avec 30min de retard"
Points positifs : "Nothing!"
Points négatifs : "BA used to feel like luxury travel. Now they just feel like any run-of-the-mill budget airline. Felt nickeled & dimed from start to finish. Staring with being asked to pay $39 if I wanted to preselect my seat. My friend and I chose the free option of selecting our seats 24 hours before the flight--her luggage didnt even make in on the plane! It was finally delivered at 2:00 AM the next morning; well past the 8:00 PM promised delivery, which caused us to lose an entire eveing in Paris. On the return flight, home, she was told there wasn't even a seat for her on the plane. I failed to add that after booking and paying for her flight, they cancelled and deleted the SFO to London leg of the flight without so much as notifying her via email, phone, or text. Mind you, the London to Paris leg was not cancelled. Had we not tried to pre-book our seats, she would never have known they had cancelled her flight. What impacted her, impacted me, so needless to say, neither of us will ever fly BA again! BTW, their online customer service representatives were very nasty to deal with."
Points positifs : "it was quiet and smooth for an English/Irish flight."
Points négatifs : "Horrific food; horribly tight seats on an E330;"
Points négatifs : "The connection time of 1.5 hour is barely enough for going to U.S. because U.S. pre-custom clearance takes a long time. This should be taken into consideration when the airline provides this flight option. When we get boarding pass for the second leg, Dublin to LAX, the way seats are assigned doesn't make any sense. I was assigned to row 12 but my husband was assigned to row 36. We checked in together. When we got on board, there were plenty of seats available, so it did not make sense that we were not assigned together."
Points positifs : "Flight attendants were excellent."
Points négatifs : "Food was so so. Entertainment selection was so so. Entertainment technology was substandard."
Points positifs : "Crew was responsive and kind if something was requested but service without asking is no longer part of a transatlantic experience."
Points négatifs : "If you're on the Airbus transatlantic flight, the last section nis so noisy I'm surprised it's even a legal noise level. You can't even hear the entertainment it's so loud. Had to buy an upgraded economy just to be able to endure the long flight. It would be nice to see the cart come through again for coffee refill service."
Points négatifs : "E"
Points négatifs : "Pas de note pour le divertissement ou les repas car pour les 1er il n y en a pas et pour les second je n ai rien prix ."
Points positifs : "The flight left almost on time which was good and landed a little over 20 minutes late which was ok."
Points négatifs : "I had a window seat and felt very crammed. Also, we had to wait close to an hour for our luggage to come through. That was most annoying."
Points positifs : "Great staff"
Points négatifs : "Appearance and selection out of date Food was cheap and horrible"
Points positifs : "ils ont accepté une valise en soute gratuitement"
Points négatifs : "aucune collation gratuite , pas même un verre d'eau ou un thé"
Points positifs : "I had the whole row to myself so I was able to catch up on my sleep which was nice. The"
Points positifs : "Staff was always nice & helpful."
Points négatifs : "Seats are uncomfortable and arm rest doesn't fully fold back. The airplane wasn't cleaned up after the previous flight so there was a few wads of tissue paper around our seats."
Points positifs : "We did arrive early, and safely to our destination. Pilot was informative and efficient. Staff are hit or miss on friendliness and efficiency."
Points négatifs : "Second flight with aer Lingus, second time my baggage has been lost. Phone operators are shockingly rude and unhelpful, and retrieving my luggage is an unnecessary pain. Hopefully this time will be less frustrating than the last one. I'll simply never understand what is so difficult about putting baggage on the flight it is meant to be on; there were at least twenty other people both times that had missing luggage. Food this time was pretty gross, but have never had an issue with it personally before."
Points négatifs : "When I sat down at my seat, the entertainment screen froze. I kept telling the flight attendants to help me out and they kept resetting my screen but nothing happened. So they gave me a complimentary Wi-Fi card, but there was no service or wifi available. One flight attendant tried to help and said he would come back. 45 minutes later... he never came back! I pressed the call button to get the flight attendant's attention, and no one came for an hour and a half! They saw the light above my seat, but they just kept walking past me! I raised my hand to get their attention, but they ignored me and walked right past me! I appreciate the fact that they were trying everything they could do to help me out, but when they started ignoring me every time I asked them for help...that was just rude and my anxiety began to rise! Worst flight experience I have ever encountered."
Points positifs : "Flight crew should have not set our expectations after leaving Paris one hour late then sitting on tarmac in Dublin with the hopes we would still make our connecting flight. Stress level was karen higher by this point"
Points négatifs : "Took us 14 additional hours to make it home. Airline and connections should be more realistic."
Points négatifs : "1 hour in the slowest line ever. No self serve kiosk. CDG security also frustratingly slow"
Points positifs : "The crew was friendly and professional throughout the flight."
Points négatifs : "The airplane is an older model airplane. Everything rattled during even minor turbulences. The seats just weren't comfortable enough for a transatlantic flight. There was no leg room to be somewhat comfortable. Due to the age of the airplane, there also weren't any USB charging outlets for cell phones or tablets."
Points positifs : "Nothing."
Points négatifs : "The plane was dirty and old, the food horrible, cramped seats, dirty and non functioning bathrooms, stressed out and inattentive staff, poor coordination of seating families together (I was told my seat was given to a woman so she could sit with her adult daughter...I wasn't asked, just told), the flight was 1.5 hour delayed, my bag was lost because the incompetent staff member in Italy didn't give me a bording pass for the Dublin to LA flight (I'm still waiting over 24 hours later to find out what's happened to my luggage). Overall, this flight was a nightmare and a huge let down after flying to Rome on British Airways. I can't say enough about how wonderful that flight was..Aer Lingus was a big disappointment and a poor substitute for BA. Very unsatisfied customer!"
Points positifs : "Everything better than good. Movies great and great selection. Food and Beverage service better than good. Flight attendants were awesome. Seats very comfortable. Just really a great experience in flying. One of the best!!!"
Points positifs : "The crew seemed genuinely happy. They were fast and accommodating. The food was good and they kept the cabin dark so those that wanted to sleep could. Food service was timely and on point. We had 1 full meal and 1 snack. The snacks were, strangely, quite good."
Points négatifs : "The entertainment was hard to hear. I think it is due to the old style 2-jack headphones. I suspect that the supplied headphones aren't the highest quality (they are free, for everyone, why would they be?). I forgot my adapter so I couldn't use my own headphones... oh well."

Rien et plus de place avec du personnel souriant

Il faut améliorer la ponctualité et respecter vos clients

Bonjour, notre correspondance à Londres n’était pas enregistré et ont nous a trouvé des places séparées pour pouvoir rentrer à Paris. Nous avons dû récupérer nos valises, devoir sortir pour de nouveau nous enregistrer ainsi que nos valises (65 livres) dont je demande le remboursement pour pouvoir rentrer. C’est inadmissible !! Je pense que c’est la première et dernière fois que je réserverai un voyage chez vous. Pour info 24 heures avant notre départ pour New York ont nous a signalé un retard de plus de 10 heures !!!! Sans explications et sans excuses. Je souhaite un remboursement des billets d’avion et également d’une nuit d’hôtel que nous avons perdu. Merci d’avance pour votre réponse. Luis Baptista

01h00 de retard Siège pas confortable

Les sièges sont étroits et pas très confortables en classe éco. Les repas sont corrects.

Impossible de s’enregistrer en ligne

Fauteuils confortables et suffisamment d’espace pour les jambes. J’étais en classe éco sans surplus pour acheter ma place. Personnel aimable Enregistrement honteux, il y avait seulement 3 personnes pour le check in et cela a pris 1h30 Offre de films limitée Repas moyen

Petit repas

Un petit repas

Le vol en lui-même s'est bien passé. En revanche, l'obtention du boarding pass et les formalités à remplir en ligne ont été une vraie galère (et à faire en double exemplaire, en plus (American Airlines + Kayak)).

Annulation sans proposition de solution

Parce que AA a mal fait son planning , pas de pilote . Il a fallu attendre un pilote puis un co pilote. On a décollé avec 1h40 de retard

Points positifs : "see first message"
Points négatifs : "see first message"
Points négatifs : "Late and then mechanical issues."
Points positifs : "Crew was great seats like always aren’t comfy"
Points négatifs : "Better seats"
Points positifs : "Crew was great"
Points négatifs : "Seat was uncomfortable. Flight was much too crowded"
Points positifs : "The flight wasn’t over booked or full"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "Nothing really"
Points négatifs : "WiFi on both ways was not working"
Points positifs : "Room pretty good!"
Points négatifs : "More walking room!!long flight!"
Points positifs : "Kind crew, smooth flight"
Points positifs : "Arrived early with great service which is most important when flying."
Points négatifs : "Entertainment was not on par with competitors like Delta, especially on a long flight. Movies depended on downloading the gogo app before you boarded which most were not aware of until we were airborne."
Points négatifs : "The service, and the smile on employee’s faces. Rolling their eyes at people because we want to know why we’re being delayed is disrespectful"
Points positifs : "nothing since i was not able to make it on time"
Points négatifs : "Flight between fort myers and charlotte was stuck on the tarmac for more than 1h. I missed my connexion and was rebooked next day at 11am. I missed one full day of work. Next time, the flight could wait 15 o 20mn to allow passengers to reach the gate"
Points positifs : "Juste la rapidité du vol.les pilotes étaientt très bien autour du vol..."
Points négatifs : "Le vol a accusé un retard de une heure et en plus on n'a changé du lieu d'embarquement qui est passé du 77 au fallait que chaque voyageur se renseigne."
Points positifs : "Le personnel est parfait"
Points négatifs : "Vraiment pas beaucoup de place dans le siège pour les bras et jambes"
Points positifs : "Presque tout."
Points négatifs : "Le prix du bagage à payer en plus du prix"
Points négatifs : "Le vol a ete annulé et j ai ete bloque sans voucher ou support"
Points positifs : "Visiter l’aerairport de JFK"
Points négatifs : "Ponctualité, service à la clientèle, accommoder pour changement de siège, courtoisie, service à bord, efficacité des mesures de sécurité"
Points négatifs : "Le déclassement en classe économique sans prévenir et une indemnisation impossible vol British opéré par American et donc les deux compagnie se renvoie la balle pour l’indemnisation (trois cents dollars par siège....) Plus jamais de voyage sur cette compagnie"
Points positifs : "L’equipage ne répondait pas à nos questions et le service laissait à désirer. Les sièges étaient confortables mais nous avons dû se faire réassigner parce qu’on nous avait séparés sur tous les vols."
Points négatifs : "Le service à la clientèle"
Points négatifs : "Une heure de retard au décollage"
Points positifs : "Mon avion est parti de SF à Miami pendant une heure puis à fait Demi-tour. Nous avons attendu 2h à l’aéroport. Nous n’avons pas été pris en charge. Terrible expérience. Je n’ai pas été remboursée."
Points négatifs : "Restes 1 heure dans l'avion sur la piste pour partir en retard du meme delai. Pour un vol de 90 minutes, decevant."
Points positifs : "A l'heure"
Points négatifs : "Sièges inconfortables. Assis trop haute."
Points positifs : "Tout s’est bien passer, c’etait facile."
Points négatifs : "La temperature durant le vol était mouvementé"
Points positifs : "X"
Points négatifs : "Le vol a été annulé personne ne nous a averti c’est kayak qui nous a dit de vérifier. Ils nous ont mis sur aucun autre vol jusqu’au lendemain."
Points positifs : "Food was ok and flight was early."
Points négatifs : "Boarding was a mess and had to take a bus in frigid temps. Plane was from the 80s not entertainment unit and everything feeling old and rickety"
Points positifs : "My flight was amazing---amazing in the fact that I had to be on top of flight status and was rudely spoken to by the sellers of the ticket. They almost cancelled my entire trip, even though I paid for it, because while at work I could not pick up the phone when they called me. This site is seriously a scam to buy your ticket from. I survived and was able to go---but I would never encourage anyone to buy through this site, unless you just really love living a nightmare. If you love nightmares, why not. Go ahead."
Points négatifs : "Kayak is a nightmare to buy your flight through."
Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "We arrived 2 hours late."
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Retard d’une heure"
Points positifs : "Comfort on board, entertainment system"
Points négatifs : "Older plane than on the way to Paris, did not like so much the food (except main course)"
Points positifs : "La bonne ponctualité pour un vol intra US"
Points négatifs : "B757 dépourvu de système de divertissement à bord. Sûrement du au court trajet"
Points négatifs : "Aucune des télé ne fonctionne pendant la totalité du vol Biscuits food ridicules Le prix des bagages et la queue pour obtenir son ticket puis refaire la queue pour déposer bagages Double paiement bagages mémé en transit / inacceptable"
Points négatifs : "No food served on a 5+ hour had to pay extra for it and it didn't look like it was worth it. You also had to pay to choose your seat to be with other members of your group....this is all after paying for the flight itself! For the trip to Ireland from LA, for a group of 6, it was another $1000+! Just another way to get a few more bucks because they can! :("
Points positifs : "tout le service en général."
Points négatifs : "rien"
Points négatifs : "Seating is bad, one pays for the tickets then he has to pay for the seat seperraitly only the middle seat comes with the tickets."
Points négatifs : "notre vol a été retarde retarde!!au lieu de décoller comme prévu à 8h30 notre vol a été finalement annulé vers 23h30. On m'a relooké sur un vol pour LONDRES le lendemain à 19.h. Nous sommes restés plus de 24 h dans cet aéroport sans que nous soit proposé un hôtel. on nous a donné une couverture et un oreillé!!d'autre ont pu etre rebooké sur d'autre vols sur NY ou chicago le matin meme. Nous avons perdu une journée de travail mon époux et moi-meme. Lui a du annuler une formation impliquant 10 personnes qui venait de toute la France."
Points positifs : "The crew was amazing, flight was very smooth, arrived early, plane clean, service was great."
Points négatifs : "For being in first class, my seat did not recline so I couldn't sleep and audio for my entertainment center was not working"
Points positifs : "Food"
Points négatifs : "Delayed flight and missed connection flight to KC"
Points négatifs : "great flight"

Très mauvaise compagnie british Airways

British airways a un super service Les stewards sont serviables A recommander

Trop de retards sur cette compagnie

Even a drink was not proposed

Le personnel était extrêmement désagréable voire manquait de respect aux passagers. Je voyage énormément je n’ai jamais vu ça !

Les stewards et hôtesses de l’air ne sont absolument pas sympathiques Boarding horrible ou je me suis faite “gronder” méchamment pas eux car je suis arrivée en retard du fait de beaucoup d’attente au contrôle frontière personne n’est venu nous chercher !!

the boarding is chaotic and can be more in order and organized. the knowledge of the staff on features of the flight.

Les sièges sont très confortables sur British Airways. Malheureusement le vol Genève à Londres avait tellement de retard que j’ai raté ma correspondance pour New York. J’ai du partir le lendemain. J’ai donc perdu une nuit à New York. Bien sûr un British Airways à financé la nuit à l’hôtel ainsi que le repas et le breakfast à Londres. Ce qui aurait pu être amélioré ces que l’équipage nous aide à sortir plus rapidement de l’avion pour attraper la correspondance mais il m’ont répondu qu’il n’était pas en mesure de le faire.

Enregistrement impossible depuis Boston! Pas de N° de siège attribué Plus de place dans l'avion, réclamation, etc... Un calvaire, ce n'est pas sérieux. Nous avons pris un autre avion avec le retard induit

Je ne pas pu voyager a cause des problèmes de santé. J'ai un certificat médical que j'ai transmit a vous et a American Airlines a plusieurs reprises sans aucune résponse satisfactoire. Je suis très deçu et la prochaine fois je vais choisir une autre agence. Juan Manuel Cancel

On a raté notre vol pour Los Angeles car le vol BA 305 pour Londres n existait pas !!! C est tout simplement scandaleux . Nos vacances sont gâchees!!! Nous avons eu de votre part ni excuses, ni compensations .

Plus de personnel afin de ne pas abolir une trop longue file d’attente !

Vol raté par manque d information sur le visa....aucune alerte de votre part.

Voyage épouvantable, retard de 3 heures personnel odieux

Très bien

Retard de vol à vancouver mais egalement à l'aller, de paris à londres et de Londres à vancouver

Nous avons essayé de joindre British Airways pendant des jours. Aucun numéro de téléphone ne répondait on a perdu un temps fou pour rien. Aucune réponse à nos mails. Avion très bruyant très petit Pas de possibilité de modifier quoi que ce soit. J’ai l’habitude de voyager, c’était la première fois avec ba mais ça sera la dernière.

Le vol est parti avec 2 heure de retard. Dans l'attente, aucune information ne nous a été donnée et le personnel du service client de British Airlines absent. Avant le départ, le Stewart a dû réparer le plafond de la cabine avec du scotch. Nous sommes arrivés trop en retard pour prendre ka navette reliant l'aéroport au centre ville et nos bagages étaient perdus ! Impossible de joindre le service client de British Airlines (répondeur pendant 30 minutes puis ça raccroche) !

J'aurais préféré partir à l'heure prévue et non 1heure plus tard

Annulation du vol ORD-STL

Retard sur le vol mais rattrapé par le pilote

Pas reçu mon repas Kasher.

Steward au top.

Points positifs : "Crew was attentive - the service from SJC is much better than SFO - less crowded etc. New 787 and Premium Econ is great."
Points positifs : "Amazing crew"
Points positifs : "The food was great—snacks, meals, drinks—all complimentary!"
Points positifs : "It was incredibly quick!"
Points négatifs : "Free snack and tea and coffee"
Points positifs : "."
Points négatifs : "Le procédé d’embarquement"
Points négatifs : "Wifi was down all the way."
Points négatifs : "Pouvoir décharger les boarding pass, le site de BA is not user friendly, heureusement t staff tres ftriendly à l’aeropor"
Points positifs : "Le personnel"
Points négatifs : "Rien tout a été parfait"
Points positifs : "The crew provided the best service I think I’ve ever gotten on a flight. Attentive and friendly!"
Points positifs : "La qualité de l’a380"
Points négatifs : "L’espace dans l’a330"
Points positifs : "Everything went smoothly and I was very pleased with flight experience from beginning to end"
Points négatifs : "Une collation gratuite pendant le vol"
Points négatifs : "The delay... We arrived 1 hour and more after the normal time, difficult to be sure to have the last metro in London..."
Points positifs : "Personnel de bord sympathique"
Points négatifs : "L’organisation De l’embarquement"
Points positifs : "Accueil équipage Il serait bien de proposer au minimum un verre d'eau gratuit !"
Points négatifs : "Problème de lecture de passeport au moment retrait billet alors que mis au nom de femme mariée tout comme billet obligeant à passer par comptoir ce qui a entraîné perte de temps et nécessite de courir ensuite mais par contre équipé très bien"
Points positifs : "Personnel souriant et accueillant"
Points négatifs : "On se sent très serré à l’intérieur. Un petit verre de soda, jus de fruit ou d’eau aurait été le bienvenu histoire de se démarqué des Vol Low-cost"
Points positifs : "The plan was new and smelled nice and the staff was very entertaining and nice."
Points négatifs : "The flight didn’t have wifi"
Points négatifs : "25 min de retard pour le décollage"
Points positifs : "La sympathie de l'équipage"
Points négatifs : "Pas de proposition claire pour un encas, c'était l'heure du petit déjeuner."
Points positifs : "Flight attendants were excellent and very pleasant."
Points négatifs : "2nd serving of food was not good."
Points positifs : "L'équipage très serviable et aimable Embarquement rapide"
Points négatifs : "Sièges inconfortables et à renover Quasiment pas de films à regarder Equipement télé à moderniser"
Points positifs : "Embarquement rapide"
Points négatifs : "Pas un verre d'eau de servi, même pour mon enfant."
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Le vol est parti sans nous, nous étions à la porte d’embarquement 20 minutes avant l’heure du départ, avec deux enfants en bas âge, et on ne nous a pas laissé y aller. après le contrôle de douanes (ou nous avons perdu bcp de temps) on nous a fait passé en courant et après on nous a dit que l’avion était déjà parti! Que du stress! Nous étions en état de choc, ils ont annulé notre billet à l’instant: l’aller et le retour!). Ce n’était pas du tout normal. Nous allons faire un recours, c’est inadmissible. Jamais plus avec British Airways."
Points négatifs : "Le retard plus long que la durée du vol. Manque d'explication et absence de geste commerciale ne serait-ce qu'une collation vu l'heure (départ à 23h30 au lieu de 21h15)."
Points positifs : "personnel correct espace siège raisonnable"
Points négatifs : "PAYER boissons et repas; départ différéble de 25 minutes"
Points négatifs : "British Airways ne sert plus de snack... plus ça va moins ya de services! pas de petites économies, décevant vraiment... plus de différence avec les low cost"

Vols pas chers Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle - Los Angeles

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Vols Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle - Los Angeles

Départ :

Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG)France

Destination :

Los Angeles (LAX)États-Unis

Offres de vols retour :

Los Angeles - Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle

Classes :

9 238 €
2 999 €
1 036 €
481 €

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426 €