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  • Il n’existe pas d’aéroport à Kyoto. La ville est desservie par l’aéroport de .
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Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK
Japan AirlinesNote générale basée sur 4770 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

I like the service. The seat cushion was worn out and very uncomfortable.

En savoir plus sur Japan Airlines

I like the service. The seat cushion was worn out and very uncomfortable.

Points positifs : "The crew was efficient and very helpful."
Points négatifs : "Entertainment choices of selected movies were limited."
Points positifs : "Les repas, le sens du service, la communication."
Points négatifs : "Le confort des sièges un peu vieillot, le choix de films."
Points positifs : "Crew and service were outstanding!"
Points négatifs : "I would have liked the ebooks section of the entertainment options expanded. I love to read and that would have greatly distracted from the discomfort of having to sit so long in such cramped quarters."
Points négatifs : "Good"
Points positifs : "Tv audio didn’t work. They forgot to movie me to another seat. I paid for Wi-Fi and it didn’t work with Netflix or hbo go. Luggage was lost too"
Points positifs : "I was on board with my 4 months old baby. The crew was so kind, they helps me a lot."
Points négatifs : "N/A"
Points positifs : "Wonderful crew"
Points négatifs : "PA announcements could have been louder. I also had difficulty understanding when I could hear the English words."
Points négatifs : "Kiosk, bag service, One World Integration"
Points positifs : "The EMIRATES flight was nice. Japan airlines has good leg room."
Points positifs : "On time. Boarding was great. Flight wasn’t full so plenty of room to stretch out."
Points positifs : "Everything"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "Very respe tful staff."
Points négatifs : "Dirty restrooms."
Points positifs : "Good space between seats. Cleanest of the restroom. Nice crew service"
Points positifs : "JAL is great!"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "It was short flight.. I slept good through."
Points positifs : "The crew was friendly, and the view from the window was stunning."
Points négatifs : "There wasn't enough leg space; it would be nice if the entertainment system had usb charging available."
Points positifs : "Politeness. It definitely stands out."
Points négatifs : "Coffee. It just didn’t taste good to me. But they had wine!"
Points négatifs : "I’m flying internationa flight but, I can’t get enough or right answer from my question due to Luck of english language. I’m not perfect when it come to this language but I can communicate properly."
Points positifs : "JAL et ANA restent au sommet en terme de services, ponctualité et qualité du vol."
Points positifs : "The crew, the flight, the pilot to cabin communications, the food, USB hookup, and the movie selection was amazing. I am so happy that I flew Japan Airlines on my return trip. I would highly recommend them for your international travels."
Points négatifs : "The flight was extremely late to leave and I almost missed my connecting flight in Osaka"
Points positifs : "No major disasters, comfortable seats, on time."
Points positifs : "From check in to final destination, customer service to amenities, Japan Airlines exceeded my expectations in every regard."
Points négatifs : "The flights were everything I expected and more."
Points négatifs : "turbuance"
Points positifs : "Same as above"
Points négatifs : "None"
Points positifs : "The flight is on time,service is excellent."
Points positifs : "The food was good. Seats were as comfortable as any flight is."
Points négatifs : "There were no diet soft drinks available on the flight."
Points positifs : "Simply excellent !!!"
Points positifs : "Boarding procedure was the most efficient I have ever seen for a 777. Very quick and efficient, back to front. Great food. Very polite and efficient crew. Plenty of leg room in coach. Comfortable seat configuration, with only three seats in center section. JAL is a great airline!"
Points positifs : "All were very polite and were very through when checking the cabin before departure and landing"
Points positifs : "All was efficient but no standout"
Points négatifs : "Nothing was bad enough to mention this column"
Points positifs : "From start to finish, we were amazed by the customer service of Japan Airlines. Altogether we we had a 14-hour day or so of flying with two small children and it could have easily been a 20-hour-or-more day of flying had Japan Airlines not been so great at what they do. We can't say enough about how amazed and blessed we were by their customer service."
Points négatifs : "Having to pay for wifi and not having access to power outlets. Everything else was amazing and honestly these minor things were very forgivable given the great entertainment choices that came along with the plan ride and and the amazing customer service."
Points positifs : "I didn't like anything about it."
Points négatifs : "The seats are uncomfortable. No wifi. Need to upgrade the plane. No seats for economy plus or business class available. Will never fly with Japan airlines again!"
Points positifs : "Very good premium economy seats and airline service was excellent - highly recommended"
Points positifs : "Everything! JAL employees go above and beyond to deliver perfect customer service with a genuine smile."
Points négatifs : "Nothing! No complaints here"
Points positifs : "I was early to check in . But the check in was slow and I. Had to run to my plane ride .. and had no time to shop"
Points négatifs : "The service was so so and food was lousy"
Points positifs : "L'équipage est très avenant et n'hésite pas à parler un anglais compréhensible pour les étrangers. Mes deux vols n'étaient que de 45min mais nous avons eu droit à un accès wifi et une collation (boissons). Ponctuel et pilotage souple."
Points positifs : "The space, the courtesy of the staff, the food. Loved the noodle breakfast."
Points négatifs : "Could not understand the announcements ... what a thing to "complain" about. Could not choose out seats online."
Points positifs : "The crew and service."
Points négatifs : "No entertainment. No snack either."
Points négatifs : "None"
Points positifs : "Comfortable and spacious for economy class. Very helpful staff."
Points négatifs : "If I have to be picky the movie selection didn't seem great."
Points positifs : "JAL ' service is nice."
Points négatifs : "I didn't like MSG in food."
Points positifs : "Great flight attendants"
Points négatifs : "Japanese food not great"
Points positifs : "Seating is comfortable. Lots of entertainment (for free), free alcohol, and you can adjust your own window tint"
Points négatifs : "Boarding was delayed. I think their system went down. Food wasn't bad. But I mean really is airline food ever good?"
Points positifs : "Best and consistent service."
Points négatifs : "too little legroom seating is designed shorter legged Japanese"
Points positifs : "the crew was extraordinarily helpful in getting me through customs with my luggage which i was lead to believe did not need to be looked at in Tokyo because it was checked through to Osaka by finding me taking me back through customs and onto the flight in time for its departure. JAL's crews on both flights and the ground personnel were very courteous and always extremely helpful."
Points positifs : "Service was excellent - Flight attendants were friendly and professional."
Points négatifs : "N/A"
Points positifs : "evening flight. not too crowded"
Points négatifs : "delayed by 1 hour meal was so-so"

I'm reall satisfied with ANA.

Points positifs : "Yes, it was great."
Points positifs : "Yes"
Points négatifs : "Nothing."
Points positifs : "Flight attendants are nice, polite and helpful. We didn’t lose any luggage and intact. Foods are good and plenty"
Points positifs : "Logjam Manila traffic, confusion at MNL, late for check in, but staff got me on the plane. Then my suitcase was busted open at Chicago O'Hare on the conveyor belt and ANA issued me a replacement on the spot. Two problems [ not their fault ] handled beautifully. ANA is truly amazing. Thank You !!"
Points négatifs : "Retard. Aucune explication ni excuse"
Points positifs : "J'ai réservé et payé mon billet chez Ana : vol exploité par Swiss, dont la qualité est moindre. Impossible de réserver un siège à l'avance. Je ne volerai plus jamais avec Swiss !"
Points négatifs : "Les repas étaient franchement mauvais. Brocolis à l'aller et au retour... pas de baguettes sur un vol en joint-venture avec ANA et plein de passagers japonais"
Points positifs : "Avion vétuste et service minimum, pas même un verre d'eau !"
Points négatifs : "35 minutes de correspondance entre deux vols, aux deux points opposés de l'aéroport, c'est clairement trop peu,"
Points positifs : "Le repas principal, le choix de films, la route par le nord ( magnifiques paysages de banquise)"
Points négatifs : "J'aurais aimé pouvoir prendre connaissance à l'avance des menus à choix. Là il fallait choisir au moment du service"
Points positifs : "the ANA folks at the departure check-in went out of their way to get me on my flight. You see, I got to the airport right before boarding. Their response? They literally escorted me through security, waited for me at the immigration checkpoint, and brought me to the boarding gate! I love ANA! :)"
Points positifs : "The cabin crews were excellent. Food was delicious. Lots of leg room in Economy class. Overall had a great experience"
Points négatifs : "none"
Points positifs : "Service, crew, seats, punctuality"
Points négatifs : "Bad food, cold coffee and tea."
Points positifs : "Everything"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "It was a short hopper so didn't mind much. I actually slept on this plane."
Points positifs : "Honestly everything went really well. Like the title say, it was easy booking, a great price, and I got some wonderful memories to bring home."
Points négatifs : "I did think about changing my departure time but the ticketing agency didn’t relly quickly enough so I was stuck. Luckily it worked out."
Points positifs : "Flight check-in counter was so nice and accommodating. Makes me never want to go back to rude America."
Points positifs : "Friendly & helpful stewardesses, watched new release movies, good meals, overall a smooth ride."
Points négatifs : "Quite a few passengers with young children crying throughout the trip but I can sympathize trying to keep them occupied on such a long flight."
Points positifs : "Excellent legroom. Very polite staff."
Points négatifs : "Buses to plane. Delayed departure. Food not tasty. Limited entertainment options."
Points positifs : "Very efficient, friendly and helpful staff"
Points négatifs : "Food was gross."
Points positifs : "The service from the check in to the flight attendants were excellent. both flights were on time and the flights were very smooth."
Points négatifs : "the plains were older and their chairs didn't recline too much, which gets a little uncomfortable during very long flights."
Points positifs : "The food and staff were great."
Points positifs : "I liked the way the pilot talked to us and let us know what was going on and still got us there on time even though our departure was slightly delayed."
Points négatifs : "There had to be something better than pretzels."
Points positifs : "Been flying with ANA ever since I started living in Japan, and it has always been a pleasure. No complaints whatsoever."
Points négatifs : "No problems."
Points positifs : "The quality of your aircraft. Clean, modern, plenty of leg room. The check in agent in Manila, Arnel (or maybe Armel) was especially helpful and accommodating."
Points négatifs : "Pax are advised to show up at least 3 hours before flight. My wife and I showed up 3hrs 45 min before takeoff. There were perhaps 40 to 50 people already in line ahead of us. But no checkin counters were open. The first check-ins began 3 hours prior to take off. By that time the line was backed all the way out into the main corridor. It would be MUCH better for ANA and the customer to begin the checkin process 3.5 to 4hours prior instead of 3."
Points positifs : "ANA use the Boeing 787 for this leg of the journey. This is the best plane flying in the air right now."
Points négatifs : "Nothing to dislike."
Points positifs : "Staff very friendlym Flight was on time."
Points négatifs : "There is not entertainment at the plane even though is a international flight in a not low cost airline. The space between seat is quite small."
Points positifs : "Nice short flight. Houston is easy to navigate. Staff were friendly."
Points négatifs : "They didnt want to board my twins and I early so we blocked the aisle as i got them sorted. I had to sit over the aisle from my children as it was a 2 2 seating but the staff didnt seem to pursue where their mother was even though i was 1 row back. They didn't need me but i thought they should have at least enquired as to where the parent was of 2 11 yr olds. They were also curt trying to rush us off the flight as my daughter was trying to locate a lost item as we arrived. She has limited sight and we need time to get off and to find things.... given she has lost an iPad, and very expensive reading glasses and other things on the trips that span 24 - 36 hrs."
Points positifs : "Ana est loin devant Air France"
Points positifs : "More space than usual between chairs. Crew is friendly."
Points négatifs : "Food was too smelly. Good quality, but airplane food cannot be smelly or it get really unpleasant inside the cabin. Flight attendant need to learn and practice English. Very difficult to understand."
Points positifs : "La compagnie est géniale! Rien à dire!"
Points positifs : "Sturdy seat cushion for long flight, good food selection, and plenty of current movies to keep one occupied for hours. Over 8 hours of lights out for sleeping."
Points positifs : "Good service"
Points positifs : "Good communication, food and services"
Points négatifs : "None"
Points positifs : "The staff was so friendly, attentive, helpful and pleasant!"
Points négatifs : "14 hours on a a plane is a long time, no matter what :/ but it is amazing to be able to fly across the world in a day! The meal schedule was weird, but after we figured it out, it was fine, and the food was pretty good too."
Points positifs : "A nice crew and service very friendly."
Points négatifs : "The transfer walking to long."
Points positifs : "Excellent, polite service, very comfortable seats."
Points positifs : "The service, the professionalism, and the wonderful Dreamliner Boeing 787 aircraft"
Points positifs : "Incredible service"
Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed 9 hours! I had to make other arraignments so I wouldn't miss my conference. I lost money because of the great delayed."
Points positifs : "There were very entertaining channels availabe. Very few in English and non in my native language i.e. Urdu."
Points négatifs : "The food. Though it's Halal but very poor quality you should have to improve it."
Points négatifs : "Flight was moved to6 am, 4 hours earlier than scheduled. Found out less than 24 hours before flight. ANA refused to rebook on an available flight leaving at the original time. Disappointed (and tired)."
Points positifs : "Almost everything was good"
Points négatifs : "Check in was complicated."
Points négatifs : "Unorganized. No info to transfer from ANA to united code share partner. United staff unhelpful. Had to go back and forth to multiple counters at least three times."
Points positifs : "ANA has great service, because they staff trip you very well. Everyone worry that you have a great experience, before and during flight."
Points positifs : "Nice crew, clean lavatory"
Points négatifs : "Had a chance to select seats only for return flight Seats were too narrow"
Points négatifs : "limited movie selections"
Points positifs : "Ana is the best"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "I could upgrade my seat from a regular economy seat to a premium economy seat about 24 hours in advance. The flight attendants were generally attentive and thanks to the kindness of my ajacent passenger to my left, I could sometimes go to restrooms."
Points négatifs : "I usually take an aisle seat, but it was not available this time. Furthermore, my ajacent passenger to my right hand side had cold and often coughed and I myseld caught cold from him during this flight...."
Points négatifs : "Flight were shaking badly several times and I feel dizzy"
Points positifs : "I liked the friendly staff, the movie selection was also great!"
Points négatifs : "The food wasn't great and they fed us as soon as we boarded and right before we landed. There was about 8 hours in between and we were starving!"
Points positifs : "Food"
Points négatifs : "Seats"
Points négatifs : "Good as expected"
Points positifs : "Good food and service - great airline"
Points positifs : "The crew from Taipei to BKK were very helpful and pleasant to deal with. The flight attendants paid attention to my mom who needed wheelchair to get the immigration. The airport staff in Taipei were very efficient in taking the passengers who needed wheelchair assistance to their connecting gates!!"
Points négatifs : "Not sure if it’s because of the language barrier but l found one flight attendant to be rude in talking to some elderly passengers. However, the rest of the crew were pleasant"
Points positifs : "Flight perfectly on time. Crew not too friendly (Chinese style), but attentive and helpful."
Points négatifs : "On this B777-300, the large Economy Premium is not quite up to the standard of other airlines flying the same model. The tray table, stored in the arm-rest on all rows, is tiny, and opens only a few inches, not enough for pregnant women or gentlemen with some mid-section padding. I could not use it at all, and had to balance my meals on my knees. Besides, when the passenger in front reclines his/her seat, the seat invades totally the space of the passenger in the back. I felt the passenger was resting on my lap. Forget using a laptop, or even reading a book: just watch your screen, a couple inches from your nose. Good for short-sighted people only! I tried EVA and was disappointed. I'll go back to my preferred airline, Vietnam Airlines."
Points positifs : "crew is very polite and thoughtful"
Points négatifs : "movie options were very limited"
Points positifs : "Comfortable"
Points négatifs : "Need more comfortable headsets or ability to use personal earphones."
Points positifs : "Comfort of the seats."
Points négatifs : "There should be more choices of food for people who do not eat Asian food."
Points positifs : "To actually catch the flight BUT it was cancelled leaving me having to buy another $AUD666 ticket DISGRACEFUL BY BUDGETAIR AND EVA!!"
Points négatifs : "For EVA to GIVE me a REFUND KAYAK can HELP me get a refund"
Points positifs : "Really happy as had a exit seat so lots of leg room"
Points positifs : "Great service!"
Points négatifs : "Food must have variety diversity"
Points négatifs : "A booking number of two seats should be put together. This is the first time I experience this, and I booked premium tickets."
Points positifs : "Comfortable seat with good storage and lavatories are clean and big."
Points positifs : "The crew was very helpful and amazing. The food was healthy AND delicious. Very interesting selection of movies, music, games. A small pillow and blanket was provided to everyone."
Points négatifs : "The first few rows of my section received drinks in the first round, but then the attendant ran out and forgot about the rest of us. I am tall, so the seat was not very comfortable for 13 hours of flight--had neck pain afterwards."
Points positifs : "EVA Air is an excellent overall airline."
Points positifs : "None"
Points négatifs : "Seat space is too small. When serving drink and food, the crew put drinks tray above my head ,and passing food to other passenger right on top of my foods, I have to stop to eat . EVA Crews need to be train, learn how to more respectful, more professional...."
Points positifs : "Great service"
Points négatifs : "Not much I did not like"
Points positifs : "Special meal options. Services from Cabin attendants were also nice."
Points positifs : "1.Almost missed the flight because I was not aware of down stair boarding location ( down stair ) there was not sigh to derict you to down stair until I heard someone walking by with The sighing and calling . 2. Too cold. Thank you ! All over all experience was excellent! Sincerely, Su"
Points positifs : "Service"
Points négatifs : "Seat width"
Points positifs : "The flight attendants were very friendly and helpful."
Points négatifs : "The seats were uncomfortable for us taller people in economy class."
Points positifs : "The attentiveness of the crew, the food & the amenities in-flight"
Points négatifs : "I was in the middle seat & it was a hassle every time I go to the restroom esp when the flight was a long one. I preferred an aisle seat but none was available even when I checked-in early online."
Points positifs : "the crew tried very hard to be pleasant and nice. they did well on that. same as above"
Points négatifs : "the seats are too crowded. i couldn't eat the entrees-mystery food. i would have liked a bigger selection of movies. same as above"
Points négatifs : "I was told to stop watching movies when we were descending. I was never asked to do that with other airlines. If it is due to safety issues, I would appreciate they informed us why we can’t watch the airline movies"
Points positifs : "The cabin crew were nice."
Points négatifs : "Airline seemed to be extremely stingy with the food and beverages during my 12hr + flight. Felt like I had to fight for every little bit of extra scrap of food and explain why I needed it. It was also very limited options almost everything in the menu contained pork and if you did not pre-order a meal in advanced then it was hard for you to get anything else to eat. Airline also forces you to take out your headphones from the TV set almost 20 minutes before arriving for some odd reason. And on my flight we had a two hour delay on the tarmac."
Points positifs : "Consistently good service. Really love this airline."
Points positifs : "food is good"
Points négatifs : "night hour flight"
Points négatifs : "Some movie subtitles does not work."
Points positifs : "Liked the seats, legroom. Good value for price."
Points négatifs : "Food could be better. Crew could be friendlier. They did their job but did not have the warmth of crew of other airlines I’ve flown."
Points positifs : "Dito..."
Points positifs : "Food was hot and very good. Had beverage service several times. I was seated in economy. New plane and each seat had it's own video monitor. Nice feature."
Points positifs : "The flight is on time. The staff is wonderful. The seats had good legroom. Overall I had great experience flying with EVA"
Points négatifs : "The food is mediocre at best. I wish there was more movies to choose from."
Points positifs : "Great service, crew felt happy with their job"
Points négatifs : "It was a really turbulent ride"
Points positifs : "The food and entertainment are good."
Points négatifs : "Although we were checking in ahead of most, we were getting the back seats which I am not comfortable with."
Points négatifs : "Small sits."
Points positifs : "Overall everything was good. Feels home to fly with Eva."
Points négatifs : "No preference for seniors"
Points positifs : "On time. Overall OK"
Points positifs : "Comfortable. Timely food service - good time for sleeping. Bathroom had toothbrushes, earplug and sleeping masks - a nice touch."
Points négatifs : "I did not like not being offered a seat until the last day. We want a seat assignment. How are you supposed to choose one flight over another without a seat."
Points positifs : "Good leg room and seats are comfortable. Food was better than most airplane food. Entertainment system was great as well!"
Points négatifs : "Flight attendants were obnoxious about window shades. They could have come around with water a little more frequently as well."
Points positifs : "The food is very good"
Points négatifs : "Bad turbulence for most of the flight,no bottled water,limited choice of movies etc"
Points positifs : "Aside from the slight delay, the trip was very comfortable"
Points positifs : "Everything was great. The crew,food and entertainment was very good. It was not cramped."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "crew was great, flight was seamless, but the cabin was freezing cold for most of the flight"
Points positifs : "Flight was decent, crew sometimes flaky when I requested water or ginger ale. At one meal time they totally forgot to give it to me after asking half hour beforehand.I fell asleep and woke up parched. Bathrooms were clean. Entertainment was good, I watched three movies."
Points positifs : "The entertainment options were really nice. The airfare I felt was good value for the money."
Points négatifs : "This was on the flight from Taipei to Chicago: The woman next to me had an injured foot which she rested on the tray table. She should have been seated where there was an empty seat next to her as there were seats available and it would presumably have been more comfortable. It turned out the outlet for plugging in the headphones for my seat was broken so I moved to an empty seat. I would not have wanted to look at her foot (no sock on) throughout the flight plus she was constantly fidgeting and poking me with her arm Ashe adjusted her foot while I was seated next to her. Unpleasant."
Points positifs : "easy helpful checking,boarding and clean plants with meal service. On time helpful stewardess and friendly approach"
Points négatifs : "Meals basic but food and wine free, no entertainment on board"
Points positifs : "Friendly crew, overall good seat."
Points positifs : "The flight attendants were very nice."
Points négatifs : "It's unpleasant to ride on a plane for 17 hours."

Departure times were late


Le personnel l’accueil parfait

I would say that Emirates rates high in every category. If I could fly with them on all my international flights, I would not ride with any other airline.

Meal portion used to be bigger.

Un voyage adoré, condor, service agréable au bords,

Très bien excellent

Tres bien excellent

Points négatifs : "Love it! Next time, I will for sure buy tickets from Kayak"
Points négatifs : "Food"
Points positifs : "J’étais en classe business, rien à dire tout était parfait"
Points négatifs : "Le plat principal n’était pas de mon goût mais cela est propre à moi"
Points négatifs : "The crew was NOT friendly or helpful, and the dinner served was cold. The bread was even stale. The snacks and breakfast was fine, but it makes a difference when the only main meal is not good."
Points positifs : "personnel et atterissage parfait"
Points positifs : "The 777 is way behind the 380s comfort."
Points positifs : "Crew was great! For economy class, seat was comfortable."
Points positifs : "TOUT"
Points positifs : "Crew was very friendly. Food was good. Seat wasn’t bad."
Points négatifs : "Price should be a little less, comparable to that of Qatar Airways."
Points positifs : "flight was very empty, so crew very accommodating. boarding simple with so few"
Points positifs : "Personnel were nice - seems like there were too many people to really have them pay attention to anyone. Plane was clean overall, entertainment is good."
Points négatifs : "We departed late and arrived at least 30-40 mins late. Crowded plane. I was very uncomfortable, the person sitting next to me took up space and was not very friendly. Bathrooms were not so clean at times (this may not necessarily be the airline’s fault)."
Points négatifs : "Couvertures sentent le mal lavé. A part cela tres bon voyage."
Points positifs : "L’espace en A380"
Points négatifs : "Le repas"
Points positifs : "Le siège et l’espace"
Points négatifs : "Le repas"
Points négatifs : "Le repas dans le vol dubai-dhaka"
Points positifs : "Crew, food, seats were great (my route was empty on the first flight, so I could lay down across other seats). They provided amenity kids even in economy class."
Points négatifs : "The connection was too tight. A staff member led us to a bus to the next terminal, but left at security without a word. I ended up running from security all the way to my gate, feeling I was going to miss my flight. They still had the gate open past the scheduled time, but wish I didn't have to run."
Points positifs : "L'avion a moitié plein j'ai eu trois places Au top pour dormir, personnel super gentil et au petit soin. Rien à dire ce vol était parfait vu mon état de fatigue"
Points négatifs : "Un surclassement"
Points négatifs : "Il n'y avait pas assez de films en français"
Points positifs : "PARFAIT et à l’HEURE"
Points négatifs : "RAS"
Points positifs : "Personnel agréable."
Points négatifs : "Varier les plats quand on fait 4 vols A/R avec la même compagnie. 2h20 de retard. Boeing sur le trajet Dubaï-Singapour pas confortable, sièges défaillants."
Points positifs : "Les films"
Points négatifs : "Ne pas récupérer ma valise complètement détruite à l’arrivee Alors que celle ci est neuve"
Points positifs : "Le professionnalisme du personnel, l’embarquement"
Points négatifs : "Pas assez de choix de films et de musique récents."
Points positifs : "Rien de spécial"
Points négatifs : "Sachant que n’ois étions en famille en business J’aurai Aimé Un équipage agréable Un divertissement ou cadeau pour les enfants De meilleurs repas ou une meilleure qualité. Et beaucoup de choses à dire"
Points positifs : "Was ok"
Points négatifs : "Water bottle to all the passengers."
Points positifs : "Worried that I wouldn’t have enough on my iPad to watch, didn’t even get my iPad out of my bag so much good stuff to watch even on a 14 hour flight. Thank you."
Points négatifs : "Not a vegan option for dinner. But the veg option was ok just some stuff I could eat."
Points positifs : "Emirates Airlines are the best Airlines in the world and I always travel with them all over the world"
Points positifs : "Service et confort"
Points positifs : "Great service!"
Points négatifs : "N,/A"
Points positifs : "Vol. Confort. Equipement ICE"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "Très bien"
Points négatifs : "Rien à signaler"
Points positifs : "La promptitude et l'accueil"
Points négatifs : "Le personnel à bord d'emirate qui ne parle pas français sur un vol dans un francophone"
Points positifs : "La qualite du service. Equipement en vol."
Points négatifs : "Rien a dire c etait parfait."
Points négatifs : "Moins de choix de films et de musique que d’habitude. Repas moins bon que d’habitude."
Points négatifs : "Moins de choix de films et de musique que d’habitude. Repas moins bon que d’habitude."
Points positifs : "De quoi passer le temps en vol grâce au programme de divertissement à bord."
Points négatifs : "La correspondance à Dubai où il a fallu rejoindre la porte d’embarquement à l’opposé du terminal dans un délai court."
Points positifs : "La variété du programme de divertissement proposé à bord. De quoi passer le temps en vol."
Points négatifs : "Le repas servi à bord avec le choix du poulet n’était plus disponible. Je me suis contenté du plat avec les fruits de mer."
Points positifs : "Variété des divertissements proposés à bord."
Points négatifs : "Des retards au départ de chaque vol de mon trajet. Les sièges en classe économique ne disposent pas de repose-pieds. C’est tout de même une bonne compagnie."
Points négatifs : "Les plateaux Repas été moins bon que d’habitude. Le vin blanc n’etait Pas en petites bouteilles individuelles et n’etait Pas frais. Enorme retard de service des plats pour les sièges arrière gauche ce qui n’arrivait jamais auparavant."
Points négatifs : "Les plateaux Repas été moins bon que d’habitude. Le vin blanc n’etait Pas en petites bouteilles individuelles et n’etait Pas frais. Enorme retard de service des plats pour les sièges arrière gauche ce qui n’arrivait jamais auparavant."
Points positifs : "Comfortable overall, not much turbulance"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "Tout était parfait"
Points positifs : "Exactitude des vols"
Points négatifs : "Repas infecte , pas de choix Personnel pas agréable du tout"

Asiana was fine. It was Budget airlines that Kayak works with that were downright crooks. This is not a company that Kayak should work with. Working with them made me actually trust Kayak much less.

Points négatifs : "better in-flight entertainment movie options"
Points négatifs : "They should always have WiFi!"
Points positifs : "Great food, nice crew."
Points négatifs : "A normal flight with good service but at a really good price. I fly 15 or more times a year and would definitely do this one again."
Points positifs : "I liked that I was able to get back home."
Points négatifs : "Everything. There was no organization when boarding, the crew denied me food when I woke up from my nap. Not foreigner friendly at all. The crew was not attentive and I needed to keep calling them for service. Not mindful that this is a long trip."
Points positifs : "Great airline , seat was spacing was wider then American airlines"
Points positifs : "Check in was smooth all helpful Cabin crew were efficient cockpit communication good."
Points négatifs : "No alchoholic drinks available with lunch service. Emphasis seemed to be on duty free sales early stages of the flight"
Points positifs : "GREAT FOOD"
Points positifs : "On time, smooth landing."
Points négatifs : "Food was so-so, a little too salty."
Points positifs : "Food and service was excellent"
Points négatifs : "No wifi, the entertainment unit required a dual jack head phone set and I couldn’t use my noise canceling headphones. Also had to pay 150 dollars for my 2nd bag. Way too expensive!"
Points positifs : "Didn’t like any part of the flight."
Points négatifs : "The cabin was way too hot for comfort. The food wasn’t good. Little entertainment options."
Points positifs : "The aircraft was newer and more spacious than the long flight from LAX to Incheon."
Points positifs : "Clean plane almost on time"
Points négatifs : "Food was horrible"
Points négatifs : "No vegetarian food I’d you didn’t pre-order 24 hours in advance. I couldn’t check in online so preorder not an option. Boarding started late on both flights"
Points positifs : "Upgrade to business class"
Points négatifs : "No alcohol"
Points positifs : "My husband and I were flying out of Jeju Island on the morning of 6/27/18 flt#OZ8922 to Seoul for a connection to Tokyo. The morning had some heavy rain and some flights were delayed, including ours. I don’t know if it’s your normal procedure in these situations but your staff at the baggage check/boarding pass counter were extremely conscientious and effective. They anticipated our dilemma and had our baggage removed from the delayed flight and put us onto a Korean Air flight that got us to Seoul on time to make our international connection to Tokyo. It was a long and tiring day of travel but because of your profession personnel it, including those at Korean Air, we avoided what could have been a much tougher situations unfortunately I can’t recall the names of the staff involved. I want to say the was a lady last named Joon and one last named Kim. There were other staff too, a young man that brought our luggage back to the check-in counter, and a lady that ran us through the terminal to Korean air and escorted us through security to the boarding gate. all in all it was amazing and thank you to your company and fine staff."
Points négatifs : "The wonderful staff that give such excellent service."
Points positifs : "staff, airplane, entertainment, foods"
Points positifs : "Business class seats are a lot more comfortable than earlier versions."
Points positifs : "Flight crews are young, nice and friendly to all passengers."
Points négatifs : "Every flight with asians was delayed."
Points positifs : "Some crew members were very kind and helpful."
Points négatifs : "This airline puts priority on Korean speaking men non Korean women with a helpless child. First of all, my child was too large for the bassinet so I held him the entire time. Fine, I get it's for safety. But to make matters worse, my child had a fever and cried out of discomfort for the first 3 hours of a 10 hour flight. A male passenger complained and instead of defending a mother and a helpless sick child, the flight crew kept insisting ways to make my baby stop crying. Do you think I wanted to hear my child in that much pain? No, of course not. One male crew member told me to take my child to the back of thr aircraft (away from the complaining man). Ummm... I paid for my seat just like everyone else!! To be treated differently just because my baby is crying is HORRIBLE. To top it off, the seats are the worst I've ever sat in. My back and butt were in so much pain from those horrible seats. Bottom line- I will NEVER fly with this airline again after the mistreatment my baby and I received. This airline puts Korean speaking men above anyone else's needs, including a helpless 14 month old who feels horrible and doesn't know how else to communicate pain. I'll add that we were on a 10 hour flight after a 9 hour layover in Incheon and a 4 hour plane ride that was DELAYED from 1:45AM to 3:45AM. We were extremely tired and had been through so much already. If the crew had been more protective of us and understanding to the fact that he's a BABY I would have let the complaints slide. Last note- this airline delayed us 3 separate times. Yes.. 3 separate occasions. Do I need to say anything more?"
Points positifs : "Food was excellent at least some of the time. And pretty good the other times. It was also nice to get slippers/"
Points positifs : "Best attendants and gate agents ever."
Points positifs : "The flight from Seoul to Los Angeles was less than 10 hours. Asiana crew professionalism and courtesy are always excellent."
Points négatifs : "The long layover in Seoul-Incheon airport."
Points négatifs : "Very unorganized boarding process."
Points positifs : "Entertainment was okay"
Points négatifs : "On both flights my party of 2 was split, despite an early check-in. We were lucky enough to swap seats because ANOTHER family was also split between us on the first flight. On the second, 3 parties were all split in the 3 rows in front of us, so we had to shuffle 4 different people before take off before the majority of the people were sat together. On 10 hour flights, generally I feel parties shouldn't be split unless they're checking in later than we did."
Points positifs : "Entertainment options were good, newer movies. Lacked usb or ac charging, had older screens both flights with subpar visuals."
Points négatifs : "On both flights my party of 2 was split, despite an early check-in. We were lucky enough to swap seats because ANOTHER family was also split between us on the first flight. On the second, 3 parties were all split in the 3 rows in front of us, so we had to shuffle 4 different people before take off before the majority of the people were sat together. On 10 hour flights, generally I feel parties shouldn't be split unless they're checking in later than we did."
Points positifs : "Asiana solved a boarding issue with my friend missing his flight. Not only did they get a flight for him that day, it was also free of charge. They went above and beyond for him. Amazing service."
Points négatifs : "The airplane temperature was too hot. Along with my seat mates, I felt like I was in a 13 hour sauna. That being said, airplanes are known to be dry. I would have liked a complimentary large water bottle and/ or personal fan to combat how uncomfortable the experience was."
Points positifs : "Service is very polite. Attendants are some of the nicest I've ever met, though their English (and PA announcements, etc) will be a bit hard to understand unless you're used to communicating with folks for whom English is a second language. They're also all softspoken, which is very soothing, but even harder to understand what they're saying! Seats are also BIG and have a great recline (seat and seat back) on the Airbus. Flying on a daytime departure from NYC to ICN I had a lot of empty seats to stretch out on and it was pretty quiet for a long flight to Asia."
Points négatifs : "Seats are HARD! I'm not sure how you even make a hard airplane seat but they've figured it out on the Airbus for sure. The solution: get a second pillow to use as a seat cushion. Solves the problem. Also, the "upgrade" to the bulkhead seat is only good if you have a baby in a carrier or really long legs. If you like having your bags near you, or want to keep stuff at your feet to work on, or like to raise the arm between seats, or have a tray table and pocket in front of you... you won't have any of those in the bulkhead upgrade seat. And the phone customer support simply doesn't know enough English to explain these things properly. Fortunately someone else was happy to switch with me. Lastly, they really don't understand that special meals do not need to lack in flavor. Non-Lactose Meals are super boring in flavor - and there was no reason at all not to serve the bulgogi or spicy pork dishes for the NLML! They seemed surprised when I asked to switch it, which suggests to me that the attendants don't even know what 'non-lactose' means, though they were very sweet about confirming and delivering me my special (bland) meals. But asking for a packet of gochujang solves that problem!"
Points positifs : "Food was nice. Especially, Bulgogi? korean special rice ball was not just a food, but also gave us experience of mixing to make it. Crew gave me smile always."
Points négatifs : "Entertainment was poor. It maybe caused by airplane model."
Points négatifs : "... 3) Upon landing in ICN, a connections Asiana staff, instead of an apology, shouted "Hurry up, you are late". I was not late; Their plane was late! 4) In ICN, the connection flight was also delayed by half an hour. We arrived so late that I missed the last airport limo bus & was forced to arrange alternate, more expensive, transport to my lodging accommodations. 5) while in ICN, I experienced the same Curt conduct from Asiana staff!"
Points positifs : "Helpful staff who regularly cleaned restrooms."
Points négatifs : "Minimal, unhealthy meals. Poor choice of beverages (no cartons of milk) and gloopy fried fish that was all batter. Tpe-Seoul meals were perfunctory boxes with no choices besides malodorous rice. Entertainment was very thin on movies and (jazz/classical) music, and the preview window was about one by two inches, ludicrously small. No English subtitles on most world or Asian movies."
Points négatifs : "Old plane, Boeing 777, LCD screens need updating, otherwise everything was great"
Points positifs : "Nothing. Too crowded."
Points négatifs : "No attention given by your crew to my questions"
Points positifs : "Great food and service."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "The crew was friendly. It was a very long flight, but the crew did a great job of trying to ensure adequate drinks were available and passengers were comfortable. I also enjoyed the individually packaged toothe brush and toothe paste availability."
Points négatifs : "The seats were a bit uncomfortable for such a long flight. I'm 6'2" and had ok legroom, but the seats were a bit hard requiring frequent adjustments."
Points positifs : "I am a large person, the staff was kind enough to move my seat next to empty seats, since the plane was not full."
Points négatifs : "Poor front desk service From ANA, poor entertainment system of seat delaied landing."
Points négatifs : "This previous was delayed because they sold their empty seats to other airlines and allowed for those people to make it. However, those who had connecting flights weren't able to make it and had to stay overnight in Korea. The next flight arrived 14 hours after the original scheduled flight."
Points positifs : "Food options were good. Please add more protein next time. Flight attendants were attentive, helpful, and came by frequently. Spacious seats as well, even in economy."
Points négatifs : "For overnight flights, it would be helpful if the airlines could include an overnight kit (disposable toothbrush, eye mask, and ear plugs). This would help the airlines provide a level of service closer to the Middle Eastern carriers."
Points positifs : "Always enjoy Asiana, clean planes good service no hassles"
Points positifs : "Entertainment was good, legroom was good, staff was very friendly both at the check in and on the plane"
Points négatifs : "I wasn't able to check in online, kiosk didn't work for me, and had to wait in several long lines before I finally got my ticket in hand. The help was lost among the crowd and it was unclear where they were and how they could be flagged down."
Points négatifs : "flight delayed again out of Seoul."
Points positifs : "Everything was went well."
Points positifs : "Staff was so kind and flight was on time."
Points négatifs : "I wish there was a USB jack for my devices."
Points négatifs : "3x Times I have taken Asiana Airlines there has been some delays It was very cold inside"
Points positifs : "That we were referred to the manager immediately with our concern."
Points négatifs : "The manager at the Asiana check-in station the morning of our flight told me I did not have the right paperwork and told me it was my responsibility as a passenger to have the correct paperwork in order to board the plane. When we asked her how we should proceed, she repeated the same statement about "responsibility as a passenger" over and over instead of telling us where to go get the correct paperwork. She offered no tips, next steps, empathy, or direction and did not even say, "I don't know". With her tone of voice, she basically said, "It's not my problem and I do not care - go away." My fiance and I canceled our flight and flew with Korean Air."
Points positifs : "Flight is on time. Crew were great and love that they offer free tour when you have long lay over."
Points positifs : "Crew very polite and nice."
Points négatifs : "Plane was too hot, very uncomfortable. Entertainment was very limited."

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