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Japan AirlinesNote générale basée sur 4774 avis
Avis sur la compagnie

The plane boarded late but they would not give anyone an estimate as to when they’d be boarding to allow people to go to the nearby lounge. The in-flight crew was awesome, and the premium economy is well worth it. Wish they allowed purchasing of business class upgrades, only allowed with points. Food on this flight not as good as their usual. Not many new movies to watch. Overall comfortable flight

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The plane boarded late but they would not give anyone an estimate as to when they’d be boarding to allow people to go to the nearby lounge. The in-flight crew was awesome, and the premium economy is well worth it. Wish they allowed purchasing of business class upgrades, only allowed with points. Food on this flight not as good as their usual. Not many new movies to watch. Overall comfortable flight

Had not flied in a while. Overall ok. But it is frustrating when there are multiple fingers in the equation. Jim

Points positifs : "great crew"
Points négatifs : "better breakfast or snack before arrival"
Points négatifs : "Needs more variety of movies"
Points négatifs : "Flight delays are always disappointing."
Points positifs : "The crew was efficient and very helpful."
Points négatifs : "Entertainment choices of selected movies were limited."
Points positifs : "Les repas, le sens du service, la communication."
Points négatifs : "Le confort des sièges un peu vieillot, le choix de films."
Points négatifs : "Movie selection"
Points positifs : "the selection of beverages and the crew are very friendly and helpful"
Points négatifs : "Selection of entertainment"
Points positifs : "The crew and food both are amazing."
Points positifs : "The crew was amazing. The meal choices were great !"
Points positifs : "I did upgrade to economy premium which is why the flight was very comfortable. Would not have upgraded except I made a mistake in the currency conversion and thought the upgrade was cheaper than it was."
Points négatifs : "Did not really like the chef's cuisine as opposed to the one on my outward flight to Japan which was excellent."
Points positifs : "Everything ! Makes me what to travel to Japan more."
Points négatifs : "I loved it"
Points négatifs : "Almost missed my flight - they could not locate me as a ticketed passenger"
Points positifs : "The crew was excellent."
Points négatifs : "We almost missed our flight to Kona, due to a malfunction in the plane from Chitose to Narita where we were disembarked. We were not aware or made aware of the distance from the domestic to international gate. We were told to take the 1830 pm flight to connect. We almost got a heart attack from running to our very far gate. I wish we were made aware that a shuttle bus would have been available to go to the international gate."
Points positifs : "The window shades were so cool. Seat was small but fairly comfortable and I like the foot rest."
Points négatifs : "No vegetarian options on the main meal menu"
Points positifs : "Great service. Food drink and inflight entertainment"
Points négatifs : "Choices were few by the time the cart got to us and the food was... airplane food. Nothing terrible but nothing to write home about nor anything a picky child would eat. :/"
Points positifs : "I have flied to and from Japan many times with many different airlines. This flight was my favorite."
Points positifs : "Able to watch Three Billboards, Darkest Hour, Shape of Water, Wonder, and list goes on and on."
Points négatifs : "The seats on the 787 were much more crowded than on the 767."
Points positifs : "good flight"
Points négatifs : "food is ok"
Points positifs : "This was my first time to travel with JAL. They take excellent care of all of their passengers. The flights did not seem to be as long as they were. I was very comfortable."
Points négatifs : "Nothing"
Points positifs : "The flight attendants were first class."
Points négatifs : "A small snack would have been nice, even a small bag of pretzels. Anything."
Points positifs : "Able to accommodate many dietary requirements and friendly crew"
Points positifs : "JAL et ANA restent au sommet en terme de services, ponctualité et qualité du vol."
Points positifs : "Great tasting food, and nearly constant beverage service."
Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed by 3 hours!! No info was given why until we got on the plane. We did not know if the flight was going to get cancelled and if we need to make other arrangements."
Points positifs : "The crew were extremely polite and caring. Food and entertainment were of the highest quality."
Points négatifs : "Seats were extremely uncomfortable. US to Japan flight had much better cushions and support."
Points positifs : "Crew was very nice, movie selection was great and the 787 is a nice plane"
Points négatifs : "Not a lot of room to move around (seat size) and need more bathrooms only had 4 for about 100+ ppl"
Points positifs : "Great flight, great food (Hagendaus Ice Cream was a great treat)"
Points positifs : "Seats were comfortable. Food was very good and snacks and drinks were offered frequently. Plenty of entertainment on the in-seat TV consoles. Gave me a pillow and blanket and the seat reclined a bit so I could sleep some. The airline staff were polite and helpful."
Points négatifs : "Nothing, it was a very positive experience."
Points positifs : "The service is excellent and the quality of food is much better than most international airlines. Haven't used Japan Airlines in years but their service has been exceptionally consistent."
Points négatifs : "Outdated entertainment system and the not-so-clean restrooms (perhaps due to a full flight or that passengers are just plain dirty)."
Points positifs : "Crew service responsive and helpful."
Points négatifs : "Poor vegetarian meal (mostly vegan rather than vegetarian and without condiments). Problems using entertainment screen, which would get stuck and also have to go through many steps (confirmation screen, language) to see maps each time."
Points positifs : "Friendly crew members and prompt service."
Points négatifs : "Some seats were noisy. When passengers moved it would make creaking sounds so very hard to relax or sleep on the flight. Row 23/24 area left side."
Points positifs : "My sister got airsick the last hour of the flight. The flight attendants were extremely helpful and considerate in easing her discomfort."
Points positifs : "Friendly and respectful staff, great meals, tasty!"
Points positifs : "From start to finish, we were amazed by the customer service of Japan Airlines. Altogether we we had a 14-hour day or so of flying with two small children and it could have easily been a 20-hour-or-more day of flying had Japan Airlines not been so great at what they do. We can't say enough about how amazed and blessed we were by their customer service."
Points négatifs : "Having to pay for wifi and not having access to power outlets. Everything else was amazing and honestly these minor things were very forgivable given the great entertainment choices that came along with the plan ride and and the amazing customer service."
Points positifs : "Nice people, good food"
Points négatifs : "Old-=fashioned business configuration"
Points positifs : "Staff was great and plane was clean"
Points positifs : "Very comfortable, good movie/entertainment choices, great crew"
Points positifs : "L'équipage est très avenant et n'hésite pas à parler un anglais compréhensible pour les étrangers. Mes deux vols n'étaient que de 45min mais nous avons eu droit à un accès wifi et une collation (boissons). Ponctuel et pilotage souple."
Points négatifs : "WiFi was very flakey, and could not complete the Credit Card transaction to login... Wasted several hours."
Points positifs : "If I needed anything, they were on top of it. The food was very good for airplane food."
Points négatifs : "They kept the cabin a little warm, and at 6' 4" the seats are a bit small."
Points positifs : "Everything from delicious Japanese cuisine to attentive and courteous customer service from ground crew to flight crew greatly impressed our family. Being able to fly to Haneda is even better. We plan to fly JAL from now on."
Points négatifs : "None"
Points positifs : "Everything worked as planned."
Points positifs : "Everything"
Points positifs : "Friendly staff"
Points négatifs : "Only a small bread í offered for breakfast for a 7 night flight. Expectation is to have a standard flight breakfast."
Points négatifs : "My seat was not comfortable and it was uncomfortably warm."
Points positifs : "Everything from start to finish was awesome. The "poor" review by someone complaining about a gluten-free meal is typical of Americans that feel entitled. You are on JAPAN airlines... you do realize the non-gluten-free rice is a staple of the country. It's akin to a Japanese person complaining that there aren't chopsticks provided with the meals on an American Airlines flight. How were the staff supposed to help you mid-air? Mid-flight dock so one special meal can be provided for you? How about this: take some personal responsibility and purchase your own gluten free food for the flight and carry it on. Really... how can one compare the 787 with individual on demand entertainment, roomy seats, full meal service (they'll even bring a meal to you if you were asleep during the normal service), etc... all for no extra charge?!?!? It is simply amazing what JAL (and every Japanese company) sets as a standard for customer service."
Points positifs : "JAL is curteous and professional. They had a flight attendant dedicated to helping me and my infant daughter and provided bassinet and assitant with luggage during the flight. Totally different experience from American carriers like United who treat you like cattle. I hope I can fly with JAL again soon. They are incredible. I was super satisfied."

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