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  • Il n’existe pas d’aéroport à Kuta. La ville est desservie par l’aéroport de Aéroport Intl de Denpasar.
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Singapore AirlinesNote générale basée sur 4033 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

It is just a normal flight. Short flight. The Aircraft was bit older and was very shaky.

En savoir plus sur Singapore Airlines

It is just a normal flight. Short flight. The Aircraft was bit older and was very shaky.

Points positifs : "La possibilité d’avoir pu payer un supplément laisse à notre convenance pour avoir un surclassement"
Points négatifs : "Le prix du billet a été débité 2 fois à l’aller ( remboursé ensuite quand je l’ai signalé) . Le prix du supplément de surclassement a fait que le retour a été débité de notre compte 2 fois aussi. Il faut qu’on le signale encore."
Points positifs : "I like the crew members"
Points négatifs : "Entertainment selection and food could be better"
Points négatifs : "NA"
Points négatifs : "Flat bed in business class was disappointing. No way anyone taller than 6’ could stretch out. Overall, it was an inferior experience to business class on Cathay Pacific, which sets the standard IMO."
Points positifs : "Pas grand chose, il faisait chaud dans l’avion , les repas sont tellement mauvais"
Points négatifs : "Amélioration des repas , mets air climatisé dans l’avion"
Points positifs : "Tellement mieux que les compagnies européennes"
Points positifs : "Yes the SQ802 and sQ807 was excellent"
Points négatifs : "Returning flight food short be better SQ807"
Points négatifs : "Transit time is way too tight. You need at least 2 hrs in between to account for landing and transfer time between terminals"
Points positifs : "The cabin crew was pretty good. This was the only saving grace in otherwise very poor experience"
Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed by 2 hours and they changed the gate from one end of the terminal (A15) to the other (C1). The waiting area was cramped. This being the home of Singapore Airlines, the way managed this entire thing was pathetic. Boarding announcements were also confusing."
Points positifs : "Everything food was better selection and allowed me to taste bali food before arriving. The seats were comfortable on the last plane Thank god"
Points négatifs : "Luggages weren’t transferred to Bali together with my flight. Gate check in stroller was sent to baggage claim without notification. I was waiting the whole time after exiting plane."
Points positifs : "Wow they did not disappoint flight attendants Overdid themselves with amazing service planes are super clean and entertainment systems are state of the art great job Singapore Airlines can’t wait to fly with you again you definitely earned your #1 ranking"
Points positifs : "Seating was spacious, crew was attentive. Boarding was efficient."
Points négatifs : "The food choice was not pleasing to me."
Points positifs : "Comfortable seat, variety of entertainment (sceen) , good food options and friendly and courteous service."
Points positifs : "The cabin crew were fantastic. Food was abundant. Most boarding systems worked well. Choosing seats was confusing on website so we were allocated seating. The newer planes had a fantastic touch screen entertainment system. The seats on the newer planes were much more comfortable and roomy"
Points négatifs : "The small seats are squishy on the older planes. The entertainment system on the older planes were dated and difficult to use. I felt sick after the flight to UK but felt fine coming home after one long flight on a newer plane."
Points positifs : "The crew was very nice and professional and the amenities were top notch."
Points négatifs : "There wasn't enough leg room. My knees touched the chair in front of me the whole time."
Points positifs : "Good seats with great screens. Usb, headphone jack that works with regular headphones, and a regular power outlet! Tray tables upgraded overall and have a mirror behind a slide. Even the seatback pockets are better with multiple pockets including one that fits most mobile phones. The windows turn tinted blue instead of drawing shades down—what?!"
Points négatifs : "would like regular water bottles to be available for drinking"
Points positifs : "Crew very friendly"
Points positifs : "The attentiveness of the flight attendants and the new plane."
Points positifs : "Friendly crew I like that a lot. The diabetes food choice ecselent Thank you"
Points négatifs : "The toilets were very dirty"
Points positifs : "Loved the food/Movies/seats."
Points négatifs : "No air vents and the cabin was very very stuffy and warm for many people. I’ve never heard one child cry for 7+ hours before until this flight. But everything else was decent to say the very least:)"
Points positifs : "Excellent service and attitude from ALL crew! Roomy premier economy!"
Points positifs : "Very good service."
Points positifs : "Great entertainment system for a short haul fl flight"
Points négatifs : "Terrible food"
Points positifs : "Service by the crew was great"
Points négatifs : "Food in the economy class was not so great Options provided were not tasty. Each meal tasted same. No kid option available. Tastier options available on other major international flights."
Points positifs : "I am disabled traveling with my 96-year-old father. the Singapore Air crew helped us beyond all expectations on our 3 flights: JFK-FRA, FRA-SIN & SIN-DEN. most especially in Germany!"
Points négatifs : "I need to upgrade our return flight SIN-LHR & can’t figure out how. also would like to modify trip, but it’s so difficult. deLancey Whitmer 1 (203) 838-6808"
Points positifs : "More leg room than other airlines, superb service and excellent food!"
Points positifs : "Everyone was cold asking for blankets it was freezing on that plane only major complaint, I love the airlines, the flight attendants are lovely and gracious, they really do try. Such a nice treat after flying United airlines all year!"
Points négatifs : "Too cold"
Points positifs : "Best Inflight Service Best Inflight Food Best Lounge"
Points positifs : "I love traveling on Singapore airlines. They have excellent service and always on time. Their entertainment system is very good. I won't say excellent as I've seem Emirates and they still have along way to go to catch up."
Points négatifs : "They did not give us the landing cards and we had to fill them in at the airport. Many were like us and I am surprised. Also for business class passengers they don't get into a priority lane as you see in Emirates and other airlines. while Singapore airline is very good, they still lack in the details."
Points positifs : "I liked there was an opportunity to bid on an upgrade"
Points négatifs : "Our bid was rejected yet there were empty seats in premium economy. Our bid was within the recommended range. You certainly would not have lost money upgrading us."
Points négatifs : "Our flight to Bali was cancelled due to the volcano eruption. We did not receive any compensation, but Singapore/Silk Airlines told us they were able to get us a flight home to LAX instead, but that it wouldn't be until the next day. We spent money on a hotel and food and waited until the next morning, got to the airport early for check in only to find that Singapore/Silk had in fact, given up our seats that they had promised us. They said that we now would have to wait another day just to get a flight from Singapore to LAX. We asked to speak with a manager, and eventually were able to get two seats due to cancellations. This was intended to be a very special and romantic trip that was essentially ruined. Since no one could have anticipated that the volcano would cause cancellation, we should be refunded for our flights. We are so crushed that we did not get to go to Bali, and now we may NEVER get to go because we are out of money. At the VERY least, the leg of our flights from Singapore to Bali, and Bali to Singapore, should be refunded. We are extremely disappointed."
Points positifs : "Crew, cabin and food."
Points négatifs : "Lack of entertainment console at each seat"
Points positifs : "Efficient courteous and attractive crew. Good food drink selection and great entertainment system."
Points négatifs : "Unfortunately the plane was an older 777-200 with smaller TV screens but otherwise fine."
Points négatifs : "Particularly asked for aisle seat during checking in and I was told I was allocated aisle seat, but my seat was in the middle all the way to Brisbane. Person who checked me in did not seem like who wanted to be on the job beside being not too busy at all."
Points positifs : "We started taxing 15 minutes before the departure time. This is great !"
Points négatifs : "not much"
Points positifs : "Excellent service, Confortabilité et assistance pendant tout le trajet!"
Points positifs : "1) Crew very personable and accommodating 2) Food was good 3) Arrival on schedule 4) Entertainment system provided lots of choices 5) Baggage arrived in reasonable amount of time"
Points négatifs : "1) Economy seating was cramped (long-haul flights should have more spacious seating) 2) Crying babies made flight almost unbearable 3) Process of leaving the plane took too long because only one exit door was used 4) Departure delayed by 35-40 minutes (made up in flight)"
Points positifs : "The food is good. The service is excellent, always smiling and attentive."
Points négatifs : "Not enough quantity of each type of food. I did not get the cold noodle I want and end up eating sandwiches."
Points positifs : "Main Entree hot"
Points négatifs : "Cold bread; dessert similar sweetened gak"
Points positifs : "Upgraded to biz class, which was fantastic"
Points positifs : "Everything was outstanding. The cleanliness of the airplane, the food, the friendliness of the crew, I just can't say enough good things about my experience flying on Singapore Airlines."
Points positifs : "The seat comes with foot rest attached to the front seat."
Points négatifs : "I asked for decaf coffee and the attendant totally forgot about my request."
Points positifs : "Punctuality"
Points négatifs : "Food wise can be improved. But for flight meat from ecomnomy class; it's considered good enough."
Points positifs : "Excellent experience as usual by SIA."
Points négatifs : "The plane is a bit aged in SIA standard. No USB charging. IFE screen is not bright enough."
Points positifs : "The cabin attendants kept us well hydrated."
Points négatifs : "The entertainment options were mediocre. Gluten-free meal may have contained traces of gluten."
Points négatifs : "cramped uncomfortable seats freezing cold"
Points positifs : "On time. Attentive crew."
Points négatifs : "Old TV screen that was difficult to see. Looked like it was from 1990. Limited movie selection."
Points positifs : "The staff was very friendly and helpful. I got plenty of meals and they easily accommodated my vegetarian diet!"

Rude cabin crew. Crowded plane. Bad trip

seats in business class not confortable although staff are very cooprative and friendly with passengers .

Le personnel l’accueil parfait

L’accueil le personnel a recommandé

Un voyage adoré, condor, service agréable au bords,

Très bien excellent

Tres bien excellent

My flight got cancelled several times, I booked my flight through Fly. us, that was throughly KAYAK engine, I regret my decision to do that, because fly. Us has horrible service no communication what do ever, I contacted them, called them several time but no response so far, I called airline they said they will refund to fly. Us if they request but after 1 week and half no response from them. Please only use direct airline sites during COVID times because flight cancellations is very common during COVID time, so that you guys can avoid trouble of middle man.

Points positifs : "It was a quiet flight"
Points négatifs : "All good"
Points négatifs : "Love it! Next time, I will for sure buy tickets from Kayak"
Points positifs : "Crew was good but only one thing I don’t know why before landing 30min crew starting collect blankets and headsets it’s making me so upset!"
Points positifs : "personnel et atterissage parfait"
Points positifs : "Nice crew."
Points négatifs : "Horrible seats. Very uncomfortable. No room to move around. Overcrowded plane."
Points positifs : "Amazing crew so friendly and helpful"
Points négatifs : "Also the price was high"
Points positifs : "TOUT"
Points positifs : "Unprofessional crew member how to treat as GOLD member in business class cabin"
Points négatifs : "No comment"
Points positifs : "Today amazingly the service was too good, the hostesses were coming forward and asking if we needed something and making the journey comfortable."
Points négatifs : "Was nicr"
Points positifs : "Personnel were nice - seems like there were too many people to really have them pay attention to anyone. Plane was clean overall, entertainment is good."
Points négatifs : "We departed late and arrived at least 30-40 mins late. Crowded plane. I was very uncomfortable, the person sitting next to me took up space and was not very friendly. Bathrooms were not so clean at times (this may not necessarily be the airline’s fault)."
Points négatifs : "Couvertures sentent le mal lavé. A part cela tres bon voyage."
Points négatifs : "My seat was broken, almost 8h with my back straight up. I've advised the team about it but apparently it was no seats available."
Points négatifs : "I'm desapointed with first flight with Emirates. Having travelled with various airlines, i was expecting a much better service on board. 15 min waiting on a call for the cabin crew to answer and separately banquets and pillows who stinks."
Points positifs : "L’espace en A380"
Points négatifs : "Le repas"
Points positifs : "Le siège et l’espace"
Points négatifs : "Le repas"
Points négatifs : "Le repas dans le vol dubai-dhaka"
Points positifs : "L'avion a moitié plein j'ai eu trois places Au top pour dormir, personnel super gentil et au petit soin. Rien à dire ce vol était parfait vu mon état de fatigue"
Points négatifs : "Un surclassement"
Points négatifs : "Il n'y avait pas assez de films en français"
Points positifs : "PARFAIT et à l’HEURE"
Points négatifs : "RAS"
Points positifs : "Les films"
Points négatifs : "Ne pas récupérer ma valise complètement détruite à l’arrivee Alors que celle ci est neuve"
Points positifs : "Le professionnalisme du personnel, l’embarquement"
Points négatifs : "Pas assez de choix de films et de musique récents."
Points positifs : "Rien de spécial"
Points négatifs : "Sachant que n’ois étions en famille en business J’aurai Aimé Un équipage agréable Un divertissement ou cadeau pour les enfants De meilleurs repas ou une meilleure qualité. Et beaucoup de choses à dire"
Points positifs : "Service et confort"
Points positifs : "Service on the plan was excellent. Food was delicious"
Points négatifs : "Not much food to eat."
Points positifs : "Vol. Confort. Equipement ICE"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "Early landing great service loads of legroom as am 6ft 5"
Points négatifs : "N\a"
Points positifs : "L’accu, l’hora, enfin tout"
Points négatifs : "RAS"
Points positifs : "La promptitude et l'accueil"
Points négatifs : "Le personnel à bord d'emirate qui ne parle pas français sur un vol dans un francophone"
Points positifs : "Emirates handling of the crisis was good.they delivered snacks at the boarding gate. Considerate ground staff kept us informed and profusely apologetic."
Points négatifs : "The delay"
Points positifs : "Ditto......great"
Points positifs : "New plane, 380 i think, so everything worked well"
Points négatifs : "This seem kaotic, people don't listen, staff send over it"
Points positifs : "I really liked the leg spacing. It was very comfortable to stretch my legs. Overall it was good. Thank you :)"
Points négatifs : "I felt a little bit more of the nibbles could be included in the 8+ hours flight. Besides that everything was comfortable. Also, the entertainment options can be better."
Points négatifs : "Moins de choix de films et de musique que d’habitude. Repas moins bon que d’habitude."
Points négatifs : "Moins de choix de films et de musique que d’habitude. Repas moins bon que d’habitude."
Points positifs : "everything"
Points positifs : "De quoi passer le temps en vol grâce au programme de divertissement à bord."
Points négatifs : "La correspondance à Dubai où il a fallu rejoindre la porte d’embarquement à l’opposé du terminal dans un délai court."
Points positifs : "La variété du programme de divertissement proposé à bord. De quoi passer le temps en vol."
Points négatifs : "Le repas servi à bord avec le choix du poulet n’était plus disponible. Je me suis contenté du plat avec les fruits de mer."
Points positifs : "Variété des divertissements proposés à bord."
Points négatifs : "Des retards au départ de chaque vol de mon trajet. Les sièges en classe économique ne disposent pas de repose-pieds. C’est tout de même une bonne compagnie."
Points positifs : "Every things"
Points négatifs : "Les plateaux Repas été moins bon que d’habitude. Le vin blanc n’etait Pas en petites bouteilles individuelles et n’etait Pas frais. Enorme retard de service des plats pour les sièges arrière gauche ce qui n’arrivait jamais auparavant."
Points positifs : "Fast boarding, seating space ok for long legs, variety of entertainment, many food choices"
Points négatifs : "Crew is way less friendly than before, many extras gone (wet towels before plane starts, no more offer for further drinks by crew), things are collected while halfway in air (blankets, earphones)"

The plane is crowded, the cooling is bad and the food is little

J’ai demandé plusieur fois qu’on m’aide avec mon bébé car je n’avais pas acheté les sièges avec couffin à l’avance mais personne n’a pu m’aider du coup 11h de vol avec le bébé sur les genoux

J’ai eu trop d’informations différentes du personnel de Turkish Airlines concernant les sièges équipés de couffin pour les Bébés donc finalement nous n’avons pas pu en obtenir un

excellent all round and check in luggage included

The boarding team could do a better job of crowd/line control. It was a gaggle.



Voyages à 4 personnes , la totalité des bagages perdus , turkish airlines première et dernière fois .


L’embarquement top , Le service à bord, le repas distribué peuvent être largement amélioré

Super comme compagnie

The flight was 5 hours late, made us miss our connector to Dallas. No more flights to Dallas until Friday. We were only offered the late flight to Istanbul, hotel overnight in Istanbul. A flight to Houston and we’re are stranded from there. Later, I found a flight to Newark, take a Connector Bus (my costs) to JFK, overnight layover 8 hours, and a flight to Dallas from there. I was refused to change to that flight unless I paid $300, my connector, and any hotel costs if I chose one. Having spent the night before in JFK, I absolutely would need the hotel, it is not safe.

Points négatifs : "Très bien à heure un avions trop propre"
Points positifs : "Everything was fine except the fact that our flight was rescheduled on 24 hours earlier than the original one. It was extremely inconvenient."
Points négatifs : "When the airline interrupts your trip last minute and passengers are trying hard to adjust their plans it would be nice to have a little appreciation from the airline team. And they do not have to be rude to people who are asking to explain the reason of the changes."
Points négatifs : "Thank you"
Points positifs : "Toute était très bon depuis le début jusqu'a la fin. Très en écoute. Excellent ..."
Points positifs : "Everything...the food was delicious, the staff was gracious and always went the extra mile."
Points positifs : "fantastic food test"
Points négatifs : "announcements in Turkish is interrupted your screen in front of every passenger and you have to listen to it even if you have no idea of what they taking about because it will block everything your are doing .. The solution is very easy as you can setup the screen to your language and the computer can choose to show you only the announcements that is in your language that make sense to you."
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "Just needed a chance to rest during this long trip and that was possible. Slept well, had a nice meal and arrived ready to go. First trip on Turkish Airlines but will absolutely be back. Crew was great!"
Points positifs : "Super efficacité au desk 'cas speciaux' de Turkishairline Ils m'ont imprimé ma carte d'embarquement en 3 minutes"
Points négatifs : "Pas de réseau à l'aéroport Pas de rappel de kiwi pour s'enregistrer"
Points positifs : "Food as per.always was.great and choice of entertainment also good."
Points négatifs : "Bording was delayed because of inbound flight delays."
Points positifs : "It was easy and convenient"
Points négatifs : "The airline lost my bag, with contained all my clothes, shoes, jewelry, ps4 gaming concel, and all the games CDs I had , alongside the documents I needed to renew my Visa, which was such an inconvenience getting back, that I had to extend my ticket by a week which also cost me almost $400. Plus the airline staff was rude. That ruined my vacation."
Points négatifs : "Bagage non reçu. Un bagage sur 10 bagages, quelle mauvaise organisation"
Points positifs : "Food, service, movie selection, wine selection, seats in business class."
Points négatifs : "Unimpressive selection of scotch when compared to competitors."
Points positifs : "L'organisation."
Points négatifs : "L'équipage ne fais pas d'effort pour comprendre ce qu'on lui demande dans une autre langue à part l'anglais. C'est un vol international et je pense que c'est important de parler français aussi."
Points positifs : "Business class was money well spent."
Points négatifs : "The boarding at the gate was a bit congested."
Points négatifs : "La cuisine est vraiment horrible"
Points négatifs : "Le manque de sollicitude pour établir le billet pour la connexion IST YUL, suite à la non connaissance du nouveau contrôle AVE pour les entrées au Canada."
Points positifs : "Like flying first class"
Points positifs : "Un grand merci pour avoir été surclassés lors de ce vol qui fut des plus agréable . Le personnel a été charmant et compète a l’aerop et pendant le vol !"
Points positifs : "One of the ticket agents, Diego McNuss, was especially kind and helpful when we checked in. He is a credit to the company. Also, so many special touches on the flight, like the warm wipe and the bag with the socks, etc. Also very kind flight attendants."
Points positifs : "Tout a été excellent"
Points négatifs : "Rien ne m'a déplu"
Points positifs : "Everything"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "gentillesse de l'équipage, propreté de l'avion"
Points négatifs : "2 bagages cassés au retour dont une ouverte"
Points positifs : "ils sont toujours à l'écoute et attentionné Parfait en globalitees"
Points positifs : "Très pratique,gagne beaucoup de temps partout où nous allons."
Points positifs : "Très pratique"
Points négatifs : "Retard du vol dur avec un enfant"
Points négatifs : "Retard du vil dir avec un enfant"
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "On board catering and new planes are a plus"
Points positifs : "good food, enough leg room"
Points négatifs : "It was too warm and the seats had very little legroom"
Points négatifs : "Repas"
Points positifs : "I liked the food and the staff were very friendly"
Points positifs : "Staff was friendly"
Points négatifs : "Seats too narrow and no leg room."
Points positifs : "Smooth flight, great food"
Points négatifs : "Other passengers."
Points positifs : "The experience was great."
Points négatifs : "Everything was good the service, the staff was professional."

Petit avion, rien ne marchait, pas de télé, pas de wifi, tout en panne. Pas de compensation, auraient pu nous offrir quelque chose pour compenser, comme un sandwich ou un boisson gratuite. Très decu6

Voyage de san Francisco vers Honolulu à été mauvais. Petit avion pas de films (tous les écrans étaient en panne), pas de wifi. Il ne nous ont pas compensé, ils auraient pu nous offrir un sandwich ou une boisson gratuite.

The flight was on a very small plane for a transatlantic flight. It was more suitable for a mid-distance domestic flight. The plane was also quite old and its entertainment systems repeatedly froze and shut down. Finally, the airline charged for most food and drinks--on an international flight. I will avoid Lufthansa and its partner, United, in the future. Also, the airports are a disastrous mess, with long lines and huge numbers of flights delayed (although this is beyond the airline's control). Both my flights were delayed substantially.

nous avons dû voyager par AIr France une journée plus tard le 26 juin 2022 vers 15h25. Lufthansa n'a offert aucune commodité en plus d'avoir perdu u de nos bagages

Le pilote a été super le service aux clients. Aucune information pour aider les passagers en correspondance. nous avons ratés notre vol vers Paris

Formalités d'embarquement simples. Le staff à bord sympathique. Assis à côté d'un homme a assez forte corpulence qui mettait en évidence la taille réduite des sièges. Le dîner et petit déjeuner pas fameux du tout, le niveau à encore baissé dans ce domaine.

My bag was delayed as of now by one day, maybe more. Besides, the flight was delayed by one and a half hours.

It was cancelled!

La boufe et l’équipage très cool seulement il fallait payer une petite bouteille de vin à 7 euros

Notre départ et notre arrivée étaient à l’heure. Nous étions bien servis par les membres d’équipage. Malheureusement, moins d’espace dans ce modèle d’avion que dans les modèles plus récents. Les écrans installés dans les sièges fonctionnent très lentement, donc pas beaucoup de divertissement pour le vol de 8 heures

Les membres d’équipage ont été attentifs. La qualité de repas- à améliorer

Crew were pleasant. The food choice could have included vegan options too.

Transit à Frankfort : horrible !

Encore et toujours du retard, nous avons du changer de vol puis d'avion, imprimer de nouveaux billets et n'avons connu nos places qu'au moment d'embarquer

J'ai manqué ma connection en dépit des assurances de l'équipage. 6 heures d'attente.

Vol retardé (+ d'1 heure), pilote qui annonce que les autres vols à Frankfurt sont aussi retardés, donc qu'il sera possible tout de même de continuer le voyage. Annonce qu'un employé de Lufthansa va nous attendre pour nous aiguiller. Rien de cela ne s'est passé. La seule chose c'est que j'ai manqué ma connection, à peu près 8 heures de retard. Inacceptable

Points positifs : "We were the only customers in business class, which was nice. Lots of attention from the crew, and food was good."
Points négatifs : "Ummm, THAT was "business class"? Same seats as economy, with middle seat blocked off. Limited recline, no entertainment, no comfort seats. Nice meal, nice drinks, nice service...but I'm a little stunned that a European airline would call this kind of seating "business class". Only thing that separated it from economy class was a curtain, and middle seats blocked off."
Points positifs : "comfortable seats, quick flight"
Points négatifs : "in-seat entertainment and a full salami sandwich instead of half for snack"
Points négatifs : "We had a three hour departure delay in Munich"
Points négatifs : "On-time departure and arrival, clean and well-maintained aircraft, good crew, decent meals (2), very tight seating in Economy without much comfort."
Points positifs : "Comfortable seating, good food served by this airline"
Points négatifs : "The woman seated next to me had the worst body odor ever and this was a 10 hour flight-nearly brought me to hurl. She was the mother of s flight attendant as well, and was constantly brought amenities from the first class cabin. Really not appropriate for the rest of us in premium economy"
Points positifs : "The crew was excellent"
Points négatifs : "N/A"
Points positifs : "Crew was attentive and friendly."
Points négatifs : "Food was not that good, flight was over an hour late causing us to miss our connection in Frankfurt. Consequently we were also charged for our car pickup in Prague. Overall, not impressed with Lufthansa."
Points positifs : "Le personnel était parfait et proposait de l'eau régulièrement."
Points négatifs : "Le repas n'était pas très bon et j'ai eu faim"
Points positifs : "le personnel"
Points négatifs : "respecter l'horaire. la recherche a été faite pour un vol avec bagage enregistré inclus. seulement aprèes l'achat on a pu voir que c'était un light fare"
Points positifs : "La grande attention et disponibilité du personnel cabine"
Points négatifs : "Quelques soucis avec le système de divertissement,"
Points positifs : "Voler pour la première fois sur un à 320 NEO !"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "Service"
Points négatifs : "Boarding"
Points positifs : "Personel très réactif"
Points négatifs : "Les films et divertissements"
Points positifs : "Mauvaise information"
Points négatifs : "L’embarquement"
Points positifs : "On a eu 3 h de retard ... l’avion n’était pas plein donc attendu l’autre vol"
Points négatifs : "Mauvaise info"
Points positifs : "Confort de l'avion et amabilité de l'équipage"
Points négatifs : "Un peu déçu par les repas J'en avais un meilleur souvenir"
Points négatifs : "Le retard"
Points négatifs : "Le retard"
Points négatifs : "les faits d‘être m‘a fait loupé la suite de mes transports"
Points positifs : "rien"
Points négatifs : "les retards"
Points positifs : "Nice crew. Smooth and quick ride which is perfect. No entertainment system or food so cannot comment."
Points négatifs : "Worst airport to board from (Tegel). Waited 30 minutes for luggage in frankfurt airport. Unacceptable luggage handling (may related to airport in Frankfurt)."
Points positifs : "Embarquement très rapide, vol ponctuel."
Points négatifs : "Le repas était franchement mauvais. Il n'y avait pluplus de deuxième choix"
Points négatifs : "Les informations à bord etaient incompréhensibles"
Points négatifs : "We weren’t able to take this flight because our trip to Salzburg ended up getting canceled! We had to cancel this one"
Points positifs : "Qualité du service en général: bon Et comme à leur habitude ils proposent un avion récent."
Points négatifs : "Avion surbooké, j'ai été séparé de ma compagne comme beaucoup d'autres passagers... Mauvaise expérience de vol surotut pour 12h de vol. Le personnel de bord à fait son possible pour nous servir au mieux mais on sentait qu'ils étaient un peu débordé."
Points positifs : "Qualité toujours au rdv et avion au niveau"
Points négatifs : "Changement de vol à la dernière minute imposé par la companie qui nous a fait voyager séparément avec ma copine dans des conditions peu agréables + on a raté le taxrefund à cause de ça..."
Points positifs : "Great customer service at check in window, very comfortable and clean airplane, very good cabin crew..overall highly satisfied"
Points négatifs : "It was difficult to leave my seat when passenger a front of me put his seat all the way to the back. Did not have that problem on other Lufthansa flights to and from Europe. I"
Points négatifs : "Special meals were wrong with two meals during the flight!"
Points négatifs : "N/A"
Points positifs : "Étonnant, mais on a servi sandwich et vin en classe économique gratuitement."
Points négatifs : "Embarquement désorganisé. Tout le monde entre en même temps et non par rangée."
Points positifs : "Very comfortable flight with plenty of food, drink, entertainment and good service. Flight left on time."
Points négatifs : "The flight departure time was too close to the arrival time so we ended up running thru the Frankfort airport."
Points négatifs : "Le retard"

Better food more confortable seats.

There was already a group forming a line at zone 4 for a good 15mins and another group created another line just 5mins before boarding and the 1st group had to re-queue. A few of us voiced out to the floor crew but they did nothing. Earphones. Could be supplied first since the flight is suffisent for a movie.

3.5 hours delay will ruin any day!

Delay due to lack of personnel!

Queue énorme au contrôle et 1h30 de retard pour le départ

New 737 and seats too confining

Aucun soucis, bon suivi et correspondance dans les temps Nickel

Problème de check in

Très bon service. Repas pourrait être amélioré. Personnel agréable. Hygiène respectée. Merci


They canceled our flights that went on anyway.

Le repas est très ordinaire. Le reste c’est très bien!

Points positifs : "The plane condition."
Points négatifs : "The flight attendants could have served some drinks in between the meals. They actually refused to serve something additionally when asked."
Points positifs : "A flight was delayed due to weather conditions and we had to sit in the plane for almost an hour, BUT information sharing from the Capitan was sufficient and on-time. Very good job from pilots. Leg room in economy - I was positively surprised, very decent leg room! Thank you for providing it."
Points négatifs : "I flew economy and all was good and appropriate to the level."
Points négatifs : "Keep the temperature at a more reasonable level. Blankets + two layers of clothing was definitely not enough."
Points positifs : "Loved the smooth ride."
Points négatifs : "Bathroom was pretty nasty"
Points positifs : "The pilot and the crews were helpful about the transit. Pilot make up a lot of time."
Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed, had to run to my next connection flight."
Points positifs : "Planes were on time and connections made."
Points négatifs : "One bag delayed as not put on flight and food could be better."
Points positifs : "Customer care was super supportive"
Points négatifs : "Inflight sandwiches"
Points négatifs : "KLM crew exceed our expectations"
Points positifs : "The crew and the timing were ok"
Points négatifs : "The seats were uncomfortable"
Points positifs : "Reasonable space in economy class seats"
Points négatifs : "Staff hurrying us up 40 minutes before departing and threatening to take our bags out of the plane in case we didn’t board then. I had to leave my coffee and run."
Points positifs : "Personnel serviable. Avion propre et choix de langues (anglais, néerlandais et français) apprécié."
Points négatifs : "Retard au décollage de 30 min minimum à l'aller comme au retour avec KLM. En portant un pull et un polaire j'ai eu bien froid en cabine."
Points positifs : "Le vol était ponctuel."
Points négatifs : "La classe business sur ce type de vol n’a rien de business si ce n’est d’être à l’avant de la cabine."
Points négatifs : "Dozens of high school students screaming and climbing onto seats, crew did not intervene."
Points positifs : "Crew was great and professional."
Points négatifs : "Entertainment controls were outdated and confusing to operate. There were no charging ports."
Points positifs : "Le vol"
Points négatifs : "Clairement le système pour faire notre checkin online est pourri"
Points positifs : "Just the cabin crew being nice"
Points négatifs : "Punctuality KLM is always late"
Points négatifs : "L’intégralité du voyage, pas de repas, retard de bagage"
Points positifs : "Amazing crew"
Points positifs : "Seating is tight. The crew was great !"
Points négatifs : "As we landed we had to wait on the plane for an hour and a half because another plane (Spirit) was in our “parking spot.” This made it very difficult for people and connecting flights."
Points négatifs : "The flight was cancelled and had to be rerouted on United Airlines."
Points positifs : "Last year I flew Lufthansa which was my worst experience flying ever. I thought the new standard was so low I would never fly to Europe again. I had heard KLM was good but I felt this was as good as could be expected actually much better. The food was even good."
Points négatifs : "I would have to dream something up."
Points positifs : "Light snack and complementary wine"
Points positifs : "NOTHING"
Points négatifs : "Having to change my seat to accommodate a rude belligerent passenger, who had taken my seat, refused to move until spoken to by steward. She then made my flight a nightmare, until I let her sit in my aisle seat. Even then she was not satisfied, she abused me the whole flight damaged the screen so I could not use it until the steward fixed it. Demanded that I except any and all alcohol to give to her to drink. When I am tea total she then continued to abuse me. I asked the steward to move me he just shrugged his shoulders and said there was nowhere else. This is definitely my the worst flight I have experienced."
Points négatifs : "wasn't able to take the flight since I missed it"
Points positifs : "Good and friendly services"
Points négatifs : "I really don't like when at the gate the take your luggage and say you'll be the first to get it at arrival.. And now I'm still waiting.. That's really really annoying"
Points négatifs : "Nothing special"
Points positifs : "The food rocks! I know that I will always be eating well with KLM. The staff is always so nice, professional and cordial...I always know I'll be in good hands with the flight. KLM #605 from Amsterdam to SFO---please pass the praise to all of them."
Points positifs : "Comfortable and well laid out seat area"
Points négatifs : "Food was a little substandard for business class"
Points positifs : "Seats were comfortable and there was enough room for hand baggage. I slept during the flight so do not have opinion on entertainment."
Points négatifs : "Not able to charge my digital devices. When serving beverages and food, the same flight attendant missed me a few times. That was annoying but other attendants were very nice."
Points positifs : "Everything excellent. Comfortable seats in business."
Points positifs : "The boarding was easy and you didn't have to wait inline for that long"
Points négatifs : "KLM needs to upgrade the entertainment. It was very hard to see the images on the screen. The planes that KLM uses are old and they sure need to be upgraded."
Points positifs : "Everything is top notch for an airline company."
Points négatifs : "Nothing.... I enjoyed every moment of the flight."
Points positifs : "Service en business au top. Pour aller de l’europe vers Mexico les sièges sont dans lis confortables sue les vieillissant de l’A380 d’Air France."
Points positifs : "Petit avion sans trop de place."
Points négatifs : "Connexion un peu trop courte à Amsterdam. Génère du stress."
Points négatifs : "The streaming service didn’t work"
Points positifs : "The time keeping was very good. We left on time and arrived early on both occasion. Good organisation. Excellent service."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "Short flight with good communication."
Points négatifs : "Nil to complain."
Points négatifs : "Le menu est à améliorer"

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