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  • À la recherche d’un vol à petit prix pour le Japon ? 25% de nos utilisateur·ices ont trouvé un vol pour le Japon aux tarifs suivants ou moins : Aller simple de Lyon à 869 €, aller-retour à 1 120 €, 1 332 € pour un aller-retour de Grenoble, aller simple de Bordeaux à 629 €, aller-retour à 1 433 €
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  • Si vous souhaitez réserver un vol direct à destination du Japon, il est conseillé d’atterrir à Tokyo. Il y a des vols directs entre Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) et les deux aéroports de Tokyo : Haneda (HND) ou Narita (NRT). Vous pouvez par exemple voler avec les compagnies Air France ou ANA.
  • Si vous voulez visiter l’île d’Hokkaido durant votre découverte du Japon, il est conseillé de voler jusqu’à l’aéroport de Sapporo Shin-Chitose (CTS). L’aéroport de Shin-Chitose se trouve à 90 km au nord-ouest de Nemuro, ville côtière agréable d’où vous pouvez admirer les monts enneigés lointains. Il y a des vols directs depuis Tokyo (Narita et Haneda) jusqu’à l’aéroport Shin-Chitose d’une durée de 1 h 35 min.
  • Si vous voulez admirer les sakuras, ces fameux cerisiers japonais magnifiques en pleine floraison, réservez votre vol à destination du Japon pour Osaka ou Kyoto. L’aéroport le plus proche est l’aéroport international de Kansai (KIX), à 40 km de la ville d’Osaka.
  • Si vous souhaitez visiter des villes de régions différentes pendant votre voyage au Japon, il est recommandé d’atterrir à Tokyo, d’où vous pourrez embarquer pour des vols domestiques à destination des quatre coins de l’archipel nippon. Les vols intérieurs décollent des deux aéroports de Tokyo : Haneda et Narita.

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EVA AirNote générale basée sur 6316 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Le repas et la place

En savoir plus sur EVA Air

Le repas et la place

I have traveled before to Manila using Eva air and has never disappointed me. The services were very good

Points positifs : "Food"
Points négatifs : "Seats"
Points positifs : "Seats were really comfortable and find was great"
Points négatifs : "In flight movies and TV shows we're a bit dated and didn't find any of them very desirable"
Points positifs : "Yes both of those were great."
Points négatifs : "The flight got delayed by 2 hours and then another 30 mins when we landed. This is my first time flying with Eva airways and all 3 times, it has gotten delayed by more than 2+ hours."
Points positifs : "The quality of the ground handling is very good and the attitude is friendly! Handling things quickly"
Points négatifs : "Children's meals can be changed a little more, then the amount is a little less!"
Points positifs : "To actually catch the flight BUT it was cancelled leaving me having to buy another $AUD666 ticket DISGRACEFUL BY BUDGETAIR AND EVA!!"
Points négatifs : "For EVA to GIVE me a REFUND KAYAK can HELP me get a refund"
Points négatifs : "It was lovely to have a meal but there was no beverage service. Not even water. It may have been because of the strike."
Points positifs : "The entertainment, lots of movies and TV dramas to choose from."
Points négatifs : "Better communication about delays. We didn't taxi into terminal for close to hour and half after landing. Flight attendants insisted passengers must unplug headphone once landed. Some passengers (those in the back) weren't allow to use the bathroom though plane was stationery for 1 1/2 hr."
Points négatifs : "A booking number of two seats should be put together. This is the first time I experience this, and I booked premium tickets."
Points positifs : "Good movie selection"
Points négatifs : "Nothing."
Points négatifs : "This is twice that we land On-Time and then sit on the tarmac waiting for Something! Before gating. WTF Pearson ?!"
Points positifs : "I was lucky enough to have extra seats next to me so I slept well on the plane. I appreciated how friendly the stewardesses were, and also the ease of boarding, the prompt food service, and cleainess of the plane (and restrooms too)"
Points négatifs : "The dining options were ok, not particularly wonderful, but overall pretty good."
Points positifs : "The 1st class treatment by the flight attendants. And the excellent meals served."
Points positifs : "Service"
Points négatifs : "Seat width"
Points positifs : "I’m a frequent traveler and there is usually always a long wait when calling any airline customer service number. This is my first time flying EVA so I had several questions. I called 3 times in one week and was surprised that all my calls were answered within one minute. Well done!!!"
Points négatifs : "I gave the representative my TSA pre approval information but found out later at the security check point they don’t participate in this program."
Points négatifs : "the temperature on the plane fluctuates a lot. Sometimes very cold and sometimes too warm."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "1. Not enough movie selections; same selection on both legs of the trip. 2. Bathrooms were dirty. 3. I was very disappointed that I was forced to check a carryon due to weight limits when it was under the size requirement. The weight limit doesn't make sense if it was going on the same plane anyway for free. 4. It is utterly ridiculous not to give full mileage for economy tickets anymore. Out of all the programs to cut, the loyalty program? Really? 5. Flight attendants were not particularly friendly."
Points positifs : "check in, assistance, efficient, clean, all good"
Points positifs : "I missed my flight"
Points positifs : "The flight attendants are very attentive and polite. The journey was smooth. Overall great experience!"
Points positifs : "None"
Points négatifs : "Flying is okay but landed is terrible"
Points positifs : "Boarding was efficient and organized. Seats were standard but comfortable. Food lacked salt and flavor at times but the variety was good. Lots you watch and do on the in seat screens so I was never bored."
Points négatifs : "Food needs to come with salt and pepper I the side or soy and hot sauce packets."
Points négatifs : "the boarding was a mess because there are two very close schedules in 12am"
Points positifs : "I love EVA fair's service, they are very systematic in boarding their flights making flights leaving on time. The crew took care of my mother who needed wheelchair assistance. Washrooms are clean."
Points négatifs : "Flight was too long."
Points positifs : "Onboard foods and entertainment are good."
Points négatifs : "Boarding area in SFO Gate 102 is cramped. Boarding group signs not clearly marked."
Points positifs : "Enough food and flight attendants are very courteous. Offer water and snacks periodically. Washrooms are kept clean. Entertainment has a couple of new movies, but otherwise lots of repeats."
Points négatifs : "For the overnight flight, they crank the AC up, like way up, which is good and helps you sleep IF you have a good blanket. The blanket provided is kind of short (unless you're short) so bring your own. I brought my own microfiber which fits in my back pack and I can pull it out. It covers a lot more area and so I was super comfortable."
Points positifs : "Friendly staff"
Points négatifs : "None"
Points positifs : "Great crew, very attentive and efficient and nice, friendly. I spoke most with Lucy Tsai, really lovely person, I hope she's appreciated and recognized for her efforts. The aircraft was like new."
Points négatifs : "Food just okay."
Points positifs : "I was able to request a special meal, vegetarian, before my flight, food was served hot and very tasty"
Points négatifs : "For me, they always leave the lights on way too long. But did find a nice blindfold in the bathroom to block out the light."
Points positifs : "Plus points: Boarding slightly late but OK once it got going. They seemed to have a reasonable drinks selection on board. Cute safety videos."
Points négatifs : "Once boarded some people move around and "re-allocate" their seat. Some recline seats during the meal service and staff are reluctant to tell them off depending on their age. Food unimaginative. A321 narrow-body - only one movie on main screen (inaudible but with Chinese-only subtitles) and no seat-back TV on a 3-hour flight. Overall not so good but another flight I took, widebody (A330) service, has seat-back TV and so is more tolerable."
Points positifs : "Food was actually OK and the alcohol selection was good."
Points négatifs : "I was in the last row aisle seat 73H. Prior to take off I requested to move to the opposite side 73 A and B because they were empty. I had a passenger on the window side and this particular FA said said OK, but she said to do it after the flight takes off. Later I took my things and this time another FA rudely said I cannot move because the empty seats were required for FA's to rest on this 14 hr flight. Fair enough. But not once did they sit at those empty seats at all. When I had to continually get up to allow my window passenger who frequently uses the toilet. Why lie?"
Points positifs : "organized fast service!"
Points négatifs : "None"
Points positifs : "Good wasn't that great and entertainment was minimal."
Points négatifs : "Comfortable, friendly staff, easy boarding"
Points négatifs : "Food was bad, crew was rude and very unattentive. Over all it's a very bad experience."
Points positifs : "I like EVA because they were very kind."
Points positifs : "The breakfast was excellent!"
Points négatifs : "I didn't like the checking in and out of the loading area to use the restroom and get coffee etc..."
Points positifs : "I don't have kids, other people do. The attendants give each child a play package to keep them busy and bring out their food early to keep them from making a fuss. There's more than enough to keep adults busy; movies, games, shows, food"
Points positifs : "Friendly service. The food was good!"
Points négatifs : "Bumpy ride could also be from hazy weather."
Points positifs : "Everything"
Points négatifs : "Passengers w/terrible manners such as picking nose, using teeth sticks, gases......."
Points positifs : "Everything. They fed us and it was just a short flight."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "Great flight and polite crew. The aircraft was clean and comfortable."
Points positifs : "everything"
Points positifs : "Seats were fairly comfortable and there was lots of space. Good Inflight entertainment though movie choices were more limited compared to some other carriers."
Points négatifs : "Not leaving or arriving on time."
Points positifs : "Everything is good. Overall we had a better experience comparing KUL to TPE."
Points positifs : "The seats were large and comfortable, and the food options were stellar."
Points négatifs : "Because I was checked in so late (they were reviewing my documents for over an hour) I think they forgot to place a tag on my suitcase. This is turn resulted in my suitcase being left in Taiwan where I had a 4 hour layover. I am now currently waiting for my bag to be delivered to my place of work (hopefully in one piece)."
Points positifs : "Like most were the friendly and professional crew, nice big screen individual entertainment system with many movies, clean bathrooms, and my seafood meal was awesome!"
Points négatifs : "Didn't like that we departed almost an hour late for no apparent reason - something about waiting for luggage to be loaded. The side dishes on the entree could be better."

I love everything about Qatar airlines. Especially the airport and the the customer service they provided. The only problem was my sister was having stomach flu and terrible crumbs. She was asked if there is any chance she can have more comfortable seat, or place she can stretch her feet, so she can bear with the pain but the flight attendant told her that airline can’t accommodate her. It was frustrating to know that if someone feel unwell the airline doesn’t have any accommodations.

Except for the missing baggage everything is excellent.

They literally discriminate the families flying with children. We had five tickets and they did let us carry only two cabin bags though the bags weighed only less than 10 lbs. very rude. They asked us to put all laptops together in one bag and check in rest of them at the gate in dallas. They asked us to check in one more bag at the gate in doha for our connection because the cabin bag with laptops is heavy. We were family of 5, traveled with one cabin bag to our final destination. I have been using qatar since 2014. Won’t fly with them again.

Correction it was Doha to BKk I had seating problem. Phl to Doha was a goody

Food and the entertainment on the airline was good. The legroom between seats was OK because I am a female and I’m not too tall. As mentioned before the only issue I had was with the luggage. The only allowed one suitcase first passenger on the way to Karachi Pakistan. On the way back they allowed me to suitcase per passenger

It was a good trip. Friendly staff. On time flights. Great experience.


For 13 hour flight seats were slightly uncomfortable, not much room. Otherwise, everything else was excellent, food, cervice, entertainment, very pleasant.

They did not let my uncle fly

Points négatifs : "Food options were very similar. And the pre-made meals are hit or miss"
Points négatifs : "Too hot in the plane - was far too hot. too late the drink...after I eaten."
Points négatifs : "L'embarquement: pas de passerelle. Accès par bus. Dommage mais on sait que ça peut arriver à Doha. Longue attente dans le bus. Pas de "traitement Business". Température un peu basse pendant la nuit."
Points positifs : "Good flight"
Points positifs : "Everything."
Points positifs : "Flight attendand Tiessy - QR943 - 8 Jun 2019 (outbound Singapore to Doha) She serve us (with kid) very well, with plenty of smile and warm helpful gestures."
Points négatifs : "I really hope that kid's menu can be updated/changed in the system at least 24/48hrs before flight, as that was the first time we ride Qatar (we have no idea the menu) So we only order it once during the outbound flight."
Points positifs : "was the seat super comfort"
Points négatifs : "if the have variety of food provided will be better"
Points positifs : "Great food and service. I like the short layover / transit time."
Points négatifs : "Multiple security from Doha to Chicago. One should be sufficient."
Points positifs : "Food selection. However, the snacks need to be readily available on long flights."
Points négatifs : "Entertainment is lacking behind other international carriers"
Points positifs : "Embarquement à l'heure, équipage très sympathique. Arrivée à Montréal en avance!"
Points négatifs : "Les repas sont corrects mais du potentiel d'amélioration."
Points positifs : "Great crew"
Points négatifs : "The food didn’t necessarily agree with me but it tasted good and there was plenty of it."
Points positifs : "Yes. Pillow cushion too firm"
Points négatifs : "Food needs to be better. Very inconvenient schedule for flights to India from Europe."
Points positifs : "I got a very good seat."
Points négatifs : "Qatar in Belgrade didn't tell me about alchocol bottle I bought in the Duty Free and that i could not go with it all the way to melbourne even bag was sealed and receipt was visible. I lost $ buying, because custom in Doha had to take bottle. Its not right. Qatar custom could see in Belgrade and didn't tell me and the same in the Duty Free shop."
Points négatifs : "J'étais assis entouré d'enfants qui ont pleuré à tour de role plus de 10hrs sur les 12hrs de vol. Désastreux."
Points positifs : "Le plus important dans un vol c'est datterrire à temps nous avons eu un retard de 2h sans aucune justification ni communication du progrès"
Points négatifs : "Timely communication sur le status du retard Prendre en considération le long transit de certains passagers et les contraintes d'arriver au milieu de la nuit. Beyrouth"
Points positifs : "Très bonne compagnie aérienne qui soigne le détail."
Points négatifs : "Le steward qui soccupait de notre secteur aurait avoir plus d'entregent et sourire."
Points positifs : "Avion tres confortable, design intérieur et lighting parfait. Equipage et service de très grande qualité."
Points négatifs : "Embarquement, mais là cest le ground staff à Beyrouth qui doit s'ameliorer..."
Points positifs : "Crew à bord très efficace, attentif et serviable. De Grande qualité pour une classe Eco, en fait la première fois que je vois cela comparativement à beaucoup d'autres Airlines compagnies. Siege et place très agréable. Rapport qualité prix très bon."
Points négatifs : "Unable to reserve any seats so ended up with the family split all over the plane"
Points positifs : "The Service is always great, entertainment system is great and the food is even good."
Points négatifs : "I liked everything!"
Points positifs : "L’equiage L’avion Le vol"
Points négatifs : "L’avion n’a pas ete nettoye avant notre embarquement"
Points positifs : "Qatar est une super compagnie rien à redire"
Points positifs : "Super compagnie gentille et agréable"
Points positifs : "The crew were fab"
Points négatifs : "Les repas"
Points positifs : "Nice airplane, great crew."
Points négatifs : "Beef stroganoff was terrible"
Points positifs : "Good attention from cabin crew and good food"
Points négatifs : "Peu de nouveaux films"
Points négatifs : "Did not make this flight. How can I confirm that my ticket is still valid for the return trip?"
Points positifs : "Very impressed with the service. Very friendly staff"
Points négatifs : "My entertainment unit on the Perth Doha leg never worked even after several resets"
Points positifs : "crew was excellent, very attentive"
Points négatifs : "food - i am not a fussy eater but it's as if qatar tries do please too many tastes and does not suceed at any. why not have middle eastern food choices too? but then i guess you can't argue with the price"
Points négatifs : "Movies are always the same"
Points positifs : "Good food"
Points négatifs : "Des choices of movies"
Points positifs : "Everything"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "Movies collections, friendly staffs"
Points positifs : "Dans les temps, confortable, personnel aidant"
Points négatifs : "L’ecran de divertissement ne fonctionnait pas.."
Points positifs : "Dans les temps, confortable, personnel aidant"
Points positifs : "Boarding was quick and I liked that they didn’t make many announcements which can often keep passengers awake when they’re trying to sleep. Lights were kept off for the duration of the 14 hour flight which was good."
Points négatifs : "I felt that the service was slow and the food was poor. Water was not offered during the flight as is the norm with other airlines. Toilets should be cleaned more regularly. Advertising at the beginning of the inflight entertainment became very repetitive when watching short tv shows."
Points positifs : "Very Good Company"
Points négatifs : "Extremely small leg pitch"
Points positifs : "le service a bord, les repas et le confort relatif des sièges. L'.espace étant toujours un problème mais cela semble le prix a payer dans la classe économique. Tout s'est bien dérouler pour un vol de 9h50. C'est sur qu'on aurait aimé plus , mais cela vient avec le prix qu'on prêt a payer. Somme toute un bon voyage"
Points négatifs : "Le manque d'espace , mais il me semble que s'est pire avec d'autres transporteurs. Dormir ou essayer de dormir dans un avion, un vraie aventure, de toute façon."
Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "Kayak really dropped the ball and I have lost the entire cost of the tickets AND the travel insurance which didn't do anything. What a waste!"
Points négatifs : "The temperature inside the cabin was too hot! It was warm and hot enough that chocolate I bought at duty free before the flight was melted!!"
Points positifs : "Premium economy is awesome. Roomy with great entertainment features. First Class @ premuim economy class."
Points positifs : "Couldn't get the seat we requested, Airlines still use dial up Credit card machine to process, unable to process C.C payment after using 3 different C.C Crew instead blamed me and ask me to use ATM to get Cash !"
Points négatifs : "They’re should prepare Muslem food because sometimes people bought tickets airplanes by online. By online can’t request Muslem food."
Points positifs : "Great Food, good customer service, quick boarding/deplaning, and the return trip from MNL to TPE was almost top notch."
Points négatifs : "My entertainment screen was not working nor could the crew get it to work."
Points positifs : "Good boarding procedure. Attentive crew and good quality food even in Economy. Entertainment options were very good."
Points négatifs : "Seats were tight but the seat pitch was decent. WiFi available but very expensive."
Points positifs : "Food was the worse"
Points négatifs : "Improve food that will be suitable for human beings"
Points positifs : "Very great!"
Points négatifs : "Very great time!"
Points positifs : "crew is OK, Seat is never comfortable for long ride."
Points négatifs : "there is no room for improvement because of limited space."
Points positifs : "The staff was friendly, fast, and the on boarding was organized. Not like other airline, China Airlines has made an impressive impression with their staffs friendliness, organized policies, and great movies to watch."
Points négatifs : "I got economy, the seats were uncomfortable"
Points positifs : "The ability to select a special meal prior to flight was fantastic"
Points négatifs : "At times the flight crew were incredibly hard to hear/understand via the intercom."
Points positifs : "Yes, the crew is doing good but the size of seats to small is not very comfortable."
Points négatifs : "If can make a seat a little bigger"
Points négatifs : "The airline ran out of meal choices before reaching row 5 of the economy class. Seat armrest were locked in place and did not pivot up to allow using the adjacent empty seat. The boarding was tedious and slow. Airline officials did not board according to zone numbers printed on the boarding pass."
Points positifs : "Crew was great, flight was short"
Points négatifs : "Plane was dated, seats had a smell, tv were old"
Points positifs : "Flight went well and was on time"
Points négatifs : "Seats were a bit tight. I sat in the middle with other passengers on either side of me. The foot space was very awkward as there was a metal support from the seat in front of me. One foot had to be placed on either side of the bar, sharing space with each passenger on either side of me."
Points positifs : "All my family wanted to have chicken flavor ,but we all got the wrong one"
Points positifs : "The plane didn’t crash..."
Points négatifs : "there is pretty much no leg room if your over 5’6"
Points positifs : "Very clean and on time"
Points négatifs : "Legroom was tight. Much less than the sfo/Tiapie leg"
Points positifs : "Everything was on time."
Points négatifs : "Seatbelt was too short"
Points négatifs : "I got sick on this flight, and the concern expressed by the crew was about 0. Also, they don't understand the meaning of ice water. Water, with lots of ice! Serving an American destination, they should know how much ice Americans like in drinks. Normally not a big deal, but when you really need to cool down to keep from barfing, it is important."
Points négatifs : "Je n’ai jamais reçu le billet électronique ; impossible de se connecter sur le site partenaire, 20mn d’attente au téléphone pour finalement se faire rediriger vers un autre site"
Points positifs : "Delayed for 24 hours with no compensation, please advise where I can file a complaint."
Points négatifs : "Delayed for 24 hours with no compensation, please advise where I can file a complaint."
Points positifs : "Footer rest. Promptness around food and boarding."
Points négatifs : "Entertainment selection isn't diverse."
Points positifs : "Even with some delay taking off, we were only a few minutes late at LAX. Overall flight was nice and uneventful."
Points négatifs : "Baggage is not First In First Out. Although I was probably one of the first few passengers coming out of immigration, my bags came in last. It took about 45 mins to 1 hrs after immigration to get my bags. Was it because they were first loaded in Taipei, since our connection form Manila arrived 4 hrs before the LAX flight?"
Points négatifs : "fter serving a meal, it was 7 hours later we received any beverages. the cabin air was very dehydrating and everyone started coughing because we had been given no water. this is how people get sick and spread diseases. the plane definitely needed to consider hydration. and when they finally served us the meal, they didnt offer water rather coffee or tea and i had to ask for water and juice. the cabin temperature also fluctuated from hot to cold."
Points positifs : "Good price."
Points négatifs : "Late 90 minutes fly. The service is not good."
Points négatifs : "One of the crew members was a little rude. I was sleeping and was forced to wake up and pull my seat back all the way forward so the person behind me could eat."
Points négatifs : "The flight attendants were not friendly."
Points positifs : "My seat was spacious while my wife's seat was up in the front and cramped."
Points négatifs : "I don't understand what was going through the China Airlines check in agents mind when he never asked us where we wanted to sit and decided on his own to seat us 10 rows apart from each other? Very very disappointed."
Points positifs : "not too many passengers"
Points négatifs : "Staff were on a hurry with serving food - reckless"
Points positifs : "China air delivers on price and has new aircraft. I love flying China airlines they do a great job with small layover time"
Points négatifs : "Seat assignments are not given until you check in at the desk. I bought this flight many months in advance and could not choose my seat at that time. I then tried to get a seat when I was sent an email saying "check into your flight and reserve your seat". Websight would not let me do either so I went to check into my flight earlier then normal only to find out that my only option was middle seat. Tried to change the seat and was given the run around to go to different gates, which I did and the attendant just kept telling me to go to a different gate. Very frustrating and very uncaring and unfriendly attendants. This was a super long flight and very uncomfortable. I will consider another airline when making my next travel booking."
Points positifs : "I think it was overall great, and the crew was very nice."
Points positifs : "All staff were really attentive and delivered an excellent service quickly and efficiently."
Points positifs : "The entertainment was excellent, there were so many choices to choose from, it made the long flight less stressful....The Boeing 777-300ER was smooth and quiet for a twin aisle plane of its size. Lavatory was clean most of the time"
Points négatifs : "Even booking 3 months in advance, we could not select the seats. Our seats were assigned while checking in. Thus our family of 3 had to sit apart from each other."
Points positifs : "Plane and entertainment. The "family couch"."
Points négatifs : "The flight attendants. With the exception of a couple they were very impersonal, and cold. Rushing through services, basically throwing food at you. They would get you what you needed, but always seemed to be a hassle. If it wasn't for the nice new plane and couch option I wouldn't consider flying them again. I was expextinf much better service from an Asian carrier."
Points positifs : "Comfort, space, movies"
Points positifs : "Clean aircraft and polite personal. Long flight but it was as pleasant as 12 hours in a plane can be. It was 1 hour late which messed up the next flight connection but it was 1 hour late to Taipei so they didn't lose any time."
Points positifs : "Crew are courteous and efficient and food was good"
Points négatifs : "Check isn't organized at all"
Points négatifs : "Our flight was delayed for 8 hours"
Points positifs : "Staff was wonderful! Very friendly, attentive and courteous! Food was good."
Points positifs : "Friendly staffs, decent leg room, boarding process was smooth"
Points négatifs : "A little limited on movie selections & food was ok"
Points positifs : "I really liked the good selection of movies and my individual screen."
Points négatifs : "Delayed one hour ..."
Points positifs : "Affordable efficient"
Points négatifs : "Food just so so"
Points positifs : "After hearing horror stories of this particular airlines , it was quite the opposite . I had asked to get out in emergency seating for the extra leg room due to being a tall guy . The met my accommodations with no problem . I would def fly with them again"
Points positifs : "Checking In - Easy and Fast Staff - Spoke some English and business like. Entertainment - Good selection of movies and games."
Points négatifs : "Seats are made for smaller passengers... if you are a larger frame, you will have a tough flight."
Points positifs : "Found another flight with another airline for the first leg. Seemed fairly well organized, safe, and well run."
Points négatifs : "Baggage didn't make the connection. It was nice that they were able to find a flight, but in this case I would have been just as happy to wait a day and not rush to a new connection, and (so far) not have all my luggage."
Points positifs : "Plane was clean and staff were accommodating."

Certains des repas laissaient à désirer.

Du moment que l’on paye pour choisir ses sièges (bébé, espace pour les jambes…) tout se passe bien. Sinon pas de possibilité de s’arranger avec les autres passagers. Et le check in online marche très bien, très rapide à l’aéroport

Pas de film français et siège inconfort

Good food !

J’ai demandé plusieur fois qu’on m’aide avec mon bébé car je n’avais pas acheté les sièges avec couffin à l’avance mais personne n’a pu m’aider du coup 11h de vol avec le bébé sur les genoux

J’ai eu trop d’informations différentes du personnel de Turkish Airlines concernant les sièges équipés de couffin pour les Bébés donc finalement nous n’avons pas pu en obtenir un



Voyages à 4 personnes , la totalité des bagages perdus , turkish airlines première et dernière fois .


L’embarquement top , Le service à bord, le repas distribué peuvent être largement amélioré

Super comme compagnie

Points négatifs : "Très bien à heure un avions trop propre"
Points négatifs : "It was a great experience"
Points positifs : "Every thing amazing"
Points négatifs : "This trip really excellent Thank you Turkish Airlines"
Points positifs : "Toute était très bon depuis le début jusqu'a la fin. Très en écoute. Excellent ..."
Points négatifs : "The Ground crew didn’t know how to add a bag"
Points positifs : "The food and the entertainment"
Points négatifs : "Boarding was late and they change the number of the gate without telling the passengers. The seats were uncomfortable."
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points négatifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "good company"
Points positifs : "Super efficacité au desk 'cas speciaux' de Turkishairline Ils m'ont imprimé ma carte d'embarquement en 3 minutes"
Points négatifs : "Pas de réseau à l'aéroport Pas de rappel de kiwi pour s'enregistrer"
Points négatifs : "Bagage non reçu. Un bagage sur 10 bagages, quelle mauvaise organisation"
Points positifs : "L'organisation."
Points négatifs : "L'équipage ne fais pas d'effort pour comprendre ce qu'on lui demande dans une autre langue à part l'anglais. C'est un vol international et je pense que c'est important de parler français aussi."
Points positifs : "Food and service is excellent. Istanbul lounge is great."
Points négatifs : "Delayed in both directions. Happens. But zero announcements. Zero. Staff didn't know what was going on. Complete chaos."
Points négatifs : "La cuisine est vraiment horrible"
Points négatifs : "Le manque de sollicitude pour établir le billet pour la connexion IST YUL, suite à la non connaissance du nouveau contrôle AVE pour les entrées au Canada."
Points positifs : "Un grand merci pour avoir été surclassés lors de ce vol qui fut des plus agréable . Le personnel a été charmant et compète a l’aerop et pendant le vol !"
Points positifs : "Tout a été excellent"
Points négatifs : "Rien ne m'a déplu"
Points positifs : "gentillesse de l'équipage, propreté de l'avion"
Points négatifs : "2 bagages cassés au retour dont une ouverte"
Points positifs : "ils sont toujours à l'écoute et attentionné Parfait en globalitees"
Points positifs : "Très pratique,gagne beaucoup de temps partout où nous allons."
Points positifs : "Très pratique"
Points négatifs : "Retard du vol dur avec un enfant"
Points négatifs : "Retard du vil dir avec un enfant"
Points positifs : "Rien"
Points positifs : "The crew was excellent, the food good."
Points négatifs : "The entertainment system, in three out of four long flights, did not work. In the one that "worked", the sound was terrible and this made the experience totally unsatisfactory. A major airline should avoid this."
Points positifs : "Friendly staff, great food and entertainment selections, care package/pillow/blanket provided, comfortable flight"
Points négatifs : "Repas"
Points positifs : "There was almost nobody on the flight. In flight entertainment was awesome too."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "The flight was excellent, with good food and good service. The crew was very professional and courteous."
Points négatifs : "Our experience in the Istanbul airport. We got off our connecting flight and no one was willing to provide us with directions. We had to stand in a security line for two hours thinking that we had as a consequence missed our connecting flight. Again, no communication. We found out when we finally got through security (we had already gone through security at the Paris airport), everyone was in the same situation and our flight had been delayed. It would have been helpful to know that as we were standing in line. While in the line, many people panicked and starting pushing their way to the front of the line. Again, no officials were there to keep order. It was truly a mess! And creating too much anxiety and stress that I really wanted to not have on my trip back to the USA. I realize that in these times, we must go through added security, but I am accustomed to US airports where there is more communication over the intercom and by airport officials. In Istanbul, it seemed that everyone did not want to give directions, and airport officials seemed to avoid the public they were there to serve."
Points positifs : "The flight was good. The food tasted great. They had some good movies I haven't seen yet. The flight attendants were constantly up and down the isles either giving you something or taking away trash. The leg room was sufficient."
Points négatifs : "The customer service on the phone and in person was completely unprofessional, rude and a bit uneducated. They yelled at me when I asked them "is there anything yall can do to fix this?". And then in person I watched them get out of their seats and yell at this older woman."
Points positifs : "Professional and friendly staffing, comfortable flight."
Points négatifs : "We realized when boarding to first flight that they did not included my son on next connection flight...oops when it was addressed they fixed it in a professional matter with appologies at boarding."
Points négatifs : "In flight entertainment system was not functioning. Turkish refused to provide hotel in Istanbul as per their policy even after being told by Turkish employees in the USA and France that this would be provided due to my 20 hour layover. I will not fly Turkish again in the future."
Points positifs : "Merci à Turkish Airlines"
Points négatifs : "Enjoyed the hotel stay on the long layover"
Points positifs : "Will definitely fly Turkish Airlines again!"
Points négatifs : "++++"
Points négatifs : "Vol a des heures invraisemblalbles 3:45AM Attente interminable dans bus surchauffé, alors que l aeroport est vide et plein de passerelles sont libres. Turkish economise des droits d aeroports sur le dos de sa clientele Personnel de l aeroport ne fait que taper la discute entre eux alors que la clientele n en peut plus d attendre.."
Points négatifs : "No being able to rebook!"

Super bien vacances

Not- enough- time to reach the airplain had to take a Train !!!!

Dolomite crew were very nice.

It was fine. No food nor entertainment since flight was short

It was ok

It would be much improved if the crew didn't force me to ride with my seatback up on an eight hour flight. What’s the point of a reclining seat if you’re forced to sit in the fetal position?

Ce qui m'a deplu : les retards aux contrôles ont empêchés certains d'être à bord. Leurs bagages ont été retirés, et au final nous avons loupé notre correspondance FRA-Lyon de 10 mn, sans aucune solution alternative (2 jours de grève après; 16 et 17/09).

Plus d'une de retard à l'arrivée à Bangkok sans explication. Ma valise égarée . Le repas très moyen comme maintenant très souvent en classe éco en devient un détail. La valise égarée est un gros problème et après 24 heures, aucune nouvelle

Plus d'une demi heure de retard au départ de Lyon, en bonne partie attrapée mais sans expli

Tres tres bien

Très bien

L’avion avait presque 3H DE RETARD !! J’ai raté mes train à Paris et à bordeaux et j’ai dû racheter mes billets de train !!!!!

L’avion avait plus d une heure de retard..! J’ai raté mon train à Paris et racheter un autre billet de train !!!

Embarquement désordonné Retard d’une heure du vol

It was only an hour flight, but at that, it was still late

L'embarquement a été un peu désorganisé mais le voyage a été excellent à tous points de vue L'équipage, le confort et les services irréprochables ! Bravo à l'équipage Lufthansa (Munich -Montréal ) vous méritez toutes mes félicitations !!! ❤️

Transit in Munich airport was terrible, staff is rude! Sitting on row 53 was bad the food was not enough.

Voyage de san Francisco vers Honolulu à été mauvais. Petit avion pas de films (tous les écrans étaient en panne), pas de wifi. Il ne nous ont pas compensé, ils auraient pu nous offrir un sandwich ou une boisson gratuite.

Le pilote a été super le service aux clients. Aucune information pour aider les passagers en correspondance. nous avons ratés notre vol vers Paris

La boufe et l’équipage très cool seulement il fallait payer une petite bouteille de vin à 7 euros

Notre départ et notre arrivée étaient à l’heure. Nous étions bien servis par les membres d’équipage. Malheureusement, moins d’espace dans ce modèle d’avion que dans les modèles plus récents. Les écrans installés dans les sièges fonctionnent très lentement, donc pas beaucoup de divertissement pour le vol de 8 heures

Les membres d’équipage ont été attentifs. La qualité de repas- à améliorer

Great legroom on this flight!!!

Transit à Frankfort : horrible !

J'ai manqué ma connection en dépit des assurances de l'équipage. 6 heures d'attente.

Le fait de refuser de servir un deuxième verre de vin sous prétexte d’effectifs réduits à cause de la pandémie, Servir de l’eau ou du vin ce ´n’est pas plus difficile ! Aucun choix de repas et une bouillie trop cuite qu’ils osent appeler pasta. Personnel de bord particulièrement expéditif et antipathique. Le pire long courrier de ma vie.

Points positifs : "Crew was amazing people"
Points négatifs : "Seats not comfortable for long haul, better care"
Points négatifs : "I was charged $60.00 for luggage"
Points négatifs : "Did my check-in 24 hours before to make sure I would have an aisle seat ... Lufthansa changed my seat at last minute to a window seat!!! What a poor customer experience."
Points positifs : "Everything"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "good crew ok food for airline"
Points négatifs : "despite an outrageous price we had problems registering our luggage economy light never heard of it"
Points négatifs : "Lufthansa’s needs to get their staffing act together. It took 1 1/4 hrs to check in due to insufficient staff & then once on board the flight it was announced there was no food available due to staffing shortages"
Points positifs : "The crew was wonderful and as far as airplane good goes, it was great."
Points négatifs : "Leg room"
Points positifs : "Le personnel était parfait et proposait de l'eau régulièrement."
Points négatifs : "Le repas n'était pas très bon et j'ai eu faim"
Points négatifs : "Retard"
Points positifs : "Ben... Je cherche encore"
Points positifs : "Crew seem competent, airplane was fairly clean and not too old, food not awful, ac outlets in economy, headphones not the worst."
Points négatifs : "I hate that there's no free checked bag anymore! Two mile walk with heavy bag in Frankfurt. Provide carts in FRA! Crowded: seat pitch small, seats narrow, flight totally full, toilets filthy by the end. IFE: English options boring (German options not subtitled), touch screen not responsive."
Points positifs : "Très Correct"
Points négatifs : "Rien !"
Points positifs : "Personel très réactif"
Points négatifs : "Les films et divertissements"
Points positifs : "Mauvaise information"
Points négatifs : "L’embarquement"
Points positifs : "Confort de l'avion et amabilité de l'équipage"
Points négatifs : "Un peu déçu par les repas J'en avais un meilleur souvenir"
Points négatifs : "Business class had economy seats which is not what you expect especially for an overnight flight"
Points négatifs : "Le retard"
Points négatifs : "Le retard"
Points négatifs : "les faits d‘être m‘a fait loupé la suite de mes transports"
Points positifs : "Nice entertainment selection"
Points négatifs : "Too many snacks, food was low quality, flight was delayed with no reason given,"
Points positifs : "Embarquement très rapide, vol ponctuel."
Points positifs : "So very comfortable with lots of room. The mattress pads for the seats were a nice touch."
Points négatifs : "Food was mediocre."
Points positifs : "I was on exit place so there were a lot of room space. Flight was only 1 hour."

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22h 30minLYS-HND
1 escaleAir France
22h 35minHND-LYS
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2 escalesKLM
22h 50minNRT-CDG
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2 escalesChina Airlines
19h 30minCDG-KIX
2 escalesChina Airlines
24h 50minKIX-CDG
822 €
1 escaleLOT
15h 40minCDG-NRT
1 escaleLOT
19h 30minNRT-CDG
824 €
2 escalesITA Airways
19h 50minORY-HND
2 escalesITA Airways
28h 15minHND-ORY
857 €
1 escaleBritish Airways
36h 25minMRS-HND
1 escaleBritish Airways
29h 05minHND-MRS
948 €
1 escaleLufthansa
18h 50minLYS-HND
1 escaleLufthansa
18h 10minHND-LYS
951 €

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43h 00minMRS-NRT
718 €
1 escaleAir France
35h 30minTLS-NRT
727 €
1 escaleKLM
38h 20minMRS-NRT
732 €

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