Trouvez un vol pas cher Nîmes - Lisbonne


Trouvez un vol pas cher Nîmes - Lisbonne

Nîmes (FNI)
Lisbonne - Humberto Delgado
mar. 24/11
mar. 1/12
N'importe quand
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Restrictions de voyage
Le Portugal a ouvert ses frontières aux voyageurs en provenance de l'UE, du Liechtenstein, de Norvège, d'Islande et de Suisse, du Royaume-Uni, d'Australie, du Canada, de Chine, de Géorgie, du Japon, de Nouvelle-Zélande, du Rwanda, de Corée du Sud, de Thaïlande, de Tunisie et d'Uruguay. En savoir plus
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Restez informé des changements de restrictions de voyage pour ce pays (Lisbonne - Humberto Delgado) et recevez des mises à jour par e-mail.

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décembre Meilleure période pour échapper aux foules, avec une baisse moyenne des prix de 57%.

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octobre Période la plus populaire pour voyager, avec une hausse moyenne des prix de 31%.

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165 € (prix moyen sur les 2 dernières semaines)

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Meilleure compagnie proposant des vols Nîmes/Arles-Camargue (Garons) - Lisbonne - Humberto Delgado

Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK

Note générale basée sur 18 021 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Points positifs : "The flight was really fast!"

Points positifs : "On time."
Points négatifs : "No complaints"

Points positifs : "From pillar to post not one delay."
Points négatifs : "No"

Points positifs : "It was ahead of schedule"

Points positifs : "The crew were very welcoming and for a low budget airline, the staff were very professional."
Points négatifs : "What let me down was the ryanair ground staff at ponta Delgada airport. I was trying to load up my ticket and the lady at the baggage hall was losing her patience with me a bit, for not printing the ticket out. Also I was charged €40 to check my bag in as I thought I already checked it in online, before I came over here. It's a sad way to end this trip, as its a beautiful island."

Points négatifs : "Pointless paying for priority boarding as staff just let both lanes board at the same time"

Points positifs : "Nothing. I never took a flight so bad in my life."
Points négatifs : "They could have another line to the people that couldn’t make check-in online, but they prefere to charge you a amount of $55,00 euros. Me and my husband tried to do the check-in online but the system was out off service and than when we tried again, 2 hour before departure, it was no possible"

Points positifs : "The only good thing was it was a direct flight."
Points négatifs : "Short version: Avoid Ryanair like you would avoid Herpes. I paid for baggage but got charged again. Desk agent was rude. There was no information provided about what gate or where the gate was. I paid for fast track security and didn't get it. It only got worse from there. Never ever fly Ryanair!"

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Communication, comfort, customer service, timeliness"

Points négatifs : "Ryanair is an budget airline which entertainment is not an option"

Points positifs : "Fast and efficient"
Points négatifs : "Check in is a nightmare, questions are crazy even though you have paid extra for priority and 10kg carry on still had to check it in under the plane"

Points positifs : "The Low price of the tickets."
Points négatifs : "The flight was a bit delayed. Upon check in, I was charged 20€ for one small luggage that I had whereas I am suppose to be entitled to 1 free hand carry luggage. Many passengers were surprised and upset including me. I will NOT be booking a flight with Ryanair anymore!"

Points positifs : "Reasonable price. Effortless"

Points positifs : "I was not on the flight - it is not Ryanair that I have a problem with it is Kayak whose website would not change the date from the present (28.04.2019) to the date on which I wanted to fly (09-08-2019)"
Points négatifs : "Kayak could have a much better website. I changed that day's date for my flight from 28-04-2019 to 09-08-2019 and booked a flight from Stansted to Carcassonne. Changing the date with Ryanair incurred a cost of an extra £52 which took the total cost of my one-way flight to £102."

Points positifs : "Cheap flight"
Points négatifs : "Less time in the boarding line and less interruptions to sell things."

Points positifs : "We arrived at our destination as did our bags"
Points négatifs : "Boarding experience, timely departure, menus available to peruse, staff attitude poor, variety of options limited for an 1145 flight.......I could go on but they don’t care anyway!"

Points négatifs : "the heat in the cabin was unbearable"

Points positifs : "On time great service"

Points positifs : "The take off was very smooth"
Points négatifs : "It was a bit too warm"

Points positifs : "Being on time and the comfort in the exit row was excellent"
Points négatifs : "Penning of passengers before and after flight. Continuous sales pitches from crew. Aisle always busy."

Points négatifs : "Late taking off after a long wait in the coach taking us to the plane. Had to wait for an hour for baggage return."

Points positifs : "The crew was working doing their service well, quick service and I got help at the airport from a very helpful gentleman in custom service."
Points négatifs : "It was my fourth flight with Ryanair in one week and in all those flights it was super cold temperature in the cabin. I asked the flight attendants for a bit higher at every flight but they did not fix it. Crew said that the captain regulates it.. At each flight all passengers in the rows around me agreed that it was very cold and they said that its always cold and the crew never changes it anyway. They cannot expect anything getting warmer, it is always uncomfortable cold. The flights were horrible and uncomfortable because of just that detail. I have problem with my throat and breathing since then. It got irritated and soar. I am a regular flyer becuase of my job and tried Ryanair but it was the coldest trips ever."

Points négatifs : "Poor service and delays!"

Points positifs : "Crew were fab."
Points négatifs : "Delayed flight. Stress of flying nowadays queueing luggage issues."

Points positifs : "The price"
Points négatifs : "Confusing baggage policy. You are told to take your bag to the gate where it will be taken and put in the hold. It is not made clear that this bag must go through security with you and therefore cannot contain liquids. We had to jettison a lot of toiletries. When we got to the gate we were allowed to take the bags on anyway. What is the point of this?"

Points négatifs : "I paid for my seats and the ask me to change next to the emergency door, something that i would never choose."

Points positifs : "My own boarding was went ok"
Points négatifs : "What was the most annoying part of the whole experience was the fact that they were other passangers on there school trip. Yes they are just still kids, but from the very start of them boarding, thats when everything just went downhill. The kids was just screaming, shouting, and sprinting into there sits. Even after being told to quite and calm down, all them were still screaming and shouting at the top of there vioces throughtout and non-stop for the whole flight (even after landing and getting into the bus). The worst fact of all is that, there was just far too many of them for everyone to handle (by the flight crew, and the trachers). It was also the first thing in the morning so it’s not like everyone would most likely be well rested already."

Points négatifs : "Poor customer service, no information on or apology for delay. Then 1.5 hrs after landing our baggage finally came on the baggage carousel. Again no explanation or info. Very poor experience."

Points positifs : "New plane was comfortable."
Points négatifs : "Very late service. Crew forgot about our row during the drinks service. Usual chaos from Ryanair's aggressive seating policy although people managed to swap themselves around to sit together. This wasted more time of course."

Points positifs : "Airport was convenient for our visit"
Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed and uncomfortable"

Points positifs : "The captain and fly was nice. Just it is hapenned someone feeld seek and we was weiting for emergency. Our fly was latte 1htoour 50 minutes"
Points négatifs : "Additionnal for our fly was late 1hour 50 min we need waiting for the baggage 30 min. When i made check-in i got 2 different seet in difgerent line farroway and lot of another people same me. Mother in lane 21 the son line 9 .Sorry for my English."

Points positifs : "Good flight with no turbulence. Checked luggage came out fast."
Points négatifs : "They never gave me a printed boarding pass when I checked in and then once boarding the actual plane outside of WiFi range they made a big deal about not being able to show them a boarding pass. I had already shown two people before. If they needed to see it before boarding the plane then they should mandatorily give you a printed pass."

Points positifs : "Food was hot and tasty."
Points négatifs : "Near 2 hour delay."

Points positifs : "Nothing! Terrible airline and so inefficient"
Points négatifs : "Waited over an hour to board while we stood in line for this ! Stayed an additional 45 mins after landing for our luggage to drop. Horrible horrible airline"

Points positifs : "Nothing although crew were friendly"
Points négatifs : "3 hour delay in both directions this week. No announcements made about delay. Gates changed 2x. Poor communication throughout. Email from Ryanair about cancellation/refund options received AFTER flight. Got home at 1 am. Truly horrible experience"

Points positifs : "Ship flight"
Points négatifs : "Flight was delay, and I don't see crew doing the best to make the people confortable. Or happy to flight"

Points positifs : "Nothing"

Points positifs : "I like the legroom that I seem to find out your flights. I am tall and normally feel very uncomfortable while flying but the legroom on the 3 Ryanair flights I have taken in the past few weeks was very good. Thanks Julian"
Points négatifs : "I don't like the carry on options. I would like to be able to take a normal carry on and also a computer bag. The size of the second bag is much smaller than a computer bag. If you updated this for the express boarding people I feel you would get many more who would pay the extra money to have that option. Making another option costing more money to take a computer bag would be a poor idea as some of your actions are already seem as money grabbing. Thanks Julian"

Points négatifs : "Delayed 3 hours and not updates or water available very poorly managed"

Points négatifs : "We boarded after the time it was supposed to take off and once in Barcelona we had to wait about 25 minutes to collect our bags."

Points positifs : "Took off on time and arrived a few minutes early. I didn’t have to wait too long for luggage on carousel."
Points négatifs : "Sitting next to someone who played music too loud even with headphones. Could hear a constant noise"

Points positifs : "What did I like: Price, punctuality"
Points négatifs : "What didn't I like: Comfort (3h1/2 on these seats is inacceptable), embarcation through "bridge" in Madrid, outside stairway in the rain!"

Points négatifs : "Always delayed and poor services"

Points négatifs : "Birmingham airport is awful the facilities the infrastructure the waiting the queues for security 0/10"

Points positifs : "Nothing."
Points négatifs : "EVERYTHING."

Points positifs : "Leg room"
Points négatifs : "Boarding, very slow and a bit late as was takeoff"

Points positifs : "Nothing."
Points négatifs : "1156.64 When we arrived at the airport the clerk at the desk would not look up from her computer to help us, we went to the window and she continued to refuse to check us in. When we handed her our passports she bluntly stated that it was too late to check in because it was 10:00 and the cutoff was 9:55. We asked if she could make an exception due to our issues with transportation or if she was able to help us rebook a flight and she said no. We had already paid for this flight and had checked in baggage and paid separately for the two bags and she told us there were no Ryan air flights for our destination. We promptly rebooked with another airline at a separate airport and consequently had to pay for another form of transportation to the airport as well as a new flight and another two checked pieces of baggage. I have traveled all over Europe, the US, Canada, Central America etc. and never in my years of travel have I felt so belittled and disrespected especially considering I was a paying, respectful and loyal customer. It goes without saying I will never use this airline again and will be strongly recommending other airlines to friends and family."

Points positifs : "It arrived early."
Points négatifs : "The checked baggage fee is way too expensive."

Points positifs : "Standard Ryanair flight. Usual boarding etc. No problems."
Points négatifs : "Being split all over the aircraft because we refuse to give in to Ryanair extortion to squeeze more money out of us. Clearly would have been able to seat us all together. Won't buy another coffee or food until this policy changes."

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