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Vol Paris Charles-de-Gaulle - San Jose Cabo Los Cabos (San Jose del Cabo)
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  • Il n’existe pas d’aéroport à Cabo San Lucas. La ville est desservie par l’aéroport de Los Cabos (San Jose del Cabo).
  • À la recherche d’un vol à petit prix vers Cabo San Lucas ? 25% de nos utilisateurs ont trouvé un vol vers Cabo San Lucas aux tarifs suivants ou moins : 621 € pour un aller-retour de Paris, 795 € pour un aller-retour de Toulouse, 1 159 € pour un aller-retour de Lyon
  • Réservez au moins 2 semaines avant le départ pour obtenir un prix moins cher que la moyenne.
  • La haute saison est en juin, juillet et août, et mars est le mois le moins cher pour partir à Cabo San Lucas.
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Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK
Virgin AtlanticNote générale basée sur 1612 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Places réservées sur kayak avec option grande place . Non respecté. Confort abominable sur le vol retour. Vol de départ annulé cause Covid seulement quelques heures avant le départ. Incertitude pour un vol de replacement, finalement obtenu 12 heures après . Merci kayak: plus jamais chez vous.

En savoir plus sur Virgin Atlantic

Places réservées sur kayak avec option grande place . Non respecté. Confort abominable sur le vol retour. Vol de départ annulé cause Covid seulement quelques heures avant le départ. Incertitude pour un vol de replacement, finalement obtenu 12 heures après . Merci kayak: plus jamais chez vous.

Personnel très professionnelle et à l’écoute des besoins des passagers. Repas assez bien, surtout salade fraîche. Proposition de plats aux légumes pourrait améliorer l’expérience pour les personnes qui ne mangent pas de pâtes. Globalement tout s’est très bien passé.

Un enregistrement compliqué comme à l aller. Un passager n'avait pas d attribution du e ticket par la compagnie. Pas de check in en ligne possible . Personnel un peu désorganisé

Points positifs : "Crew was excellent - friendly and helpful"
Points négatifs : "Seats in economy too cramped - I paid extra for next seat up from basic economy which covered our baggage but, for some reason, not seats with more leg room."
Points positifs : "Comfortable seating, pleasant food and entertainment."
Points négatifs : "Not being charged $1200 for a ticket that I already bought, but had been voided with no notice. And Virgin Atlantic staff not friendly or helpful in any way with this situation."
Points positifs : "The crew was so kind and amazing. They definitely made our flight great!"
Points négatifs : "The entertainment wasn’t working for most of the flight. We only got about an hour and a half of entertainment"
Points positifs : "The staff were helpful. The entertainment had good variety. Adjustable head rest was useful."
Points négatifs : "The seat was a little lumpy. More leg room would always be appreciated."
Points positifs : "the crew was very polite and professional."
Points négatifs : "the aircraft is small and confined, only two toilets for the entire economy level passengers for a 6 hour flight. the online entertainment lacks variety and the food was okay."
Points positifs : "Nice crew"
Points négatifs : "Comfort. Seats were very uncomfortable with absolutely NO leg room. I fly a lot and this was one of the WORST leg room experiences I had."
Points positifs : "Loads of leg room compared with other flights (I'm 6' and my knees are usually embedded in the seat in front, but not this time!"
Points négatifs : "USB socket on the entertainment on both flight out and return was broken."
Points positifs : "Not crowded. Crew was good."
Points négatifs : "Not taking a bus to board the plane."
Points négatifs : "My bag was damaged in transit"
Points positifs : "Everything except the food"
Points négatifs : "The food is atrocious. Even if I have to pay to upgrade my meal, I would..."
Points positifs : "Crew was amazing and we got fed so often. The movie choices were good."
Points négatifs : "I wish I could have ordered a drink (pay or otherwise) from the tv in front of me"
Points positifs : "The crew was professional, responsive and friendly."
Points négatifs : "The following experience goes down in history as the worst ever because: we had a 3.5 year old child, and mom and dad seated directly in front of our row. The couple ignored the instructions to move seats forward during meals making it impossible to eat. They placed their luggage in the overhead compartment belonging to both rows, which wasn't a problem if they hadn't proceeded to open and close the compartment every 20 minutes. The 300 pd dad repeatedly stepped on my broken toe while reaching for his luggage, while rattling around and disturbing sleeping passengers. And, sadly the child repeatedly threw temper tantrums without any care or effort of intervention from the parents. In short, they terrorized the surrounding travellers. In contrast, my outbound flight, also had a family seated in the row directly in front. This family was the antithesis, considerate and respectful of their fellow passengers. Susan Laws"
Points négatifs : "Queue at boarding gate for upper class ticket holders Bus transfer to plane - Virgin is not a LoCo airline! Upper Class Service was slow - understaffed?"
Points positifs : "I thought the airline amenities were excellent and it was a seamless process getting on the flight. The flight attendants were very warm and accommodating. I felt immediately welcome as soon as I got on the flight. I liked that they were playful with my son and engaged him."
Points négatifs : "Nothing. We did leave a piece of luggage on the plane so hoping that things turn out okay."
Points négatifs : "Seatback TV is of the worst quality among airlines. They really need to upgrade those. They don’t nearly give enough beverage and water. The gate wasn’t announced till last minute. There was no group priorities when boarding. Process was chaotic. Food was meh. No internet."
Points positifs : "We paid extra for exit row seats so we had good leg space"
Points négatifs : "The seats are so small that only your backside fits on it and we are not big people. There is no support for the thigh and I had severe cramps after leaving the aircraft. The flight to LA with Virgin Australia was far more comfortable."
Points positifs : "Cabin crew were accommodating and nice throughout the flight. Meals were good and the service was quick. Large range of entertainment selection for the trip helped pass the time."
Points négatifs : "The check in process and boarding process were very slow. It made going through security a bit stressful and I didn't have much time after going through the security to use the bathrooms or get a quick bite to eat before the plane boarded."
Points positifs : "Crew were great. EconomyX is a wonderful seating set up"
Points négatifs : "Very strange boarding. They got us through the boarding process but then made us all wait in the bridge because the plane wasn’t ready. So now you have a plane load of people all crammed into the bridge. Very poor."
Points négatifs : "10 hour delay in Brisbane was terrible"
Points positifs : "Food and entertainment was excellent"
Points négatifs : "Staff seemed a bit stressed and busy but very efficient"
Points positifs : "Food and service was ok"
Points négatifs : "Delayed at the airport. Very little leg room and hot while waiting to yake off. Entertainment was really bad. Bad screen and sound quality was awful."
Points négatifs : "Virgin Atlantic continues to give great service. Their lounges are way above all other airline lounges. It is difficult to get well prepared and fresh fish in lounges, but Virgin Atlantic knows how to do it."
Points positifs : "Flight attendants were excellent!"
Points négatifs : "No indication of where to go to get to connecting flight. Luckily we had 2 1/2 hours to find the flight."
Points négatifs : "Once In London, we were told by British Airways that was flying us to Nice that Delta had “lost” our infant electronic ticket - It took 1.5h to get new ticket reissued! We missed our connection and had to wait 3 more hours for the next flight - We were somewhat lucky as multiple flights were delayed/cancelled that day - I will avoid using Virgin Atlantic in the future as they need Delta and British operate their flights and this makes it prone to issues like that"
Points négatifs : "Flight was cancelled ."
Points positifs : "Excellent entertainment options, out stewardess was fantastic."
Points négatifs : "Cramped seats."
Points négatifs : "given milk yoghurt with VGML breakfast"
Points positifs : "On time."
Points négatifs : "."
Points négatifs : "During my flight from LAX to LHR I requested (pre-booked) a special meal (Asian Vegetarian). During the flight I was told there was no such request in their records and therefore I had to stay hungry for the entire duration of the flight. During my return flight from LHR to LAX the in flight entertainment system for my seat was not functional. I requested it to be reset several times and in spite of the hostess resetting it several times, it did not function. I had to stay without an entertainment system during the entire flight. This was my first time travel with Virgin Atlantic. I may never fly Virgin Atlantic again."
Points positifs : "I liked that the boarding went really fast and the staff at the JFK airport was super nice and helpful."
Points négatifs : "I didn't like how rude the airplane crew was and how useless and unhappy they were. The sits were very uncomfortable and the food didn't have any taste."
Points positifs : "A large selection of movies, shows and music to choose from. Flight crews were attentive and friendly."
Points négatifs : "The narrow space between each rows for passengers to move from their seats."
Points positifs : "Did not take the flight in the end"
Points négatifs : "My first leg flight was delayed and I booked through kayak on two different airlines and the first airline did not communicate with the second airline so 5 passengers ran to make the change and arrived 1 min after the jetbridge to get on the plane was pulled away. It was incredible frustrating and could have very easily been avoided with communication from the airlines"
Points positifs : "Quantity of food was less for the dinner time..but overall experience was good.."
Points négatifs : "Problème incroyable quand cest acheté avec Virgin et opéré par Air canada... est vous capable de vous entendre sur la meme chose ?? Jai couru 1:30 h pour que mes bagage embarque sur ce vol ... pu jamais"
Points positifs : "The crew were excellent."
Points négatifs : "Seats were ridiculously uncomfortable. The seat cushions were worn and had no padding. Very few movie, Show, music and game choices to choose from. The audio input didn't work in my seat. Major fail for a 13+ hour flight."
Points positifs : "Smooth boarding process"
Points négatifs : "Delays caused us to miss our flight from London to Vienna"
Points positifs : "Flight okay and staff attentive. Seats still to close together. Had to purchase seat to guarantee not be in middle rows. Plane very warm throughout flight."
Points négatifs : "Selection of entertainment good but touch screen very unresponsive. Hard to change volume and maneuver. Ear sets would not stay connected."
Points positifs : "Very nice staff"
Points positifs : "nice new seats"
Points négatifs : "The entre food top was torn, apparently opened before I got it, also there was no salad dressing. ATTN RICHARD BRANSON: Are you concerned for our environment? The head stewardess would not refill my sports water bottle after I asked her nicely, instead she poured water into a cup which she threw away, wasting plastic unnecessarily. I told her I did not like wasting plastic and she appeared to not enjoy what I had to say. This was the same lady who handed me my dinner. Rest of crew was great."
Points positifs : "Having a not full flight and room to spread out. The Dreamliner is awesome. On time departure."
Points négatifs : "The wifi did not work at all, and I think I was charged 3 times Landed 30 mins early and then waited an hour for the gate, I get that things happen but we have been on the plane for 11.5 hrs. Figure it out!"
Points positifs : "Crew is well trained and efficient. Lounge food and service are excellent."
Points négatifs : "Podlike seating in business class. Someone thought the zigzag a way of ensuring privacy. In fact you can't talk to your travel companion nor look out a window. Seats are either up or down and only a crew member can operate them."
Points positifs : "Food"
Points négatifs : "Seat reclining happens even during meal time and landing! I had to ask crew to get passenger in front to put seat back upright during meal time!!! Crew should've noticed themselves and ask the passenger without my prompting!! So annoyed!! I complained to VA too"
Points positifs : "very incompetent crew carrying out orders for a very cheap airline."
Points négatifs : "There was nothing to like, attendants were rude, seating was horrible, No room, no snacks, counter persons were even worse, tried to contact virgin australia over 12 times for booking confirm and itinerary, no replies ever, none from HQ in Brisbane. Virgin has NO customer service whatsoever, all they want is to take your money online and do nothing for paying customers. "Paying Customer", remember who we are??? The ones that pay for the worst service in the world. Well done Richard Branson!!"
Points positifs : "nothing"
Points négatifs : "this is not an airline, this is a bus company"
Points négatifs : "It wasn't clear that we would need to pay to check our luggage, especially since every international flight I have ever been on allows you a checked bag at no cost. When we got to the airport it cost us $130 each to check our bag which we were told it would have been around $50 if we had done it online ahead of time (if we knew). $130 per bag is excessive for checked luggage and we were extremely frustrated and disappointed. I like to fly Virgin when I can due to comfort but that experience left much to be desired."
Points positifs : "Seat Legroom Comfort Food Service Crew ... amazing!!!"
Points négatifs : "Price?"
Points négatifs : "Why are there no plug-ins?! That was very disappointing..."

Personnel très sympa, très serviable.

Casque audio pour tv

Le repas était léger, avec des légumes mal cuits, une purée trop salée et un morceau de poulet mauvais. Au petit déjeuner, sandwich au fromage 😒

Notre vol a été annulé, puis l’autre retardé ainsi nous avons loupé notre correspondance. Ensuite nous n’avons pas eu notre valise à l’arrivée

Des casques anti bruits pourraient être transmis si les conditions de voyage deviennent difficiles : les pleurs et les cris d’enfants durant tout le trajet et ce quasi sans interruption ont rendus le vol très désagréable . Vol choisi à l’initial car etant un vol de nuit et cela permettait d’avoir un peu de calme. Le personnel était sympathique et avait des bases en français ce qui était agréable. Ce qui n’était pas réellement le cas pour le vol aller . En vous remerciant,

L’embarquement s’est déroulé facilement. L’équipage manquait un peu de disponibilité

Mauvaise gestion du retard et de l’embarquement. Repas minuscule qui donne la nausée. Personnel de bord qui parle super fort y compris quand 75% du vol dort…. J’étais très mal installé, même dans une low cost j’étais mieux, assez déçue

Vol parti à l'heure et arrivé en avance. Personnel aimable. Voyage agréable

Vol à l'heure. Personnel aimable. Repas corrects. J'ai pu choisir une place confortable moyennant un prix correct. Divertissements limités que écran individuel. Plutôt content du voyage avec cette compagnie

Repas disponibilité du personnel confort d’installation ponctualité



Broken tvs, unhelpful staff, confusing communication preventing smooth travel experience.

Je suis un Franco Americain de 63 ans residant aux US depuis 38+ ans. Apparement mon retour vers Miami a ete booké sans baggage !!!??? De toute evidence une grossiere et innacceptable erreur !!! Comment puis rentrer chez moi sans bagagge ??? Imaginez ma surprise quand Air France m'a informé au "checkin" que mon billet de retOur n'incluait pas un baggage et a refusé de me laisser embarquer avec ma valise de 21 kilos si je ne payais pas un " suplement de €60. A €960+ ce billet ne qualifie pas particulierement de billet "discount"!!!??? Pour compliquer les choses encore un peu plus suite a un traumatisant vol de picpokets dans le metro parisien qq jours avant mon retour je n'avais plus de carte bancaire. Depuis presque 40 ans de voyages entre mes 2 pays je n'ai jamais eu une experience plus desagreable et humiliante dans un aeroport. De retour en Floride a la maison je suis stressé triste humilié et terriblement deçu par ce dernier jour dans ma ville lumiere de naissance.

I liked that once up, things ran more smoothly and we still landed on time despite a 45+ minute delay leaving the gate. The boarding process was another story. With the demand for proof of a negative COVID test prior to boarding by the US, Air France had just 2 staff members checking these tests results, collecting a paper affidavit of sorts also required by the US, and checking boarding passes and passports for an entire Boeing 777 full of passengers. There were other staff around This seemed preposterous. Then, when I finally boarded, the luggage was still be loaded onto the plane at 1:50pm for a flight schedule to leave at 1:15pm.

Seats were narrow and uncomfortable ( business ) and there was only one toilet for both business and premier…. The one up front was blocked as it was solely for the crew …. One always had to wait in line with 3/4 people in front of you minimum….. while you waited , the crew made it clear that you were in their way …. Fair enough as we had to stand partially in the galley…

Points positifs : "L’accueil et l’aimabilité du personnel qui laisse à désirer. Le confort est vraiment mauvais. Le dinner était vraiment léger."
Points négatifs : "La Nourriture, le personnel, le confort."
Points positifs : "Only selection of movies but that’s all!"
Points négatifs : "Flight delay could have been explained better, boarded the plane and sat in for about 2:30 min, crew could have been more proactive but NO! Food especially thinking this dinner time in business class fare very small portions! Wi-Fi paid for full flight but it was turned off in the mid of the air!"
Points positifs : "The pilot did an awesome job of welcoming travelers and keeping them updated on the flight status."
Points négatifs : "I sat almost to the back and there was not enough lunch by the time the crew made it back there so I had to eat breakfast instead of lunch."
Points positifs : "Crew was great. Paris to RDU flight is very convenient. Fair summer pricing overall for our special itinerary. Beverages, snacks on international flight were great."
Points négatifs : "Specialty food requested - reduced sugar because there is just too much sugar in airline food generally. Pretty awful. Some kind of (I think) pickled cabbage and carrots slaw was inedible. Plain yogurt was awful, needed something! Nuts, just a little bit of dried fruit would help."
Points positifs : "The crew WAS amazing!"
Points négatifs : "Not a thing! It was perfect"
Points positifs : "Flight was on time, smooth take-off and landing, and gluten-free meal available (ordered before through Alcohol was available at each drink service."
Points négatifs : "No gluten-free snacks, lack of gluten-free awareness by crew, and gluten-free meal had an apple instead of the (gluten-free) ice cream bar the other meals included for the dessert."
Points positifs : "Crew was amazing, flight was much more comfortable. Nice selection of drinks."
Points négatifs : "The snack on the flight was brioche with a Cajun spread. The bread was great but the spread was too spicy for my tastes."
Points positifs : "Équipage commercial chaleureux et efficace"
Points négatifs : "Angle inclinaison des sièges de première"
Points positifs : "Liaison quotidienne fiable"
Points négatifs : "C’est un petit jet avec espace limité"
Points positifs : "Food and movies"
Points négatifs : "Tout"
Points négatifs : "Le choix des films, la nourriture, l'information de vol sur la tablette"
Points positifs : "Happy to be home"
Points négatifs : "Allow more time for check in"
Points positifs : "Zéro sourire! D'après moi, ils n'avaient pas envie de travailler ce matin..."
Points négatifs : "Le wi-fi ne fonctionnait pas, aucun dvd, même pas de prise usb pour charger nos téléphone, siège très étroit! On pouvait dire quand le pilote ralentissait et accélérait tellement c'était fait brusquement! Rien à voir avec mes 2 premiers vol..."
Points positifs : "tout"
Points négatifs : "le confort des sièges"
Points positifs : "tout"
Points négatifs : "le confort des sièges"
Points positifs : "?"
Points négatifs : "Un autre transporteur! Vol retardé + déglaçage +attente sûr tarmac = vol de transfert raté = 4 heure d’attente a l’aéroport résultat départ de Montréal à 9;00 pour arriver à Kansas à 23:00h"
Points positifs : "Vol retardé + Déglaçage + atttente sur le tarmac pour laisser atterrir un avion en priorité = Arrivé en retard pour le vol suivant = résultat attente de 4 heures à l’aéroport pour prendre le vol suivant. Départ de la maison 8:30 arrivé à destination 22:00 Montréal/Kansas!!!"
Points négatifs : "Un autre transporteur!?"
Points positifs : "Friendly crew."
Points négatifs : "Tight plane and late!"
Points négatifs : "I could not sleep on my return flight, as I am a woman travelling alone and I was seated next to a young man, when there were plenty of free seats in the rear, where some guys were spread out among 3 seats sleeping."
Points positifs : "The care and good food was much appreciated. There were plenty of excellent movies to watch to make the time pass in an enjoyable way."
Points positifs : "Le personnel de Board a ete formidable. Le siege etait tres confortable"
Points positifs : "Le choix de films"
Points négatifs : "Pas beaucoup d espaces, personnel peu sympathique, écran qui ne marchait pas bien du tout (avance rapide sans demander, impossible de revenir en arrière), pas de bagages à l arrivée"
Points positifs : "The crew was amazing, the seats were medium on the comfort range."
Points négatifs : "More comfortable seats and more leg room!"
Points positifs : "Tout est dit plus haut"
Points négatifs : "Tout est dit plus haut"
Points positifs : "Sky Priority L’espace pour les jambes"
Points négatifs : "La classe premium est devenu du gros n’importe quoi! Les petites attentions ne sont plus là ( cône de bonbons). Le personnel de bord disparaît après le service du repas et ce, pour le restant du vol. Les rideaux séparateurs restent ouverts! Quant au confort des sièges, n’en parlons même pas! Dur sur les fesses, le dos, les jambes et le sommeil! Bref, cette classe n’a plus rien de premium!"
Points négatifs : "Ras puisque j'ai pas pu le prendre!"
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Ils ont annoncé un retard d'une heure reçu sur mon email, je suis donc allé à l'aéroport pour le nouvel horaire et quand je suis arrivé il venait de fermer le vol et ont refusé de me laisser monter! J'ai donc raté l'avion, ils m'ont donné un billet gratuit par contre je n'ai pas pu être à mon rdv qui était important"
Points positifs : "Cabin service very good and hot meal was unusually good for economy section (especially the chicken with hollandaise sauce)"
Points positifs : "I had the chicken beans and rice which was good, the chicken burrito was a little soggy and had to peal it out of the box but taste ok."
Points négatifs : "The choice of the movies were either action or kids movies, i would like to see some sports movies, auto race, football or espn. All of the was energetic with great smiles and service except for one that never smiled and lacked enthusiasm. I wondered why she was on the plane."
Points positifs : "Personnel professionnel et accueillant, départ et atterrissage à l’heure"
Points positifs : "Kindness of the staff"
Points positifs : "Equipe sympa et investie."
Points négatifs : "Vieil A380 avec des sièges peu confortables mais surtout une télé et un service VOD sordide. Dîner et boissons bonnes mais petit déjeuner infecte. Pain « étouffe-chrétient »"
Points négatifs : "We thought we were flying AirFrance as our emails came from them and were surprised to learn after waiting in the AirFrance baggage drop queue for 30 mins that we were in the wrong place."

Aucun soucis, bon suivi et correspondance dans les temps Nickel

Problème de check in

Très bon service. Repas pourrait être amélioré. Personnel agréable. Hygiène respectée. Merci

Dreamliner was comfortable and entertainment system good

Le repas est très ordinaire. Le reste c’est très bien!

Points positifs : "Yes"
Points négatifs : "Nothing. Flight was amazing"
Points positifs : "Terrific hot breakfast in bus. class"
Points négatifs : "Window did not darken like the others."
Points positifs : "Services is good ."
Points négatifs : "Food can be better"
Points positifs : "Confort and kindness"
Points négatifs : "It was too cold"
Points positifs : "15 years ago I told myself not to fly Delta anymore. But these 2 flights Detroit to Amsterdam and back changed my mind. I enjoyed the flight very much and I'm looking forward to the next one."
Points positifs : "Loved the smooth ride."
Points négatifs : "Bathroom was pretty nasty"
Points négatifs : "Information on arrival time was not correct"
Points positifs : "Flight arrived on time"
Points négatifs : "No food provided "due to a strike the previous day". Not sure why this would impact on providing a sandwich or snack particularly when champagne was still available for first class passengers."
Points négatifs : "Flight got cancelled"
Points négatifs : "The KLM crew are always great serving and treating you. Well above many other airlines."
Points négatifs : "Travelled business class and was ace experience"
Points négatifs : "Too hot inside the aircraft"
Points positifs : "The seat was a little uncomfortable but the crew were amazing."
Points positifs : "General flight journey"
Points positifs : "Personnel serviable. Avion propre et choix de langues (anglais, néerlandais et français) apprécié."
Points négatifs : "Retard au décollage de 30 min minimum à l'aller comme au retour avec KLM. En portant un pull et un polaire j'ai eu bien froid en cabine."
Points positifs : "the drinks"
Points négatifs : "seat reservation. having to pay for luggage...."
Points positifs : "Le vol était ponctuel."
Points négatifs : "La classe business sur ce type de vol n’a rien de business si ce n’est d’être à l’avant de la cabine."
Points négatifs : "We had 4 hour delay causing a stop over at 3am. So yeah"
Points positifs : "One crew member was very good but all were not very available or checking on people. I had a seat that I purchased and it was very hard to recline I only found out that it did if fact recline it the last hour to hour and a half of the trip! It was a difficult push back to get it to recline"
Points négatifs : "If I knew how to recline my seat earlier. I did try several times"
Points positifs : "Le vol"
Points négatifs : "Clairement le système pour faire notre checkin online est pourri"
Points négatifs : "L’intégralité du voyage, pas de repas, retard de bagage"
Points négatifs : "I called for a crew member 5 times and waited 25 minutes for anyone to help me with just some water. I had to get up and go to the very back of the plane to ask for some water. The plane was hot and no air to be found. This was all after we had to get back off the plane before takeoff. It was terrib"
Points positifs : "The crew were very nice, food was tasty, seat comfortable and the entertainment great as well. Will be flying KLM again soon :)"
Points négatifs : "Lost all our bags so couldn’t ski"
Points négatifs : "lost baggage"
Points positifs : "Good comfortable seat with extra leg room. Pleasant crew."
Points positifs : "Good and friendly services"
Points négatifs : "I really don't like when at the gate the take your luggage and say you'll be the first to get it at arrival.. And now I'm still waiting.. That's really really annoying"
Points positifs : "The food rocks! I know that I will always be eating well with KLM. The staff is always so nice, professional and cordial...I always know I'll be in good hands with the flight."
Points positifs : "I bought the Airport tickets for my Russian friend. However customs would not allow her to board the plane unfortunately. That's not Kayaks fault. I would definitely book with Kayak again. Many thanks."
Points positifs : "Snooth and efficiënt with a KLM service"
Points négatifs : "No entertainment"
Points positifs : "Great food"
Points négatifs : "I paid a top price for my ticket and expect the advertised amenities to work. Upgrade or replacement for entertainment system."
Points positifs : "More than adequate room, And very good service from a very professional staff. Head and shoulders abovevany American carrier, and several European lines I have flown."
Points négatifs : "Can't think of anything."
Points positifs : "Service en business au top. Pour aller de l’europe vers Mexico les sièges sont dans lis confortables sue les vieillissant de l’A380 d’Air France."
Points positifs : "Petit avion sans trop de place."
Points négatifs : "Connexion un peu trop courte à Amsterdam. Génère du stress."
Points négatifs : "Delay can occur sometimes but it wiuld be better to be explained its reason and the estimated time for boarding. The customer service at CDG airport was the worst ever and all people standing boarding desk were useless without any mind what they are doing."
Points positifs : "The time keeping was very good. We left on time and arrived early on both occasion. Good organisation. Excellent service."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Le menu est à améliorer"
Points négatifs : "Le menu est à améliorer"
Points négatifs : "vol retardé"
Points positifs : "La puntualidad"
Points négatifs : "Toute c’est parfait"
Points positifs : "J’aime sa ponctualité"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Le vol a été dérouté sur Lyon pour des vents dangereux. Seul hic, l’ensemble des autres vols atterrissants à Genève on tous pu atterrir dans la même tranche horaire. Ensuite reacheminement en bus ou taxi pour les plus chanceux. Sans qu’on nous donne le moindre repas. Pourtant atterrissage prévu initialement vers 11h. La il est 14h10 passé et le ventre vide et toujours sur la route entre Lyon et Genève."
Points négatifs : "una valija se perdió. Eso desató el descontrol que tiene KLM para seguir el equipaje. No hay como hacer tracking. No hay un teléfono a donde hablar, la web está desactualizada y con información equivocada. Direccionan a usar canales de twitter y facebook que no responden. Primer experiencia en KLM y no pienso nunca más usar esta aerolínea. Llevar el equipaje o resolver un problema sobre valijas es de lo más básico de una aerolínea y no lo hacen."
Points négatifs : "The Guy who had an accident when boarding causing a delay. Also I didn’t like the wait fir checking as passengers with children went before business class and should be after."
Points négatifs : "Two hours delay in the start."
Points positifs : "Operated by Air France. Excellent and comfortable"
Points négatifs : "Seat space"
Points positifs : "The crew was great except the pilot."
Points négatifs : "The worst landing I have ever experienced. We hit the ground very hard, it was jarring."
Points positifs : "Je n'ai pas pu embarquer dans le vol car l'agente de bord a fermé les portes avant que je ne puisse présenter mon billet d'immigration qui était dans mon sac."
Points négatifs : "Je n'ai pas pu embarquer dans le vol car l'agente de bord a fermé les portes avant que je ne puisse présenter mon billet d'immigration qui était dans mon sac."
Points positifs : "The crew!"
Points négatifs : "Being able to teleport!"
Points positifs : "Oui pour le personnel et correct pour le confort"
Points négatifs : "Par contre au moment de l achat du vol il m a fait choisir mes sièges dont j ai payé 13$ et quand j arrive à l aéroport il faut choisir des sièges donc j ai payé 68$ pour rien je vais faire annule la transaction chez visa"
Points positifs : "Ce qui m'aurait plu c'est de ne pas être obligée de voyager avec un chien . Qu'est ce que un chien faisait dans un avion en train de voyager avec les passagers? Pas de liesse, et la seule fois que je l'ai vu dans une cage, c'etait pour le transporter c'est pendant le debarquement."
Points négatifs : "Pour un vol international de plus de 4 heures est plutôt surprenant, et desagreable, le fait que l'equipage de l'avion n'ait jamais offert de rafraichissements pendant le vol (never mind de nourriture). Il a fallu que les passagers demandent, à la pièce, d'avoir quelque chose à boire, pour en avoir"
Points positifs : "The entertainment, and service inside was very good."
Points négatifs : "Boarding process was disorganized and confusing."
Points positifs : "Flights were on time or close enough to."
Points positifs : "Divertissement"
Points négatifs : "L’avion est parti sans moi et 4 autres passager sans avoir fait d’appel final"
Points positifs : "Plane arrived earlier then expected. Waited for about 35 minutes before exiting the plane."
Points négatifs : "Schedules, schedules, schedules. What is the point of having them if they are not followed. People plan around schedules, while it is always good to on a few minutes earlier, what is the point if one is trapped inside the plane. I have a returned ticket, hope the service will improve."
Points positifs : "Repas à bord Personnel courtois"
Points négatifs : "Everything very poor"
Points négatifs : "Un lounge skyte au t4 de Cancún aurait été top"
Points négatifs : "Le personnel a l’enregistrement préfère parler entre eux plutôt que vous apporter de l’attention. ces personnes ne devraient pas travailler au contact des clients."
Points positifs : "Personnel très aimable. Cabine moderne et fonctionnel. Siège confortable."
Points négatifs : "Les sièges business devrait être un petit peu plus large au niveau des épaules en position lit. Mes épaules touchées des 2 côtes. Aussi prévoit un petit peu plis de place au niveau des pieds aussi en position lit."
Points négatifs : "Pric"
Points positifs : "le personnel très professionnel et affable. La traduction anglaise manque de volume et très difficile à entendre sur les 4 avions"
Points négatifs : "Le confort des sièges et la station de divertissement très médiocre"
Points positifs : "À l'heure. Personnel sympathique!"
Points négatifs : "En arrivant à Montréal, il n'y avait pas de fauteuil roulant pour mon épouse. Elle a du marché tout l'aéroport jusqu'à la douane ce qui est très long pour quelqu'un d'anticiper. C'est la seule place où nous avons du nous débrouiller seul."
Points positifs : "Chech in crew poor attitude"
Points négatifs : "Better attitude"
Points positifs : "Gate staff was nice, proactive and understanding of my situation and they promptly put me on the next flight."
Points négatifs : "The hotel the airline was offering wa a terrible option. I had to book a new hotel with no credit vard and it’s been a nightmare so far. Can’t order food."
Points négatifs : "Etre à l'heure"
Points positifs : "The crew was helpful and professional, the food was flavorful and plentiful, the entertainment selection was good and the aircraft was well take care of and had amenities like spots to charge devices"
Points négatifs : "The WiFi didn’t work even though it was advertised as working"
Points positifs : "Confort de l’avoin"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "Le confort des sièges étaient passable peut-être est-ce normal après 5 heures de vol"
Points positifs : "Crew was polite and welcoming. Seats were good"
Points négatifs : "Good attention in food services."
Points positifs : "Personnel souriant et aimable."
Points négatifs : "Une seule toilette fonctionnait durant le voyage. Beaucoup d’attente pour les utiliser."
Points négatifs : "Horrible and first flight was 1h45min late which made me miss my connecting flight. The transit airport was also a horrible experience to spend many endless hours in."
Points négatifs : "Nous avons dû attendre plus d'une heure sans nouvelles avant de se faire dire que nous aurions encore 1 h de plus de retard. Nous sommes partie avec près de 3 h de retard. Les écrans tombaient en panne de tous les passagers et l'équipage semblaient ne pas s'en soucier. Pourtant un redémarrage a réglé le problème. (fait a la demande des passagers)."
Points positifs : "Vol pas trop long."
Points négatifs : "Délai d'embarquement et pas de divertissement."
Points positifs : "Espace dans l'avion. Divertissement."
Points négatifs : "Pas de choix de repas."
Points positifs : "Ce n'est pas la première fois que nous voyageons avec AeroMexico. Nous avons toujours eu un voyage satisfaisant pour un prix excellent."
Points négatifs : "El día miércoles arribé al aeropuerto Benito Juárez de la Ciudad de Mexico, dónde quise acceder al VIP LOUNGE de Aeroméxico ya que mi ticket lo compré para el servicio Priority y al llegar al Lobby del Lounge me negaron la entrada ya que me dijeron que debía pagar $25 para acceder ahí ya que no contaba con membresía alguna. Me parece una falta de respeto y mal servicio, ya que si uno paga por viajar en Priority es para gozar todos sus beneficios sin costo alguno. Me molesta ya que en la ciudad de Boston estuve en el vip lounge sin costo extra alguno, además tienen personal muy arrogante y clasista dentro del Lounge de la Ciudad de México"
Points positifs : "Super vol"
Points positifs : "Got the drinks and snacks out quickly."
Points négatifs : "The personal in the frond desk in Mexico City it is very incompetent I think this guys need more trainee and need to have more respect for the customers. because if this guys thing the customers pay his salaries and no be to arrogant whit the customers."
Points positifs : "Le service et la nourriture"
Points négatifs : "Le confort des bancs"
Points positifs : "Le service et la nourriture !"
Points négatifs : "Le confort des bancs"
Points positifs : "Average flight. Nothing special."
Points négatifs : "No entertainment system. Nothing Thanks I bring my Ipad. Spend play Solitaire."
Points positifs : "Bumpy flight dirty plane hard to access terminal one for early connection. Train doesn’t open until 5 so you have to pay for a bus. Ridiculous"
Points négatifs : "Let a dog on board that barked the entire flight."
Points positifs : "We boarded fast and we arrived on time"
Points négatifs : "I requested a "Fragile" label for my suitcase. They said they ran out of them. When I came back home, they had break 2 memories. One of them from the conference I taught. I tried to wrap them as tight as possible. I am aware of the risks of carrying fragile things but I can't stop thinking that the label might had helped avoiding things getting break. Flight Attendance were not very friendly. They were not rude but defiantly not friendly"
Points négatifs : "Annulation du vol de retour apres un no-show à l’aller. Aucune information de leur part. J’ai du racheter 3 billets d’avion, plus de 2000$ de frais. Derniere fois avec cette compagnie."
Points positifs : "Un check-in incroyable, un personnel très attentionné de l'enregistrement à la porte d'embarquement. Vol avec 1 heure d'avance sur le nouveau Boeing Dreamliner. Diner copieux, service de boissons à répétition. Espace pour les jambes entre les sièges."
Points négatifs : "Le système de divertissement n'est pas le meilleur (contrairement à Emirates ou British Airways)."
Points négatifs : "Avión muy incomodo"
Points positifs : "Flight on time, the crew was nice and helpful and we had free lunch and a movie."
Points positifs : "Counter help was very friendly and helpful"
Points négatifs : "Buying through Vayamos, when initially going to AM website I was directed to go to Delta site. They rejected me, I called them, recording said they would call me back in more than 2 hours. Etc, etc A horrible experience."
Points positifs : "I have been disappointed with Aeromexico before, but this time I had a very good experience. The crew was excellent!"
Points négatifs : "I had to pay extra for a seat, to avoid sitting in the middle seat."
Points positifs : "After almost missing our connecting flight to Cabo, we got to relax for our last flight to our final destination with a complimentary beer and a snack, on board also had a movie playing and WiFi."
Points négatifs : "N/A"
Points positifs : "The crew and the movies. It was an overall comfortable flight."
Points négatifs : "I was coerced into buying an extremely expensive ticket to get back to my home country from Paris. It was unconscionable."
Points négatifs : "My reservation through JustFly did not pass along that I’d paid for seat selection, and it brought along an unexpected checked baggage fee."
Points positifs : "The crew was friendly."
Points négatifs : "I wish there was a way to better ensure aisle seats for the people who can't afford to pay for an upgrade. Maybe it's just not a thing."
Points négatifs : "No video working"
Points positifs : "The cookies"
Points négatifs : "The flight attendants seemed inexperienced and not professional."
Points négatifs : "The service, and the smile on employee’s faces. Rolling their eyes at people because we want to know why we’re being delayed is disrespectful"
Points positifs : "nothing since i was not able to make it on time"
Points négatifs : "Flight between fort myers and charlotte was stuck on the tarmac for more than 1h. I missed my connexion and was rebooked next day at 11am. I missed one full day of work. Next time, the flight could wait 15 o 20mn to allow passengers to reach the gate"
Points négatifs : "British Airways flight was carried by American Airlines. Planes were late, boarded one plane from the tarmac with no explanation, gate was changed 5 times without announcements. Will never fly American Airlines again!"
Points positifs : "Juste la rapidité du vol.les pilotes étaientt très bien autour du vol..."
Points négatifs : "Le vol a accusé un retard de une heure et en plus on n'a changé du lieu d'embarquement qui est passé du 77 au fallait que chaque voyageur se renseigne."
Points négatifs : "Connecting from Paris CDG through Chicago O Hare incoming flight to Paris was delayed by 1 hour resulting with our flight delayed. Connection at O’Hare was terrible had to take the bus from one terminal to the other which added to our delay and frustration"
Points positifs : "Le personnel est parfait"
Points négatifs : "Vraiment pas beaucoup de place dans le siège pour les bras et jambes"
Points positifs : "Presque tout."
Points négatifs : "Le prix du bagage à payer en plus du prix"
Points négatifs : "Le vol a ete annulé et j ai ete bloque sans voucher ou support"
Points positifs : "Visiter l’aerairport de JFK"
Points négatifs : "Ponctualité, service à la clientèle, accommoder pour changement de siège, courtoisie, service à bord, efficacité des mesures de sécurité"
Points négatifs : "Le déclassement en classe économique sans prévenir et une indemnisation impossible vol British opéré par American et donc les deux compagnie se renvoie la balle pour l’indemnisation (trois cents dollars par siège....) Plus jamais de voyage sur cette compagnie"
Points positifs : "L’equipage ne répondait pas à nos questions et le service laissait à désirer. Les sièges étaient confortables mais nous avons dû se faire réassigner parce qu’on nous avait séparés sur tous les vols."
Points négatifs : "Le service à la clientèle"
Points positifs : "Some of the flight attendants were helpful, some were not. The movie selection was good."
Points négatifs : "The Food was not fully warmed, seats were uncomfortable. The boarding process did not seem organized."
Points négatifs : "Une heure de retard au décollage"
Points positifs : "Mon avion est parti de SF à Miami pendant une heure puis à fait Demi-tour. Nous avons attendu 2h à l’aéroport. Nous n’avons pas été pris en charge. Terrible expérience. Je n’ai pas été remboursée."
Points positifs : "Great"
Points positifs : "A couple crew members were great and attentive. A couple seemed like they would’ve rather been anywhere else."
Points négatifs : "This plane is so outdated. For such a long flight, these days entertainment is everything. The movies got interrupted every time an announcement was made (as in the screens went black and never came back on only the sound) this happened to 3 movies! The “wifi” completely useless."
Points négatifs : "Restes 1 heure dans l'avion sur la piste pour partir en retard du meme delai. Pour un vol de 90 minutes, decevant."
Points positifs : "A l'heure"
Points négatifs : "Sièges inconfortables. Assis trop haute."
Points positifs : "The food was pretty good and they served lots of wine."
Points négatifs : "No in-flight entertainment on a 9 hour international flight (only live news), so we had to use whatever entertainment we brought ourselves. Also, there was no place to charge our phones. I guess next time I should prepare better for something like this."
Points positifs : "Tout s’est bien passer, c’etait facile."
Points négatifs : "La temperature durant le vol était mouvementé"
Points positifs : "People on the planes were nice"
Points négatifs : "The guy at the gate in france made me check my bag, he said it was due to the size but people were walking by with bigger bags and he didn't seem to care about them at all. Not sure why he singled me out. Also took my passport, which he wasn't doing for other passengers and told me to board the plane. I had to ask multiple times for him to return my passport. Not sure if it was his first day or something but it was a very frustrating experience."
Points positifs : "X"
Points négatifs : "Le vol a été annulé personne ne nous a averti c’est kayak qui nous a dit de vérifier. Ils nous ont mis sur aucun autre vol jusqu’au lendemain."
Points positifs : "Before I knew it we were landing. Good flight"
Points négatifs : "The meal had no dessert. The coffee had run out and they promised to return and never did. I had to remind the hostess about an hour later."
Points positifs : "The flight was good. The crew was dedicated."
Points négatifs : "The seats were horribly tight. Too small for a 11h flight. Not everyone is rich or has money to flight first, business or even premium. One day soon or later you're going to have to deal with that reality. We deserve a bit more space for 11h"
Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "We arrived 2 hours late."
Points positifs : "Easy check in, helpful staff. Great seats and lovely in-flight amenities. Most of the food was really good and quite a bit was offered during the flight. Arrived early and staff was really helpful in getting through customs."
Points négatifs : "Weight limit on baggage was very strict. Boarding took a long time and seemed disorganized."
Points positifs : "We boarded early because of the security check, but that worked out fine. The food was good and the flight attendants were attentive."
Points négatifs : "Spending 10 hours on a flight, but you can't do anything about that."
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Retard d’une heure"
Points positifs : "Great Service, Plane, Food, and Entertainment. Delayed 1 1/2 hours, but we were kept informed. Premium Economy seats are very comfortable and roomy."
Points négatifs : "Got selected for additional screening...not your fault, but would have preferred to Not be screened in the jetway as other pax boarded in same jetway behind us."
Points négatifs : "A huge queue due to AA policy to un respect BA policy of free 23 kg checked luggage of Int’l flights. A scandal, a shame. Won’t travel anymore with BA & AA."
Points positifs : "La bonne ponctualité pour un vol intra US"
Points négatifs : "B757 dépourvu de système de divertissement à bord. Sûrement du au court trajet"
Points négatifs : "Aucune des télé ne fonctionne pendant la totalité du vol Biscuits food ridicules Le prix des bagages et la queue pour obtenir son ticket puis refaire la queue pour déposer bagages Double paiement bagages mémé en transit / inacceptable"
Points positifs : "tout le service en général."
Points négatifs : "rien"
Points négatifs : "notre vol a été retarde retarde!!au lieu de décoller comme prévu à 8h30 notre vol a été finalement annulé vers 23h30. On m'a relooké sur un vol pour LONDRES le lendemain à 19.h. Nous sommes restés plus de 24 h dans cet aéroport sans que nous soit proposé un hôtel. on nous a donné une couverture et un oreillé!!d'autre ont pu etre rebooké sur d'autre vols sur NY ou chicago le matin meme. Nous avons perdu une journée de travail mon époux et moi-meme. Lui a du annuler une formation impliquant 10 personnes qui venait de toute la France."
Points négatifs : "Received an email 6 min after booking from British Airways saying the reservation was cancelled. They are trying to charge me $550 for this cancellation claiming they are not the ones who cancelled the reservation, and that I did. From what I understand the flight wasn't available in the first place and should not have been posted to purchase. British Airways will not take responsibility however."
Points positifs : "Amenities were about on par with other international airlines. The entertainment console was wonderful. The trip was more quickly than expected."
Points négatifs : "Boarding was a mess. We were there 2.5 hours before our flight and had to rush to make it on time due to the awful lines for the checking our bags and general disorganization of American Airlines. The staff on the plane missed our row when offering drinks near the end of the flight and were not careful about bumping elbows and shoulders as they frequented the aisle. Also couldn't sit by my family which was a huge bummer."
Points positifs : "Food"
Points négatifs : "Delayed flight and missed connection flight to KC"
Points positifs : "The only thing good was the airplane – a 787."
Points négatifs : "Missed the flight because of problem with the CDG trains. Crew on the ground were absolutely useless. I ended up getting another flight the second day using the customer service number. The cecking in process was terrible. The agent was terrible.on the flight, the crew kept banging almost everybody with the food cart. One poor lady behind me got water spelled on her, hit by cart few times, and food spelled."
Points négatifs : "The food options on the brochure were not available, flight attendants had bad attitude and negative vibe"
Points positifs : "I usually fly Air France but AA was terrific. Tasty food, pleasant crew, even the toilets were nicely maintained during the 9 hours flight. The only thing that AF does better is provide a full array of printed matter before boarding."
Points positifs : "Les hôtes étaient aimables"
Points négatifs : "Une barre tendre comme déjeuner! Ils auraient pu faire mieux"
Points négatifs : "There were two adults and their child next to me in two seats the child was big enough that it should have its own seat so for nine plus hours I had a child kicking me. Make people pay for a seat for their kid."
Points négatifs : "un vol de sept heures sans un écran individuel, une première pour moi après de nombreux voyages. un vol transatlantique n'est pas un vol intérieur, pouvoir se distraire avec un film de son choix est un minimum surtout au prix du billet."
Points positifs : "Operated by American Airlines, the flight was not terribly full so we could move to a row that was empty so you can sleep easier. smooth flight, arrived early."
Points positifs : "Nice people at the counter in Paris!"
Points négatifs : "How They managed the cancellation!!!very poor! Send to Miami!!!very desagreable people at the counter there! No one flight was in time going to Europe!!! I arrived a day later !missed my train connection to Strasbourg.!!!! Coming back could not confirm my flight because the page did not allowed me to do place was all ready given!!"
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1 escaleDelta
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1 escaleAmerican Airlines
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