Trouvez un vol pas cher Bali - Marseille

Trouvez un vol pas cher Bali - Marseille

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mer. 25/11
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juin Meilleure période pour échapper aux foules, avec une baisse moyenne des prix de 4%.

Haute saison

janvier Période la plus populaire pour voyager, avec une hausse moyenne des prix de 11%.

Prix moyen aller-retour

737 € (prix moyen sur les 2 dernières semaines)

Bonne affaire aller-retour

785 € ou moins

Bonne affaire aller simple

629 € ou moins

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Singapore Airlines
Note générale basée sur 3 882 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

Points positifs : "Crew was excellent"
Points négatifs : "Better seat cushions"

Points positifs : "Price is good"
Points négatifs : "The food can be more improve"

Points positifs : "Clean cabin and good service"
Points négatifs : "Not every body is doing extra miles to make customer happy"

Points positifs : "New aircraft"
Points négatifs : "The willingness to provide a better quality service by the entire cabin crew and improved food quality."

Points positifs : "The crew was friendly"
Points négatifs : "In this fairly new plane, the rows of seats are so close together, the leg room is minimal. When the tray is lowered, you feel completely squashed in the seat. The food trays are not picked up quickly after eating."

Points positifs : "everything, the crew was efficient"
Points négatifs : "more African entertainment to be added on the Johannesburg route"

Points positifs : "The crew service is good. Not great, but still above average from other flagship carriers."
Points négatifs : "The seat (B787-10) is so cramp!!!"

Points positifs : "I liked that on the longest leg of my trip - I had an entire row to myself to stretch out. Im old, things like that are important...along with compression socks...haha!"
Points négatifs : "I think the food - I dont know exactly what, because we're on a plane - but I think it could be a bit more appealing? More greens, colors? Not sure, but it was okay."

Points positifs : "Newer Aircraft and very convenient"
Points négatifs : "I dont see any thing to improve"

Points négatifs : "The person next to me had a distinct body odor."

Points positifs : "The crew was really nice. The plane was clean and comfortable."


Points positifs : "The crew was very helpful and courteous."
Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed and I decreased my time in Singapore"

Points positifs : "The crew was terrific. Always smiling and helpful."
Points négatifs : "If you need more space economy is a tight fit. It would be better to upgrade."

Points négatifs : "Flat bed in business class was disappointing. No way anyone taller than 6’ could stretch out. Overall, it was an inferior experience to business class on Cathay Pacific, which sets the standard IMO."

Points positifs : "Crew was amazing"

Points positifs : "Efficiency, good."

Points négatifs : "For better leg room in business class go for the bulkhead seats"

Points positifs : "The crew, their professionalism and wide variety of entertainment."
Points négatifs : "Air-conditioning was not working properly in the cabin and it felt warm. Seats are a tad uncomfortable and not wide enough on the 777."

Points positifs : "Boarding went smoothly, crew extremely curtious and helpful."
Points négatifs : "Plane was an older model and I did not have strength to recline seat. Quality of seat back screens poor and hand sets difficult to navigate for a technophobe like Ma."

Points positifs : "Okay in general, nothing impressive"
Points négatifs : "Food certainly need improvement, lacking in attention to ensure food quality. Crews need proper training in customer service."

Points positifs : "Foods. Drinks. Entertainment."
Points négatifs : "Nothing. Everything’s so perfect!"

Points négatifs : "My moslem meal selection wasn’t provided onboard"

Points positifs : "Crew"
Points négatifs : "Delays"

Points négatifs : "without any possibility to call back. or to call again while being late, when arrived with plenty of time before departure. nobody was on the gate. when tryed to do all myself whithin minutes tsa didnt bother to speedup process and it took forever. i missed my flight literally in seconds."

Points positifs : "Service was great on both sectors"
Points négatifs : "Premium economy seat is still not comfortable enough in comparison with economy."

Points positifs : "Friendly staff Good customer service"
Points négatifs : "There was nothing i dislike"

Points positifs : "Couldn't find a problem"
Points négatifs : "Nothing"

Points positifs : "Cabin crew was excellent and the premium economy seat was very comfortable and accommodating. The choice of food from the variety menu was also delicious."

Points négatifs : "Nothing"

Points positifs : "The comfort and caring staff"
Points négatifs : "Food serve a bit slow with the no of pax and long queue for the washroom"

Points positifs : "We loved the service, quality of food, entertainment, and cleanliness of Singapore Airlines flight!"
Points négatifs : "Economy is still tightly packed with limited leg room considering the distance traveled."

Points négatifs : "We stopped in Korea for two hours, that was not listed on my original itinerary. Then we were late to get to Singapore. My seat was very very small and I was seated next to two very large ppl."

Points positifs : "So good to get on a flight where I can fit in the seats..."

Points négatifs : "Cabin little bit cold"

Points positifs : "Nothing."
Points négatifs : "Food was terrible , crew were rude, there were delays due to airline problems at both ends of the flight, there was a complete lack of communication about the problems and how long the delays were going to be. Handling of missed connections was abysmal... Overall extremely disappointing."

Points positifs : "Great service."
Points négatifs : "Disinfectant smell."

Points positifs : "It’s worth it to pay a bit more for the extra legroom seats."

Points négatifs : "No entertaining at all, only old movies. The seats are very tight. There was a guy snoring during the flight keeping everybody awake. The breakfast was mediocre, just a a bun with fruit"

Points positifs : "It's not the cheapest way to fly but it's a great way to cross the Atlantic. Seats are big enough for 2, really. Lay flat beds make the night crossing east tolerable. You really can get several hours sleep. The cabin crew is outstanding, patient, and extremely responsive to requests. Two meals served were excellent. Entertainment choices were complete. After a number of flights in Economy on other airlines I'm spoiled by Singapore Airlines and also by Business Class. And their fares seemed much less than others for the JFK to FRA route. Had no idea this level of luxury existed on an airplane."
Points négatifs : "My seat assignment was moved without explanation on our return flight, FRA to JFK. That was disappointing. The gate folks were apologetic but no real explanation given."

Points positifs : "The trip was uneventful, with the usual excellent service."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"

Points positifs : "The ability to pre-order food helped bud to intolerance of good types. Crew were helpful in getting us off the place first because they knew were were short on time for our connection."
Points négatifs : "Delayed flight meant a stressful flight wondering if we would make our connection. Also the quality of the pilot on the intercom was poor - mumbled and unclear information."

Points positifs : "Excellent service"
Points négatifs : "Very poor on board entertainment"

Points positifs : "The main course"
Points négatifs : "Items missing or substituted in the veg but was ok in regular meals. In one veg serving, no salad or dessert was included. Margarine instead of butter for only in the veg meal."

Points négatifs : "Hostesses not so pleasant"

Points positifs : "Excellent flight experience"

Points positifs : "The aircrafts, on-board service on Sin Dxb route"
Points négatifs : "The thing that Inhad to fly Silk Air with one of four flights."

Points positifs : "Entertainment excellent, cabin crew superb"

Points négatifs : "leg space"

Points positifs : "Pilot's landing was top noch."
Points négatifs : "During boarding there was a crowd with no possibility to maintain social distance. Crew should have given propper instructions to avoid that."

Points positifs : "The customer service, the seats were comfortable and the food was great"

Points négatifs : "Just to improve on the services and hospitality but there are really good"

Points négatifs : "I would definitely have vegetarian food. 30% of population is vegetarian"

Points positifs : "crew excellent, food excellent, entertainment good."
Points négatifs : "Space between seat rows is barely adequate."

Points positifs : "No issues"
Points négatifs : "Everything is good"

Points négatifs : "Crew could have been more pleasant"

Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed - missed connection in Istanbul"

Points positifs : "check in..Gatwick S."
Points négatifs : "cramped, breakfast was a disgust.tasteless omelette,soggy sandwich. a disgrace."

Points positifs : "Full seasons of resurrection ertugrul would be appreciated. The flight really wouldn’t have felt so long"

Points positifs : "Food was tolerable. Good cabin temperature. Good lumbar support and pillow."
Points négatifs : "Horrible leg space on the first leg of the journey. Air hostess we'e very inattentive. Asked for a blanket 3 times and still didn't get it. Also they had a poor attitude. Power outlets don't work on multiple seats. Oh and again no leg room. Zilch."

Points négatifs : "Long delays, poor information, cold food and an entertainment system that wouldn't play films properly."

Points positifs : "Excellent service. Very tasty food."
Points négatifs : "Too many voice announcements, interfering with the entertainments system."

Points positifs : "The check in assistant put us on an earlier flight to Istanbul we didn’t mind as our next flight was at 8pm so had hoped to leave the airport."

Points positifs : "I never usually like plane food but liked Turkish Airline meals on all flights I’ve been on so far"
Points négatifs : "I do like turkish airlines but wasn’t happy with this flight. On check in we were left with seats towards the back of the aircraft. The lady seated neit to us in the aisle seat was in a wheel chair so was a problem if having to get in and out. I didn’t think it was fair that a person who depends on a wheel chair sits so far back on a plane. She also had to deal with our crying baby"

Points positifs : "Really like the airline, sat in the front rim of economy. My husband is over 6ft and he was happy with the leg space. As was I since we flew right our 1 and a half year old boy."

Points positifs : "Full meal and entertainment system even for a shorthaul flight."
Points négatifs : "Tight leg room"

Points positifs : "Turkish Airline is really good at making safety videos. Istanbul Atatürk Airport is hands down the best airport in the world."

Points positifs : "Turkish do a good job of giving you a good service for your money."
Points négatifs : "Why not keep us informed why there are delays before take off. Headphones that worked well without having to fiddle with the connection would be good"

Points positifs : "Liked everything about it new planes good food on time excellent crew"

Points positifs : "Roominess of the business class seat and cabin, they provide a good seat and comfort is good for medium haul flights"
Points négatifs : "The food, Turkish airlines dish up the same stuff all the time, lack of selection and in getting tired of it. Very middle-eastern fare"

Points positifs : "The entertainment option was pretty good"
Points négatifs : "For such a long flight, there’s not much legroon."

Points positifs : "Crew and flight itself was great."
Points négatifs : "As expected, the plane and seats were okay (borderline mediocre). The food wasn't enough and the choices (rather the lack of) were poor. The seats could be better and not particularly comfortable for a long haul flight."

Points positifs : "Professional nice food"

Points négatifs : "Trip delay"

Points positifs : "Kids full of praise for on board entertainment. Efficient and helpful staff. Nice food. Provided me with a veggie meal despite my not ordering one beforehand."
Points négatifs : "A little pricey."

Points positifs : "Lot of empty spaces"
Points négatifs : "Lot of rubbish on the plane"

Points positifs : "Largely pain free experience"

Points positifs : "The crew was really friendly and responsive. Boarding was easy and hassle free because Business class passengers had to go through a seperate gate to board."
Points négatifs : "The food was OK, especially the appetizer as it was all cheese and since I dont like cheese, I rate it poor. The inflight entertainment was good but there was a lack of choices in music and tv shows."

Points positifs : "The crew was extremely friendly. Main course had a variety and the prawns were especially good."
Points négatifs : "No inflight entertainment even for business class passengers."

Points positifs : "everything"
Points négatifs : "i liked everything"

Points positifs : "The puntuality funny information video."
Points négatifs : "-"

Points positifs : "Fantastic journey no problems at all thanks kayak....."

Points positifs : "Plane clean, newish. Went up, took us there, landed."
Points négatifs : "The food - I always have a v-meal - is sadly inadequate. Not enough of it, and very unimaginative. And they always supply the same thing, unless I was just unlucky to have the same thing three times in a row. The entertainment system kept dropping playback, (crashing) so I would have to restart playing the video. Something similar happened on another Turkish flight."

Points positifs : "Nothing"
Points négatifs : "1. Flight late from Berlin to Istanbul. 2. That's mean missing my next flight from Istanbul to Riyadh. 3. I add extra baggage in TKL Airport : my original bag is 23 kg I have until 32kg, The extra baggage was 20kg, So I pay 247 Euro each extra kg 19 Euro. 4. In Istanbul airport they said your next flight tomorrow at 20pm. 5. I have important meeting in morning and my jop in the evening. 6. They changed my teket from turkish airline to Saudi airline 4.00pm, That's mean no different. 7. I ask about my baggage in turkish airline deck they said don't worry every thing will be okay. 8. I ask for hotel they said you have to make visa cost 60 dollars and you know I have to pay taxi and Chang money... Pla Pla, Actually this is not respecting and very bad organization. 9. I didn't make visa and stay from that time until in primum lungs. 10. I went to Saudi airline deck to take my boarding. 11. They said you have extra baggage, I explain them that I payed already to turkish airline. 12. They said you have to go back to turkish airline deck about this extra kg's. 13. I did going back to them they said we cannot do anything, leave one bag here and we send the other one later. Actually this stupid airline and this stupid employee's dealing with me like a stupid, all my time I walk every where in that stupid airport, they just gives me orders and I have to follow like it was my mistake. 14. I showed my alfursan membership to Saudi airline deck and they helped me. 15. When I arrived to Riyadh my baggage wasn't there, this is mean that this stupid turkish people that the have to work on barbcue and haircut, but airports jop needs professional people. That's was my first and last flight with them."

Points négatifs : "Timing"

Points négatifs : "Boarding was very annoying because when you go through security they make you feel like a total criminal for no reason. Checking our laptops as if we have something to hide. We already went through 3 security checks prior to boarding the flight. Security staff was extremely rude and inconsiderate for peoples belongings."

Points positifs : "No complaints about the plane, staff etc and its probably no worse than any other airline"
Points négatifs : "Long overnight flight in Economy Class, little legroom. As I am larger than average and find it hard to sleep on flights, the cramped conditions were extremely uncomfortable"

Points positifs : "There is simply nothing to like. Whilst other airlines give peoooe a nice hotel room to spend the night on their trunk flights, Turkish airlines offers."
Points négatifs : "I didn’t like anything not least the fact you make people wait in the station when they are on flights with stops. It Morocco offers a plush hotel room. I’m never travelling"

Points négatifs : "My entertainment set didn't work"

Points négatifs : "I missed my connecting flight in Turkey as flight was delayed. It was my worst flight experience because nobody wanted to help me. It took an hour of being ignored by various TA staff to eventually get my boarding pass to the next available flight to London. I nearly missed that one as well because of it. The staff in Turkey was rude and unhelpful and most didn’t understand English properly. There were a number of others having the same issues, it was an awful experience."

Points positifs : "Overall it was ok. I enjoyed the leg space."
Points négatifs : "I suppose it's just a matter of different manners"

Points positifs : "kayak was poop for help for me."
Points négatifs : "The flight from BTV to JKF was cancelled day of departure, within a mere 4 hours of take-off. I only received an email.... This, in turn, caused a domino effect for the remainder of my flights and travel plans. I had to PURCHASE brand new tickets and go through a refunding debacle, not through Kayak but another third party whom actually held the tickets. FIASCO is the word! Kayak did not even recognize the cancellation and continued to try and check me in to flights i was not on. Such a headache.. I will not be using this service in the future"

Points positifs : "I am a disabled passenger. Turkish look after me well."
Points négatifs : "No complaints. Good service"

Points positifs : "It was a short flight. Lemonade"

Points positifs : "Comfortable and uneventful flight - just the way it should be!"

Points positifs : "All the staff was polit"

Points positifs : "Food, frienly personnel. Helping the customers. Plane was warm and nice..."

Points positifs : "The crew was excellent, the food good."
Points négatifs : "The entertainment system, in three out of four long flights, did not work. In the one that "worked", the sound was terrible and this made the experience totally unsatisfactory. A major airline should avoid this."

Points positifs : "Good comfort, staff friendly and smiling. Passport control, security and boarding were straightforward."
Points négatifs : "No boarding pass available online in advance for flights from Nicosia (neither electronic nor printed). Only to be collected at the airport. As a result , although I had no hold luggage (only cabin bag), I had to queue at the check-in/drop-baggage desk to obtain my boarding pass! This is the old prehistoric system dating back to the last century."

Points négatifs : "It's KLM. What else do you need to know."

Points positifs : "Pleasant crew. Appropriate and efficiently served snack."
Points négatifs : "Boarding and disembarkation were slow."

Points positifs : "The crew was informative"
Points négatifs : "Inflight sandwiches"

Points positifs : "Customer care was super supportive"
Points négatifs : "Inflight sandwiches"

Points positifs : "Personnel serviable. Avion propre et choix de langues (anglais, néerlandais et français) apprécié."
Points négatifs : "Retard au décollage de 30 min minimum à l'aller comme au retour avec KLM. En portant un pull et un polaire j'ai eu bien froid en cabine."

Points positifs : "Pleasant flight"
Points négatifs : "We were delayed & missed our connection"

Points positifs : "Le vol était ponctuel."
Points négatifs : "La classe business sur ce type de vol n’a rien de business si ce n’est d’être à l’avant de la cabine."

Points positifs : "The crew are amazing! Attentive and friendly."
Points négatifs : "The seats could have been bigger."

Points négatifs : "We had 4 hour delay causing a stop over at 3am. So yeah"

Points positifs : "Le vol"
Points négatifs : "Clairement le système pour faire notre checkin online est pourri"

Points négatifs : "Flight cancelled"

Points positifs : "The crew was nice and helpful (our flight was 2h late so they put us on the one before in business class for us not to miss our connection)"
Points négatifs : "A lot of delays, on both flights. We spent twice as much time waiting than flying."

Points négatifs : "L’intégralité du voyage, pas de repas, retard de bagage"

Points positifs : "Very pleased with KLM - efficiency all round and especially the baggage handling at Schipol swhere I had 20 minutes to transfer and my baggage came back with me to the UK which is no mean feat given the hustle and bustle of such a large airport"
Points négatifs : "No downsides at all"

Points positifs : "great crew and comfortable flight."
Points négatifs : "sceens in the plane to show map and direction of travel"

Points positifs : "Cabin Crews was extremely good and hospital. Transfer point staff buggy / wheal Chair was good and second to none."
Points négatifs : "Transfer point needs upgrade."

Points positifs : "All good"

Points négatifs : "Faultless handling of weather delay, causing missed connection and flight transfer. A well oiled machine, thank you."

Points positifs : "Service was great as usual. Food was very good and entertainment options were great so you won't have to be bored throughout the trip."

Points positifs : "Everything is alright"

Points négatifs : "Not enough leg room"

Points positifs : "Good and friendly services"
Points négatifs : "I really don't like when at the gate the take your luggage and say you'll be the first to get it at arrival.. And now I'm still waiting.. That's really really annoying"

Points positifs : "Very friendly onboard personnel - I really had kind of homy feeling."

Points positifs : "Shirt flight but well catered, boarding was efficient and quick."
Points négatifs : "Not lots of legroom but adequate for an hour long hop. It was cold on board and also had to board via steps from outside"

Points positifs : "Service en business au top. Pour aller de l’europe vers Mexico les sièges sont dans lis confortables sue les vieillissant de l’A380 d’Air France."

Points positifs : "Petit avion sans trop de place."
Points négatifs : "Connexion un peu trop courte à Amsterdam. Génère du stress."

Points positifs : "Smooth boarding, clean seats/plane, nice small aircraft (2 rows x 2 seats each), surprisingly spacious (more legroom than expected - and I’m 6’2”)."
Points négatifs : "About 1h30min delay without an explanation. All other planes in the terminal seemed to take off on time without a problem, without exception (aside from this flight, of course)."

Points positifs : "Boarding was as expected, crew & food were ok. Nothing else positive to extract out of this flight."
Points négatifs : "Delayed flight, horrible baggae policy when the flight is actually operated by a partner of the company you bought the ticket from and not the actual company. Dirty seats, no in-flight entertainment whatsoever (not even a magazine)."

Points positifs : "Sandwich was incredibly tasty (although not much filling)"
Points négatifs : "2 hours on the tarmac delayed with no explanation. Uncomfortable seats, no leg room. Poor management of seating, there was enough empty seats to have groups together but they were split up. Drinks served from a communal bottle in a polystyrene cup."

Points positifs : "Really friendly staff. Great service"

Points positifs : "Flight was delayed for 15 min resulting in passengers rushing to make their connecting flights.but staff kept passengers informed."
Points négatifs : "Flight departing late."

Points négatifs : "I can't take the flight because i'm not Chilean and I don't have a reembolse or other flight ,... nothing . Finally I take other flight with other company"

Points négatifs : "Le menu est à améliorer"

Points négatifs : "Le menu est à améliorer"

Points positifs : "Crew were friendly. Flight was comforyable smooth and on time. Nice snack."

Points positifs : "Flight crew; legroom even in cheap seats."
Points négatifs : "Exceptionally unhelpful customer service when asking about extra kilos/bags. Just quoted the online info back at us. We simply wanted to know how much would be charged if the bag was 1-2kgs overweight. We could not get a straight answer, just quoted the unclear company policy. Extremely frustrating and annoying. KLM offer a superior flight experience - it is a shame their terrestrial customer servic does not match it!"

Points positifs : "Comfortable seats. Warm plane with happy staff."
Points négatifs : "Maybe a second sandwich option for food, not everyone likes cheese."

Points positifs : "Boarding was a breeze and the staff were lovely. Online check was very simple and easy to navigate."
Points négatifs : "The amount of extras you have to click no to while checking in online."

Points négatifs : "vol retardé"

Points positifs : "La puntualidad"
Points négatifs : "Toute c’est parfait"

Points positifs : "J’aime sa ponctualité"
Points négatifs : "Rien"

Points positifs : "Service provided by the staff"
Points négatifs : "The navigation of the entertainment system is not very friendly"

Points négatifs : "Le vol a été dérouté sur Lyon pour des vents dangereux. Seul hic, l’ensemble des autres vols atterrissants à Genève on tous pu atterrir dans la même tranche horaire. Ensuite reacheminement en bus ou taxi pour les plus chanceux. Sans qu’on nous donne le moindre repas. Pourtant atterrissage prévu initialement vers 11h. La il est 14h10 passé et le ventre vide et toujours sur la route entre Lyon et Genève."

Points négatifs : "The Guy who had an accident when boarding causing a delay. Also I didn’t like the wait fir checking as passengers with children went before business class and should be after."

Points positifs : "Short-hop flight, fit for purpose."

Points positifs : "From downloading the KLM app to the final touchdown of my final flight, everything was an ease, checking in, the option to change my seat, the service received was great."
Points négatifs : "The ability to state a seat or meal preference within the app would be good but otherwise all was good."

Points positifs : "Professional, welcoming and very friendly crew, well-maintained aircraft, comfortable seat and good food. Keep up the good work, KLM."
Points négatifs : "Not much to comment on here."

Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed 8 hours. Arriving at Incheon, discovered ground crew were unaware of our arrival to take this connecting flight. However, we were put up overnight in a hotel, which was nice."

Points négatifs : "Too late i missed my connection flight"

Points positifs : "The very dirty plane was cleaned at Dar-es-salaam and became less dirty. The pilot kept us updated periodically through the flight. The flight attendants were very pleasant."
Points négatifs : "The plane was very dirty when we landed in Dar-es-salaam. The plane did get cleaned a little bit in Dar-es-salaam however I was still missing a pillow and blanket which I had to actively seek out. Seating was not very comfortable as there was a box attached to the leg of the seat in front of me, making it necessary to keep my feet at an uncomfortable angle through the long flight. I did not enjoy the food."

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