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Vol New York - Nouvelle-Orléans Aéroport Louis Armstrong de La Nouvelle-Orléans (Moisant Field)
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The crew in Burlington VT on Feb 5, 2022 were incredibly helpful in rebooking my connection flight since I would miss it due to delay. The lady who helped me really took her time looking for the best option. Everything worked out great at the end! Crew definitely demonstrated a great ability to work under stress (all flights were delayed due to snow storm). Thank you for your help!

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The crew in Burlington VT on Feb 5, 2022 were incredibly helpful in rebooking my connection flight since I would miss it due to delay. The lady who helped me really took her time looking for the best option. Everything worked out great at the end! Crew definitely demonstrated a great ability to work under stress (all flights were delayed due to snow storm). Thank you for your help!

Absolutely ridiculous from start to end.

Points négatifs : "1 hour delayed"
Points négatifs : "Better selection of food. Snacks just did not cut it."
Points positifs : "Flight left quick and everything was in order"
Points négatifs : "Food"
Points positifs : "Good leg room"
Points négatifs : "Old plane and time for the boneyard."
Points positifs : "Leg room was amazing, WiFi was great and entertainment selection was wonderful."
Points négatifs : "Our flight was delayed about 30-45 minutes. Would have been perfect if on time."
Points négatifs : "The seats were very hard and uncomfortable for a 5 1/2 hr flight"
Points positifs : "Swift professional service. Pilot was exceptional; we didn’t even feel the landing or take off"
Points négatifs : "N/a"
Points négatifs : "There was an issue with the booking System. I received a text that my flight was delayed 2 hours then 20 minutes before the original time another text that the flight is now on time. This screwed up the entire trip"
Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed leaving NYC and when we landed in New Orleans, the gate was occupies, so we had to wait."
Points négatifs : "We were delayed which happens sometimes. I departed gate 26 at JFk the problem with the delay was there was no place to sit during the 90 min delay"
Points positifs : "Seat size"
Points négatifs : "No entertainment. And ac/ventilation was horrible"
Points positifs : "The flight was fast and safe!"
Points négatifs : "Tv could’ve worked and the seats should have more space"
Points positifs : "Crew was so helpful... even loaned me a phone charger."
Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed after we boarded- originally scheduled to be in time. We sat on Tarmac 1.5hrs before we were able to take off"
Points négatifs : "Pillow and blanket were extra"
Points positifs : "I made a flight, canceled it that day and booked on a different airline. But, I never got a cancellation email. So all I saw was the JetBlue flight. Last night, I got an email from Kayak telling me to check in so my daughter went to the wrong airport to the wrong flight!!"
Points négatifs : "Why was Kayak not notified that I don't have this flight anymore? I booked 2 months ago...didn't remember the details. Do you know how confusing it is to get a check-in email, after no cancellation email? So when I search my email all that comes up is the flight that was canceled! Bad communication"
Points positifs : "Wonderful experience with Jetblue"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "My main comment is that the wi-fi didn't work for all passengers. One of the reasons I flew this airline was because they promise reliable wi-fi on the flight and despite multiple attempts to troubleshoot, it never worked."
Points positifs : "entertainment, boarding-excellent Seat were pretty comfortable"
Points négatifs : "Crew needs to learn better customer service"
Points positifs : "Missed flight gate changed not enough notice"
Points négatifs : "Gate changed not enough notice missed flight"
Points positifs : "Jet blue has free potato chips and also allows you to watch television."
Points négatifs : "Jet Blue provided 5 sequential delay messages over an hour. Their inability to better estimate departure is disappointing. The real problem is that delay was caused directly by the airline's incompetence. There were no weather issues, the takeoff spots were available. They simply failed to load snacks. Although there WAS a minor prior delay bc a slightly late plane arrival, we eventually were delayed about an extra hour to supply snacks on a 4-hr flight. Given the ground crew had EXTRA time to load and also considering the tiny set of options offered, this is senseless. Further, b/c they ran out of overhead bins, they offered to GATE check my luggage. This was essentially a lie - they put it with checked bags, unlike the gate checked items I watched others retrieve. The combination of these errors led me to arrive at the car rental desk after closure. This caused me to incur a taxi fare, so spend 30 min or so working out an alternative rental the following day, and then yet ANOTHER cab to the Car Desk to get the car. This is the only time in my hundred or so car rentals anything like this has happened. I will certainly think twice (or more) before booking Jet Blue again."
Points négatifs : "Blankets are $5"
Points positifs : "Free WiFi, screen entertainment options are good though I didn’t take advantage. Crew alway super nice. Apparently there were some computer issues in th cockpit but pilot got through it without much delay."
Points négatifs : "No power plugs at the seats. I’ve become accustomed to outlets on JetBlue flights and now other domestic carriers. Thought I’d get work done but the one time I didn’t charge up my laptop I find out I’m out of luck. Plane was visibly part of an old fleet."
Points négatifs : "So the delay messages started at 7am two hours before the flight was scheduled to leave. Flight is over an hour delayed. The flight is only a hour long but still annoying. Arrived at the airport 2 hours early and noticed that the plane was in fact at the gate. Hmmm, no pilot apparently. Pilot arrives, we board with the hopes of getting out earlier than the delayed stated. But wait, all the passengers are on board but we are waiting for ice and catering. Seriously, the plane has been here for 2 hours and jet blue can’t spped things up and we are further delayed by waiting for ice. Poor planning!"
Points positifs : "L'espace dans l'avion - c'est la 1ère fois que j'en ai autant en classe éco ! Le personnel de bord, vraiment adorable, drôle et à l'écoute"
Points négatifs : "Pas de distraction et collation limitée. Mais c'est vraiment un détail !"
Points négatifs : "I have a problem with my ears, and asked the crew for nozzle drops, they don’t have"
Points positifs : "Price of ticket is about it."
Points négatifs : "From the time I got to the gate 90 minutes before flight to the time I got off it was terrable. Delays before boarding with no explanation then the same continued onboarding. First it was waiting for bags. Strange when there's a 2 hour+ delay that all the bags weren't there? Then waiting for paperwork followed by the part they needed was incorrect and a new one was on it's way from the hanger.. Finally departed 1 hour plus later. The plane was an old cattle car. Free TV didn't work right, so at did not recline (no it wasn't an exit row.). Most of the crew and gate attendants were rude and indifferent except for on flight attendant. The entire row of seats didn't recline at all. She was very apologetic and acknowledged it was uncomfortable especially on a 5+hour flight. She did offer us something to eat, blankets earbud. Still my back was killing me upon arrival at Phoenix. JEt Blue. Get your act together. This is unacceptable."
Points positifs : "Cabin crew were great at looking after us and we had plenty of legroom in coach!"
Points négatifs : "The entertainment selection was a bit limited and there was no wi-fi."
Points positifs : "Crew was very polite. Good leg room."
Points négatifs : "Video did not work good. video screen small Plain not very clean Extra charge for blankets, pillow, adult beverages."
Points positifs : "The crew was great, and so was a JetBlue pilot dead-heading in the seat next to me. I liked the space in the MoreSpace seat I paid for. I relieved that the upgrade seat came with boarding in the first group. Some airlines you pay for the seat, but you're still group 3 or 4 and, meaning all sorts of anxiety about the most miserable part of any flight, the dreaded fight for the overhead bins, wondering it you'll have to check the bag and then wait for it at the destination. Thank you for removing that."
Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "I was delayed half a dozen times, only to be canceled. Rescheduled on a flight that was scheduled to depart two hours before the original flight. Rescheduled after an hour hold. That flight was delayed the following day. Was diverted to Baltimore only to find out only some of us on our flight are getting out by a rude agent. Then no information at all. Had to run to catch an amtrak. Later found out if I stayed I would have stayed another 13 hours in Baltimore. Missed work and had no one home to take care of my family. Oh, and travel insurance will not cover anything. The plane itself was falling apart. Seat was broken and dirty. Everyones lights were broken and it smelled."
Points positifs : "The crew was nice and the boarding was efficient"
Points négatifs : "The flight was over an hour delayed in reality, but we were only told it would be 30 minutes late. We then waited on the runway for a very long time, which wasn’t incorporated into the information we were given. This made me miss a dinner reservation in buffalo."
Points positifs : "Food was really good, but the cabin crew were up to JetBlue's normal outstanding service"
Points négatifs : "The range of movies is still pretty poor (if you're a frequent JetBlue traveller)"
Points positifs : "The JetBlue staff was very attentive, and we reached our location quickly! Definitely will keep JetBlue in mind for future travel."
Points négatifs : "N/A"
Points positifs : "Nice crew.."
Points positifs : "I was feeling a bit ill and asked to move to an empty row to be able to lie down, and the flight attendants accommodated my request and were very kind to me. I was then able to nap and felt better after. I'm grateful for their hospitality!"
Points positifs : "We boarded right on time and the boarding process was smooth."
Points négatifs : "Our flight was delayed three hours because of air conditioning malfunctioning on the plane. We sat on the tarmac for almost two and a half hours, and it must have been around 85 degrees on the plane. There was a lot of miscommunication about whether we would be switching aircraft. They finally told us to deplane because we were probably going to switch planes. After 15 minutes in the terminal, we reboarded the same plane. Got to LA 3 hours late so had to deal with horrible rush hour traffic, which we had hoped to avoid had we taken off on time."
Points négatifs : "A flight that was to leave at 6 am did not leave untill almost 9 AM because the maintenance was onboard and would not clear it.. They swapped airplanes gave us a new gate and the same problem at the new gate as well..... the maintenance is in the plane and we will begin boarding once they give us a green light..."
Points positifs : "The attendants were very friendly and accomodating. I have been travelling jetblue for seventeen years when flights to Buffalo was $49. I love jetblue."
Points négatifs : "Everything was great"
Points positifs : "J’ai tout aimé"
Points négatifs : "Avoir payer pour mes deux (2) mallette pas une seule mallette free"
Points négatifs : "Seats are too cramp, but all airlines seem to be like this now. Food options were very limited on our flights which were a letdown. Only snacks available for 5-6 hour flights, no meals like advertised in the pamphlets."
Points positifs : "The flight attendants and the overall feel."
Points négatifs : "Not enough cushion on the seat even though I paid for the extra legroom a softer seat would have been better."
Points positifs : "Flight crew was friendly!"
Points négatifs : "My tv screen didn't work. It kept flashing in and out for the first hour until it finally went black. On the rare occasion that a picture showed on the screen it was too dark to determine what was happening or what I was looking at. This made the ride feel long."
Points positifs : "Everything was good value flight"
Points négatifs : "Everything was good for a coach seat"
Points négatifs : "Flight left more than 3 hours late. poor communication with passengers to explain till when and why the flight was late"
Points positifs : "Once again, flying Jet Blue was a great experience. The comfort of their terminal at JFK and their spot on service made a long day much easier. And we really enjoy the individual TV screens."
Points négatifs : "The buttons on the TV were a bit glitchy but probably from being used so much."
Points positifs : "From the start to the end nice right no problems at all thank you"

Un petit problème, mais pas forcément dû à Delta, est que nous avons eu 3 changements de porte. Sinon tout était bien.

J aurais aimé que les passagers soient appelés par zone. Exemple zone 1 présenter vous pour débarquement ensuite zone 2..... ainsi les autres passagers restent assis et attendent leur tour.

Les repas n’étaient pas très bons

Le transfert de dossier entre Delta et Air France qui affrétait l'avion n'avait pas été réalisé. Nous n'avions pas de billets pour le vol retour. Le personnel Air France à l'enregistrement nous a dit de nous débrouiller avec le service assistance Delta Américain pour le transfert de notre dossier, alors que j'ai des enfants en bas âge… Finalement, quelqu'un a accepté de s'occuper de nous, et après une heure de négociation, il est parvenu à nous avoir des billets d'avion. C'était une expérience très désagréable. Je ferai attention pour mon prochain voyage à acheter mes billets d'avion autrement

Nous avons fait la queue pour l’embarquement pendant de longues minutes. Au moment de passer, on nous dit que nos passeports doivent être vérifiés. Obligation de suivre une autre queue. L’hôtesse nous demande notre test Covid alors qu’il n’y en n’a pas besoin pour revenir en France. Une fois les passeports vérifiés, on nous demande de retourner à la fin de la première queue…donc très long !

Aller / retour Paris New York Aller correct mais retour horrible Particulièrement la cheffe de cabine j’imagine très désagréable, très sèche, et bruyante durant vol de nuit

en retard,

Écran ne fonctionnait pas …. Pas d’alternative

Température de la ventilation très basse.

Amélioration: le check in sur ordinateur deux jours avant qui prendr trop de temps et ne fonctionnait pas. (Près de 4 heures dd mon temps ! Entre les essais multiples et amples téléphoniques) make it simpler.

Personnel très sympa, très serviable.

Casque audio pour tv

Le repas était léger, avec des légumes mal cuits, une purée trop salée et un morceau de poulet mauvais. Au petit déjeuner, sandwich au fromage 😒

Checkin via l’appli impossible

Des casques anti bruits pourraient être transmis si les conditions de voyage deviennent difficiles : les pleurs et les cris d’enfants durant tout le trajet et ce quasi sans interruption ont rendus le vol très désagréable . Vol choisi à l’initial car etant un vol de nuit et cela permettait d’avoir un peu de calme. Le personnel était sympathique et avait des bases en français ce qui était agréable. Ce qui n’était pas réellement le cas pour le vol aller . En vous remerciant,

L’embarquement s’est déroulé facilement. L’équipage manquait un peu de disponibilité

Mauvaise gestion du retard et de l’embarquement. Repas minuscule qui donne la nausée. Personnel de bord qui parle super fort y compris quand 75% du vol dort…. J’étais très mal installé, même dans une low cost j’étais mieux, assez déçue

2 h de retard , les trains ratés à paris ..

Vol parti à l'heure et arrivé en avance. Personnel aimable. Voyage agréable

Repas disponibilité du personnel confort d’installation ponctualité



Je suis un Franco Americain de 63 ans residant aux US depuis 38+ ans. Apparement mon retour vers Miami a ete booké sans baggage !!!??? De toute evidence une grossiere et innacceptable erreur !!! Comment puis rentrer chez moi sans bagagge ??? Imaginez ma surprise quand Air France m'a informé au "checkin" que mon billet de retOur n'incluait pas un baggage et a refusé de me laisser embarquer avec ma valise de 21 kilos si je ne payais pas un " suplement de €60. A €960+ ce billet ne qualifie pas particulierement de billet "discount"!!!??? Pour compliquer les choses encore un peu plus suite a un traumatisant vol de picpokets dans le metro parisien qq jours avant mon retour je n'avais plus de carte bancaire. Depuis presque 40 ans de voyages entre mes 2 pays je n'ai jamais eu une experience plus desagreable et humiliante dans un aeroport. De retour en Floride a la maison je suis stressé triste humilié et terriblement deçu par ce dernier jour dans ma ville lumiere de naissance.

Points positifs : "L’accueil et l’aimabilité du personnel qui laisse à désirer. Le confort est vraiment mauvais. Le dinner était vraiment léger."
Points négatifs : "La Nourriture, le personnel, le confort."
Points positifs : "The crew was not overly friendly"
Points positifs : "Crew was good. Seat uncomfortable and hard."
Points négatifs : "The main economy seats were far too narrow."
Points positifs : "Everything was good."
Points négatifs : "All good"
Points positifs : "Crew, atmosphere, timeliness. I was satisfied overall"
Points négatifs : "Gate number changed couple times before flight departure"
Points positifs : "The tv is good addition Comfortable chairs"
Points négatifs : "Menu could have been improved"
Points positifs : "Crew was nice the flight was smooth and comfortable seats."
Points positifs : "These Comfort+ seats had the most legroom of any airline (Delta, JetBlue, American etc) short of Business class that I can remember in my adult life!"
Points positifs : "Predictably late."
Points négatifs : "Be on time."
Points positifs : "NOTHING."
Points négatifs : "Missed the flight due to the sheer unhelpfulness and incompetence of the gate personnel. They would not let me board, since I was about 10 minutes late. THEN THE PLANE WAS DELAYED FOR ABOUT 2 HOURS!!! I was stranded in NY, overnight, and had to pay hundreds of dollars for a train ticket and a cab."
Points négatifs : "Give food to passengers"
Points positifs : "Liaison quotidienne fiable"
Points négatifs : "C’est un petit jet avec espace limité"
Points positifs : "The crew was very friendly and helpful. With the plane full they managed to serve all with smiles on their faces and solved all problems, including cabin luggage problem."
Points négatifs : "Tout"
Points négatifs : "Le choix des films, la nourriture, l'information de vol sur la tablette"
Points positifs : "Personnel courtois"
Points négatifs : "2h de retard ..."
Points positifs : "tout"
Points négatifs : "le confort des sièges"
Points positifs : "?"
Points négatifs : "Un autre transporteur! Vol retardé + déglaçage +attente sûr tarmac = vol de transfert raté = 4 heure d’attente a l’aéroport résultat départ de Montréal à 9;00 pour arriver à Kansas à 23:00h"
Points positifs : "Vol retardé + Déglaçage + atttente sur le tarmac pour laisser atterrir un avion en priorité = Arrivé en retard pour le vol suivant = résultat attente de 4 heures à l’aéroport pour prendre le vol suivant. Départ de la maison 8:30 arrivé à destination 22:00 Montréal/Kansas!!!"
Points négatifs : "Un autre transporteur!?"
Points positifs : "Crew and food"
Points négatifs : "Spacing between seats and overhead luggage storage. They ran out of room before the entire plane had boarded"
Points négatifs : "I could not sleep on my return flight, as I am a woman travelling alone and I was seated next to a young man, when there were plenty of free seats in the rear, where some guys were spread out among 3 seats sleeping."
Points négatifs : "Snacks"
Points positifs : "The flight was on time at departure and 30 minutes on arrival."
Points négatifs : "Since I got a good deal on the ticket, my boarding zone was “Basic”. That kind of sucked, but I still could fit bag in the airplane so it all worked out"
Points positifs : "Le personnel de Board a ete formidable. Le siege etait tres confortable"
Points positifs : "Le choix de films"
Points négatifs : "Pas beaucoup d espaces, personnel peu sympathique, écran qui ne marchait pas bien du tout (avance rapide sans demander, impossible de revenir en arrière), pas de bagages à l arrivée"
Points positifs : "Boarding process was smooth."
Points négatifs : "In flight service was disappointing."

Everything was great!

Points positifs : "Helpful staff."
Points négatifs : "Full plane, and I was in middle seat; plane departure was late for unstated reasons."
Points négatifs : "Well, you could have felt that when there is an unprecedented pandemic illness and federal guidance against travel that you don't doubly penalize customers who (1) cannot travel due to the extraordinary public health crisis of COVID 19 and, (2) are devastated that he cannot celebrate his best friend's 40th birthday despite being the thing he looked forward to for months and would love to use a travel voucher in the future when this whole thing eventually blows over. Imagine what your company could gain by being good."
Points négatifs : "Timely communication"
Points positifs : "Super quick boarding"
Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed at take off and at deplaning and we were never told why or even that we were delayed. We just sat there"
Points positifs : "New plane, very comfortable. Crew handled weather delay well."
Points négatifs : "EWR Terminal B3 has the worst TSA capacity I’ve seen in a long time - understaffed, no TSA PreCheck (& no option to go through a different security check point), resulting in very slow lines from inadequately shepherded inexperienced international travelers. I won’t take Sun Country again thru’ EWR"
Points négatifs : "No inflight entertainment. No free snack. $40 for a carry on!"
Points positifs : "It landed early."
Points négatifs : "Some complimentary snacks. No extra fee for online check-in. It’s cheaper to you to allow people to check themselves in online than make people check in at the desk that was woefully understaffed. Made it a terrible experience for all"
Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed for five hours with no communication from sun country reps"
Points positifs : "Got to destination"
Points négatifs : "Flight crew was rude"
Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "They could’ve let us check our bags to make our flight on time."
Points positifs : "It was a very good flight with very nice Attendants"
Points négatifs : "Nothing this time. Thanks"
Points négatifs : "Terrible delays. Charged me $400 for canceling the flight although it’s their mistake for delays. Then i booked Sun Country flight and didn’t make it. They harmed me $200 and gave me vouchers. Spent $1600 in one day to make it to my destination. Horrible experience."
Points positifs : "Terrible online check in process 10 hour delay!"
Points positifs : "Sun country’s ticket line is fast."
Points négatifs : "Timeliness, deplaning, grace from flight attendants."
Points négatifs : "First time flying this airline, it was great! Will definitely fly with them again."
Points positifs : "One of the best airlines"
Points positifs : "Very friendly staff with quick on time flight"
Points négatifs : "I probably should’ve taken first class. Very cramped even for economy. No on screen entertainment"
Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "I was not allowed to board the flight. I arrived 30 minutes before departures and they refused to print my ticket. The lady claimed it was an airline policy to stop printing tickets 45 minutes before the flight leaves but on my original departure from Dallas I arrived 30 minutes early and waited in line until about 10 minutes before departure and they still printed my ticket. if its policy why was I able to do it the first time with no issue? i had to buy a whole new ticket with a new airline. I want a refund."
Points négatifs : "Tightest seat I have experienced 90 minutes to get luggage at carousel Offered drinks only once"
Points positifs : "Price and it was nice that it was a direct flight from DFW to LAS"
Points négatifs : "Seat size, paying for everything including online check-in and picking your own seat, not the friendliest flight attendants, VERY small seating areas."
Points positifs : "Thankful that we got there safely; certainly a competent pilot. Thank you!"
Points négatifs : "Crew members were nowhere to be found; couldn't even flag one down to get a cup of water. The sweet lady in front of me,, thought English was her second language, had a crew member raise his voice to her to tell her to sit down, this after 30 + minutes of her looking to and for to get someone to just get her a cup of water so she could take her medicine. I suppose she should've pushed the attendant button but with English was her second language she must not have known this procedure? I asked for a soda and once he brought me the disgustingly warm soda with cup of ice I had to hold it on my lap the whole time because my tray table was broken. Def could tell that my once-favorite airline has switched ownership. I know changes have to be made in this day and age but it was really gone downhill. I gave you a 5-star Yelp and 5 Star Trip Advisor last year and have talked you up to so many people; sure wish I could do that again. :("
Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed. Lost my luggage. Waiting on the phone for half an hours."
Points positifs : "Friendly staff."
Points négatifs : "Carry on baggage fee $ 40. seems to be enough when already payed $ 25. per checked bag times 2. I did not realize there was a carry on baggage fee until I was at check in at the airport. Seat does not recline. No snacks."
Points positifs : "Friendly, efficient crew. Comfortable seats. Everything was on time. Checked bags were delivered quickly."
Points négatifs : "I don’t like having to pay $15 to pick my seat, which is required to check in ahead of time online. Don’t pay the $15 to pick your seat, you don’t get to check in. That feels like a Spirit Airlines move. Sun Country is better than that. Food was offered. It would be nice if they offered some in-flight entertainment via WiFi."
Points positifs : "It was very crowded, but it went off without a hitch."
Points négatifs : "It was very crowded."
Points positifs : "Just the seat that are comfortable"
Points négatifs : "The crew is really rude, seems they hate the job working with different people. this was my first time in this particular airline and I am will make sure will be the last one. terrible service."
Points positifs : "Flight there&home had a very nice young man/lady get me set up with ticket and boarding pass"
Points négatifs : "Getting searched like a criminal on the way there. Young lady gave me the fast lane home. They treated me like a human being"
Points positifs : "NOTHING"
Points négatifs : "When I checked in prior to flight, the staff person asked me if I wanted an exit seat. I asked if it is roomier than Sun Country's regular seating since I feel their regular seats are very roomy. She said yes and that they are very comforable. When I got to my seat, I found out that they do not recline. DO NOT FN RECLINE. The lady forgot to tell me that. With lower back pain, I was extremely uncomfortable, in fact I could ot sit still. Horrible flight. THe stewardess could not help me, they said flight was full. I told them of my back pain, they didnt care, nothing we can do. THen I asked for a pillow and blanket so I can support my head. I was told there was a fee for a pillow and blanket.??????? I said ok since I was looking for relief, and comfort. She came back saying she was sold out. WTF"
Points positifs : "they switched my seat so I could be comfortable as I'm overweight. That made the flight so much better. Cheeseburgers are 6$ and they give you a whole can of soda if you ask them meals in the airport are a lot more expensive."
Points négatifs : "Not much space. There's no entertainment on the plane. No tv. They rent movie players for 8. No complimentary snacks. They should give some peanuts. Families were apart during flight they say they have full flights and can't seat people together."
Points positifs : "Left on time, landed early. Comfortable seats. What more can you ask for on a flight."
Points positifs : "On time"
Points positifs : "Free beverage"
Points négatifs : "Exit seats didn't recline."
Points positifs : "There were storms in the east, but we flew around them. It may have taken a few minutes more, but it was a smooth comfortable flight,"
Points positifs : "Staff were friendly, boarding process was clearly communicated, refreshingly. The plane was a bit outdated - no headrest flaps, no entertainment - but fine for a shorter flight."
Points négatifs : "It is an odyssey to get through DCA (Reagan National in D.C.) - when you arrive from the metro you're pointed to the left, but it turns out later you're going to Terminal A, and you could have gotten a shuttle by taking a right, if the signs were better."
Points négatifs : "This flight was nothing like other sun country flights I have been on. The plane was old with uncomfortable seating and did not even have tray tables. I was seated next to the window in the emergency exit row and for the entire flight, the wall was freezing from poor insulation. I could even feel some wind coming out. Wasn't possible to sleep, and this was an overnight flight, not too happy."
Points positifs : "Tv/wifi on board"
Points positifs : "It was a last minute reservation due to a death and we had to get to mpls that day. Everyone was great. Very accomodating. Making sure my daughter and I sat together."
Points négatifs : "The snack selection and small cup of drink (mostly ice). Had to ask for a second drink when they used to give you the whole can."
Points négatifs : "I couldn't select seats or check in online. I had to call and found out their site is not compatible with Apple computers or devices. That is rediculous."
Points positifs : "On time polite counter staff awarded me a good seat."
Points positifs : "This was my first time flying with Sun Country and from now on I will try to always fly Sun Country. The most helpful and polite staff I have ever encountered period."
Points positifs : "Smooth flight and we were treated well."
Points négatifs : "No snacks!"
Points positifs : "The people who handled the wheelchairs in both Minneapolis and Phoenix were top notch. In fact, I'd rate them the highest of all such employees of all the airlines I've ever traveled on!!!"
Points négatifs : "I completely offended by the attitude of one of the flight attendants. As I am disabled, I choose the restroom that is closest to me for my use. I was seated in row 5, just behind First Class. In fact, I tried to upgrade to First Class when I checked in, but it was full. So when the seatbelt sign went off, I went through 1st Class to the restroom by the cockpit. I didn't take my cane. I have neuropathy in my feet and legs up to my hips, and given that I can easily lose my balance, I am much safer on airplanes when I hold onto the seats as I pass by. As it happens, the restroom was occupied and I had to stand in the area at the front of the plane that the flight attendants typically occupy. The snippy attendant saw me standing there and immediately walked in front of me to get her microphone and loudly announced to the entire airplane that NO ONE was allowed to use that restroom except First Class and people who arrived by wheelchair. I arrived by wheelchair. I have some real ethical issues with her behavior. First of all, I was embarrassed by her remarks. Secondly, one bathroom for 12 people and one bathroom for the 100-200 others that were on that flight is unconscionable!!!!!!!!!!!! There are two things that in my humble opinion can never be denied any human being are water under any circumstances and the right to a speedy and safe trip to the bathroom. I was deeply offended by her remarks and by her timing in giving the remarks. I told her that I had arrived by wheelchair, and would be leaving by one as I am disabled. She shined me on. Her behavior was rude and uncalled for. I will never fly Sun Country again, and she is the reason. Additionally, I will not fly with a company who operates under such an unethical agenda. Everyone has the right to a speedy trip to the bathroom. The plane was loaded with elderly "Snow Birds." The elderly are notorious for having special bathroom needs whether or not they are in first class or arrived by wheelchair. I think this airline is blatantly discriminatory."
Points positifs : "Legroom is good. Seat size was ample. Overall customer service friendly. Toll free customer service rep was great in assisting with luggage issue."
Points négatifs : "Luggage did not arrive on our flight even though we checked in early. As it was a known fact it was not on flight I feel they could have let us know prior to flight landing and we would have avoided the luggage carousel and gotten paperwork completed earlier. Luggage was delivered to our hotel same day but we still lost a day of vacation due to the wait."
Points positifs : "I really liked that those without carry on luggage could board first. That seemed so much better - I could walk on the plane and sit down instead of waiting for 6 other people struggle to put their carry on luggage in the overheads."
Points positifs : "Early arrival, good price"
Points négatifs : "Cramped seat ... no leg room"
Points négatifs : "The flight could have taken off, storms in NYC yes, but other airlines flights were able to avoid and get in the landing queue much easier, without boarding on and off a hot plane.... likely not go with Sun Country again...."
Points positifs : "Selected the airline for the ticket price."
Points négatifs : "Found the crew a little curt – and somewhat unfriendly. It could have been a function of the time of the flight – early AM."
Points positifs : "Flight was right on time and attendants were awesome."
Points positifs : "The crew was great!!"
Points négatifs : "No complimentary snacks were served and it was a 4 hour flight."

Annulation sans proposition de solution

Parce que AA a mal fait son planning , pas de pilote . Il a fallu attendre un pilote puis un co pilote. On a décollé avec 1h40 de retard

Points positifs : "Yes"
Points négatifs : "Good flight"
Points positifs : "Modern aircraft."
Points négatifs : "Leg room, especially for a 6’3 person in the middle seat."
Points négatifs : "The service, and the smile on employee’s faces. Rolling their eyes at people because we want to know why we’re being delayed is disrespectful"
Points positifs : "nothing since i was not able to make it on time"
Points négatifs : "Flight between fort myers and charlotte was stuck on the tarmac for more than 1h. I missed my connexion and was rebooked next day at 11am. I missed one full day of work. Next time, the flight could wait 15 o 20mn to allow passengers to reach the gate"
Points positifs : "Juste la rapidité du vol.les pilotes étaientt très bien autour du vol..."
Points négatifs : "Le vol a accusé un retard de une heure et en plus on n'a changé du lieu d'embarquement qui est passé du 77 au fallait que chaque voyageur se renseigne."
Points positifs : "Le personnel est parfait"
Points négatifs : "Vraiment pas beaucoup de place dans le siège pour les bras et jambes"
Points positifs : "Presque tout."
Points négatifs : "Le prix du bagage à payer en plus du prix"
Points négatifs : "Le vol a ete annulé et j ai ete bloque sans voucher ou support"
Points positifs : "Visiter l’aerairport de JFK"
Points négatifs : "Ponctualité, service à la clientèle, accommoder pour changement de siège, courtoisie, service à bord, efficacité des mesures de sécurité"
Points négatifs : "Le déclassement en classe économique sans prévenir et une indemnisation impossible vol British opéré par American et donc les deux compagnie se renvoie la balle pour l’indemnisation (trois cents dollars par siège....) Plus jamais de voyage sur cette compagnie"
Points positifs : "Nothing."
Points négatifs : "Staff, room, boarding process, flight schedule and more!"
Points positifs : "L’equipage ne répondait pas à nos questions et le service laissait à désirer. Les sièges étaient confortables mais nous avons dû se faire réassigner parce qu’on nous avait séparés sur tous les vols."
Points négatifs : "Le service à la clientèle"
Points négatifs : "Une heure de retard au décollage"
Points positifs : "Mon avion est parti de SF à Miami pendant une heure puis à fait Demi-tour. Nous avons attendu 2h à l’aéroport. Nous n’avons pas été pris en charge. Terrible expérience. Je n’ai pas été remboursée."
Points négatifs : "Restes 1 heure dans l'avion sur la piste pour partir en retard du meme delai. Pour un vol de 90 minutes, decevant."
Points positifs : "A l'heure"
Points négatifs : "Sièges inconfortables. Assis trop haute."
Points positifs : "Tout s’est bien passer, c’etait facile."
Points négatifs : "La temperature durant le vol était mouvementé"
Points positifs : "Crew was nice"
Points négatifs : "At this stage, you cannot use such an old plane for an overseas 8 hour flight. The plane was so old it even had the cigarrete disposers on the arm rest and it didn't have TVs not power outlets."
Points positifs : "X"
Points négatifs : "Le vol a été annulé personne ne nous a averti c’est kayak qui nous a dit de vérifier. Ils nous ont mis sur aucun autre vol jusqu’au lendemain."
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Retard d’une heure"
Points négatifs : "Flight was fine. Wanted to change ticket to allow more connection time between DCA and JFK and the first two sales representative sucked. I considered never flying American again. On board crew was great."
Points positifs : "The econ plus/premium econ seats were pretty comfy! I wish I had used miles to book first class, as this plane had a dope 1st cabin."
Points négatifs : "Well, pretty much everything but the actual seats. The service was...well, you can't really call it service. Gate staff lied about the status of the plane, updating the boarding time to 10 minutes and then announcing that the plane was still in the hangar. Passengers would have been much happier to hear the truth of a 2h delay so that we could get food/drink. Instead we had 2h worth of promises that the plane was leaving in 10 mins. No effort was made at being nice--no free snacks or whatever would be nice to make people feel cared for. But what's worse was the flight attendants. I don't even feel like getting into it--just suffice to say these are people who should not be working in the service industry. I saw them being rude to a number of people and it made an already bad experience (with the 2h delay) that much worse. It's not that hard to be polite to people. AA should do more to hire caring, kind staff who create happy vibes even through stressful times."
Points positifs : "La bonne ponctualité pour un vol intra US"
Points négatifs : "B757 dépourvu de système de divertissement à bord. Sûrement du au court trajet"
Points négatifs : "Aucune des télé ne fonctionne pendant la totalité du vol Biscuits food ridicules Le prix des bagages et la queue pour obtenir son ticket puis refaire la queue pour déposer bagages Double paiement bagages mémé en transit / inacceptable"
Points positifs : "We took off and landed safely."
Points négatifs : "Felt very low budget and cramped."
Points négatifs : "We waited on the check - in line for 3 hours because only 2 customer service reps were there to check-in customers. In 3 hours, only 2 people were assisted, causing us to miss our flight. I was traveling with my infant daughter on her first flight, I wasn't able to nurse her or change her. What a terrible experience. Are you working with American Airlines to improve their customer service? Surely, because you offer their flights in your site you support their practices. I just wanted a comfortable and reliable flight for my family. It's been very frustrating so far..."
Points positifs : "Veggie Asian meal was great - curry."
Points négatifs : "Freezing cold air conditioning. Seven hours siting in a fridge. Asked stewardess to turn it up. She didn't."
Points positifs : "tout le service en général."
Points négatifs : "rien"
Points négatifs : "We flew from Rome to JFK and arrived at 12:40 pm only to find out that our 3:30 pm flight had been cancelled a long time ago. No one had notified us of our new booking on a 9:10 flight to Boston. No one at American or British Airways could provide us with an earlier departure or compensate us to take alternative transportation. Our 9:10 flight was then delayed until 10:50 pm. We arrived in Boston at 12:02 am, 11 1/2 hours after our arrival at JFK from Rome. This was not a very friendly welcome home. We never would have booked such an extended delay as we only live 4 hours from New York City."
Points négatifs : "notre vol a été retarde retarde!!au lieu de décoller comme prévu à 8h30 notre vol a été finalement annulé vers 23h30. On m'a relooké sur un vol pour LONDRES le lendemain à 19.h. Nous sommes restés plus de 24 h dans cet aéroport sans que nous soit proposé un hôtel. on nous a donné une couverture et un oreillé!!d'autre ont pu etre rebooké sur d'autre vols sur NY ou chicago le matin meme. Nous avons perdu une journée de travail mon époux et moi-meme. Lui a du annuler une formation impliquant 10 personnes qui venait de toute la France."
Points positifs : "The staff were very friendly and helpful"
Points négatifs : "Bag checkin had already been done online but did it again in terminal, weigh in lady not helpful or friendly, quite abrupt. Onboard seating cramped and worse when front seats were reclined."
Points positifs : "The stewardesses were very polite and helpful"
Points positifs : "Smooth flight, got in early."
Points négatifs : "Breakfast was average. Could do better"
Points positifs : "Absolutely no part of the flight was comfortable or enjoyable."
Points négatifs : "The plane itself was clearly an older model, lacking many amenities I’ve come to expect flying coach. The overhead compartments were too small for larger carryon luggage, and no one on the crew alerted passengers to this. Thus, many passengers had to go against the traffic of those still boarding to find space for luggage. My seat was at the back of the plane so I had to spend close to 15 extra minutes walking back to the front against boarding passengers to find a place to put my luggage. A simple warning from the crew when I boarded would have prevented mine and many others unnecessary trouble simply boarding. During a very turbulent flight, the captain nor the crew made any announcements about turbulence, our safety, or our progress. Also during the flight, one of the flight attendants got into an awkward verbal spat with one of the passengers. Completely unprofessional and bothersome. Additionally, I had fallen asleep when dinner was being first served, but woke up before it was finished. A flight attendant approached me and asked if I’d like a dinner to which I replied “Yes”. The flight attendant never returned with a dinner for me, thus I did not eat the dinner, which I had paid for. Lastly, and perhaps most disturbing, was what transpired when a passenger had a medical emergency. With no warning, all of the airplane lights turned on and a loud “CODE RED” was announced over the sound system. Imagine being a sleeping passenger like myself, during a very turbulent flight, to be suddenly awoken to bright lights and a CODE RED shouted loudly over the PA. I’m not overexaggerating when I say that I was preparing for the worst. A truly terrifying moment that I am certain was shared with many others on board. To make matters even worse, as a flight attendant rushed to find a first aid kit (which she had trouble finding) she opened up the compartment over my partners seat and dropped a passengers ipad on her head. The flight attendant did return to apologize, but it was little consolation compared to the stress and panic the crew created. I have flown many times, and this was easily the worst flight of my life. American Airlines should be ashamed of the conditions they put their passengers in and they have lost two customers for good."
Points positifs : "Beautiful design n great storage"
Points négatifs : "Hard to get out of seat unless in fully upright biz class position"
Points positifs : "Travel time"
Points négatifs : "No snacks on flight. The charging stations come in between legs space and very uncomfortable they got to be re adjusted. Make sure these are taken care in upcoming flights."
Points positifs : "Check in staff were very good.Lots of entertainment choices. Very comfortable seating,was worth the extra price."
Points négatifs : "I went to check in with Iberia airlines as the flight information said. Desk was closed. Went to American airlines as suggested by airport staff, which was correct. Completely different terminal,we were lucky we had 3 hours between connections, the whole process took over an hour. Very confusing. The plane was American Airlines, Iberia was not mentioned anywhere else,very confusing. Dinner was served within an hour of taking off at 11pm, which we didnt have, but then nothing until an hour before landing and very hurried. Staff had been very busy chatting in the galley. No snacks available. Had a group of rowdy and rude passengers near us, not alcohol related. I think staff shoud have had a word with them, it looked like they didnt want to know, another passenger finaly did after 5 patient hours. Arrived in London, our bags did not. Staff were good. They found the error straight away. They delivered them to our home the next day which was a very good service."
Points positifs : "This was a horrendous experience."
Points négatifs : "I've had flights canceled before, but clearly American Airlines/ JFK is not equipped to manage. American Airlines online hung up on me after 24 minutes of being on hold. I waited in line for 2 hours to get on another flight home and the attendant first suggested to fly me to Charlotte then Cleveland where I would arrive a day late after I'd been traveling with my elderly parents for 24 hours. Additionally, once we changed flights and had to go to Newark, it took an hour to print (yes, print) our new itineraries for United and then when the cab should have arrived immediately, we waited 45 minutes. I was displeased."
Points positifs : "Les hôtes étaient aimables"
Points négatifs : "Une barre tendre comme déjeuner! Ils auraient pu faire mieux"
Points négatifs : "un vol de sept heures sans un écran individuel, une première pour moi après de nombreux voyages. un vol transatlantique n'est pas un vol intérieur, pouvoir se distraire avec un film de son choix est un minimum surtout au prix du billet."
Points négatifs : "My flight back home was cancelled without any notice and so we had to spend an extra night. The flight the next day went without a hitch, so it sort of made up for it."
Points positifs : "Flight was supposed to leave 5:45 PM , they let us board the plane right on time, then we stayed waiting on board for half an hour, there was zero communication from staff or the captain, then suddenly they asked us to leave for no reason whatsoever, we waited and waited, they decided to move us to Gate 1 instead and had us wait for four hours, they served us little food, and told us wait for AA to provide a new plane. we were delayed for four hours, flight left 10PM. very very dissatisfied, never ride with AA or Iberia"
Points négatifs : "I need a refund for this flight. it was a horror, 4 hours of delay with zero communication."
Points négatifs : "Very old plane. Small seats. No individual TV screen."
Points négatifs : "Décollage en retard et arrivée avec plus de 40mn de retard Pas de classe premium eco et pas de possibilité d’avoir un espace avec un de place pour les jambes au comptoir Pour information générale , les places en économie sont très exiguës et généralement j’essaye de ne pas prendre de vol AA si je ne peux pas prendre à l’avance un siège sur les sortie de secours ce qui n’a pas été possible cette fois"
Points positifs : "Plane and staff were great. Very easy boarding process and we landed early in Dublin airport after an hour delayed take off. Food and staff service was very good, no complaints."
Points négatifs : "No idea how they messed up the take off and landing times so greatly. left an hour late and arrived an hour early. No personal entertainment screen and plugs were not working."
Points négatifs : "Small seats. No entertainment old plane"
Points positifs : "Nothing in particular"
Points négatifs : "Flight attendants"
Points positifs : "Une hotesse sympa qui m'a upgrade en economie+ apres m'avoir changee 3 fois de siege pour arranger d'autres passagers."
Points négatifs : "Pas de TV individuelle. Diner franchement bof."

Le wifi n’a pas fonctionné

Le wifi n’a pas fonctionné malheureusement

Le service était médiocre : pas de coussin ni de couverture, un peu sale et un membre de l’équipage bien désagréable (comme si on avait la chance d’être dans l’avion et dans sa cabine)

Rien à dire petit trajet

Voyage très agréable

Bon service de l’enregistrement au débarquement, seul le lounge pourrait offrir un choix de nourriture plus diversifié. Au global une bonne expérience

Vol sans problème. Départ retardé mais arrivée à l’heure.

Parfait !

Trop de monde, ma valise de cabine a été mise en soute!

Avons acheté 3 vols avec United. 2 des ces vols étaient exploités par air Canada. En conséquence, aucune communication entre les 2 compagnies. Avons passé près de 2h au comptoir service pour qu'ils réussissent à imprimer nos billets, malgré qu'ils ont été acheter plusieurs mois plus tôt. L'employé du service a clientèle united de l'aéroport de Newark terminal A n'a rien fait pour nous aider et a offert un service médiocre (mauvaise attitude etc).

Personnel très désagréable pas du tout professionnel Nous n’avons pas eu de repas servi car il n’y avait pas assez de repas prévus Juste une boîte de crackers et fromage De nombreux passagers ont manifesté leur mécontentement car impossible de dormir Dans ces conditions autant prendre une compagnie low coast La prestation ne correspond pas au prix Très déçus

Pas de repas pour 6h de Vol

Points positifs : "l’atterissage parfais"
Points positifs : "Amazing crew !!!"
Points positifs : "It really miss timed, not like was expected!! Bad taming for take off was really as I expected , thankx good I was there to early!!!"
Points négatifs : "Il faisait chaud dans l’avion"
Points négatifs : "Aucun repas"
Points négatifs : "Aucun repas"
Points positifs : "Comfort was pretty good"
Points négatifs : "Food, Crew behavior and entertainment"
Points positifs : "It was a good flight- friendly staff and crew."
Points positifs : "Pas grand chose"
Points négatifs : "L’avion, peu de place Pas de divertissement Pas de film Très etrpit"
Points positifs : "Aucun retard. Siege spacieux"
Points négatifs : "Nourriture infecte.. burger Aucun système de divertissement a bord, jai du télécharger l'application united a la dernière minute dans l'avion avec mes propres donnees et ca ne fonctionnais pas sur mon android... Tres décevant comparativement a air canada qui fait aussi partie de star Alliance"
Points positifs : "Great crew"
Points positifs : "The seat was not super comfortable but for a 3 hour flight it was good."
Points négatifs : "More movie selections."
Points positifs : "On time"
Points négatifs : "H m"
Points positifs : "Le personnel sur ce vol été très serviable et présent."
Points négatifs : "The flight from Denver to Fresno was uncomfortably cramped."
Points positifs : "Avis général Embarquement"
Points négatifs : "N'était pas trop à l'aise. Et nous avons dû payer nos bagages. Triste."
Points positifs : "Very nice and friendly crew"
Points négatifs : "Food was awful and no choices and we have to pay for it + they should rent iPad to the passengers"
Points positifs : "United Airlines"
Points positifs : "Crew was efficient and personable."
Points négatifs : "Two and a half hour delay leaving EWR because aircraft was late from prior destination. UAL said FAA limited flights coming in due to weather. Although scattered light rain, no seemingly unusual weather at EWR. No special reward once on the flight to make up for that delay (I.e. still charged for snacks and alcoholic drinks). Delay was very frustrating. Also, not a fan of selections on United WiFi entertainment - very limited."
Points négatifs : "The worst flight of my life. Seats are awfully inconfortable for a night flight. I couldn't sleep at all. Screens are really annoying, most people don't know how to turn them off and they run advertisements all night long, nobody from the crew cares. Wifi app wouldn't stream anything on my phone. Im really sad that I will have to have the same night flight back to Houston."
Points positifs : "Professionnel"
Points positifs : "Tout est fluide: l'embarquement, l'arrivée, les bagages.. On était même arrivés avec 18 minutes d'avance!"
Points négatifs : "On donne assez à boire mais presque rien à manger..."
Points positifs : "Assez à boire et à manger, on nous a donné ce qu'il fallait."
Points négatifs : "Les écouteurs sont de piètre qualité. On ne peut donc pas regarder un film d'une manière convenable."
Points positifs : "Système multimédia sans fils fonctionnant sur nos appareils. Téléphone, tablette, etc."
Points négatifs : "Siège pas assez large. Jouer du coude pendant 8hrs c'est pas amusant."
Points positifs : "La ponctualité"
Points négatifs : "Le type d'avion."
Points positifs : "Le service à bord était impeccable."
Points négatifs : "Les sièges sont nuls (ergonomie douteuse). L'espace pour les jambes n'es pas convenable (trop étroite et la patte du siège avant oblige d'avoir une jambe de travers). Système d'information de la position de l'avion est nul (pas assez complet), peux pas savoir combien de temps il reste au vol."
Points positifs : "Avion en bon etat"
Points négatifs : "Hôtesse désagréable et 1h30 de retard pour un vol de 1h45"
Points négatifs : "Avion retarder plus de 3h , attente dans l’avion !"
Points négatifs : "Seulement 1 choix de sandwich"
Points positifs : "Service rapide, arrivé 30 minutes à l’avance"
Points négatifs : "Pas de tv, ni de repas, collation seulement"
Points positifs : "l'avion est finalement arrivé!"
Points négatifs : "5+ heures de retard changement d'avion vers avion vieux (écrans microscopiques) places réattribuées aléatoirement"
Points positifs : "Extremely uncomfortable flight"
Points positifs : "Flight was smooth and shorter than I thought."
Points positifs : "WiFi and entertainment on board the aircraft"
Points négatifs : "All goof"
Points positifs : "Les sièges et l’équipage en général. Le divertissement et le confort."
Points négatifs : "Propreté et embarquement à CDG. Pas de menu enfant."
Points positifs : "La rapidité de l’embarquement"
Points négatifs : "La largeur des sièges"
Points positifs : "La ponctualité"
Points négatifs : "La largeur des sueges"
Points négatifs : "Trop de délai itnutile. L'embarquement a été décalé de 5h! Le WIFI est payant à Chicago et la bouffe coûte chère pour de la mauvaise qualité. Le retard est du parce qu'il n'y avait pas d'avion, personne nous dit pourquoi. Finalement, on embarque et apres avoir attendu 30 min, on nous désembarque parce que l'Avion n'était pas prêt, l'équipe d'entretien n'était pas disponible! finalement, on rembarque pour de bon mais on a attendu un autre 30 min sans nous dire pourquoi. L'équipage fait comme si tout était normal mais on voit par la fenêtre qu'il y un camion de service qui essait de réparer de quoi derrière l'avion. On nous fait embarquer alors que rien n'est prêt. La personne qui s'occupait des baggages a pris 20 minutes apres notre embarquement avant de s'amener. C'était extrêment désorganisé."

Vols pas chers de New York pour Nouvelle-Orléans

Dernières offres de vols, trains et bus aller-retour

sans escaleSpirit Airlines
3h 15minEWR-MSY
sans escaleSpirit Airlines
2h 57minMSY-EWR
57 €
sans escaleSpirit Airlines
3h 26minEWR-MSY
sans escaleSpirit Airlines
2h 57minMSY-EWR
62 €
sans escaleSpirit Airlines
3h 26minEWR-MSY
sans escaleSpirit Airlines
2h 57minMSY-EWR
72 €
sans escaleSpirit Airlines
3h 26minEWR-MSY
sans escaleSpirit Airlines
2h 57minMSY-EWR
74 €
sans escaleSpirit Airlines
3h 15minEWR-MSY
sans escaleSpirit Airlines
2h 57minMSY-EWR
76 €
sans escaleSpirit Airlines
3h 15minEWR-MSY
sans escaleSpirit Airlines
2h 57minMSY-EWR
78 €
1 escaleSpirit Airlines
5h 19minEWR-MSY
sans escaleSpirit Airlines
2h 57minMSY-EWR
79 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 53minOL8-ZYP
271 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 53minOL8-ZYP
271 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 53minOL8-ZYP
271 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 53minOL8-ZYP
271 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 53minOL8-ZYP
271 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 53minOL8-ZYP
271 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 25minZRP-OL8
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 30minOL8-ZRP
271 €
1 escaleGreyhound
31h 30minZRP-OL8
1 escaleGreyhound
31h 40minOL8-ZRP
355 €
1 escaleGreyhound
31h 35minCJ0-OL8
1 escaleGreyhound
32h 00minOL8-CJ0
355 €
1 escaleGreyhound
31h 30minZRP-OL8
1 escaleGreyhound
31h 40minOL8-ZRP
364 €
1 escaleGreyhound
31h 35minCJ0-OL8
1 escaleGreyhound
32h 00minOL8-CJ0
374 €
1 escaleGreyhound
31h 35minCJ0-OL8
1 escaleGreyhound
33h 05minOL8-CJ0
388 €
1 escaleGreyhound
31h 30minZRP-OL8
1 escaleGreyhound
31h 40minOL8-ZRP
403 €

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sans escaleSpirit Airlines
3h 26minEWR-MSY
52 €
sans escaleSpirit Airlines
3h 15minEWR-MSY
57 €
sans escaleJetBlue
3h 11minJFK-MSY
57 €
1 escaleSpirit Airlines
9h 56minEWR-MSY
72 €
sans escaleUnited Airlines
3h 11minEWR-MSY
77 €
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3h 30minJFK-MSY
77 €
sans escaleDelta
3h 11minLGA-MSY
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sans escaleUnited Airlines
3h 26minEWR-MSY
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1 escaleUnited Airlines
5h 33minEWR-MSY
86 €
sans escaleJetBlue
3h 12minLGA-MSY
87 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
135 €
sans escaleAmtrak
32h 47minZYP-OL8
135 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
135 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
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sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
135 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
135 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
135 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
135 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
135 €
sans escaleAmtrak
31h 47minZYP-OL8
135 €
1 escaleGreyhound
31h 30minZRP-OL8
182 €

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Vols pour Nouvelle-Orléans

Destination :

Nouvelle-Orléans (MSY)États-Unis

Classes :

94 €

Découvrez les aéroports de départ :

  • Vols » 
  • New York

Découvrez les destinations :

  • Vols » 
  • Vols vers Nouvelle-Orléans
173 €

Comparez les différents transports de New York à Nouvelle-Orléans

Prix moyenDurée moyenne
Vols209 €3h 11min
Trains271 €0h 00min
Bus372 €31h 41min